Monday, June 9th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics | COOL HEAT

COOL HEAT is now available to order online! What are you ordering (for our gals & guys who do online orders)?

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40 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Cool Heat Available Online!

  1. grace

    I plan on getting the 5 colored e/s (not the white and gold ones) and maybe one slimshine (90 degrees) and if I like Turquiatic Heat.
    thats about $100 so not too bad!

  2. Sandy

    I’m going to MAC on saturday and still cannot makeup my mind about I want. I know fore sure i want Cool Heat e/s, Solar White e/s and Warm Chill e/s…the rest I haven’t decided on…decisions decisions!

  3. meg

    With all of these great collections coming out I am so thankful that there is not that much I want to by out of this one.
    I have to see them in person but I am looking at getting
    Solar White and Warming Trend.
    But did I see that right that Gulf Stream is already sold out!!??

  4. yaay i just ordered Climate Blue and High 90’s, as well as Honey Bare tendertone (already got Sweet Tooth and Pucker, i’m totally hooked!)

  5. victoria

    I am going to go to the store later this week to get all of the eyeshadows. I buy both online and in-store, but I’ve decided to go in-store with this purcahse b/c I also need a new palette (and some free lipsticks via back to MAC!) and I saw that Gulf Stream is already sold out online too??!!

  6. Jennifer

    I dunno, the colors aren’t really my style, but I might pick up a Slimshine, maybe one or two shadows just to play with…

  7. evangelia

    I’m wondering how the perfume smells!

  8. Jennifer

    I would love to get Warm Chill….

  9. Meesh

    June has already been a huge haul month for me and my bank account. I went to the Cosmetics Company Outlet in Napa and picked up pigments, brushes, and powders galore…then I had an online haul for my tendertones and a whole bunch of stuff that’s in the bye bye section of the site…SO…

    I decided on the 3 lighter e/s Solar White, Warming Trend, and Warm Chill (if I run into Gulf Stream I might reconsider). Then the High 90s, By Degrees, and Gentle Simmer Slimshines. Thank goodness Color Forms in coming in July.

  10. Ariele

    Had to cut back my list; I’m still going to go on Friday to check out everything in person though. I have 2 sets of B2M, so that’s going to help me out. I think I’m going for:

    Solar White e/s
    Warming Trend e/s
    Gulf Stream e/s
    Cool Heat e/s
    Warm Chill e/s
    Swelter s/s
    Tropic Glow s/s

  11. Valerie

    I’m definitely getting Tropic Glow

  12. Pquanda

    I won’t be able to go to the mall, so I’m waiting on your review before I pounce. I wanna say I’m a definite on solar white and warming trend, as well as high 90s.. but we’ll see if warming trend seems brassy or solar white seems a bit too light.

  13. I think im just going to get the slimshine lipstick in gentle simmer. :)

  14. Skyler

    All of the shadows and Swelter, By Degrees and High 90s (<–BECAUSE OF YOU, CHRISTINE! Haha, damn you ;)). I swore to myself only one Slimshine but BAH. I give up trying to control myself. Boo.

  15. Stephanie

    I just saw the Gulf Stream is available online for those who saw it as sold out earlier! I’m glad I didn’t place my order earlier without it. I ended up with Gulf Stream, Climate Blue and Cool Heat.

  16. elie

    I ordered my haul and get it friday:) Yay!!

    I got

    3 slimshines; high 90’s, tropical glow and swelter.

    4 eyeshadows; warming trend, warm chill, climate blue and cool heat. The other three e/s look exactly like colors are easily duped by colors I already own.