Friday, June 6th, 2008

I did some quick comparisons last night, as you can see above!

Warm Chill is closer to Metamorph than Juxt, but instead of having a cool-yellow kind of undertone, Warm Chill is more of a gold-green undertone.  They’re different; I definitely wouldn’t say Juxt is a dupe.

Climate Blue isn’t like anything I currently own, but I do think it is similar to Jeweltone (but I think it may be darker/richer in purple, more of a royal purple).

Blue Flame is almost like a cross between Deep Truth and Freshwater — I originally recalled Flashtrack, but thinking about it, I think Flashtrack is darker than Deep Truth (I don’t own it, so I’m going purely by my unreliable memory).  It’s definitely not the same as Deep Truth, because it is bluer and a bit brighter; but Freshwater is obviously much lighter than Blue Flame.

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39 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Cool Heat Comparison Swatches of Warm Chill, Climate Blue, and Blue Flame

  1. viv

    ooo! Thanks so much for the swatches 😀

  2. Jennifer

    Cool. Is that Cinders color part of the collection, or was it from before? Because I love it! :)

  3. SisiL

    wow, thanks for the swatches…
    it really helpful for me to choose whether deep truth or blue flame..
    now, i’m convincing myself to buy blue flame simply because it’s LE..

    how about if warm chill compare to gorgeus gold or nylon??

    thanks christine !

    • Hey Sisil! Blue Flame does have a nicer texture, I would say, though I have no trouble with Deep Truth (and love it dearly!). Warm Chill is totally different than Gorgeous Gold and Nylon – different families entirely!

  4. meg

    I wanted Blue flame but I have Deep Truth
    But they look so similiar.
    I might be able to pass on Blue flame
    Warm Chill looks beautiful!

    • They are definitely similar, Meg! The texture is great, but to be honest, I don’t know if I’d have splurged on getting it anyway (probably not).

  5. Ariele

    Alright. I had Deep Truth but its MIA. I was going to pass on Blue Flame since I had Deep Truth, but since I can’t find it, do you think I can warrant buying Blue Flame? I’m a sucker for VPs anyway – how was the texture of BF compared to DT?

    I have Jeweltone… & I never use it. So I’m debating whether I need Climate Blue. It looks so pretty but… yeah. *tries to reason with herself* :)

    I think Warm Chill looks beautiful – so soft. I love Juxt, but this looks different enough compared to it. WC looks like a great inner lid color for a green or blue look!

    Thanks for the comparison swatches!

    • The texture is smoother, but I don’t have any issues with Deep Truth’s finish, IMO! If you don’t have Deep Truth, you could get Blue Flame, because it is a lovely color to have in a collection. Plus, even if you LOVE IT, Deep Truth is permanent so you can fall in love and have a pretty good replacement in line for it.

      Swatch Jeweltone for us 😀 Climate Blue seems much deeper, more royal purple, than Jeweltone was, but I’m not positive.

  6. kellie

    When is this coming out? I think I must get climate blue. Looks like nothing I have.

  7. Monique

    I own deep truth but for some reason I have a harder time blending it I guess b/c it’s a frosts….what finish is the Blue flame??

  8. dee

    I think I’ll be getting blue flame.

  9. lala

    Thank you so much <333

  10. Ashley

    How does Blue Flame compare to Bell Bottom Blue p/m from NN? They look pretty similar to me!

  11. I must get Blue Flame! I love it! I can’t wait until I start seeing more swatches from the rest of the collection, so I know what to get for myself!

  12. Stephanie

    I was orginally considering Climate Blue but after seeing your swatches I am leaning more toward Blue Flame. Decisions, decisions. Guess I have to wait til next week when I can swatch them myself and see which one wins. I am also considering Gulf Stream. I know its not one you received yet but what do you think of it based on the description, Christine? Thanks!

    • You know, I really like Climate Blue over Blue Flame! It is less dupeable, IMO!

      Gulf Stream looks really pretty, and it is on my list of what I anticipate wanting!

  13. Rachel

    Hey, I’m a long time reader and makeup-wearer but I didn’t make my first MAC purchase until this past May. My question… I love everything I’ve seen involving “Deep Truth”–but is it easy to work with? I’ve been using a similar-looking frosty deep blue from a Milani quad for a liner/blue smoky look but that shadow is years old and probably should get thrown away. Is there above average fallout/does deep truth fade easily?


    • Hey Rachel! I’m so glad you just made your first MAC purchase. I do find that Deep Truth is easy to work with, IMO! However, if you’re happy with what you have, you don’t need to switch.

  14. Stephanie

    What’s the finish on Climate Blue and how is it to work with?

    Climate Blue was on my list to buy but I saw a comment somewhere about the texture not being that great so it left me on the fence about whether or not to buy it. I order online most often and won’t have a chance to see it in person before ordering.

    • I do believe it’s Velvet, Stephanie. It is fairly easy to work with from what I’ve experienced thus far. I like the color, and I think it’s unique enough to make it worth any extra work (which isn’t much!).

  15. yin

    this is a bit OT, but I really like the GALLANT shade, although it is LE can you suggest an equivalent from a permanent shade, even shades which are a little more lilac/lavender but have that pearl sheen?


  16. have you seen all the e/s that launched with coolheat?? If so, which colors would you suggest for me (fair skin/brown hair/ greenish blue eyes) I was thinking warming trend, but is that one anything like shore leave or femme-fi?? I saw that Gulf Stream was already sold out online (if you saw it, did you like it??)

  17. Sara

    so should i bother getting blue flame if i have deep truth and freshwater- and do i need gulf stream if i have aquadisiac and moodring? HALP CHRISTINE IM TRYING TO LIMIT MYSELF

  18. Marcella

    What color would look good with climate blue as an all over lid color?

  19. Nicole

    Climate Blue looks gorgeous!
    But do you think it’s similar to Parfait Amour?