Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008

MAC Cosmetics’ Dame Edna Collection is now available to order online! For those of you who have as little desire as me to get thee to the mall on the 26th (seriously, are you nuts?), order ahead πŸ˜‰ If you qualify for free shipping, you can upgrade to 2-day for $5 or so (not a bad deal!)–you’ll probably end up getting it the 26th, too! I already placed an order with Los Angeles PRO, and I’m really, really hoping my order arrives today. C’mon UPS!

SO, what are you getting? What are you absolutely NOT getting? Skipping, getting it all? Share your thoughts and comments on this launch in this post!

P.S. – Anyone lusting after Lash & Dash? Β Share those thoughts here, too!

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38 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Dame Edna & Lash and Dash Collections Available Online

  1. Platinum

    I just can’t get past the really ugly packaging it has. To me, red and purple together is repulsive. So, I guess no collection wants for me! ;D

  2. grace

    as soon as i saw it was up i did an order :) I got: coral polyp and splendid (I like getting the matching lipglass and lipstick), Snowscene l/g, Pink Split MES and Top Hat e/s. I had orginally wanted Wintersky e/s but when I swatched it quickly it was not as pigmented as Pink Split. So I can go the look I wanted with Pink Split & Snowscene :)

  3. I think I am over dashing out and getting all the latest collections. if there is something I like i would get it, if not, I am not getting into a frenzy with all the ordering and buying. :)

  4. Tekoa

    Getting nothing. Must save my money for textbooks.

  5. KyaLyn

    The hubby gave me one of those looks, when I told him I wanted to go out shopping on the 26th, so instead I’ll be ordering online.

    I’m getting most of the collection and I can’t wait!

  6. Shayla

    I’m heading to the mall of the 26th (yes, I’m insane), so I’ll check out what they have then. Nothing really catches my attention right now. Although, a couple of the lashes for Lash and Dash look pretty good.

  7. Katherine

    I’ll be heading to the mall this weekend to look at it. Mostly interested in the glosses and lipsticks, the e/s look like they’ve been done before. That’s OK – more money for January and February collections and other spring (Guerlain, Givenchy, Dior, NARS)

  8. kat

    Not crazy about the collection, I’m waiting for hello kitty and the spring Dior stuff!

  9. Lesley

    I ordered both of the High-Light Powders today. They’re the only things in the collection that intrigued me. Although between those and all of the MSFs lately, I’ll be shiny-faced for the next 50 years :)

  10. DevilishDoll

    I have some stuff in my bag from the Chill collection and the Dame Edna collection. I’m waiting on Dame Edna swatches before ordering though. My list is:
    Wintersky Eyeshadow
    Snowscene Lipglass
    Icescape Lipglass
    Frozen Dream Lipglass
    Royal Tour Eye Trio
    Wisteria Eye Trio

  11. Carrie

    Meh. The packaging really turns me off. I like the colors of the Wisteria eye trio, but doubt I’d actually wear the blue, so I’ll most likely skip this launch entirely. But tonight I’m going to brave the traffic and finally go check out Chill, which I am really excited about!

  12. im really not a HUGE fan on the packaging, and didnt even know who this was until this collection.

    I only got Hot Frost lipglass which im super excited for!

  13. Emma

    i just ordered all three lipglasses, Spectacle highlight powder and varicose violet nail polish. later on i wanna get What a Dame highligher and the royal tour trio

  14. Nicole

    I’m not sure about the red lipgloss. I think it is too funky to wear it in an conservative working environment. So I will check out the violet nail polish and thats it. I prefere investing in one or two chill glosses.

  15. SND

    I’m glad I can get past the hideous packaging, but the trios are beautiful!I just ordered those.I pass on the rest.

  16. SND

    And Coral Polyp!

  17. Ariele

    I placed an order for Splendid l/g & Possum Nose Pink l/g. I want the Wisteria e/s trio as well, but I’m holding out on that. I really need to save for BBR!

    Also grabbed Vellum e/s, Wintersky e/s, Artic Grey e/s and Spiritualized pigment. Its been a few collections since I purchased anything, feels weird! LOL!

  18. Brianne

    I gotta be honest – I don’t want any of it! The colors are so NOT me, even the ones I think are pretty are ones I would never wear so… PHEW. I’m actually really glad as I’ve got enough coming out in the next month that I want lol!

  19. Jennifer

    This collection doesn’t really appeal to me. I took a look at it online anyway but the pro discount doesn’t apply so that clinched it for me. I’ve gotta really want it to pay full price! Ordered all the eyeshadows and two lipglass from Chill, though, and love them!