Thursday, January 15th, 2009

Creme Cup, Shy Girl, Crosswires, Lickable

MAC Cosmetics Creamteam Collection product photos :)

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Lavender Whip, Creme In Your Coffee, Spice Is Nice, Hang Up

Ever So Rich, Fashion Scoop, Boy Bait, Partial to Pink, Melt In Your Mouth,
Petite Indulgence, Creme Anglaise, Looks Like Sin

Sublime Culture, Pink Treat, Carmellow, Velvetella

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48 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Creamteam (Cremeteam) Collection Product Photos

  1. slave2beauty

    The light pink/blue look so pretty

  2. So how would one wear that lavender lipstick? I’m so intrigued by it – all of the colors look really gorgeous! Some of the glosses look very similar for now…but I’m sure when swatch time comes around, I’ll be thinking I need to have them all because they’re so unique haha!

    • Lexi

      I think I’d use it more for editorial makeup shoots and stuff, and MAYBE if I can think of something to wear it with I’d go out like that. MAYBE.

      • Gemma

        Lavender lipstick with a light pale pink lipgloss and a simple cat-eye is actually a really wearable look if you’re wearing all black (like a black turtleneck and black pants.) It’s suprisingly sophisticated-looking!

        • maz

          i went on and was clicked on woman and what did i happen to see? the model was wearing lavender lips, it looked amazing!

    • Natalie

      I like to wear purple/lavender lips, with purple eyes.. People always compliment!

  3. DevilishDoll

    I think I want Lickable, Ever So Rich and Pink Treat.

  4. I am definitely going to be rockin’ that lavender lipstick and thanks to my skin tone, I can pull it off!



  6. KaylaK

    Ohhh I love cremesheens! I am excited to see the swatches when it comes out! I might pick up 3 lipsticks and maybe some of the glosses but I am not totally sure just yet. Need to try to save some money for Hello Kitty!

  7. emma

    these look amazing! r they permanent?

  8. pquanda

    These look so beautiful, Christine. Thanks for posting! I am in LOVE with the cream finish lips as of late.. makes such a statement!

  9. I’m all over the creme sheen glass…

  10. Vee

    I’ll prolly get one of the glasses…..

  11. Jessica

    Looks like Sin will be mine!! It’s gorgeous!

  12. MissTiss

    Love the idea of Boy Bait and Looks Like Sin. Can’t wait to see them in person. I hate MACs product photos, they are always computer generated fake crap. Bah!

    I’m so excited for thsi collection!! Thanks for the info!

  13. aradhana

    thanks for the post christine!

    the pics look great! can’t wait to see how they swatch…

  14. Ruth

    Can’t wait for this collection, my poor wallet.

  15. Teisha

    Ok, so I seriously think that I’m gonna have to get everything! And I’m with everyone who has to have Lavender Whip because I WILL have backups of that one.

  16. Shefali

    Hang Up, Lavender Whip and Lickable look HAWT!! I’m so getting those. And the Cremesheen Glasses look amazing. I hope they are in Dazzleglass containers. I love those containers!!

  17. Wahhh… I want all the lipsticks!

  18. Shanel

    & since the liners are repromotes Im just gonna get it already!
    Im all over the lavender lipstick (:

  19. Liz

    Creamsheen glass? Err darn you MAC.

  20. GretaluvsMAC

    I should just have ALL of my paychecks made out to MAC!!!! These look totally HOT!

  21. Haydee

    Oh I cant wait to see the actual colors when you get the Christine. Off the subject- Christine I wanted to know and have been wondering if MAC has ever given their customers a 25% off before. Is it something they do every year? I was just wondering cause it was really nice of them.

    • Lil

      Every once in a while there’s a 20-25% off discount for either Friends and , or customer appreciation, etc. which is done at both Saks Fifth Avenue and the MAC stores. You just have to be in the right place at the right time, because there’s not always a whole lot of notice about these.

      • Lil

        I meant Friends and Family events…

      • haydee

        Thanks so much lil I was just wondering cause I spent a lot of $$$ with the recent 25% off but I also feel kind of silly because about a few weeks earlier I brought some items regular price. Guess good things come to those who way. :) Last time I think it was 15% in stores and online but 25% was really deal. Thanks

  22. kat

    Oh I’m psyched to check out the cremesheenglass… does anyone know what price/size they are? Are they more like lipglass or dazzleglass in price to product ratio haha?

  23. I want the lipglasses!!!

  24. Virginia

    These look divine! I’m so tempted, but I promised not to buy any more lip products , since I don’t use half of the stuff I own…sigh

  25. lipstick is my weakness and this collection looks sooo good. too bad i don’t have a job! if anything comes up, I will be all over it =)however, like virginia, i do have a lot of stuff i don’t use.

  26. Evelyn

    oh guys, i’m sure you all know, but crosswires does NOT look like the one in that pic. NOWHERE does it go near… doesn’t resemble a thing… I have Crosswires & I LOVE IT anyway! :) ya’ll should pick one up.

  27. claudine

    i will skip the lippies and get some of the cremesheen glasses but i would have to see them in other pictures or in real life because mac pics are off

  28. Dani

    I want all the lipglasses! They’re gorgeous!

  29. shuu

    They look nice if you haven’t really got a lot of lip stuff already. I barely own any pink (2) and 1 lipstick so this is a nice collection to get some more specific pinky-natural colors. I know dramatic lips is supposed to be in, but…it’s nice to have some naturals.

  30. IZzySA

    Tried the lavender lipstick and gloss — I liked it but definitely needed a very very pale pink blush.. with that it looked great now that my hair is dark with silver..might not have worked if I was still blonde!

  31. pia

    what’s cremesheen lipglass formula like?

  32. This collection is going to make me way more broke than hello kitty. Good thing I’m only interested in 1 HK item.

  33. Hi Christine! Wow, this collection rocks my world to say the least! Really excited abuot the Glasses. Was thinking, may I republish your images on my blog with a link to you?

  34. teagan

    oh god. my wallet is going to HATE me. I want 5 of the lipsticks, 6 of the lipglasses + 2 of the lipliners xD

  35. Emily

    I really love cremesheens, ill definitely pick up a few plus the lip gloss.

  36. katkat

    oh myyy
    a few lipsticks were intriguing…but when i saw those glosses i almost had a heart attack
    i want them allll!
    i wonder what “cremesheen glass” is?
    is it like lipglass, except with a cream finish? and in bigger containers?