Tuesday, June 17th, 2008

Debbie did some swatching of the Electroflash mineralize eyeshadow duos!  I think I can pass for sure now! What about you?  Did these increase or decrease your lemmings?

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75 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Electroflash Swatches

  1. Ashley H

    hmph. yeah not interested. =/

  2. jesstooimpress

    Not interested? Really?.. Two to glow is nicee might pick up that & hot contrast the first color is pretty, .. Chris when is this launched?

  3. Kharina

    I do find two attractive. Hot contrast and Polar Opposites.

  4. Cassie

    I want Odd Couple and Pink Split for sure!

  5. trojanchick99

    Two to Glow looks pretty, but how many gold/brown eyeshadows do I really need?

  6. Nell

    They are pretty to look at in the compact, but I think I prefer regular e/s regarding color payoff and smoothness.

  7. Sarah

    These are pretty, but I have been lusting Cool Heat more. So now I can spend money on that and not have to worry. Good!

  8. victoria

    I have no interest in the mineral makeup…I’ve never tried it, but I don’t really see a need to…maybe I’m just missing something…??

  9. melissa

    I had higher expectations for this collection. I consider the eyeshadows to be “eye candy’. They are pretty to look at, however the swatches made me wanting to get all the shadows to only two. This is good for my bank account. =)

  10. Brooke

    I think I like Two To Glow & Play On Plums.. I didn’t want any before I saw the swatches. I tend to buy all of the MES’ and then swap/sell them because I never reach for them or I have something similar in the more handy pan form. It’s just as well, Colour Forms may drain me lol

  11. Shefali

    Not feeling these…phew. But who knows…I wasn’t feeling Dazzleglass and bought 4. I’m one of those people that has to touch, swatch, and try.

  12. victoria

    honestly i don’t like mineralized e/s because i had a hard time with the ones from the antiquitease, maybe i was doing something wrong. i tried paint pots, applying them wet, it just didn’t work on me. when i saw the first few photos of these, i thought they looked ugly but i am surprised they actually look lovely on the swatches but again, i just don’t know if they’ll stick on my lids this time.

  13. Sandy

    MES aren’t for me. Not sure if I like the texture :(

  14. HeavenLeiBlu

    I can defninitely pass, LOL

  15. viv

    aww it’s a shame.. they looked amazing in the pot/pan. there are still some lovely shades and colours but, so many of them can be duped easily. i think i’ll pass, but i suppose that’s a good thing for my savings right now :)

  16. lala

    I’m getting the last one…the black and silver one…I can use them as base :)

  17. Liya

    They look nice, thanks Christine for the swatches, but honestly I’ve been spending like crazy on MAC lately, and with the coming collections (looking forward for StarFlash/SonicChic/OverRich) I need to be picky 😉

  18. Ariele

    I’m still interested in Hot Contrast. Looks like it will make a hot, albeit subtle, smoky eye :) As for the rest, not too sure. They are pretty, but nothing to say WOW about. I still want to see swatches of the blue one.

  19. Stephanie

    I may get polar opposites. . . i don’t know i’m still dying that i didn’t get the gentle fume quad from smoke signals…i really loved the colors

  20. Erin

    Hmmmm, another collection I will be saving my money on.

  21. Tekoa

    I’ll probably get Hot Contrast and Odd Couple. Personally, I enjoy mineralized eyeshadows. With over a paint pot and applied wet I get wonderful colour payoff, and it sticks on.

  22. DaniMae

    I’m digging “hot contrast” but it looks just like a duo that I already have LOL

  23. Meh… I’d like to see how the blue and green ones swatch, but these aren’t exactly exciting. Though I am actually breathing a sigh of relief!!

  24. Milan

    Hmm…definitely decreased my desire for them. I think that will be good for my wallet. I’m kinda disappointed though…I really thought I would want all of these.

  25. Carrie

    I’m not really into these, but there’s a green one I might still want. We’ll see!

  26. kat

    I want to check out play on plums and odd couple 😀

  27. kobri

    Wow, they aren’t what I was expecting. I haven’t used any of these before, but I’m going to go check them out. Odd Couple is taking my interest

  28. Kelli

    A couple of these look pretty to me. I alway buy all the mineralize e/s for some reason, but never reach for them so I will be choosy if I get any of these.

  29. I would like it more if the lighter color of Polar Opposites and the dark color of Hot Contrast were together. As they are, it’s sort of…..meh. And I don’t think I wuld buy both of them.

  30. claudine

    i think i will get one if i still have some money left but its not a must have for me

  31. I am not too interested but I am really liking Play on Plums.

  32. lucyzombie

    nope. definitley not feelin it. the colours to me, just don’t look anything special. definitley not anything that can’t be substituted with perm stuff. i’m kind of gratefull. neo sci fi/solar field/naughty nauticals/future earth/cool heat has eaten away at my bank account viciously. tooo viciously. so vicious that i needed a top to wear out for a posh meal one night, so i bought one, kept the tag and returned it the next day so i could buy mac. i’m a horrible human being! lollll.

  33. Gladys

    Love ‘hot contrast’. However, I think those e/s look better in the case.

  34. Ophy

    D: D:
    I are angry!
    Mac decided to release both electroflash & cool heat at the same time in the uk and so now I have to find lots of money! :(
    (sucks as I found out just after £100 shopping spree!)

  35. Neena

    I only see two that I would love to do looks with and they are: Two to Glow and Play on Plums. I can see doing a sexy romantic look with Play on Plums(if that makes any sense) and a late summer look with Two to Glow… kinda like an autumn sunset which would be nice cause my birthday is in September!!!