Wednesday, June 11th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics is having a Friends & Family event where you can save 15% at all freestanding and PRO stores (sorry, no department store counters!) from June 11th through June 16th.

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75 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Discount Coupon Sale Friends & Family 15% Off

  1. Sharonda

    I wish they at least had a freestanding store where I’m located!Dang!

  2. argh i already ordered my Cool Heat stuff, but i think i’ll use this to get a large softsac (for travel) and some paint pots and other basics i needed. maybe i’ll hit up the pro store……….woohoo!

  3. dee

    THANK YOU! I’m running out of foundation and I wanted some new eyeshadows. Perfect timing.

  4. Renee

    dude im so angry
    i bought stuff online yesterday!!! >:O does anyone know if you can cancel orders and stuff?! i REALLY want the discount… :[
    THANK YOU in advance!!!

  5. Sara

    is cool heat going to be at the freestanding stores? i thought it was a nordstrom exclusive *confused*

  6. Dee

    thanks for the heads up…just checked my e-mail…

  7. Roxanne

    Do you happen to know what the promocode is for online shopping?

    Thank you :)

  8. evo

    i swore when i got the email this morning i thought it was a haux.

    i’m sneaking out of work in the morning and heading to the pro store.

  9. Jaime

    What is everyone buying?

  10. Katie

    What’s the difference between freestanding stores and department counter stores?

    • victoria

      Freestanding means it is just a MAC store – that’s it. Department counter stores are the counters that you find at Nordstroms, etc…

    • Freestanding means it’s just a MAC store in a mall or street, and it is all by itself. Department counter stores are MAC counters found within a department store, like Macy’s, Filene’s, Nordstrom’s, etc.

  11. Sarah

    Please let us know the code on Monday!! I am going to sign up for emails, but just in case!

  12. Christie

    thank you so much for uploading this! Youre the best! thanks for sharing the friends and family love! lol

  13. kae

    hmm can this be used for orders made through the pro 800 number? like if we told them the code or something? cause i need some palettes!

  14. trojanchick99

    MAC is evil.

    I’ll be going to the Freestanding this weekend. I’m not a Blue/Green girl, so I don’t think I’ll be gettin any Cool Heat (except maybe Solar White).

    I think I will get a back up of Pink Grapefruit too since it’s 15% off.

    Lastly, I will create a bronzy quad. Any suggestions?

    (I already own, Woodwinked, Mythology and Time and Space).

    • Indeed they are! At least it will help out those who do intend to haul it up for Cool Heat.

      Bronzy quad… How about BRONZE (love it!), Patina/Romp, Amber Lights…


    can i print this and then bring it to my mac store? and does it work in canada?


  16. Kharina

    OMGosh! I think my bad self is going to splurge like CRAZY here! And no one shall stop me! (evil laugh)
    Oh and good luck on your quiz Christine…hope you ACE it 😉

  17. lala

    thank you so much christine!! <333

    good luck 😉

  18. Ashley H

    I am SO mad !!! I placed a $100 order online last night, and I could’ve just gone to the store tomorrow and bought the same things and gotten $15 off ! grrr =[
    I guess I’ll have to find a few more things I need.

  19. Shayla

    OooooOoo…I’m so excited! My friend and I have been planning on going to MAC this weekend for a while now and making a haul (minor or major? I’m leaning towards major now)…..this just convinces me it was meant to be!!!

    Thanks Christine!

  20. Wow, Christine…

    Alright, I’m going on a spending spree on Monday. :)

  21. Kat

    There never seems to be any good deals for the UK – why not, we love make-up too (sob sob sniff) :-(

  22. Glosslizard

    Thank you SO MUCH! I’m going in to MAC tomorrow for my Cool Heat loot! Now I can score a Tendertone too! 😀

    BTW, there’s been a lot of reviewers not too keen on Climate Blue because of the texture and payoff, but your looks with it have been stunningly beautiful! What do you think of it?

    • My pleasure, Glosslizard!! Which tendertone?

      I love Climate Blue because of the color… honestly, there’s nothing really wrong with the texture or payoff. I think payoff is quite good, especially when you lay it down as an actual eyeshadow (versus just on a swatch), and the texture blends well for me.

      • Glosslizard

        Thanks, that’s great! I may go back and get it since I do love violet-purples!

        I looked at the Tendertones but ended up getting an extra slimshine instead (I got Swelter, Tropic Glow and By Degrees). I love them!

  23. Kendra

    Holy smokes! Thank you so much! Just called my local MAC store and they are honouring the coupon in Canada as well! Yippee! Kinda bummed that I bought some stuff today and they said they wouldn’t do a price adjustment on it though

  24. Ashley

    Yay! My Birthday is Monday and my lovely boyfriend has promised me some MAC! So now I can get some extra! Maybe even splurge on some brushes…

  25. shayna

    i got this email and was soooo happy
    my birthday is june 13th (i turn 15 :)..only 6 months till my permit lol) sooo this is perfect
    i’m gonna be going to my pro store on the 14th so i’m psyched to use this offer

  26. Christina

    Can this be used with a pro card?

  27. Sophie

    Awesome..but like two days ago I just spent over $100 on the website! LOL. Oh well, I’m planning on getting more anyway 😀

  28. Anna

    So are you going to post the website code on Monday when you receive it? : )

  29. Thalia

    So anyone in NA can print and use this coupon at MAC’s freestanding stores? They’re not going to check which people are limited to using the coupon?

    Sorry for the questions, but it sounds almost too good to be true!

  30. jenna

    have they done this before? i thought mac doesn’t do sales???

  31. Hey Christine…I look to you as the “MAC expert”, so when I want advice, I’m coming to the source. I’m going to be ordering brushes on Monday. I’ve already got basic Stila ones, but was thinking about the 187, 219, 239 and 272. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your help!

    • Aww, lol!!

      The 182! The 182! Do you have that one? Because it is so amazing, love it. I love the 249 for applying cream-based products (like paint pots), too.

      • From the picture on the website, that looks like a buki brush. I actually have a Sonia Kashuk one that I use almost daily; it’s great, with nice, dense bristles. Definitely can’t live without one of those. And the 249–have the Stila version of that one. Another essential tool. Thanks so much for the suggestions.

  32. Kendra

    Well I have to say, Friday was probably the biggest MAC haul I’ve had! Good thing I had my birthday money otherwise I’d be flat out broke! They said I could continue using my coupon all weekend…and I’m really tempted…but I really have to put a stop to my addiction! LOL! BTW, the code for online shopping might be NEIGHBOR, as I heard the manager say the code to the MA ringing me in and it says “discount TRN by:15% Reason: Neighbor” on my receipt. The code could be different tomorow, but ya never know! Happy shopping! :)

  33. ice

    Did anyone get the online promotion code yet? I need them badly!!!

  34. sb

    it’s macff8 i just used it

  35. abby

    you can just call them. but it will take a while to get refunded. either way call ASAP the discount is sooo worth it!!!! =)