Friday, May 15th, 2009

Patina, Charcoal Brown; Mystery, Haux; Satin Taupe, Filament

MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches, Part 1

I said I would try to find a pocket of time to head down to the MAC store and swatch eyeshadows for you, and I did! :) All swatches are on swatch paper, so you can get an idea of the “true” color and not wonder if it’ll show up on your lighter/darker skin. I swatched all of the permanent eyeshadows my local MAC had on their displayer, so I apologize in advance if any permanent colors are absent.

See the rest of the eyeshadows!

Twinks, Courdoroy; Brown Down, Folie; Handwritten, Omega

Vex, Copperplate; Coquette, Concrete; Brun, Smut

Idol Eyes, Carbon, Gesso; Crystal Avalanche, White Frost; Forgery, Electra

All That Glitters, Swiss Chocolate; Brown Script, Antiqued; Wedge, Kid

Honesty, Honeylust; Mulch, Bronze; Quarry, Embark

Silver Ring, Scene; Print, Nehru; Typographic, Black Tied

Romp, Espresso; Bamboo, Arena; Saddle, Soft Brown

Retrospeck, Era; Soba, Cork; Tempting, Woodwinked

Swimming, Humid; Flourishing, Greensmoke; Sumptuous Olive, Aquadisiac

Shimmermoss, Club; Plumage, Newly Minted; Tilt, Moon’s Reflection

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40 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Eyeshadow Swatches — Part 1

  1. viv

    oh thank you so much for the swatches!! they’re wonderful
    i’ve been trying to get my hands on newly minted since forever, but to no avail.

    • tremorviolet

      Eh, you’re not missing much. Newly Minted is my least favorite e/s. Not much color payoff and hard to blend. Probably why it’s being discontinued.

      • cmferrets

        yeah and i tried to depot it and it started to crumble,- ive never had that problem with any of my e/s when i depot them- weird huh?

        • Celeste

          newly minted is def hard to work with but you have to really pack it on to your lid. dont swipe. pack. this one chick did a twilight look on youtube with newly minted. it was amazing

    • Kelsey Mac

      i know! i can’t find it anywhere, and im afraid to buy one online elsewhere cuz of all teh fakes. but ya, its a gorgeous color if you know what bases to make it work!

  2. AbbyL

    Thank you Christine! This is such a helpful reference. Already making a list of what i “need” lol

  3. Marta

    Oh my, you’re brilliant!! Thank you soooooo much! They are great!

  4. JennXOXO

    This is awesome! Thank you so much, Christine!

  5. pia

    Awesome post, Christine. Really appreciate it!

  6. Miss_M

    These swatches are very helpful Christine, thank you so much !! :)

  7. Nicole15

    I’m shocked your MAC had so few colors are their displayer. Seems like they had no pinks, purples, or yellows out. Thank you so much for your efforts with this. It is such a huge help! :)

  8. Rae

    Ahh!!! I’ve been wanting someone to do this FOREVER – thank you so much for taking the time to do so!!


  9. Mikki

    THANKS so much for these! Now I can finally choose which of the neutrals/naturals I want to buy first!

  10. cmferrets

    they all look kind the same, thats why i like it better when their swatched on the hand , thanx though christine- your awesome1! i cant wait till we get lip swatches of all th colors =)

    • cmferrets

      BUT, i still think its a good idea to see what colors are available at the mac counter , and to see which ones i still need to add to my collection

    • Sorry you don’t like them. I didn’t want people to be upset because my skin is tan and not fair, so then they couldn’t assess whether it would show up on them.

  11. Nice

    Christine thank u so much
    This is a big help
    Everytime i wanted to buy an eyeshadow, lipstick or gloss i googled just to see how the color was

  12. Laurent

    Oh, wow, THANKS!

  13. Diane

    Thanks you so much for doing these swatches, such a big help, I really appreciate all the time and effort you went to.

  14. Diane

    You’re a star for doing these, thanks so much.

  15. cyn

    Thanks for doing all the swatches. I didn’t see Dove Feather…any suggestions to go with this e/s? (I have brown eyes)

  16. Angel

    You are like a makeup angel. So glad I found this site. The closest Mac is over an hour away and the swatches on their site are so off. This is great!

  17. Jula

    Thank you for doing this. As someone who’s new to MAC, this is a really great way for me to see what eyeshadows are worth buying (and there’s a lot on my list!) it just makes the process so much easier. You’re amazing!

  18. stephanie

    Where did you get the swatch paper? Do you know where i can get a list of all the permanent colours mac offers with swatches by colour code?