Friday, July 10th, 2009

Crazy Haute Lipglass

MAC Cosmetics Colour Craft Collection – Lipglass Lip Swatches

And here are the swatches of the lipglasses on lips! :)

Eclectic Edge Lipglass

Funky Fusion Lipglass

Miss Marble Lipglass

Nice Mix Up Lipglass

Pretty Pattern Lipglass

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81 thoughts on “MAC Colour Craft Collection – Lipglass Lip Swatches

  1. Natalie

    Oh my.. Ecletic Edge – I want it, right now!

  2. JennXOXO

    I’m totally getting Eclectic Edge & Nice Mixup. Love them.

  3. Heather

    OMG i like them all but I LOVE Eclectic Edge it looks amazing!! Nice Mix up look beautiful too!!

  4. ashley

    i bought eclectic edge and it doesn’t show up the same way on my pigmented lips :(

    it’s nice but i wish i could wear it by itself and have it look like that! any advice?

    • You can try wearing foundation, lip primer, etc. beforehand to try and mute the natural color of your lips, that’s really all I could suggest :(

  5. Natalia

    I was actually hoping these would be creamy with no glitterโ€ฆ I might still get Miss Marble though :)

    • Yeah… not so creamy. I don’t know, I am not digging the new square lipglass tube, and I am fearing they’re going to be migrating to it. :( It’s just awful for applying the product itself. I feel like nothing is ever on the wand — I’m THISCLOSE to removing the stopper so I can try to get more out.

      • Macaddict

        Ahah! I was thinking the same yesterday!!! I can’t stand having to go at it 20 times just to get a wee bit of color on the wand each time! And I tend to reapply gloss sooo many times throughout the day.

      • cmferrets

        noooo christine! dont do it! i tried doing it to my tasty tricolored lipglass from sugarsweet, b/c i had the same problem ( no product on the wand) , then once i did remove the stopper w/ tweezers, i did get alot of product , but when i tried putting in back in the tube the product inside starting gushing all out , and got all messy. so in the end ,i ended up putting back the stopper. and returned my other lipglass i bought. i like these ones b/c atleast they are more pigmented, but GOD i hope they dont turn all their lipglasses in the squares.!

        • Ughhh, I just will never use these since they take wayyy too much effort to apply. I don’t even feel like you get any product on the wand! I look at it and it seems void of product!

  6. NuNu

    Crazy Haute is so going on my 2nd haul list!Haulted Eccentricity and Graphic Garden yesterday ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. Nicole15

    Nice to see that these tri-color glosses ended up looking better than the Sugarsweet ones. I still passed on them, but they are very pretty colors for sure. As always Christine, thanks for all the swatches!!

  8. maclove1

    Crazy Haute Lipglass and Funky Fusion Lipglass :) are so pretty.

  9. I only got the pink/purple ones (top 4), but will be going back for Nice mix up as it’s gorgeous! :) Pretty pattern is very dull though, glad I didn’t order it. Thanks again! :)

    • Pretty Pattern was the least pigmented — at least on m lips!

      • cmferrets

        true , prettty pattern and is the least pigmented , but it looks really good over madly creative- like a glossy mauve color. atleast thats what i purchased. i also got nice mix up l/g over made with love l/s, and miss marble l/g over colour crafted l/s .

  10. Kharina

    Hmmmmm….poor pigmentation, horrible packaging, badly priced for its size….looks like I will be seeing these near my CCO in a couple of months from now. Even then I still wouldnt buy them ha! They R that bad IMO!!!

  11. Vness_12

    Ok…just got back from the MAC Brooklyn store. Left with Electric Edge (SO SICK!!!), and Funky Fusion to pair with Made With Love lipstick. I am sooo happy with these. They are so pigmented on my lips but without looking like “too much”. Electric Edge may be on my fav gloss list for sure.

  12. oh no! these are all so pretty :( lol

  13. cloudburst

    I know I’m getting Electric Edge but Miss Marble, Funky Fusion & Crazy Haute are calling to me now!

  14. binnie

    i just got electric edge its beautiful! the other glosses were nice too very pigmented!

    • Awesome! It’s great that you like it!

      • binnie

        Hi Christine,

        yup loving the purple tones rght now :)this lopglass with go lovely with that purple pink look you did i think?? i also picked up Crazy Haute Lipglass today i LOVE the sticy formula (im sad) along with the 226 & 131 brush -yeahhh got them LOL, smooth merge msf(which I wish i hadnt bought) cos its pigmentation is ok love the bronzey colour and the deep ranberry colour but i think i wll use it more for e/s then highlight!& brush cleanser for the 1st time!I also ended up getting peaceable nail lacquer,and brave new bronze lippy from the style warriors collection …….as all the prices went up boo my mac shopping came to allot opps! so no more spending fo rme! ive spent so much money! :(

  15. Redhead (hi)

    How does Nice Mixup compare to Vital Spark lipglass?

    • Vital Spark is a little lighter, less orange-y. More golden shimmer vs. copper shimmer. They’re both similar, but I like Vital Spark more.

  16. WOW! I just purchased Crazy Haute.
    Is Miss Marble ANYTHING similar to NARS Turkish Delight? Or any other MAC Gloss similar to Turkish Delight??

    • I don’t think it’s that similar to Turkish Delight. I’m not 100% though, because I don’t own Turkish Delight – just seen it and swatched it long ago.

      I know Neutrogena Groove is a dupe for Turkish Delight. I think Underage and Angel Cream are the closest MAC dupes to it.

  17. Luda

    I really thought Eclectic Edge would be good on me but it made me look slightly dead. lol

  18. Leah

    Do you prefer Vie Veneto d/g or Eclectic Edge more? Thanks.

  19. Leah


    Do you prefer Eclectic Edge or Vie Veneto more?

  20. Andrea

    I wasn’t going to get any glosses, but I love Eclectic Edge! I’m gonna have to pick it up!

  21. Hanna

    Thanks for the nice swatches Christine!
    Is Nice Mix up similar to my favorite Gold rebel l/g? or what about Queen Bee l/g and Eurobeat and Smile d/g+ are they similar to Nice mix up?
    Thank you

    • No problem, Hanna! Nah, it’s not. Nice Mix Up is more orange-y, little coppery in comparison. I don’t think any of the ones you mentioned are very close. It’s most similar to the HK orange gloss – I think that was Nice To Be Nice.

      • Hanna

        Thank you.
        Hmm I never bought that HK lipglass but it sound to me a bit like MIss dynamite d/g maybe? I absolutely hate that one lol

        • LOL! Yes, I’d say they’re similar, though Miss Dynamite was a bit more coppery. Like Nice Mix Up is orange with copper tones, whereas Miss Dynamite was coppery with just a lil’ orange to it. But I am thinking if you weren’t feeling Miss Dynamite, you might not love this one!

  22. sugarcrumb

    I’m NC 43 and Pretty Pattern looked really pretty on me; it definitely showed up wayyy more pigmented on me than on Christine. I paired it with a Chanel glossy lippie (Panarea from the Summer collection) and with MAC’s Touch and its a really pretty nude lippie. And Eclectic Edge reminds me a little of Pink Pearl Pigment; looks v pretty over Sequin and Purple Rite lippies.

    Another thing, over here, the lipglasses with these collections are priced the same as regular lipglasses (which is SGD$28)

  23. oh, prettiness! Christine, you made all lipgloss look so pretty on your lips!

  24. brit

    Something tells me Nice Mixup would be incredible over Strawbaby L/S. I had no desire for these glosses but that is calling to me!

  25. I have crazy haute too, but its much MUCH darker… Maybe you have more light swirl in it??

    • binnie

      i think its a bit darker then Eclectic Edge Lipglass but maybe it can depend on how you apply it i tend to put a light plummy shade of lippy no 7 stay perfect lipstick in highland mist which is simliar to the Madly Creative Lipstick just gives it the rght shade! i want the Pretty Pattern Lipglass and funky fusion ! as i only just got the eclectic edge and crazy lipglass !