Friday, August 24th, 2007

WHERE? I was fortunate enough to be extended an invitation to a dinner party hosted by MAC Cosmetics held at Perbacco in San Francisco, as a sort of kick-off to San Francisco’s Fashion Week.

WHO? Two key artists, Victor Cembellin and Louise Zizzo; along with Allison Greenberg and Heather Park, who work with public relations and the Global Communications department at MAC in New York. As far as guests went, I met several local bloggers and writers, including Donna over at the San Jose Mercury News; Annie, editor of; Sheryl, a freelance writer for, Mandy at Los Gatos Weekender, Karen from, and several other guests (about 12-15 people total).

L-R: Heather, Louise, Annie (Bellasugar), Me, Victor, Allison

The party was situated in the Barolo (a private room) at Perbacco, and the table was already lined with appetizing platters of dried meats and cheese. There was an endless supply of both red and white wines (just water for yours truly), and lovely floral arrangements at each end of the table. I must say, the company was absolutely excellent – conversation flowed so freely from one topic to another, but inevitably, tended to gravitate towardsâ€

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10 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Dinner Party!

  1. Yvette

    You one BLessed Lady..I’m really proud of you and all that you are doing for people who wish to know nore about MAC products. You think that you were honored, no honey, they were HONORED to have you there, trust me. For MAC knows that people look forward to your reviews and if you so, it’s a NO GO, then it’s a no GO. So, keep doing it one never knows what’s in store for them….******

  2. Vanessa

    Thank you so much for sharing your experience. The corporate side of the business is something I am interested in (in addition to product of course!), and I’m grateful for the insight you have provided.

    What an honor to be in the prescence of individuals who indeed exemplify the brand and everything MAC stands for. Many kudos to you.

    – vwilliams from Live Journal.

  3. Taj

    thats cool. update us with more of your *superb* experiences !

  4. Stephie

    wow you are so lucky to have met Victor! i’ve been admiring him since i saw snowkei’s makeover by him…. also another lucky one :) that’s awesome to have had the opportunity to speak with corporate execs of MAC, sometimes i forget that MAC is a company! i want to one day work for the corporate side of MAC, hopefully one of these days. in any case, i totally am in agreement about the Renewal Defense Charged Water, i love it and use it almost everyday.

    • I think he may have even talked about Snowkei’s makeover at the party, LOL!

      Just make sure you love NY and travel, because MAC is all about New York… plus traveling all the time :)

      I’m still on the fense about the Renewal Defense Charged Water… I don’t feel any different, lol!

  5. Nicole Leland

    Thanx for sharing your experience with me. I am a faithful MAC user my goal and passion is to become a MAC makeup artist.And it really excites me to know that you had face to face fun with the Mac Family.Prayerfully we will meet at a MAC Dinner!!!!!!!!!!! Keep encouraging me, and I’m ready for New York!!!!!lol May the Blessings of God overttake your life