Wednesday, January 10th, 2007

My collection post as it stands today… mind you, I sold a bunch of my makeup a month or two ago, so this is probably 3/4 or 2/3 of what I had before. It’s not a huge collection compared to some, but it’s a good sized one for me. :)

Just a warning, it’s very, very picture heavy!

My workspace…

Pigment storage, part one

Lip stuff storage

Pigment storage, part two

Misc. drawer of backups, false lashes, etc.

Misc. drawer of hair stuff, jewelry, etc.


Mineralize skinfinishes and bronzer








Lipglasses, part one

Lipglasses, part two


Liquidlast liners

Lipsticks, reds

Lipsticks, pinks

Lipsticks, corals

Lipsticks, corals

Lipsticks, neutrals

Eyeshadow palettes

Eyeshadow palette, pinks and oranges

Eyeshadow palette, greens

Eyeshadow palette, blues and purples

Eyeshadow palette, neutrals

Eyeshadow palette, neutrals

Eyeshadow quads

Premade eyeshadow palettes


Misc. makeup

And makeup not included in other photos… because this is all the stuff I’m STILL trying to sell, lol.

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174 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics Collection – January 2007

  1. Wow…that’s amazing. It’s like a MAC store, almost. How do you afford all of that? I don’t mean to sound nosey or rude, I just don’t have that much money so I was pretty shocked when I saw your collection lol. But that is really awesome…anyway, are you selling that stuff online anywhere?

    • lol, I just didn’t spend much of my money for a long time, so I had a lot saved up. A bunch was bought when I used to work at Macy’s, and I got a 20% discount off of MAC, too.

      I’m not selling any at the moment, as I’m about to go out of time. I do have a list on of stuff I sell/swap.

      • Hey am Alessiandia i only started using mac but any idea where i can get discounted mac products! i want loads of that liquidlast eyeliner wo looks hot i only have bright pink so far jeje and wher eu get the big eyeshodow paletes that would b awesoem! xxu have myspace btw ?x

  2. lol 😉 I’m a student, actually, but my parents cover a lot of my living expenses. I work a part-time job that pays decently, plus birthday/Christmas money that I have saved throughout the years (gotta love my childhood when I barely spent a penny!).

    I have a swaplist up on under “temptalia” for what I want to get off my hands. :)

  3. Daniella

    Can you tell me the names of all your lipstick corals ? I love them all, I will certainly buy them for me or at least choose one or two of them lol. Pleeeease help me…

    • The first picture of corals is I can’t even think of it… then CB-96, no clue, Meltdown, Cocaktease, lol. Oh, man, I think it’s Cockatease, Curtsy, Dainty Cake, Vibrant in the second coral picture.

  4. Liz

    Are all your eyeshadow palettes MAC? They are alll so awesome!!!!

  5. Ilse

    Dear Christine,

    I would like to find the ideal nude look for lips, what do you suggest me as a lipstick and gloss(of your mac list of course) and a second question: what’s your suggestion for 3 complementary colours of eyeshadows (+ pigment) for green eyes?

    Thank you very much… By the way, I adore your website and knowledge!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sorry for my english but i’m a belgian girl.. 😉

    Thanks again,

    • I might recommend more brown/orange toned nudes as Freckltone, Fresh Brew, Myth, Cherish and more pink toned nudes as Hug Me, Blankety, Honeylove, and Jubilee. Those are all permanent colors by MAC, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble finding them. A good gloss for nude lips is one that is very sheer or pale in color, so I would recommend C-Thru or Prr.

      If you have warmer green eyes, warm colors like golds and warm-toned browns will be lovely. If you have more true-green eyes or cool green eyes, shades in the blue family might work well for you.

      Thank you! I hope I helped some :)


  6. Jenny

    How long did this collection take you?

  7. Bex

    FAB collection hunny – you should have a for sale section on your blog (and sell it all to me LMAO)

  8. celeste

    Where did u get all of your storage containers? The square boxes and the little shelves holding your piggies? Everything looks great and i love the way you do your makeup!

  9. Lauren

    Goodness gracious! *shudders to think of the pennies spent* I came here for a recommendation, actually, and judging by this post you shall have one! I am looking for a dark brown for my mother and the espresso swatch on the MAC website matches what I have in mind but you can never tell I suppose! I’m wanting to achieve a matte, dark chocolate finish.

    Any suggestions much appreciated :)

    • Hi Lauren! 😀 Expresso definitely reminds me of a dark chocolate color… sort of like Hershey’s bar, lol. You may also want to check out Swiss Chocolate (I think that’s telling you something in itself…!) as well as Embark. Embark might be too light and warm, but you never know. IMO, Expresso is a bit more brown, whereas Swiss Chocolate seems like there’s a touch of red in the color. Either should work, though!

      Good luck :)

  10. babyd0ll

    Wowsers. your organized and everything! Those premade palettes, are they MAC shadows you put yourself and let dry?

  11. Shalini

    Quick question, would you mind just listing the names of the blushes you currently own? Oh and which ones do you tend to wear during the day, evening, etc? Thanks in advance!

    • Hi Shalini!

      Okay, let me think… I believe I currently own: Ambering Rose, Dollymix, Foolish Me, Springsheen, Sunbasque, Pinkerpeach/Trustfund duo, Primpin’/Golden Kitty, Belightful, Desirous, Margin, Plum Foolery, and Don’t Be Shy.

      I most frequently use Margin, because it gives me a good, healthy noticeable glow. I also use Ambering Rose for deeper, pinker cheeks while I’ll use Plum Foolery for more plummy cheeks. Springsheen and Sunbasque are also great for darker cheeks, but not over the top dark. When I travel, I always take Margin and Plum Foolery with me, though.

      • Steph

        Just wondering, how do you travel with blushes? I’m wondering if it is possible to somehow not mangle a blushpot too much when I depot (I’m about to depot to a blush palette) and then re-use the pot when travelling?

        Or what do you do?

  12. sicelli

    OMG!!! I am totally wowed by your collection! And you say this is AFTER you sold most of your stuff? I feel like a very low-maintenance girl now! I saw your collection, and I couldn’t help but wonder- do you use everything that you buy? I mean there is so much of everything and so many colours! Forgive me if I sound like an ignorant novice…that’s because I am one. Well, I was hoping you would be able to help me, as you certainly seem to have a very extensive knowledge of makeup! I have really light skin with cool undertones (I always go for the lightest shade of foundation available), and eyes slightly darker than yours, god-given full lashes, really big eyes, and pinkish lips. I like colours, but not something too bold for the day look (for eg: bright blues, blacks, dark plums, etc.). Would you have some suggestions as to what colours I should wear on eyes (and lips accordingly)? I don’t wear any colour on my eyes currently; just L’Oreal Line Intesifique Eyeliner in Gray and Black. On lips I wear Maybelline’s Shinylicious lipgloss in Berry-Bella. Also, I have some acne-marred skin- do you have any suggestions for a good concealer that might work? I have oily skin and I use Physicians Formula concealer, but that seems too drying…And one last question (lol- is this the longest post here?): now that you know pretty much everything about my appearance/skin, would you recommend L’Oreal True Match foundation or Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse? Thank you so much for your help! And I absolutely L-O-V-E your website :)

    • Hi Sicelli!

      There are lots of things I own makeup-wise that do not get that much use out of them – there were tons of things before (which is why I sold them!) that just sat around SO SO unused. Since paring down my collection, I do use most of my products these days :) Or at least try to!

      If you want to put color on your eyes without overdoing it, there’s nothing wrong with neutrals – so beiges, creamy whites, soft and deep browns, and maybe even a soft olive green that you could use as a darker crease or outer lid color. With neutral or soft eyes, you can wear nearly any lip color, especially darker, bolder ones. It really depends on the occasion and your personal style, but you are perfectly able to wear a light pink color on your lips even with soft eyes :)

      To be honest, I haven’t found concealer to work that well for covering up acne scars, and actually find that my liquid foundation (MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid) does a great job of that on its own, as well as evening out my overall skin tone. To that end, I’d definitely recommend Maybelline’s Dream Matte Mousse for you. It’s a more mattifying foundation, which is always a good thing when you have oilier skin!

      I hope that somewhat helps. I love answering questions, so feel free to ask more if I didn’t answer yours entirely or just made it too confusing 😉 I look forward to hearing from you soon!

      • sicelli

        Hi Christine!

        Thank you so much for all your help!!! I’ve been to countless websites trying to find a variety of looks (especially since I love colour…just not for the day look!) and styles, and your website did just that! I find you so talented, and you really inspired me. I was starting to believe colour was best suited for makeup artists and models alone, and belonged in the pages of a magazine. But thanks for proving me wrong! I’ve seen girls in my college wear bright colourful makeup before, but it looks kinda scary and way overdone. Lol, after coming here though, I find myself sincerely lacking in colour (I only have a soft pink shadow and neutral beige shadow palette); but I’ll be stacking up more on colour soon! I sometimes wear my mum’s eyeshadows, and people generally like the purple shade better on me than the navy blue and forrest green ones (which I personally think look better…)- what shades of blue and green would you recommend? Another question I had was whether you use a facial/eye primer? Also, at the moment I use Neutrogena Healthy Skin Foundation in Toasted Honey (at the time I thought it’d give me a great “tanned” look…) and it does just that to some extent, but while it looks great overall, it just looks a little too dark. Is there anything I can do to make it somewhat lighter (without wearing a sheer coat) or shall I just have to finish it? Sorry if my questions sound a bit dumb! And thank you once again for taking the time to answer them :)

        • Hi again, Sicelli!

          I’m glad you found the website useful :) I’ve been trying to make sure that I do a variety of looks, not just stuff that’s super bold and probably harder to wear (or at least less comfortable to wear) for most people!

          An ocean blue like Freshwater eyeshadow is always pretty, as well as a darker navy, which can be matte or shimmery (like Deep Truth eyeshadow – extremely lovely). I definitely recommend picking up a darker blue over a regular, bright, or light blue for the purpose of you being able to use it as an accent color in the crease/outer lid. For instance, Freshwater eyeshadow may make you feel overwhelmed by color if you haven’t played with much of it :)

          Oh, man, picking out just a few shades of green will be so difficult! Again, a good solid green is a nice addition to a collection, like Humid eyeshadow, which is a darker forest green. A good light green is Juxt eyeshadow, which you can also use to help lighten Humid to turn it into a more medium green. A great dark green is Femme Noir eyeshadow, which is matte, so it’s a great way to provide color, but still not have a lot of shimmer.

          I use a moisturizing lotion by Olay for my face before make-up, and I also use MAC’s Studio Fix Fluid as my foundation. I find that if you want to give yourself a bit of a tan, bronzer is your best bet. Since you are so light, I wouldn’t recommend picking up a dark bronzer – try to find a cosmetic line that provides multiple shades of it. MAC has natural mineral skinfinishes in light, medium, etc. so I think light would be good for you. You could also accomplish similar effects by buying a slightly darker foundation in a compact powder.

          Hope that helps :)

          • sicelli

            Hi Christine!

            Thank you- you’re simply awesome!!! I am going shopping pretty soon and I wanted to ask you (I seem to have a lot of questions) whether L’Oreal HIP Pigments/Shadows and Maybelline Stylist Shadow were any good? I don’t have a job right now, so I’m a little tight on the budget. But come summertime, I plan on having my own MAC collection, because you have truly inspired me to wear colour and show off my eyes! Also, I have read on a bunch of different websites that you shouldn’t try and match your eyeshadow with your outfit…is this true? And if so, what would be some contrasting colours on the colour wheel? (for example: blue shadow w/ pink shirt…that’s the only one I know) Thanks a bunch again!

          • Hola Sicelli!

            I’ve heard many good things about L’Oreal’s HIP line, but I don’t have any idea about the Maybelline Stylist shadow. If your store carries Milani or NYX products, those are both great brands to try! Also, Jessie’s Girl, I think, also makes good products.

            No way! I always match my eyeshadow to my outfit. Now, you can always feel free to use other colors (like I’ll wear purple with burgundy shirts or pink shirts), but I very often DON’T do contrast with my outfit!

          • sicelli

            Ciao bella!

            Thank you for all your help! I’m very relieved to hear I won’t be looking like a clown if I don’t do contrast with my outfit! I’m actually wearing a lovely plum shirt, but I feel slightly awkward wearing olive green shadow (yay! I did the mix and matching of that dark green I was telling you about with a yellow from my mum’s palette, and it looks great) with it, even though that is the best contrast according to the colour wheel. Well, I’ll be matching colours with my outfit primarily with the occasional contrast thrown in for fun. I don’t think stores near where I live carry any of the other brands. Just the basic popular ones. But I’ll be sure to look around. Also, I’ll buy one Maybelline Stylist and try it out, and I’ll let you know what I think of it!

          • Sicelli,

            Hope everything is working out and you’re having fun with colors. Be sure and let me know how it all turns out – I always love hearing about people’s experiences with makeup :)

  13. Jan Brod

    Thanks so much for all the info you give on this site. Could you tell us more about yourself,i.e., how did you learn your skills, and do you do makeup in any professional capacity?

    • My pleasure, Jan! I just learned through practice, practice, and more practice. I also saw other people’s makeup at MAC and I’d be inspired by it :)

      I don’t practice it professionally, as you need a cosmotology license to do so, and cosmetics jobs at department stores are too centered around retail (and not enough on the makeup!).

  14. nadnut

    omg. this is gorgeous and inspiring! im slowly saving up to change my whole makeup collection to mac.

    sad thing is.. i cant find the eyeshadow palettes (the ones with 15 colours) in singapore. *sobs*

    • Oh, wow, good luck svaing :) It’s tough, I know!

      The palettes can only be found at MAC freestanding and PRO stores, and I’m not sure what Singapore has! They will come empty, though, so you can add your own colors!

  15. ductapemyheartt

    i have a question about the shadow palettes.
    does mac actually sell palettes with more than four shadows or did you have to make them yourself?
    have you ever worked at mac?

    • They Sell them but you have to get Them at a mac store.. or the pro 800 number.. they are not at.. Dept stores

    • Hi there :) No, the 15-pan palette is empty and you buy palette colors from freestanding/PRO MAC stores to fill it up yourself. MAC does put out various eyeshadow palettes as part of holiday collections that are usually around six shadows per special palette.

      Nope, I haven’t worked at MAC!

  16. Kristie

    So I call the pro 800 number so I can get the water based mixing meduim and the will NOT sell to me! I am so frusterated.. I have lots of pigments that need this stuff. I do not have a pro store nearby.. What do I do, oh wise MAC goddess?

    • Oh, honey, don’t even bother with it! It’s overpriced and you can make it yourself :) You can use one part glycerin (liquid kind, you’ll find this at your local drug store) to three parts water, shake it up, and voila!

  17. Meme

    Wow, absolutely amazing MAC collection – you’ve got the most gorgeous color schemes in your makeup!

    Just wondering where I can find the little metal stands you use to store you pigments – I never know what to use to store them for easy access.

    • Thanks! Just my poor wallet that weeps in the background.

      They’re empty silverware drawers! You can find them at any household store or department store like Target or Walmart.

  18. Meme

    Hi Christine,

    I recently purchased aire-de-blu…just wondering if i should also get azreal blue, because they seem quite simliar (although azreal seems more silvery and aire more sky blue and not so frosty).

    What would you usually pair each of the above blues with?


    • Hi doll! Oh, yes, definitely get it if you’re into blues – they are so different! Azreal is a shimmery, silvery blue, where as Air-de-blu is more pastel blue. Very different textures and everything. Of course, I pair them with other blue shadows, like Freshwater eyeshadow, Deep Truth eyeshadow, etc., but you can also pair them with teal shadows (like Shimmermoss), and even green golds like Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow. You can try using a touch of blue and adding Carbon eyeshadow to darken the outer edge, as well!

  19. Linda

    Can you tell me what colors are in this palette -> ?

    It looks like maybe Amber Lights/Goldmine/??? I could be way off, but just wondering :)

    • Linda

      And by “this palette” I mean the one in the middle in that picture. Forgot to mention that part.

      • From left to right, top to model: Amber Lights, Nylon, Rye (LE from a pre-made quad, and Goldmine. So you were right 😀

        • Linda

          Oh, and one more question if you don’t mind. I’ve seen you mention homemade mixing medium made with glycerin — could you tell me where you get the glycerin and what section of the store/brand name? I went to the drug store and asked and they looked at me like I was crazy and seemed really confused. Hah.

          Thanks so much,

          • You can find glycerin at most local drug stores in the first aid aisle – around where you’d find rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc. You might ask if they have witchhazel, because that’s usually nearby, too!

  20. Kristina

    Hi I was just curious what website you actually use to sell your makeup so I can bookmark it and check to see when you begin selling again! I am not really looking to swap, rather I want to expand from what I have! Thanks :)

  21. tee

    Awesome collection! I am envious! I am going to show my husband next time he complains of my makeup collection LOL!! Yours has it beat! Can you use more tutorials on how to get started with pigments and paints? I am great with loose and pressed, but I have shyed away from trying the pigments and paints because I hear about mixing mediums and bases and not sure how much to use. Is it like foiling? Thanks so much!

    • Hi Tee! Thank you :) Haha, there are plenty of lovely ladies who have ME beat, too! It’s the only thing that comforts my poor wallet.

      Pigments are so, so, SO easy to use with mixing medium, and I only use a homemade version of the mixing medium (one part glycerin and three parts water, shake it up – I use 1/4 tsp glycerin, 3/4 tsp of water, and voila). Use just a tiny, tiny bit of it on your brush before picking up the pigment – enough to make the brush damp, but not at all sopping.

      Paints should be used where you squeeze out a small bit, not even bigger than your pinky finger. Just start off with the smallest bit and apply to your eyelid until you get an even cover – it doesn’t need to be a very thick layer, since it is just a base.

  22. nadnut

    hi babe! dropping by again. where do u buy glycerin? i wanna try the wet look for pigments. i heard about using vaseline before. any tips on that?

    • Hi there! You can buy it at most local drug stores in or near the first aisle section. It’s liquid and comes in a small bottle, usually. I don’t recommend vaseline, because it will end up creasing your makeup… it’s very oily and as a result, tends to slide rather than stick in one place.

  23. Eva

    Hi there :) I’m so grateful that you have this website because it helps in so many ways. And you’re really talented, you could easily fool people as a professional :P. However I had a question, I was just wondering how much a 15 pan palette would cost from MAC? I have a couple of quads but shortly after buying those, I realized I could buy a bigger palette. Unfortunetly the quads I bought were at the beginning stages of my makeup obsession (where I thought I knew a whole lot but I didn’t..haha.) so none of the colours I have do anything for me, well atleast I don’t think so because I’ve tried many ways to make them work with no luck and they dont go on as well as I had hoped, there’s probably only 2 colours I use, lol. I’m assuming that the 15 colour palette is easily over $150 so I’m somewhat saving up, anyways I hope to hear from you soon. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Eva :) I’m so happy that the website can help you out! A 15 pan palette (it starts empty) costs I think around $13-14, and then each color you can purchase in pan format from freestanding and PRO stores for $9.50 each, I believe. It might have gone up to $10 or $10.50. So yep, about $150 for a palette :)

      You can sell your used quads to other users, like on or swap it for what you want on!

      • Eva

        Hey Christine! Thanks for the info I really appreciate it, I forgot to mention that I knew it started out empty and that you had to put your own colours in, I’m sorry about that in. Ummm I’m just wondering about what you said about how much one eyeshadow would cost, you say it’s costs about $10 for an eyeshadow to put in but where I live it’s about $16.50 for one, the last one I bought was shroom, which is a bit more then what you said but it really adds up when you put it all together I guess. OO but you said ‘pan format’ is there a difference in price when you buy it like that or in it’s own little case? I have quad palettes but I don’t recall how much they were for each eyeshadow in them. I’m sorry for the trouble, I’m just a bit confused. And about the online selling and or swapping, would you mind giving me a bit more information on it, I’ve never done it before but it sounds really interesting. Anyways, have a good one and thanks so much.

        • Hi again, Eva! When you purchase the eyeshadow in pan (or palette) form, it’s just the little shadow pan, instead of the black casing around it. You pay more money for the extra casing. Only freestanding stores and PRO stores carry the pan/palette versions of the permanent shadows, not department store counters. Pre-made quads retail for $28 or $32 these days, I believe, and they’ve always been cheaper than if you bought the four shadows separately.

          On you sign up for a user account and you can create a list of items you have but no longer want, and then create a list of things you wish you had (your wish list). You can do searches and find products that people have that you want and ask if they’d like to swap for something that you have and don’t want. This way both parties get rid of what they dislike, but gain what they like!

          On, people buy and sell their makeup, in addition to swapping. You’re going to need some sort of feedback, so it might be better to swap for now :)

  24. Eva

    Thank you for your feedback and taking out time to reply to me :).

  25. Sicelli

    Hi lovely!

    Guess who’s back?? Wow, it took me a long while to find some time and go shopping, and I finally did this week! I also had no idea I lived so close to an Ulta store, so that was an added bonus! So I bought: Dream Matte Mousse (light 1- which turned out a little too light for those days my skin changes and starts looking slightly darker…so I fixed that problem by layering on my darker foundation on top! remember that toasted honey neutrogena foundation? looks like I finally found some use for it after all! and the colour matches my skin tone perfectly!), Dream Mousse Blush (I wanted to get Soft Plum, but they ran out, so I got Peach Satin instead, which is just as nice), I also ended up getting the Maybelline Pure foundation (very light and nice). Ok, I want to take a minute to sing their praise! Actually, I wanted to ask you something (oh no! here come the million questions): I love how light and airy the Mousse foundation is, but unlike the blush (which I have fallen in love with), it looks very obvious…somewhat caked/dotted on. Am I not blending that enough? I don’t know, but it appears very apparent at times. What can I do to make it less obvious? I’ve tried using a brush and sponge too! And I do moisturize my face as well…Right, moving on. I didn’t get to buy the HiP shadows (what pretty colours), but I bought a Stylist shadow in sleek brown, and I’m liking it so far! It’s a bit dark, but it looks very nice, and the sponge tip applicator is very helpful (for a novice like me anyway). And…I found that Ulta also carries NYX shadows!!! I know you mentioned earlier that NYX has some colours that are duplicate of MAC…could you tell me which ones? I plan on going back in a couple of weeks!!! Anyway, I ended up buying Almay intense i-trio for browns and blues (it looked pretty), but the pigment isn’t as strong as I would like. I keep on layering the product, but I hardly see any colour at all. Very frustrating/disappointing. Oh well, trial and error I suppose. But yeah, overall I had a great time shopping! Thanks again for your help and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Hi Sicelli! I am happy to hear that you have found some great products that work for you!

      Have you tried using just the faintest touch of the blush? You might want to even try layering the blush on top before the foundation and using the foundation to help blend it out and lessen how deep the color is if it’s too bold/striking. I don’t use cream blushes too often because they definitely have a tendency to do exactly what you’ve found it to do… stick in one spot and not look quite right.

      Hmm, I can’t remember offhand what NYX dupes exist, but I know that Kiwi is a green that looks like MAC’s limited edition Lucky Green that everybody loves (including me).

      If you’re able to, try and return cosmetics you disliked! A lot of drug stores these days allow you to return open and tested cosmetics :)

  26. Sicelli

    Hi again bella!

    Thanks for the suggestion, but it’s not the blush I’m having trouble with! I would really recommend this product to you- it has awesome blendability (just disappears into your skin!) and staying power, and it goes on quite light too, so no danger of having put too much on! It’s the Dream Matte Mousse foundation that goes on cakey and looks way too matte. Since I don’t have time in the mornings, I put on my moisturizer and about 1-2 mins later my foundation. And on some days it just sits there and gives me that ultra made-up look I’m trying to avoid! So I don’t know what I’m doing wrong in my application (I’m certain it’s that…why else would it look great on some days and messed up on others?). Would you have any suggestions for that? I really don’t want to return this product since it feels so great!!

    I’ll be sure to check out the Kiwi green! I’m hoping to have at least one colour from all the different families (neutrals, pinks, blues, greens, etc…except red maybe)! Did you know a compatible NYX shadow for MAC Shadowy Lady, Scene/Print, Contrast/Blue Edge, Deep Truth, Plumage, Greensmoke, Paradisco? These were just some of the colours I absolutely liked, and I wanted to know if there were any NYX shadows that came even close to that? Are there any other colours you would recommend? Thanks bunches!!!

    • Oh, okay! I thought it was the blush ahd foundation was like a dream. Hmm, well, Dream Matte Mousse is supposed to have an extremely matte look, so that’s probably why you’re getting it! You try adding a spritz of Fix+ (really purified water, basically) to your brush before applying the foundation and it might work it out to be less cakey. The product might dry really quickly, so you might want to work on parts of your face at a time.

      I’m not very familiar with the shadow names by NYX, but I assure you, I’ve yet to be disappointed by any of their colors :)

  27. Meme

    Hi Christine!

    Just had a few questions about brown colored pigments.

    What pigments do you usually pair with sunpepper pigment? I love the color but the alrge amount of red in the pigment can sometimes make me look ill if applied incorrectly. I have yet to master how to use this one. Would it be better as a lid or crease color and should it only be applied with a light hand?

    Do silvery taupes (such as coco, etc) work for with warm tanned skin with golden undertones (asian)? Or would that wash me out?

    Have you tried chocolate brown? – if so, does that come up as a true chocolate brown color or is it more bronzy?

    Let me know if there’s other brown colored pigments that might work on someone with my skintone.

    Thanks a lot!

    • You could try pairing it with golds to help make it less red, or you could put some deeper browns over it to help emphasize the darker tones in Sunpepper without as much red reflecting. I find it works best with warm or warmer colors, though!

      I’m a firm believer that any color can work on you! It’s a matter of finding the right combination of colors and shades, but I definitely would give colors like Coco a shot.

      Chocolate Brown is definitely a rich brown color, I wouldn’t call it bronzy at all.

      You might want to try Tan, I’ve heard good things about it – I just own too many brown pigments that I never use that I’ve yet to pick this one up.

      • Meme

        Hi Christine!

        Many thanks for answering all my questions =)

        I tried pairing deeper browns (in fact, I picked up a jar of chocolate brown that I was asking about) with the sunpepper, and it worked like a charm – it toned down the the red in the sunpepper without compromising the complex reflects in the pigment itself.

        I will definitely give tan a try (I tried it at MAC and it was gorgeous).

        Thanks for all the great tips!

  28. Meme

    Hi Christine,

    I have another question about comparing 2 similar pigments (sorry for all the questions!)

    Is golden olive and night light quite similiar (I know that night light is smokier/darker and perhaps less golden), but when used together, is it a huge difference?
    Any luck I could get a similar shade to night light by mixing golden olive with a small bit of dark soul?

    Thanks a lot!

    • I love your questions, Meme :)

      When using the two of them together… not a huge difference. Night Light is significantly darker than Golden Olive, but Night Light’s color could be achieved even by using Humid eyeshadow (just a dark green shadow) over Golden Olive pigment. Mixing pigments might work, but it’s not a guaranteed result – it sounds like a good thing to try, though!

  29. Ana Paula


  30. Lyssa

    Your collection is gorgeous.. i’m so jealous. I’m doing a friend’s make up for her wedding. any colors you would suggest to use on her. I’m thinking ussing mostly browns on her. it would be great if you can post up something about bridal makeup if you have time.

    • Hi Lyssa!

      It really depends on if she wants any color or not. I personally vote minimal color because I’m sure there’ll be lots of tearing up! Definitely waterproof mascara, haha 😉

      I always find that a very subtle cream color on the lid with a darker crease color in perhaps an antique gold works well for something that pops, but isn’t over the top.

  31. Jen

    OH MY LANTA! That is the most amazing thing I have ever seen! I own a lot of MAC but not that much…I am a fan

  32. Marlene

    Greetings. I was lucky to obtain some working name eyeshadows and lipglass and lipsticks. (items not yet released and the names could change).
    Has anyone heard of a Melange eyeshadow not yet released?) It looks like a mineralized marbelized eyeshadow).
    Thanks for your help!

    • Hi Marlene!

      I’d really have to see a picture in order to tell you. I can’t think of any marbelized shadows MAC has put on – they’ve done some mineralized duo shadows in the past. Otherwise, the only marbelized products I can think of are mineralize skin finishes.

  33. neha

    wow thts some awesome stuff u got there :)…good going….im working on building mine altho i have stuff from a whole lot of brands…but uve inspired me…nyway i wanted to ask u where u got ur palattes frm for the eye shadows…im lookin fo some but cant find them nywhere…all of them hve jus like 4 or 6 in them…u kno about ny tht have more thn tht????

    • I got my palettes for the eyeshadow at MAC’s freestanding stores. You just ask them for an empty shadow palette – they come in a quad (4) or a 15-pan.

  34. sharon

    hey, i would really love to learn how to apply eyeshadow like mac does. i never wear eyeshadow and usually keep my makeup simple. where do i start?

    • Hi Sharon, I would suggest you check out your nearest counter and ask them to help show you how to use some products you own. You can also check out my tutorials section for help!

  35. Traci

    Hi there,
    Your collection is awesome! I just purchased an empty quad palette and realized my eyeshadows won’t fit unless they were the refill type. Do you know if I can use the type in the black container or will i just need to re-purchase the colors in the refill type?

  36. vanessa olivera

    omg you have so much stuff!
    i’ve been looking for where to get the makeup palettes?
    where would i get them? would i buy them online or in peron??

  37. neha

    hey again….yea i kno bout the empty palletes…but do they do ny with the colours…u kno like the ones u have which hve 6 colours in them….do u kno ny other brands tht have them in more thn 6 colours… i have one which has like 15-20 colours in them…

    • MAC releases holiday palettes around Christmas-time with 6 colors, and they also release quads with 4 colors from time to time throughout the year. I’m not very familiar with brands other than MAC, but I know that several other brands like Urban Decay offer limited edition palettes with multiple colors in them every so often.

  38. Wow. I stumbled upon this site; do you have ENOUGH make up? I feel so inferior, with my eyeliner, blush, and lipstick (I probably have eight separate ‘pieces’ of make up in all). Lol. One day, I’m going to learn how to apply all of that! Heehee! 😀

  39. Laura

    id like to spend just one day in a room with that makeup

  40. Annie

    Just want to say, I love your site!!! I know you get this a lot, but the site is absolutely FANTASTIC!!!
    okay 2 questions.
    How exactly do you apply the pigments when you mix it with a mixing medium? I mean, do you take a little bit of the pigment and then dip into the mixer or how?
    And, in one of the pictures above, (in the very last picture) there are 2 compacts which look like shiny make up compacts. what are they and are they from a past color story? the packaging is so pretty I want it lol. Thanks so much! and thanks for your hard work!!!

    • Thank you, Annie!! :) I put a tiny, tiny bit of the mixing medium onto my brush, and then I dip the damp brush into pigment.

      The two compacts are from the Diana Ross collection, I believe. They are beauty powders :)

  41. Jeffner

    Hey, love the site, the pictures, tips, etc.
    (I know, you get praise for it all the time!)

    I hope nobody has already asked you this: What eyeshadow + pigment colours would look great with my blue eyes? And what colours from MAC would you recommend?

    • Hey Jeffner! Blue eyes are versatile, I tell you! You really can get away with all sorts of colors from browns to purples to blues to greens. Greens tend to look excellent with brown and blue eyes. Golds will also look great! I definitely recommend you check out Swimming and Shimmermoss for green/teals, and then Goldmine and Amber Lights for some great browns.


  42. ashlee

    hey, i was just wondering, i love mac eyeshadows, and i would really appreciate it, if you could tell me the best eyeshadows that were neutrals so i could pair them with everything, and not look too overdone… i really like your work, and would love it if you were able to reply to this.


    • Hey Ashlee,

      The best neutral shadows by MAC are: Ricepaper, Grain, Patina, Omega, Soba, Woodwinked, Bronze, Mulch, and Soft Brown. Just to name a few!

  43. ashlee

    oh and btw, i have dark green eyes. that sometimes look light green when the light hits them :) if that helps in any way

  44. Amelia

    HEY!! I really love your pictures up their.They make me want to buy some MAC products. So, I’m planning to buy the pigment, but i don’t know if it worth to buy one or what other products i have to buy to use with them.

    And I just wandering that what did you use with those pigments you have when you apply them on your eyes and if I want to adapt them into an eye liner, can i do it and how???.

    • Hey Amelia! Thank you so much! I love pigments, so I definitely think they’re worth using. I use the pigment with MAC’s water-based mixing medium – well, I use a homemade version, which is three parts water to one part glycerin. You can also use this mixing medium to use the pigment as an eyeliner!

  45. BEAUTIFUL! I love pigments! I can never get enough!

  46. Faiza

    Loving the mac collection u have!! do u have the “paradisco” eyeshadow? i cant decide wether i want paradisco or amber lights.. im indian so my skin tone is medium and i wanted something more subtle.. any suggestions?

  47. Janis

    Wow I am truly impressed with your collection! I have only started collecting Mac products early this year and I have spent most of my money on eyeshadows coz I love all the colors! Do you ever worry about the shelf life of your make-up? Coz that’s one thing that’s holding me back from getting too much pigments, lipglasses, etc. I mean for personal use a jar of pigment could last me practically a lifetime hehe (I have 4 pigments total and I’ve barely even made a dent on the color I often use). So to stock up on other colors would seem to me, a potential waste if they’ll all end up in the trash in 3 year’s time.

    • Hey Janis! I don’t worry too much because the shelf life of makeup that’s not powder is generally 2-3 years, excepting mascara and foundation. Powder products theoretically have no shelf life because powder products do not harbor bacteria.

      Pigments are dry, and thus do not harbor bacteria very easily!

  48. Janis

    Oh, forgot to ask, do you use the mac e/s in Bitter? Love the color and I was wondering if you can suggest some looks using it. And do you apply your lipsticks using a lipbrush? Coz I noticed how well distributed the lip colors are in all your pictures.

    • I used to own Bitter, but I bought and liked Overgrown more (they’re very similar). My favorite looks using Bitter are generally bright ones, and using colors like Electric Eel (bright blue), teals, or deeper greens with it. It’s excellent paired with Velvet Moss as well as Swimming.

      I usually apply the lipsticks without brushes, actually!

  49. Cheryl

    Wow! Awesome collection! You really should get a license to do makeup…also, your section on smokey eye was great. What do you mean by having lots of pigment and mixing medium?? What do they do? Thanks for sharing your tips. As you can prob. tell, I’m a basic foundation, mascara type girl.

    • Thank you! I love makeup, but I don’t know if I’d really love to do it as a profession.

      Pigments are jars full of loose color dust, basically, and they’re highly pigmented (hence the name). Mixing medium is a way to combine the loose color to create a smooth and long lasting base on your lid.

  50. Vita

    WOW!!! what a collection! i was in heaven just looking at the pictures! I’ve looked at some of your tutorials and i must say, YOU ARE REALLY GOOD!!!

    I love makeup, but never really knew what colors are good for my skin tone. I have medium tan skin, with slight olive undertones. i wanted to ask you, are there any eyeshadows that you highly recommend?

    and are you still selling any eyeshadows? thanks!

    • Thanks, Vita 😀

      I definitely recommend checking out some olive green shadows like Sumptuous Olive and Velvet Moss eyeshadows. Also, golds and warm browns like Goldmine and Soft Brown would be great, too!

      Here are the shadows I’m currently selling:
      Big T (used 3x lightly, pot) – $15
      Bang On Blue (used 2x lightly, pot) – $15
      Bisque (pro pan, used 2x) – $8.50
      Coral (depot, used 3x) – $8.50
      Malt (pro pan, used 3x lightly) – $8
      Phase eyeshadow (screw top, used 2-3x, couple small chunks missing) – $15
      Swimming (depot, used 4x) – $8
      Taupe Note (depot from Liza AM quad, used 2x) – $9.50

  51. Sabrina

    Hi Christine,
    Taking a peek at your collection I would love to ask you for some recommendations. I am slowly starting on a MAC collection but since I am on a tight budget I want to get the most essential stuff. And here comes the question: Which eyeshadows are your favorites in your collection? I (btw exact match to NC35) want to get 1-3 in each color category (pink/purple, green, blue, brown and yellow?) as a base to build on. Thanks in advance.

    • Hey Sabrina! I’m going to assume that you just want to know permanent colors because you can get those pretty easily.

      Pink/purple: Stars ‘n Rockets, Da Bling, and Beautiful Iris

      Green: Humid, Sumptuous Olive, Juxt

      Blue: Freshwater, Deep Truth, Tilt

      Brown: Expresso, Woodwinked, Bronze

      Yellow: Goldmine, Gorgeous Gold, Juiced

      You didn’t ask, but for grays/black, Carbon is a must, as is Silver Ring and Print

  52. Shasha

    Hi Christine!

    You know, as this page was loading, I actually thought: ‘Psshh, you call this a collection? this is not even HALF my stack,’ until I realised I actually had to SCROLL DOWN!!!! And MAC products too! Well in that case, all I can say is: Can I borrow some?? 😛
    And if for some crazy reason you’d agree to: I live in Holland! :D. Hahahhaah! Seriously, you’re collection makes me use my hands as a van. It makes me very… ehm… sinful (greedy to be exact).
    I also want to give you two thumbs up for your amazing tutorials. I am pretty good with colours myself, but you… YOU are waaayyy better. Bravo, Christine, Bravo. I do have a question (or three) though: do you ever wear plain lipstick without the gloss/ glass/ gelee, or are you just like me a girl who feels naked without it? When you do walk out the door naked, do you ever FEEL naked? I’m wondering because I walked out the door yesterday without getting my brows done, and by God, I was freezing!! Really. O and another question: Could you perhaps do me a favor and be more extravagant with make-up than you already are? For example: Halloween is coming up in, I dunno, 2 months and 17 days, right?? Well, maybe you could then do for example a smokey eye BUT then with dark green lipstick. You know??! Or, also cool: smother your face like drag queens do, and gve yourself ‘Higher’-brows! It would be awesome to see how that would look on you. And if you’re hesitant, I’ll create one OTT-look too (since deep in my heart, I’m a goth) and I’ll send you the link to my future page. (Future because I still have to create the page) And do realise: Holland does like Halloween, but that doesn’t mean we play dress-up and tell ghost stories unfortunately. So me walking around with OTT make-up, will definitely cause a stir – even on October 31st! In the mean time: I’ll keep an eye on your site. Keep those tutorials coming!!
    Love and hugs from Shasha

    • Hey Shasha! LOL! If you were here, I’d think about sharing… 😉 I don’t feel naked without make up, actually! I really do go around town with no make up whatsoever VERY frequently. I’ll try to think about doing something more extravagant – it’s really not an area I personally find fun. Thanks for the suggestion 😀

  53. Wow you have loads of makeup! my friends take the mick out of me for having so much makeup,and get annoyed when I apply it or if I even ask if my eyeliner is smudged.But I love your collection its like a pretty mini make stall!keep up the collection :)

  54. Dee Dee

    Hi Christine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What an amazing collection you have.. absolutley breath taking.. lol.. I have what I had considered a bunch of make up, before I saw yours of course.. lol.. Anyways I have one quick question (I hope it turns out to be a quick question) haha.. but before I ask I wanted to thank you.. Your soooo sweet for answering all of are questions.. Theres really no other websites out there like this.. And yours is soooooooooooo helpful… Anywho… I love that whole Gwen Stefani look.. (you know bright red lips, and black liquid liner) However i’m often a little worried about going out during the day in that red lipstick. I feel like people will think I look a little clown-ish. LOL.. Do you think that the look is appropriate for day or do you think its more of a night look? And if you think that that Gwen-red is tooo bright for day… what type of reds are nice for the day-time… (uh-oh I think my one question turned out to be 2)… lol Thanks a bunch… girl (and I do assume that you will be busy… If i had a make up collection such as yours I would be too). 😛 LOL Take care!

    • Hey Dee Dee! Thank you! It is quite enormous these days, lol. You know what, TONS of people wear red lipstick on a daily basis. It’s all about feeling confident in what you’re wearing. You can always opt for a matte red lip to tone down the drama, or even a deeper/darker red that’s blue-based instead of orange-based.

  55. ash

    i really do admire your makeup collection.i am a make junkie but i do not think i can quantify with what you have.Few questions christine are you a make up artist?2.I am a black girl and what colors of eyeshadow do you think will be great for my skintone especially the fact that i am trying to invest in the 15 pro palette shadow?Also pls tell me what eyeshadows are basic must have that would not go wrong and look nice on any skin tone at anytime.Best eyeshadows for day and night.Do you ever get overwhelmed as to what color to use or not?Also out of curiousity,ho much have you spent on makeup?

    • Hi Ash,

      I am not a makeup artist in the slightest!

      You can rock any shadow, but you’re definitely going to be need a fantastic base, which means a base like Urban Decay’s Primer Potion, MAC’s Prep + Prime Eye, MAC paints or paint pots, etc. The right base means any shadows can show up well. Bronzes, golds, and even a cool color like purple would work well with your skintone.

      Some basic eyeshadows? I would recommend Ricepaper, Expresso, Carbon, Silver Ring, Goldmine, Sumptuous Olive, Humid, etc. It’s hard to mention basics because there are so many color families!

      For night, nothing beats Carbon eyeshadow, because it can instantly heat up any look by turning it dark and sultry. For day, I say anything goes, but you can stick with lighter colors like Ricepaper or Grain for toned down looks.

      I don’t raelly get overwhelmed by color, but it’s probably because I’ve had an excessive collection for awhile now :)

      I don’t keep track of how much I’ve spent, LOL!

  56. ash

    oops i forgot to include this i would like to get a different perspective from someonelse.i have a mac primer and i really don’t see much i wear it before,after or without my moiturizer?what colour of blush and bronzer would be good for an NW45 powder wearer?The premade eyeshadow palettes where did u get those from and could u pls tell me the colors of the very last one to the right?Also i do not mean to be nosy or anything of such i am just trying to see how long it would take me if i get to work at macy’s and get the discount.Please also tell me the colors of the palettes of the neutrals and the pinks and oranges.I think i would make this my lasst question so i do not inconvience you what are the best lipglosses especially one that looks like coral?I think i need to move from my viva glam.(getting to addicted)lol.thanks a bunch.hope to get a reply.

    • Primer implies it should be worn first, before all other products :) Try deeper blushes or more pigmented blushes like Dollymix and Foolish Me for your skintone. I would select a bronzer like Refined Deeper Bronze or MSF Natural in Dark.

      The premade eyeshadow palettes are ones that came out with MAC’s Holiday collection in 2005 and 2006. To be honest, I don’t even own most of the colors anymore, so I can’t remember the colors!

      I’m actually planning to do an updated collection post, Ash, and I will label the photos of my shadows at that point (because I’m not 100% sure of the colors since I no longer have all those colors or in that order anymore!).

      Lychee Luxe is a great coral lipglass. :)

  57. Crystal

    heyy, i’m a HUGE MAC addict, i had these tickets to a MAC sale and i got everything for like 3 dollars each, and is spent a good 400 dollars there. So i’ve been obsessed since. But I have one question, how do i get a flawless look with foundation.

    • Hey Crystal! Awesome, what a lucky, lucky girl! I wish I could have gone :)

      Check out my tutorial on foundation/face in the tutorials section for an answer to your question!

  58. Yuleiny

    HI!!!…omg i loveeee your collection….and i have a question…does M.A.C still sell the paletts?…because i think those are very usefull instead of buying one by one like i have been doing….because i never knew they had untill i came across your collection =/…so do you know if they have em’ still or did you get it a while ago?

    • Hi hun!

      MAC still sells palettes, you can purchase them at freestanding and PRO stores only, though. You’ll want to ask for the 4 pan or 15 pan palette, and when you fill them with shadows, you buy them in pan form.

  59. Yuleiny

    oops…n i forgot another question….do you put something over your shadows after your done applying so they can look shimery…because i noticed on one picture that you have u use the shadow “passionate”…the bright pink one…and it looks so nice n shimery and when i put em on it looks kinda chalky…Help please…thanx so much

  60. ash

    hey christie u mentioned to check out your tutorials for foundation but i did not see it anywhere.could you please specify where to find them.thanks for the last answers to my questions.

  61. Damn! And here I thought I had a lotta makeup…

  62. Msjay

    I would love to buy some of your shadows …

  63. Kat

    Do you still have stuff that you’re trying to sell?

  64. ash

    Please i do not know if you can help me out with this color of lipstick.It was one Jennifer Huddson wore when she won the golden globe award.Please i am looking for a color like that and do not know which brand would carry it and would suit me better.Please help me……..
    P.S:I would have attached the picture but there was no slot for that…
    thank you so much i am looking forward to hearing from you….

  65. Maminana

    WoWzA! Ur collection is amazing! I love Mac Cosmetics myself its just kinda expensive but its worth buying at times. Your make is gorgeous and very artistic when it comes to applying it. You are very talented n use it well. I would love to buy some of your make up thats if its for sale? Lots of lovexoxoxoxox

  66. ash

    hello and happy new year.i have sent you a picture email about the lipstick jennifer hudson had on to receive her golden globe award.
    i have a very important question about her eyebrows.y are they so defined?do u have to buy a specific/expensive eyebrow pencil to get that defintion?
    2.what is the best base or primer to use for ur eyeshadow and does it really give the effect or serve the purpose for which it is meant for?

    • You have to be very precise when you fill in your brows, but you do not need something necessarily expensive to do it!

      A lot of people love Urban Decay Primer Potion as a base – it helps it last all day, which is the purpose.

  67. ash

    I forgot to ask an important question.I just recently bought a set of eye brushes and i need to know how to use the eyeliner brush which has a flat end compared to the other eyeliner brush which has a thin end while the smudge brush i have is a small flat bushy hair compared to the round one.I don’t know how to use the smudge brush especially being the fact that i am trying to create a smoky eye…PLEASE HELP….LOL

  68. Juli

    Dude, your collection is unbelievable! You must be a make-up artist. Do you think plum foolery is too dark for a fair complexion? Just to give you an idea I wear NC20 powder.

  69. ash

    thanks christine.i got ur reply about the lipstick.very much appreciated.

  70. Sash

    WHAT DO YOU MEAN “IT’S NOT MUCH COMPARED TO SOME”??!! That’s the most make-up I’ve seen in my life! Including in the stores! LOL

  71. Sash

    MAC should totally honor you!

  72. Vonee

    I would love to buy one of your palletts and a quad. Are you still selling this stuff? What are you asking for the large palletts and the little quads? Also how much per bottle of loose pigment. Thank you

  73. Susy

    Hi Christine! I hope your having fun in Hawaii! I just had a question regarding the water based mixing medium. Is it safe for your eyes? Has it ever caused irritation and is this what you use under your eyeshadow/pigments? Your eye makeup is always so bold and I just can’t seem to get mine to pop! I use a shadestick before I apply my MAC eyeshadows but it’s not very bright. I also have green eyes, can you tell me what colors would work bes from the green family? THANKS! :)

    • Hi Susy,

      I’ve never tested the homemade version in a lab or anything, but it’s very similar to the real version (though no preservatives or the like). I haven’t had any issues with it. Try Juxt and Sumptuous Olive for some greens!

  74. Susy

    P.S. I meant the home made version of mixing medium. I’m sure it is safe but I’m just asking.

  75. Susy

    Thanks and is this what your using under your eyeshadow? (water based mixing medium)

  76. Tricia

    You must be a make up artist…in Hollywood…
    You probably have a car valued with these macs products,i envy you..But i am not bad hearted so,I envy you in a good way

  77. Paloma

    where are you trying to sell your makeup? Link me, please!