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MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Cham-Pale: Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeashadow Quad ($36.00 for 0.20 oz.) is a new and limited edition quad that contains these shades: Brule (soft creamy beige), Caviar Dreams (dirty frosted pewter), Et tu, Bouquet? (frosted pale pink), and Retrospeck (beached blonde).

  • Brule is a neutral light beige with a barely-there sheen.  It has a satin finish, and it is permanent.  It makes for a nice all-over color on the lid or as a highlighter.
  • Caviar Dreams is a cool-toned medium-dark brown with flecks of bronze shimmer and sheen.  It has a lustre finish, and it is new and limited edition.  It originally reminded me of Club eyeshadow but without the duochrome.  The pigmentation was decent, but it could have been a little more intense, given how dark it looks in the pan.  It’s less pewter than described–more taupe than pewter, I’d say.  I did have some fall out when I used it in the crease.  It seemed similar to Charcoal Brown or Corduroy.
  • Et tu, Bouquet? is a pale pink with a frosted, white sheen.  It has a frost finish, and it is limited edition but a repromote from A Rose Romance in 2009.  Pink Freeze, while a little pinker, would dupe it in a pinch.
  • Retrospeck is a softened gold with gold shimmer-glitter.  It has a lustre finish, and it is permanent.  It seemed less gritty than I remember it being, but I still had fall out concerns when I wore it.

It’s a nice neutral quad with a good mix of colors, but one of my concerns about the quad, but also the collection in general, is how shimmery, glittery, or otherwise reflective the products are.  When I wore this on my eyes, paired with one of the Special Reserve Highlighters, and a lipgelee, it felt like overkill.   Both lustre finish shades had noticeable fall out, and the gritty look of lustres underneath the eye makes one look a little haggard.

MAC Cham-Pale Collection is a limited edition launch (official information and photos here) that is set to launch in-stores on December 26th in North American, January 2011 for international MAC locations. The approximate launch date for online is December 24th. It features color products as well as a few skincare items.

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  • Product: 24/30
  • Value: 10/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

RECOMMENDATION: It’s a nice quad color-wise, but it’s not the greatest neutral palette I’ve come across.   The fall out of two of the four shades makes this something I wouldn’t recommend, just because good eyeshadows shouldn’t have that problem.

AVAILABILITY: MAC Cosmetics on December 26th (U.S. stores), January 2011 (International)

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad
Brule, Retrospeck, Et tu Bouquet, Caviar Dreams

MAC Brule Eyeshadow

MAC Retrospeck Eyeshadow

MAC Et Tu, Bouquet? Eyeshadow

MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow

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MAC Cosmetics -- in-stores on December 26th, $36.

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44 thoughts on “MAC Caviar Dreams Eyeshadow Quad Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Julia

    Et tu bouquet is gorgeous, but not enough for me to buy this quad. I already have brule, and I cannot stand Mac’s lustre eyeshadows!

  2. Hooray! Something from MAC I don’t want! 😀

  3. Jennifer F

    I like this, I almost bought Brule the other day but didn’t. I love shimmery browns and even though I don’t tend to wear pink I do like soft pinks.

  4. Jay

    beautiful colors!! absolutely love them all!

  5. Tekoa

    I like it, but since I own 3 of the 4 shadows alreay it isn’t worth it to buy it.

  6. Maggie

    Ah, I love the color of retrospeck, but hate the fallout of lustres. Is there any good dupe?

  7. happybadfish

    I only want caviar dreams es, not the whole quad, oh well! I don’t really need it.

  8. Eliza

    I had my hopes up for this quad- not loving this collection that much!

  9. Carrie

    Thanks for the review :) One of the two that I was interested in was the Et tu, Bouquet? and I already have Pink Freeze in my stash so I feel okay in skipping it now!

  10. Dawn

    I already have 3 of these colours, so will be giving this a miss.

  11. Annick Chantal L. H.

    Wonderful…. Just retweeted it…. But… It seems to light for me :cry:. Do you think a NC 44-45 can wear it? Anyway I must wait for the beginning of January (it’s be sold January the 3rd or later in France) to swatch it…
    Voili voilou voilà…. (I usually see here and there “voilà” used in English so another way to say “that’s it”).

  12. Carrie Ann

    I think this quad is gorgeous and the subtle colors are right up my alley. I’ve always wanted Et tu Bouquet, but I already have (and love) Brule and Retrospeck. I don’t know if this quad would really be worth it.

  13. Nayeli

    This quad is awsome for me
    because I don’t have any of these
    shades, so it’s a good value

  14. Rachael

    I am very excited for this whole line. I think that I a going to have to get atleast one of everything. I love that it has a little bit a shimmer. I personally think that it can be worn all year long to give you just enough glow. I love it!!!

  15. Sweetpearl

    I think i’m gonna pass on this one

  16. Thanks for heads up on the fallout! I was thinking about getting this palette, but I already have other eyeshadows in those colors.. I’ll spend my money on something else from the collection.

  17. Dana

    These look like amazing shimmery wearable colors. Definitely my style, way to go MAC!

  18. Hannah

    I already have every eyeshadow in this quad except for Caviar Dreams, and as much as I love the color, I don’t think I can justify getting this quad for only that eyeshadow. :(

  19. Jenni

    Do the shadows in this quad come out of the palette (i.e. am I able to switch in/out shadows)?

  20. Sonia

    Really wish they hadn’t added permanent shadows to this quad. I already have Brule and Retrospeck. Which kills it for me.

  21. Ana G.

    Humm..I still like the colors!!

  22. Mariella

    I am SO on the fence about whether to get this quad. I’ve wanted Brule for ages but always end up buying something else (Blanc Type, Phloof…on and on) and I’ve always been tempted by Retrospeck too (but worry because some people seem to have problems with it). Caviar Dreams looks gorgeous – I love shades like Smoke&Diamonds, Gazette Grey, etc. But your warnings about the fallout, Christine, have me thinking I might just pass this one by but I’m still feeling tempted and will have to try it in-store!

    • Definitely give it a shot in-store – you may even want to ask for a brush and apply the lustre shades to your hand like you would on your eye — if you just use your finger or a sponge tip to swatch, the fall out is not as apparent (especially with your finger, as the natural oils on your skin help bind the shadow!).

      • Mariella

        I have so much faith in your reviews, Christine, that I’ll check this one out carefully (but I have the feeling I’ll cave!). Re the palette casing itself – if you press down on 2 corners, does it not pop up, the way MAC’s new empty 4-pan palettes do? (I have 2 of them and I’m glad I got the SA to show me how to remove the shadows or I wouldn’t realize you could; a lot of people don’t seem to realize the bottom does come out and you can change shadow pans).

  23. Kat

    How would you say the fallout from Corduroy or Charcoal Brown compares to the fallout from Caviar Dream? Thanks.

  24. Cynthia C.

    It’s too bad this quad isn’t as good as it should be, I am building up my collection, but I think i will stay away from most mac products as they are slowly going down

  25. Anna

    This is a pretty palette, don’t get me wrong. But the colors seem like shades that are so easily dupable!

  26. Ashley

    Just bought this and love it. I don’t get why fallout bugs people so much. When you’re done, take a bush and wipe it away :S That being said, lusters are my least favorite shadow for sure but the colors are gorgeous

  27. Amy

    Are the shadows full sized in this quad? Because if they are, then this is a great deal and i will be sure to pick it up! My one concern is that they are smaller than mac’s single eyeshadows.. can someone please help?

  28. Miss_M

    I bought this quad a couple of days ago (together with the Rose Ole highlight powder and Calm Mode TLC) and really like it. I know the colors aren’t anything special, but this is such a nice neutral office friendly quad to have in my make-up bag. I’m not really into heavy colors, so this is just perfect for me.

  29. Brittany

    Can you take the eyeshadows out of the pallet or are they like glued in?

  30. Tabea

    Could it be that Caviar Dreams is similar to Mushroom by Urban Decay (from Alice in Wonderland palette)? Would be really great if someone could compare the two! :)