Monday, December 27th, 2010

MAC Cham-Pale & Stylishly Yours – Available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s

I do not know why it has not launched on MAC’s website. I can only suppose that with the holiday weekend, employees were off or something to that effect. It is launched in-stores and is available at Dillard’s, NORDSTROM and Macy’s for online. I tried to find out via LiveChat, but they said they have no information about the launch (which is a standard response). Products are now up on! :)

Cham-Pale Product Photos, Swatches, Reviews

Stylishly Yours Product Photos, Swatches, Reviews

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83 thoughts on “MAC Cham-Pale & Stylishly Yours – Available at Nordstrom, Macy’s, Dillard’s

  1. Jenna

    I find it strange that they have not yet launched it online but it can be found at counters. I feel like usually it is the opposite way around. It will be released online however though right?

  2. Moeko

    i asked the MAC counter today and since i live in Hong Kong, these collections will not come out till 6th Jan 2011.. awww

  3. Ru

    I hauled a few items at Nordstorms, but I ahd no clue it was available at Macy’s online. I have so many giftcards to burn from Macy’s, it would have saved me $80 :/

  4. Makavelina

    I suppose it is not possible that this collection will only be available in stores? (Please say it is not possible…) πŸ˜€

  5. bluematilda

    i just spoke with live chat (mon 830 mtn time) and they said it would go live online tomorrow…

  6. Carrie Ann

    It’s so strange that the collections launched on other websites before MAC’s. I ordered some things from Macy’s on the 24th. There are a few more I still want and I noticed that some things have already sold out on the Macy’s and Nordstrom sites. They’d better get it together.

  7. Esperanza

    Went to MAC Pro store yesterday and the only thing I picked up from this collection was the Style Curve lipstick. I love love loved it!! It is a very sexy fuchsia, not in your face fuchsia but just like a deep rosy fuchsia that gives my pale skin sort of a rosy glow. From the Champale collection I only got the shimmery light grey paint pot. I also picked up some pigments, the tinted moisturizer in medium, some cleaning wipes and a mixing medium the one that says eyeliner.

  8. Fiaspice

    Theyere where available yesterday at The Bay counters in Canada.

  9. Brooke

    Thanks for the info!!! You are amazing! Hopefully they will be able to get it up on the website soon.

  10. Jashmina

    I managed to grab one of the highlighters from Bloomingdales yesterday but unfortunately the eye kohl in i get no kick was sold out at all four department store websites :( I spoke to a MAC rep today and she told me that the collection is scheduled to officially launch tomorrow the 28th. Hopefully i’ll be able to grab one before they’re sold out again

  11. Ani_BEE

    Canadians can order online through NORDSTROM online now but why would I want to since the Distribution for in in the GTA. >_<

    Here's hoping that it lunches tomorrow and that the one item I want will not be out of stock already.

  12. Laci

    I called MAC customer service yesterday to find out what’s up and the rep I talked to told me Cham-Pale and Stylishly Yours would be up online the 28th.

    I went ahead and ordered my paint pots from Dillards just to make sure I got them. I still have a few things to get once MAC finally puts them up online.

  13. Hannah

    Thanks Christine! This is really helpful information as I’ve been checking the MAC website for the past two days… I would go to a store/counter but I’m entirely snowed in haha!

    • Michele

      Me too – I am SO annoyed it’s not up on the MAC site since we are having Blizard conditions here: It’s not like we can just run down to Nordstroms!

      • Hannah

        I’m just hoping that all the beauty addicts in my area are also snowed in… I really do like to swatch things out on my own skin before I buy them…

  14. If the website is based in Canada, yesterday was technically still a mandatory holiday for us(Boxing Day).Plus some companies are supposed to give days off during the week if statutory holidays fall on the weekend(might just be if you work for Federal gov’t)-so today might even be a day off still!

  15. Leslie

    I’ve been checking the website since the 24th and was surprised to not see either collection up even today. Luckily, I got to stop by a store yesterday and picked up virgin isle, madly magenta, style curve, something new, and feline! Style curve is sheer and gooooorge!

  16. MAC is pissing me off. I don’t want to drive to a store or counter and risk falling in love with the whole collection! lol

    Neither Macy’s or Nordstrom have the Violet pigment or eye kohl I want.

    Dillards is sold out of the eye kohl.

  17. divinem (Melissa)

    So weird it’s not available on MAC’s website yet. I ordered the PPs & Chrom pencil from Nordstrom’s online. Didn’t want to take the chance of missing out.

  18. Eva

    For some reason, Macy’s and Nordies doesn’t have the eye kohls from Cham-Pale available online :-(

  19. Caitlin

    I checked these out today in my Macy’s and the people at my MAC counter are NEVER there. There is just no one there at all… so I have to get help from an employee at a different counter. And I was going to get “I get no kick” but I had Sephora gift cards and just got Makeup Forever 23L instead. :)

  20. Hanne

    I just “talked” to MAC and the collections will be up later today or first thing tomorrow.

  21. jasmine

    i live chatted with mac today, the rep said it will launch tomorrow (28th) on the website she said “we anticipate the launch tomorrow”

    which is cool, but im kind of suprised because mac never is behind on their website like that lol

  22. sarz

    Agghh I blew half my birthday money yesterday! I hate Boxing Day but I decided to brave the crowds just for cham-pale <3

  23. Nastassia

    The collection is avaliable at 34th street in NY if u could get there do so.. but be careful we had a HUGE snow storm.. I picked up The tinted lip thingy lol & feline eye khol.. That omgg the girls didn’t know was avaliable .. they were aguring with me.. so I pulled my phone out to come to temptalia of course .. but they found it.. Didn’t say sorry or anything.. not that I care.. Their Always so rude.. I work at macys as well and sometimes I know “more” than them! .. smh

    I saw the full collection in person.. nothing stood out to me.. well the Soriee Nail Polish did. :)

  24. Linda

    Hi Christine!

    I was wondering if you could help me. I want to get the “Something New” lipstick, but I already have “Petals & Peacock” from Liberty of London. Are they similar in color? Thank you!

  25. Love Peace and Mac

    Its very weird it isn’t up for the general public on their site, since its up for MAC Pros.

  26. Valerie

    Hi Christine,
    Was just wanting to know if you are going to do any looks using the pigments from MAC’s Stylishly Yours collection? Also have you ever thought about having a look section dedicated to just looks using pigments?

  27. Carrie Ann

    I’m a little annoyed that the collections were supposed to come out yesterday and are still not online. I ordered the things I really wanted on and luckily, they’ve already shipped. I was going to wait to get the rest of the things I wanted on MAC’s website, but I’m tired of checking to see if they’re even available, so I called my local MAC counter and put the things I want on hold. It’s pretty sad that the small MAC counter in my small town had Cham-pale before the MAC website.

  28. Lindsey

    I ordered a paint pot from Cham Pale on Christmas Eve and it’s on stupid backorder. :-(

  29. Kylie

    I just asked on Live-Chat and they said they will be live tomorrow :)

  30. Crystal

    When I called Mac’s 800# yesterday I was told it would be online on the 28th. I broke down and went to the Macy’s near my house just now and they had everything. I am not a big fan of the store but I must say they had the whole collection!

  31. Jeanne

    Yesterday I braved the blizzard we had up here in the Northeast and got to a MAC free standing store and they luckily were open and had both collections available :)

  32. sara

    Are there any MAC free shipping codes out now?

  33. Josefina

    The Main Page isnt though BUT All the products are online,
    you just have to search for them and you’ll find them all.

  34. Jamie

    Okay just wanted to say it is now officially up on MACs website! Just made my order.

  35. Karra

    I just checked the website & the items are up. You will have to look for them individually. The paint pots & pigments r def up!!!!!!

  36. Sami

    I don’t see it on the website:( am I just too late?

  37. jgmilly97

    Hi! Christine, you mentioned that products are now up on, but they’re not! i’m I missing something? or can anyone tell me please. Thanks.

  38. Maya

    Why is everyone worried about MAC online? I just bought all the things I wanted from the collections at Macy’s. I only buy online if what I want is sold out, but before I resort to even that I check Nordstrom’s and other MACs…. Isn’t it better to try the things you want before you buy them?
    Or is there some secret in buying it online??

    • KT

      Some people don’t live close enough to a store to get it any other way. My closest store is well over 1000km away.

      • Maya

        O.o seriously? 1000?! They should make that a crime lol I have like 6 MAC’s in my area…just assumed most people in the US lived semi near one.
        Guess I didn’t think about certain circumstances, like distance or weather. hmm.

    • Tiffany

      The taxes are cheaper for me to buy online!

  39. stephanie

    christine, whatever i try to add to my bag (permanent and limited items), i get this response:

    “Could not obtain the module reference using Mac::US::Transaction::CartItems new in process 22731 Can’t call method “isSoldOut” on an undefined value at /u01/perlgem_www/server/generic/Generic/Transaction/ line 389.”

    this is happening with every item i click to ‘add to bag’. ahhhhhhhh, i wonder if others are experiencing the same thing :/

  40. Jennifer

    I got a heck of a lot more than I was planning to.

    I ordered:
    The Quad
    I get no kick liner
    Feline Liner
    The grey and Vintage Selection PP
    Something new l/s
    Bubble Lounge LG

  41. Nicole

    I went to my local counter yesterday and bought Too Chic from Stylishly Yours Collection. This morning I ordered the oder Beauty Powder, too. Cham pale is not yet available in Germany. But I already placed an order.

    It’s so nice to hear, that there are also problens with release dates in the US. Here in Germany, we never exatly know, when a collection is available online or in the stores or at the counter. Everybody gets different informations. It’s so confusing and not funny anymore. Sometimes like Russian Roulette, if you can get a product online or not, because the stuff is so limited here in my country.

  42. Tiffany

    Thank you so much for letting us know it was up on MAC via the search. I was scared a lot would be sold out, but I got all the products I wanted since the collections didn’t go “live” yet. :)

  43. Marcela

    i went to MAC yesterday and the ChamPale is actually quite pretty. I myself favor strong, intense colors but the ChamPale products are so girly and shimmery and soooo pretty! Definitely worth a look in person. Picked up ChezChez Lame highlight powder, Bubble Lounge lipgelee and Chilled on Ice paintpot.

  44. Natalie

    Although we’re currently snowed in here in Philly, I braved the weather this morning to go check out everything in person, and I was really surprised – I loved ChamPale just as much as Stylishly Yours! I actually stocked up on most of the collections. I love playing with all the new stuff! I’m really excited to do a lot of simple, girly, shimmery looks.

  45. Kylie

    I just got the email with the shipping code, BUBBLES

  46. Carrie Ann

    FYI, the Tartan Tale eyeshadows are on sale on the MAC website. They’re now the same price as a regular eyeshadow.

  47. yvette

    Is cockney a dupe for gesina in Marcel wanders colletion?

  48. morena123

    I just went to MAC today and bought Magenta Madness (it reminds me of that Fuscia Long-wear lipstick shade that mac came out with not long ago), and I got Style Curve (purple lipstick) for free because I took some items back to mac. I bought style curve because the purple lipstick from that Halloween COllection sold out too fast. The sales rep told me that the purples are always the ones to go first.
    And both of those items were the last ones!!!! And I live in a party town, women here like to shop and buy makeup and outfits, and buy all the size smalls up, and buy all the nice scents from victoria secrets so when items like these come out they get sold FAST. SO Glad I went today.
    That Movie Star Red is GORGEOUS its like the perfect Spanish Red color. I have to go back and get that pretty soon too. Mac is really going to break my account!! I still have a 20% off coupon from sephora oh well those MUFE eyeshadows will have to wait!!!

  49. Becca

    The MAC counter at The Bay at my mall had both collections in on Sunday – I bought the “I Get No Kick” liner, and nothing else – can anyone suggest ways to use it other than as a liner on the bottom??