Monday, June 16th, 2008

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

Stopped by Nordstrom’s tonight to get you lovelies Colour Forms swatches! :)  I believe they just brought testers out today (that’s what my Nordstrom’s said; and they were still bagged up) so that you can play with them and do pre-sales.  I’ll do a review later (possibly later tonight, maybe tomorrow morning) of what I saw, as well!  But for now, enjoy these swatches!

See the rest…

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

MAC Cosmetics | Colour Forms Swatches

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59 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Colour Forms Swatches

  1. Sara

    DAMN IT i dont have a nordstrom anywhere near me! that fresh and fun is absolutely GORGEOUS what are all of these things lol i wants them!

  2. Fie

    D: Do I forsee a CP for these??..Chances are YES. Damn you MAC!!

  3. Vee

    Hmmmmmmmmmmm….. some gorgeous colours!

  4. lala

    omggggggggggggggggggg yum!! thank you so much!!

  5. arness

    From this I’m like rustic, deep deposit, royal flush, tea time and maybe dark influence. This is a good thing, cause my wallet could use a break.

  6. The lip colours look so pretty!!! 😀 Christine, I love you :p

  7. Ariele

    Rah! Thanks for the early swatches :) For once, I was pretty right on about the things I would ike :)

  8. Vivi

    So are the Colour Forms powders like the 1st pics that were leaked or the 2nd ones w/the stickers?

  9. Nell

    I thought I could safely pass on this Collection, but….
    that doesn´t seem to happen for me these days, there´s something of everything I need to have!

    • lol, Nell! What do you want from this launch?

      • Nell

        Tea-Time pigment and Naked to the Core l/s look very tempting, and I´m also thinking about the warm e/s palette, although I´m somewhat underwhelmed by the palettes in general. Maybe also Suncentered…
        See, there is so much Temptation and not enough money!

        • I am underwhelmed by the palettes, too, Nell. As per usual, there is at least one or two colors that catch my eye, but nothing that makes me have to buy it.

  10. Tanya

    i have a quick question, in the last two pictures with the rose go around, pop circle, naked to the core, inner hue, postive charge, dark influence, rose bouillon, deep deposit, quick flash, and female. where are those from? i didnt see it on the colour forms description?

  11. Tanya

    haha wow, yeah nevermind that, totally didnt see it was in another post description! i feel so dumb now! haha totally forgot about the highlighters!

  12. julie

    Now I cant wait :)

  13. julie

    They look so pretty I have been saving my Nordies gift card just for it cant wait!!!!!!!!

  14. Meta

    Thanks Christine! From these swatches I definitely want the e/s palettes, Colour Form powders and the 4 lippies! Oh and possibly the basic and advanced brushes too 😛

    Hehehe…my birthday (and payday!) is a couple of days before this blessed event! Yay me!!

    Btw, are the Richmetal Highlighters cream based? I’ve never bought them before…and can they be used as e/s base? Thanks again!

    • No problem! I think I’ll end up passing on the eyeshadow palettes, actually! I will definitely get Suncentered, though!

      They are cream based, but I don’t know how they’ll work out — because they are definitely different from the richmetal highlighters that came out with Couture and Stylistics.

      • Meta

        Hmmm after reading your review on this collection, I think I’ll just get the e/s palettes and *maybe* the Colour Form powders :)

        Thanks for the review!

  15. claudine

    yay finally i can get a back up of steel blue pigment i love it sooo much yay yay and i probably get the other pigments too

  16. jesstooimpress

    waiiiit these aren’t released yet right? Because I only have like 50 bucks saved up in my makeup bank for this.. July 18th right? @ least I hope.

  17. Jazmine

    In regards to Fie’s comment…what is a cp?

    • Nell

      A Custom Purchase, someone living i the US picks up things for you in store or online and sends them to you.

    • It’s when you have someone else purchase items for you, then you reimburse them for what they paid (including tax) and then pay for shipping costs so they can send you the items, too.

  18. Laney

    Thanks so much for this–I don’t have a Nordstrom’s so no in store preview, but at least your swatches let me know what to save for. I just did a HUGE F & F haul, so it’s not like I really need anything else, though…

  19. victoria

    wow the colors look great. thanks for the swatches.

  20. trojanchick99

    That Suncentered looks gorgeous. I was hoping to skip on this after the damage I inflicted on my Checking account with Neo-SciFi and Cool Heat.

    I will have to visit my Nordies soon.

  21. julie

    What is the best base to use for Pigments. I have been using paint pots but I am not quite sure if that is the best base for them to make them last longer.

  22. Kelli

    Besides the 4 pigments I don’t already have I’m not sure anything else is catching my eye, but of course once I see it in person that might be a different story. I could use a break though, since everything has caught my eye lately, lol. Oh suncentered looks promising too! Thanks as always :)

  23. linsay

    this will be launched on june 18 or july 18?

  24. Judy

    I went yesterday to preorder and they told me I could pick it up on the 15th since I preordered. Also…shh…they had the Electroflash in a drawer. The MA asked me if I wanted to preorder and I said yes. Then she paused and said “Do you want to take the Electroflash home today?” Hee Hee!!! I have three shadows, a lipstick and a lipgloss!!

  25. naomi

    How does gilded green look in person? Wondering if I really need it. Royal flush is what I really want.