Wednesday, March 5th, 2008

Shimmering fine particles impart soft colour in hard candy palette, to sweet and subtle effect. Eight shades of giddy deliciousness with pearl sheen and jet-milled perfection, to keep the glow going. New MAC innovation for limited time only! Silky-fine, shot with pearl, this blush inspires a subtle glow in tandem with pure, bright, colour vibe. Ultra-smooth, delivers a light and alluring shimmer together with a high-colour payoff. In every way luxurious. Limited Edition.


  • Shy Beauty Pastel apricot with gold pearl (satin)
  • Feeling Dirty plum with silver pearl (satin)
  • Sweetness Intense blue pink (satin)
  • Joyous Peach with gold pearl (satin)
  • True Romantic Mid-tone pink with silver pearl (satin)
  • Serenely Deep brownish red with gold pearl (satin)
  • Eversun Neutral peach bronze with gold pearl (satin)
  • Secret Blush Dirty neutral plum with gold pearl (satin)

Suggested Retail Price $17.50 U.S./$22.00 CDN


  • 169 Angled Blush
  • 116 Blush

March 13th, 2008 at all MAC locations, 1.800.387.6707 and

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61 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Beauty Powders Color Story Collection Photos

  1. Tekoa

    I was fortunate enough to get a sneak peak at four of these last week. The texture is just divine and so easy to blend out. As an interesting side note, Sweetness looked like the secret twin sister Fafi blush Fashion Frenzy.

  2. I’ve been looking for some new blushes. These are coming out just in time for my birthday :)

  3. Fie

    I have Sweetness. The color is so bright but I have yet to wear it. :) I heard that it packs on color like Azalea so use with caution.

  4. Oh man I can’t wait for these!!! Fafi, Beauty Powder Blush, Strobe AND Viva Glam VI SE all come out on the same day!! I will be so broke, but so happy, lol.

    • Oh, WOW! That’s a whole lotta collections for one day, Stacey!

      • Stacey

        I know! I’ve never been more excited in my life, lol. I think I’m going to have to purchase a lot more storage stuff that day because my collection is going to be HUGE(er) :)

  5. Thalia

    I was checking out other coutry sites on MAC and it turns out places like Australia and Germany already has these up for sale – lucky!!

  6. Shefali

    I can’t wait for these to come out…I love beauty powders and wish they had more color payoff. These are perfect solution and the colors look AWESOME.

  7. lala

    secret blush

    my wants!! lol

  8. chuarmk

    I had bought True Romantic and its indeed beautiful. The quality is very fine with just the right amount of shimmers, love it.

    • That’s great! How do you compare it to a regular blush?

    • chicalola

      I bought true romantic and love it. I am an NC25 and it looks great on my skin. Reading some of the reviews on another sight i noticed it is compared to afterdusk and coygirl. I ran to my makeup case and noticed I had those 2 blushes already and they were used up (tucked in the back of the drawer). Who knew makeup could make one so happy:)

  9. lala

    My god, that lip color is divine. It’s probably just photo- shopped but is there a lipstick that color?

  10. claudine

    saw three of them yesterday really nice

  11. I have all of them already and they are very beautiful. But yes, they are very pigmented so don’t use to much (or use with a light hand) especially with the brighter colors! The texture is very fine and they give you a great glow!

    And yes, we here in The Netherlands a very fortunate since they are already out in the Mac store here!!!

  12. claudine

    same in switzerland theyre out have to check them out again

  13. mich

    there are two sets of secret twins, as it turns out – i got joyous and it looks almost exactly like hipness.

  14. zoe

    I have sweetness already and its gorgeous and this after noon im off to buy joyous, true romantic, shy beauty and maybe secret blush. This is the first time ive bought a mac collection without your reviews :(

  15. Yorkdale_Girl

    Ohhhh…the precioussssssssssssssssssss

    MAC is seriously going to bankrupt me!

  16. Nell

    I just ordered True Romantic! So looking forward to it! MAC is an expensive hobby!!!!


  18. These were released today in England and i bought Eversun which is a lovely peachy bronze with a gold shimmer. It’s so pretty! I thought that Sweetness was a lot like Fafi’s fashion frenzy, only it was brighter and had a pearly sheen to it. I might return in the week to purchase it but I think I’m going to play around with fashion frenzy before I do decide and part with more cash!

    The blushes are a lot more pigmented than I thought they would be and I have to be more light handed with my EverSun. I really love the colours in this collection and might just end up purchasing Secret Blush and Sweetness!

    • Awesome, Winnie! So good to hear that they are pretty — but great that there are some dupeable ones, too, for those who want to save some money.

  19. glamqueen

    I’ve also had a look at those, and they are as gorgeous as they say, finely milled, with very subtle shimmer. The colours above are not really correct, you will find that the blushes look a bit different. I bought True Romantic as well, even though I thought I would go for Joyous. True Romantic looks plummy, but gives a gorgeous cold pinky shimmer, very natural and perfect for that pastelly Marie Antoinette- look!
    I live in Sweden, btw..

    • Hey Glamqueen! Yeah, since when are MAC promo photos ever dead-on for color? LOL! That is one of the most frustrating things about MAC!

      Thank you for the heads up! I want to see photos *hint hint*!

  20. oh i think i’m tempted to get one of this… i like the bottom corner, is it secret blush? btw do you also think it will suit someone fair skin?

    • Hey Ping! I think they will all suit fair skin, and I hear they are pigmented, so just use a light hand and go light at first and build the color up if you want more intensity.

  21. I would love it if someone could describe Serenely. It looks like it would be a lovely color on…lightly of course
    These are all so gorgeous!

  22. I’m going to get at least 7 of them because they are updated colors. There’s nothing worse than wearing colors that are so yesterday to ruin a makeup look…ok, well there really are worse things but ya know what i mean

  23. shar

    I have sweetness, shy beauty and joyous. All are gorgeous colours and come out sheer if you use a skunk brush. The finish is amazing – so glowy and beautiful!

  24. shar

    By the way sweetness is much sheerer and less bright than fashin frenzy when applied.

  25. Got & tried mine today – all six (didn’t get eversun or serenely) I loved them. The texture & consistency is amazing.
    True Romantic was my favorite.

  26. as92111

    Does anyone know which one is which in the promo photos?

  27. Brenda

    do you think eversun and gingerly blush look similar? if you do which one would you think u like better? for lik an NC37-42?(: