Friday, July 10th, 2009

Trimming Talk Lipstick

MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft Collection – Lipstick Lip Swatches

As promised, here are lip swatches of the new lipsticks! :)

Colour Crafted Lipstick

Ever Embellish Lipstick

Made With Love Lipstick

Madly Creative Lipstick

Most Popular Lipstick

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90 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft Collection – Lipstick Lip Swatches

  1. teresa

    AAHHHH trimming talk is GORG.

  2. Luv J

    thanks Christine.. Colour Crafted and Madly Creative are mine :)

  3. JO

    did want colour crafted. Not 2 sure think it might make me look dead lol. I have fair skin dark hair and brown eyes..any opinions would b appreciated..

    • I think you could wear it, Jo :)

      • JO

        u think so christine? My skin is fair….think i’m NW20…dark hair brown eyes

        • I think I can pull it off — I would probably have to layer a gloss over it to make it work best for me, and I’m NC30 (darker and warmer than you!). I do think it’s a shade more [naturally] suitable for those with cooler-toned skin, which is why I think it would work for you!

      • JO

        just realised i said about my hair and eye colour twice lol soz. Didnt mention the NW20 b4 tho. Do u still think it’d look good on me? Decided against the bright pink 1…i have a nice bright pink (revlon) so dont really need it. Cant decide on Made with love. Trying not 2 spend 2 much (Its not working lol) Interested in this collection also a couple of others…i have told my self other than those 3 collections i am on a makeup no buy lol

        • LOL! What collections, Jo?

          I don’t feel it’s a must-buy, though, overall. It’s pretty, just not amazing IMO. But yes, I do think it would work on you. Are you able to check it out in-store?

          • JO

            Colour craft. Love that look and also the art 1….cant remember the proper name…

            • Is it Makeup Art Cosmetics? Or Trend F/W? LOL.

            • JO

              Makeup art cosmetics. Okay so i wont b able 2 check it out if i go on sunday then? Or do they let people check it out early (if they have it and if i dont buy it that day?) If its even open on sunday lol

            • I’m not sure :( You could call and ask them if it’s possible – like you’re only going to be there for one day, traveling very far, etc. Maybe they will let you!

          • JO

            Makeup art cosmetics!….erm i can get 2 a counter but not 2 easily. May go 2 my grandparents on sunday (they live near a counter..) But i heard its not out in stores til monday is that right?

            • In the UK, I do believe it’s Monday. The U.S. is already out, as is Canada.

            • THat’s correct. Colour Craft and Naked Honey are available in the shops from Monday, but they’re already up on the website.

              I managed to order my Colour Craft haul yesterday morning and had it delivered today! :) Everything is sooooo gorgeous! :)

            • mememe

              colour craft is already out!woho0! (for us in manchester, uk.) i thought its coming out on monday too but its not. i bought all the lil goodies this morning! yay!

            • Yayy!! What’d you get?

  4. claudia

    I like trimming talk and colour crafted but I’ll skip these.

  5. AYHM

    Madly Creative looks like something I would be interested in!

  6. JO

    I love the look of madly creative. Trimming talk i like surprisingly thought it’d b 2 bright also most popular and made with love i like.

    Ever embellish looks interesting….kind of reminds me of something tho..

    • Trimming Talk is bright, but I think the soft sheen helps bring it down a notch – especially since it’s not a creamy opaque color either!

  7. JennXOXO

    Now I want Most Popular, Made With Love & Colour Crafted :)
    I should’ve bought them when I went yesterday. I didn’t even look at them lol. Thanks for the swatches, Christine!!

  8. Elle

    From looking at these lippies, I want Most Popular and Made With Love Lipstick! Look like a Megan Fox lip… which I’m dying for!

  9. Mikki

    Ooooeeeeh Trimming Talk and Madly Creative; I LIKE

  10. Brittany

    Colour Crafted looks really nice and creamy. That is the only one I saw that I was interested in… I’m definitely going to get it!! Other than that, I was really not impressed with this collection. Nothing jumped out at me. :(

    • Hey, good news for your wallet! :)

      But I do find it frustrating when I really, really want to like a launch, but it just falls flat for me, too. I just try to remind myself that a) there’s always the next one on the horizon, and b) it’s better for my bank account!

  11. Heather

    These are so pretty!!!

  12. Georgie

    Gorgeous swatches thanks so much Christine! But would you say Trimming Talk is very dupeable? It is beautiful but I can’t put my finger on what it reminds me of in MAC already.

  13. NuNu

    Colour Crafted!!!it feeds to my inner Lady Gaga lol

  14. Nicole15

    I got Trimming Talk & Madly Creative yesterdat and I am loving them so much. Like i mentioned earlier, when i went to MAC yesterday, my only intention was to get the 226. I swatched the lipsticks just for fun, but those 2 colors just caught me and i am sooo glad i got them. Yay!

  15. I love Trimming Talk, will definitely get that, and will also check out Madly Creative that looks like quite a unique colour. I didn’t get any lipsticks with my order as I’d already spent way too much and I wanted to see them in person first, that’ll be next Wednesday! :)

  16. hey christine, how is colour craft and saint germain compared to each other?

    • Colour Crafted is a lot pinker, and it doesn’t really have any purple tone to it. It’s not as creamy, nor as opaque, as Saint Germain. Colour Crafted isn’t as cool-toned either (most likely since it doesn’t have as much purple).

  17. Aubree

    omg. why is most popular so light on your lips? it shows up so dark on me.

    I have the one from the hellokitty collectin though. so maybe they changed the formula?

  18. Christine, you are beautiful in all these colors but Trimming Talk is made for you. It lights up the page.

  19. :) I ended up buying Trimming Talk, Madly Creative, Made with Love, and Ever Embellish

    and a 226, which I totally forgot that I already bought it from the Blonde, Redhead collection :)

  20. Kristin

    Love that Trimming Talk!!

  21. Annie

    Hi Christine, I am still debating between Made with Love and Viva Glam V.
    Being a poor college student, I only have the budget for one l/s right now =(
    Any suggestions?

  22. YaYa

    I kind of like Ever Embellish but I think I’m skipping this whole collection

  23. Rebecca

    Hi christine i love ur website:) greetings from belize

  24. Evelyn

    was thinking of getting colour crafted but im starting to think its tooooo light
    whereas trimming talk, which i first thought would be too bright, is looking really pretty :]

  25. taginie

    OH MY GOD !! I WANT Trimming Talk !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. JO

    I just put in my order for CC. Shouldnt have done yet but i was scared things would run out as 1 of the lipsticks i wanted to try has sold out on the site :(. Colour crafted. The 1 i was messaging about loads yesterday 2 see if it would suit me. Eventually decided 2 get it 2 see. And now its gone lol Oh well everything i really wanted i got. Guess its good as i’m trying 2 save money. Cant help being a little peed off tho lol

  27. aradhana

    made with love looks really nice on you!

    i’ll have to check these out when they are at my local counter….they’re on the uk website now, but i didn’t see them at the store yet….

  28. mememe

    and so is naked honey!

  29. bona

    I really like lipsticks from colour craft. I must get colour craft and madly creative and trimming talk!

  30. Jamie

    Hi Christine, thanks for the swatches! They all look good on you!
    How would you compare Most Popular to Milan Mode? Which one is lighter?

  31. JeanMarie

    hey Christine, I’ve been looking for a lipstick that would look great with Fafi’s Totally It. Do you think Totally It would go well with Trimming Talk?

  32. Kathylulu

    Too bad Mad With Love is a frost finish one, I love the color but I hate the frosty sheen finish that frost lipsticks give :(. Oh well…

    Money saved!

  33. i have bought most populair and i like it 😀

  34. Lauren

    Trimming Talk is awesome! I’m looking for more calmer shades for fall 2009 though. I’m tight on money so I’ve decided on Made With Love and London Life for day wear. But when I have enough money to buy more, Trimming Talk will be on my list!

  35. Jasmine

    Is trimming talk a wearable-in-public shade?

  36. susylovesmac

    Help! I’m almost out of my made with love and colour crafted lippies. Can you please suggest dupes???