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MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos

MAC Colourizations: Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes (Part 2)

MAC Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos ($25.00 for 0.09/0.10 oz.) are pre-filled with nameless eyeshadows. Some of the duos contain 0.09 oz. while others contain 0.10 oz. From the ones I have, Double Feature #5 and #8 contain 0.10 oz., while the others contain 0.09 oz. The four featured in this post are:  Double Feature 5 (pale frosty peach / dark brown with green pearl), Double Feature 6 (light grey taupe / mid-tone bronze), Double Feature 7 (bright fuchsia / cool black), and Double Feature 8 (mid-tone orange / deep navy).  Once I can purchase #7, I will update this post with a review and photos/swatches for it.

Edited @ 7/11:  Added photos, swatches, and review for Double Feature 7.

  • Double Feature 5 is a pale pink-peach with a frost finish / red-toned brown with a green-teal duochrome and a frost finish. Both shades were had good color payoff, and they felt really smooth when applied. The pink-peach shade is a bit like Urban Decay Scratch but lighter, and it is also comparable to Inglot #354 is similar but matte. The brown shade is like a much improved MAC Club or in line with Urban Decay Lounge and MAC Blue Brown pigment.
  • Double Feature 6 is a light-medium gray-taupe with a matte finish / medium coppered-bronze with a veluxe pearl finish. The light taupe was a touch sheer but wasn’t powdery, while the bronzy shade was better in terms of pigmentation and very smooth. The light taupe is like a darker, grayer MAC Brule. I suspect is a much lighter version of Omega. The bronzy shade is similar to Inglot #405 but less intense. It is a lot like MAC Amber Lights, just softened.
  • Double Feature 7 is a brightened fuchsia-purple with fuchsia sheen and a frost finish / muted black with a satin finish. The pink shade is a more intense with a stronger and pinker base than MAC Stars ‘n Rockets (and also Urban Decay Fishnet). It ends up more similar to Romping. The black shade is a soft black, so it’s less intense than MAC Carbon, but it is very dry and almost chalky–it was a pain to work with./li>
  • Double Feature 8 is a medium-dark, rusty orange with a frost finish / cool-toned purple with a satin finish. There was good color payoff for the orange shade, but the purple shade was sheer and very stiff/dry to use. MAC describes it as a “deep navy” but it ends up rather purple on me. The orange is much lighter and more orange than MAC Coppering. It’s most like MAC Red Brick with a shimmery finish. The purple shade seems like it would be similar to MAC Contrast as well as MAC Indian Ink but shimmery (not quite as dark, either).

The only duo that gave me cause for concern was Double Feature 8, because the purple/blue shade was rather hard to work with from both a texture and pigmentation standpoint. It was dry, stiff, and color payoff was low. In Double Feature 6, the light taupe was slightly sheer but that is me being nitpicky–it still had good color payoff.

The Glossover


Double Feature #5

Of this set, Double Feature 5 had the best overall quality--texture was soft, smooth, while color payoff was great. I would skip Double Feature 8 because the purple shade just lacks quality.











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See more photos & swatches!

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 6 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 7 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

MAC Double Feature 8 Eyeshadow Duo

Product & Review FAQ

Where can I purchase a Double Feature Eyeshadow Duo? How much is it?

This collection launches on July 15th at Nordstrom (available for purchase if you are a Nordstrom cardholder) and August 4th in-stores for non-Nordstrom counters and freestanding stores. The collection also includes six technakohl eyeliners, which are all permanent and long existing, so they are not being reviewed at this time. Each retails for $25.

Is it limited edition?


Any dupes?

See individual shade for possible dupes.

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52 thoughts on “MAC Colourizations: Double Feature Eyeshadow Duos Swatches, Photos, Reviews, Dupes (Part 2)

  1. That’s a lovely looking gold shade! =D

  2. For the price I don’t think MAC’s shadows should be so… hit or miss. It makes me wary of buying them. I WANT to like them because everyone else seems to, haha, but I just can’t!

    • Gina

      Every brand has shades that are hit or miss. That’s why we have wonderful Miss Christine to let us know which ones are good, and which aren’t :)

  3. Avital

    how does the gold/bronze in #6 compare to woodwinked?

  4. Erica

    The only one of these I’m even remotely interested in is #5. I’m glad you think it’s one of the better ones!

  5. liz

    I want duo 6, love the colors!

  6. Natalie

    i wish mac would come out with more duo chromes, they always seem to be brown with blue or teal shot through.. i would love to see more of a variation!

  7. Devi

    Totally not worth it. At least to me. :\

    • Amy

      Me either. I’m just not interested in eye shadows in general anymore because I have 4 palettes (Naked, yaby, CS, and Kat Von D) and I don’t need any more. XD

      But even if I did, I don’t think I’d get any MAC collection eye shadows. They don’t seem to be worth it and I hate buying single eye shadows, which is pretty much what MAC has that’s good.

  8. Elizabeth

    hey Christine, are these easy to depot? i prefer to keep all my MAC shadows in my 15 palettes… fingers crossed these are magnetic!!!

    • The compact definitely has magnets in it, but I think it’s the enclosure. The shades themselves are glued in from what I can tell, since I can’t get them out.

  9. Brittany


  10. Tigress

    #5 is pretty, but can easily be duped.

  11. Amy

    would these look better/more pigmented when used wet?

    • In my experience, most MAC eyeshadows (except mineralize) will form a hard spot if you use them dry, since they’re not designed to be used wet.

  12. Anna

    By “much improved MAC Club”, what specific qualities are you referring to? I only ask because Club seems to be so well reviewed, generally, and I am waffling between buying the duo or B2Ming for Club!

  13. KittenMittons

    Do you think the light shade in DF6 is close to Burberry Trench? These duos are so pretty!

  14. I’ve seen three, and I really like it. 5 and 6 I like the lighter colors.. boo for not being able to mix and match the pans…

  15. I also think Double Feature 5 is the best so far. I like the color combo!

  16. Rosie

    I would recommend not swatching in that area of your hand in the third picture because your veins are very prominent and it interferes with the smoothness of the swatch (I did read though and you did state it was hard to work with that shade) and quality like all your other swatches and the color almost looks creased. Unless that is not your vein and is how it swatched, which in that case, is not good at all.

    • Jennifer

      your lucky she does this at all. You can see the texture regardless of her veins. Christine has never steered me wrong once and I go on almost all of her recommendations! thank you Christine!

  17. Erin

    I might get #5 just because I love the small palette packaging. I wish MAC would sell these palettes empty!

  18. Although 8 is lacking, I think MAC was smart to put those two colors together (really, try orange and purple, it’s gorgeous!).
    As soon as I saw the collection information for this, I thought, This HAS to be better than Suite Array. I’m glad it is, even though I’m not buying anything. (Was there a single good duo from Suite Array? Hmph.)

  19. Maureen

    I think… all of the ones I like, I have satisfactory dupes for. I have Contrast and Honeylust, and I have Lucky Green (I know it’s not the SAME, but they’re similar enough that I don’t need both). And I know I have like a zillion pinks already.

  20. Cool, I like colors all of them. love MAC :)

  21. Tiffani

    The brown in Double Feature 5 looks exactly like the blue/brown color in the WnW Comfort Zone palette. I wonder if it wears as well.

  22. I fell in love with the orange colour from the double feature nr 8, do MAC have any simular colour with that one?

  23. Hey Christine!
    Do you know if the MAC Colorizations eyeshadows will be available in Europe? And if so, when?
    Thank you!

  24. Louise

    Thanks for the swatches & reviews. What would we makeup junkies do without you? Probably all broke already LOL
    how does the chrome shade in duo#5 compare to NARS dogon duo?

  25. aradhana

    Christine, u mentioned a ud and an inglot shadow as dupes for the pink shade in duo 5…are there any mac dupes that come to mind? I already have club and blue brown pigment but I’m contemplating adding something similar to my collection since I seem to be lacking…I was considering mineral mode, but kind of waffling on the sparkle factor!

  26. Chelle

    The lack of names for each shade irritates me. I like being able to refer to a shade as SOMETHING instead of “you know that colour in that (insert number here] palette? No, not that one, the OTHER one. The lighter one!”

    So annoying.

  27. The simple packaging is really striking to me. I can do without most of these colors, except for the deep reddish brown in Double Feature 5. I’m always on the search for that brown with an extra punch and MAC club was just too hard to work with.

  28. Dianna

    These look great for traveling – I do prefer duos to larger palettes, minimal but practical ( I always take NARS duos on trips). I am interested in #6.
    For the record – I experienced no problems with mac’s Club, mine is not stiff at all and has a very intense color payoff (in fact too intense for me). It is irritating to me that shadows seem to vary from owner to owner, makes me question everything else.

  29. Alexis

    I went to my mac counter to day to buy Semi Precious items and they had this collection out! ANd its more than a month early.i saw brush sets that had blue and pink and yellow brushes( the hairs, not the handles)and some lipglosses and lipsticks too, but i never bought anything because i havent seen your review of them yet.Will you be doing one soon?

    • That is Nordstrom’s collection – I do not review brush sets or the sets, just because it’s too expensive ($40-60 for each) and contain repromotes/permanent items. Sorry!

  30. amy

    The darker color out of the Double Feature 5 Eyeshadow Duo really reminds me off burmese beauty (from the burmese beauty quad 2010)!

  31. Rachel

    i love the hot pink!!

  32. Christina

    I like the pink from feature 5, but the brown/bronze from feature 6. Don’t know if I’ll be getting any of these.

  33. Bethy

    Number 5 will be mine. I can’t wait to get my grubby hands on it. I saw this at Nordstrom last Thursday and got a chance to swatch it. Mine mine mine.

  34. Kelly

    Double feature number7 is the only I’ll be buying I think. All the others have only 1 colour in them that I like unfortunately.

  35. Kelly

    Unfortunately there’s only 1 double feature that looks worth buying – #7. All the others have only one colour that I fancy so my bank acc is safe this time round. Thanks Christine for the great review and swatches.

  36. Christine, In dbl feature 6, the light shade-is it close to mac malt?

  37. Chloe

    i do like some of the more natural shades in this collection

  38. zoe77

    any way you could do a comparison to Romping and #7?

  39. Yianna

    omg 5 6 8 are gorg…

  40. abby

    Hi Christine! I just purchased double feature 7 but i dont know what lipstick or lipgloss to pair it with. Help! :( what would you recommend? thank you so much in advanced! :)

  41. Jessy

    Can you take out the eyshadows off of these duo pallets and put them into large pallets? Thanks :)