Sunday, October 5th, 2008

I was just nosing around, and I stumbled across the Adoring Carmine collection page on I’m all over the red and rose lip sets, and hopefully I’ll find the neutral lip set passable! I’m determined to resist the brush sets this year, if only because I truly, truly have no use for them other than to drool. Though I do love the brush bag!

Plus, here are Passionately Red and Passions of Red!

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30 thoughts on “MAC Cosmetics – Adoring Carmine Sneak Peek!

  1. Oh my god it’s beautiful!

  2. kellie

    Loves it! So glad I passed on the last couple collections so I can save my money cuz you know after this I’m gonna be broke. Also one question Christine, how do you feel abou the quality of the brushes in the sets?

    • The brush set quality is OK. If you’re on a budget, it’s not a bad way to go. Full size brushes are better, no question about it. I do like the sets for travel for a few days, even though these days I tend to take my full size brushes anyway. The sets aren’t as soft, that’s probably the biggest difference.

  3. michelle

    Red is my favorite color!!

    Silly question, but how can I tell whether I’m Cool vs Warm.
    In one store I was told I should use Cool for Lips but Warm for Eyes.

    I really like the Adoring Carmine collection.

    So many choices with Passionately Red. :)

    • Red is my favorite around the holidays :)

      Hm, weird that they told you that.

      Is your skin naturally tan? That’s one way to tell that you’re warm! Warm tones will have green veins, cool will have blue.

      • michelle

        Wow! What a quick trick! Thanks.

        Yep, I have green veins.
        So that means everything should be Warm right?
        I wonder why the SA said cool for one and warm for another.
        Oh well.

        Thanks Christine.

        Have to start saving up for this collection. 😉

  4. Oh I totally lied when I said I wasn’t interested in any of the holiday offerings… I completely forgot about these brush sets!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Nicole

    I’m not a fan of sets, because there is always something I don’t like.

  6. Claire

    Where are these? I don’t see them on the collections page? I only see them with the link.

  7. desert_sara

    The MAC store here had a Red She Said party yesterday. We were able to buy Red She Said collection and pre-order the other three collections. I was going to order all three brush sets but the quality is not what I expected. They look nice but feel like toys. I’m still thinking about it though. I also saw the Adoring Carmine rose lips set (the only one they had yesterday) and I ordered it right away. I didn’t buy any of the mineralized e/s trio and only bought two dazzleglass (sugarrimmed and date night). I guess I’ll think about the other stuff coz I really like the packaging. lol

    • I’m so envious you got to view the collections before the actual release! What exactly do you mean by ‘feel like toys’? Would you say they are a lot inferior (in terms of brush/bristle quality/softness) compared to the big ones?. tia! Btw, its for my wishlist heheh ^__^

      • desert_sara

        yes..the big ones are definitely better. I guess it’ll work if it’s only for short trips/vacations.

    • You are so lucky :) I’m glad you were able to check it all out though!

    • melissa

      I was wondering what do you mean they feel like toys the brush?? I am wondering should i get the brush set. I wanted to get the 187 brush. But what i was thinkin on doing is where i know they are not as good quality i would go with the eye brush set and just buy the reg 187 brush? think thats a good idea??

  8. these are so pretty… but the brush sets are the only ones that really caught my attention 😮 i <3 red!

  9. Where are the dazzleglasses on the site, they BETTER BE RELEASED!

  10. jami

    wow! i love the packaging! everything is sooo beautiful!

    well, i am soo buying the face brush set! and maybe the pink lips!

    i need swatches for the pink lips!

    wow, the red really is stunning!

  11. jami

    ok, one thing i worried about is the jewel falling off or breaking off the compact. i just thought of that. it probably is only glued on, and not that well.

    we will have to see though.

  12. summer

    Milani has the same thing. 3 layer lip glosses that never mix for half the price. I was excited for this collection but I can’t wear pinks.