Tuesday, June 24th, 2008

Ahh, the beauty of pre-order at Nordstrom gives us these high-res images to drool over!  Pre-order yours at Nordstrom.com!

See more Colour Forms product photos…

Pre-order yours at Nordstrom.com!

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57 thoughts on “MAC – Colour Forms Collection Product Photos

  1. meg

    I am super excited for the brush sets!

  2. ani

    Can’t believe I’ve finally plucked the courage to post a reply. :) I’m excited about it all but have to wait :( being that I’m in the UK!!

  3. Kharina

    Anyone know how much for the brush sets?

  4. Michelle

    Just found out yesterday that the Bay in Canada is getting these as well! wha hoo! I just pre-ordered warm eyes palette and warm lips…but now wanting the advanced brush set too….my poor wallet…

    • Yep, they are 😀 And early – July 11th!

    • Charlene

      Hi Michelle! I was just wondering I live in Canada as well, specifically Montreal. Where on can I pre-order them because I can’t seem to find anything on the website. Would I call them or go directly to The Bay? Thanks!

  5. The Bay (in Canada) will have these available starting July 11 – a full week sooner than Nordie’s in the US.


  6. Wow I love these eye palletes. :)

  7. Pomlovely

    I went to my Nordstroms to see this collection and I was a bit dissapointed. The eye pallets were TINY ! Haha well they always are but i don’t know.. they seemed tinier than usual. I might have to give in though… 😛

    • lol, they are always tiny, but I’m sure there’s plenty of product in it. But I don’t use palettes TOO often, so I could be wrong!

  8. Amanda

    Thanks for the reminder! I am pre-ordering the brush set now! $49.50 for 5 brushes! WOW! Not too impressed with anything else though.

  9. Is this ONLY available in Nordies????
    Will it be on the MAC Pro website???

  10. Lingping

    These are so pretty! Living in non-mac territory, I hope these show up from nice ebay sellers soon!

  11. Stacey

    I really like the red and the blue… Very vibrant. Can’t wait for my CP!

  12. Susanne

    Oh my gosh, I CAN’T WAIT!

  13. priscilla

    how do you pre-order this collection? i can’t seem to find this collection at nordstrom.com

  14. priscilla

    o never mind i figured it out

  15. joceline

    just pre-ordered mine!!

  16. Michelle

    Hi Christine,

    I got a chance to take a look at the whole collection yesterday when I was in Nordstroms. It is at first very impressive, but I am now aware that the brush sets are a lot lower quality than the normal brush sets. So I will not be getting those. :(

    As for the e/s palettes I am trying to resist but it seems as though it is going to be tougher than I thought. I don’t use palettes much either, but there a couple of shadows in both that are very nice. The pink and greens, has two Veluxe pearls that look so nice. The blue cool eyes has a vp or two that are also very nice and I am not sure if there are dupes in the regular collection.

    I really look foward to hearing if you think there are comparable shadows in MAC’s regular collection!!



    • Hey Michelle!

      I did my review of this launch, actually – though I’m not sure if I talked about a lot of dupes yet.

      The brush sets are lower quality than full-size brushes, but they are good quality for $48. It’s also a great way to get MAC brushes if you can’t afford $25-40 per brush.

  17. Miss QQ

    I bought the following:
    Cool eye palette
    Cool lip palette
    Pop circle l/s
    Play around pink blush
    Sun-centered blush
    Rose buillion
    Purple brush set
    The packaging of the palettes are actually quite nice when I see them in flesh. After playing with my purchases, the blushes are best of all my purchases. Christine, if you can, please give some ideas on how to use the richmetal highlighter – rose buillion. Thanks!

  18. Kharina

    Hi Christine, I have a question about the brush sets that may be confusing so please bear with me. I read the previous comments about the quality of brush set but my question is regarding the actual size of these brushes. With past brush set collections, and perhaps this one… do you know if brush dimensions remain the same (except for the obvious shorter brush handle)? Or do you know if BOTH the brush dimension plus the handle are both downsized (kinda like a mini-me brush of regular size brush)? You see, I am debating if to get the green set or if I should get two normal brush staples that I really need (187 and 219). The 187 alone is $42 but if the dimension of this brush in this set turns out to be smaller even if by 1/3 of the regular size (I don’t mind the shorter handle) then I would much rather get the regular size brush. What do you think?

    • Hi Kharina! They are supposed to be about the same size from what I remember and just from owning both brush sets and full size brushes. I just looked at my full size 187 and my short 187, and they’re the same length for bristles. My full size seems fluffier, but it’s also clean, while my smaller 187 isn’t.

  19. Emily

    are only the palettes and brush sets exclusive to nordstroms, or is it the entire collection? thanks all!

  20. wow! the palettes look so sleek! The brush sets have a different feel though. I’m not too crazy about the case. kinda like parachute material.

  21. Heather

    Christine – what did you pre-order?!

  22. ahwish

    Hey…I heard that those brushes that comes in a packaged like the above, is not as good as compared to the full-sized ones.

    Is it true?

    • Yes, it is true. They are not the same quality, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have ANY quality. For $48, they’re decent quality and worth buying!

  23. karen

    Im also considering to have one of these brush sets. I really need a brush for cream eyeshadow. after a lots of negative feedback I heard about the mini brush set. are they worth to buy? or I’d better to get those full size?!

    • Gosh, I love the brush sets for travel and for getting extra brushes cheap. Full size brushes are better quality than the brush set brushes, but they’re still well worth it — especially if you can’t shell out $42 for one brush alone.

  24. Tina

    Are these Nordstrom exclusives only, or will they be available at MAC stores (and counters) as well?

  25. kobri

    why why why don’t I have a Bay with a Mac counter here?!?

  26. Jeni

    I know I dont need any of this but the packaging is ssooooo purrdy! So maybe a pallete a blush and a lippe!

  27. Tasha

    if its a nodstrom exclusive, will it be available in the uk?

  28. Jennifer

    Oh goodness…

    I think I’m going to get the green and red brush sets, maybe one of the lipsticks (Naked to the Core, perhaps?) and one other palette… my wallet is screaming in agony already… *sigh*