Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012

MAC Casual Colour Collection for Summer 2012

Availability: June 7th, 2012 (North America); June 2012 (at select International locations)

Enjoy this collection of our idea of weekend chic, which includes all-in-one Lip and Cheek Colour Pots, Nail Lacquer, Prep + Prime Highlighter, Studio Fix Mascara, Mineralize Skinfinish and the 187 Brush. Effortless and easy, these lightweight, barely-there formulas feel like you’re wearing nothing at all. In shades including: Weekend Getaway, Lazy Sunday, Out for Fun. Relax, it’s M·A·C – but don’t slack, this collection is only available for a limited time.

Casual Colour Lip & Cheek Colour Pot ($20.00 U.S. / $24.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Have a Lovely Day Neutral nude (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Lazy Sunday Baby pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Weekend Getaway Cool rose (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Relaxation Warm pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Keep It Loose Warm peach (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Keep It Casual Warm wine (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Evening Stroll Violet cream (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Out for Fun Cool coral (Cream) (Limited Edition)

Mineralize Skinfinish Natural ($29.00 U.S. / $34.00 CDN)

  • Medium Soft creamy beige (Permanent)

Prep + Prime Highlighter Pen ($23.00 U.S. / $27.50 CDN)

  • Bright Forecast Mid-tone peachy coral (Permanent)
  • Light Boost Soft yellow cream (Permanent)

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN)

  • Delicate Pale sheer ballet pink (Cream) (Limited Edition)
  • Please Me Mid-tone warm pink (Cream) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Style Tip Soft pink nude (Cream) (Limited Edition) (Repromote)
  • Fiestaware Mid-tone orange coral (Cream) (Limited Edition)


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40 thoughts on “MAC Casual Colour Collection for Summer 2012

  1. Gina

    This actually looks kind of interesting. Simple, to the point. Hey, Sailor! was terribly underwhelming, but maybe there’ hope for this one.

  2. GUSnail

    When I first saw the heading of a new MAC collection, I thought another one?!  But then I saw the Colour Lip & Cheek Colour Pot and I’m intrigued.  Is this a new formula for them?  I’m a sucker for cream blushes, preferring them to powders, and I think there should be more on the market. 

  3. Tiffany

    So excited for these!!

  4. Alexa K

    I often think bobbi brown is a bit pricy! Looking forward to your review~hope they are of good quality then i might lay my hand on warm peach or cool coral !! 

  5. I might try out evening stroll.  My only issue is that I wear powder mineral foundation and I always worry that cream blushes will go all wonky if applied over it.

  6. TheresaKlijn

    Looks like I might like this, I’m going to wait for the review though incase the formula is icky. lol

  7. I find it bizarre that they are re-promoting the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in only one

  8. MaggiesMakeup

    Love the promo image (makes me want to do a beach vacation, like, yesterday), and the Color Pots look interesting and functional. Also a lot like the AMC cream blushes from Inglot.

  9. 18thCenturyFox

    Nope, this leaves me flat and the promo looks like an Eternity ad in color. Not what I look for from MAC. I am one of those oddballs that rarely likes multi-tasking products. Lipsticks for lips, blush for cheeks and never the twain shall meet. Also I generally find multi taskers doubly ineffectual.

  10. NeenaJ

    Looking forward to the cream blushes.  I thought the promo image was really lovely until I realized her necklace was made of safety pins.  What’s the statement there?  You’re lounging around the bed with your tow-headed kids and one of them is gonna get stuck!  LOL!

    • xamyx

      ,@NeenaJ Well, I guess after chasing after MAC’s constant regurgtation of collections, one is left without money for proper jewelry, LOL. This one does, at least, seem to offer something a bit different. I’m not sure it’s for me, but I may actually (at least) check it out.

  11. Devi

    Coming from someone who often gets stabbed by safety pins, that necklace makes me fear for her neck. 0.0

  12. amalance

    I wonder how these pots will compare to Bobbi Brown pot rouge.

  13. Hannah

    I hope these are as good as the Le Metier de Beaute Creme Fresh lip/cheek creams… those can actually be used on both cheeks and lips flawlessly. if so, I will certainly pick up a few of these since they are so much cheaper.

  14. Ooh, interesting! The colour pot shades look gorgeous – here’s to hoping the formula’s good, too 😉 

  15. sanguine13

    As much as I like the idea of a cheek and lip combo product, it is such a pain to constantly be dipping your fingers in a pot to reapply your lip colour. I wish they’d released the colours in a twist-up stick format instead, it’s much more sanitary and convenient. 

  16. Veronica

    A 2-in-1 product would actually be really useful considering how much running around I do on my schedule.  I think I’ll wait to see reviews first, though, since my biggest concern about a cheek/lip duo would be the moisturizing quality.  If it’s going to make me ache for balm, I’ll just stick to separate. 😀

  17. I like cream blushers in the winter when my skin is dryer and not in the summer when they can melt off and I rarely care for a lip product in a pot for some reason.. it just grosses me out because I do not like sticking my finger in a pot over and over to use a product and I hate using a lip brush unless I’m working with a dramatic red lip.   I agree with the 18th Century Fox and KK, multi-tasking products rarely impress.  I think I’m more than just a touch weary of MAC in general and their overwhelming marketing campagins and I feel like bashing on them a bit.  The reviews should be interesting!

  18. staciarose20

    The ad fits the product and the theme, ladies. “Casual Colour”, with a mom and kids. It’s approachable and easy to use. Summer is the time that women want a product like this one. 

  19. SRE

    The promo image is bizarre!!  I showed my boyfriend and his response “children don’t wear makeup!”  lol, I understand that moms will love a good multitasking product, but I think the children in the pic make the whole thing sort of silly!

    • divinem1

       @SRE I agree. It is a bizarre photo, and the model has a strange snarl to her mouth. It feels forced. And why is her finger almost all up in that little girl’s nose? Weird. I also don’t like that it doesn’t offer anything for deep skin tones. Exclusivity in this day and age is unnecessary. 

      • TheBrownFruit

        @divinem1 hey, I’m dark skinned warm undertones, evening stroll is gorgeous! I was in a hurry and didn’t get to play with any other shades when I do I will report back

  20. KarenDCollins

    yeah this is going to be collection that I pass on

  21. Kisha Mason

    Come on MAC seriously??? Really??? Dmn they dnt even give folks a chance to redeem their accounts from the last collection

  22. Gary Wong

    This reminds me SO much of Bobbi Brown’s Pot rouges!

  23. Amanda Marie Hughes

    Personally, I’d rather a brand came out with lots of fun stuff on a regular basis than never having anything new. :)
    I don’t see why some people complain about MAC having new stuff all the time. lol It’s not like we buy entire collections. Plus MAC is pretty darn affordable, so as long as you don’t go overboard you can still afford to pick up a few things from each new collection.

  24. Santacruz Celeste

    Wow!!! How many collections has there been already?!? :-/

  25. Laura Williams

    I’m seriously drowning in MAC collections.

  26. I really want a colour pot, I’m already drooling over the pics!

  27. lizzzie

    I’m really excited with these colour pots, I love cream blushes and multi use products! And maybe, just maybe, one of these will be a good dupe for my preciooooooooous (and now gone) Lilicent blushcreme…

  28. These will probably dry my lips out like crazy. Multitasking products always do.

  29. DirtyPony

    Im very impressed with the promo pic. Its not just some bizzar picture, it conveys the point of the collection. And the saftey pin necklace is just awesome!

  30. Amber Tay

    it’s strange but there was an unofficial launch in Singapore today! :) I snagged one of the lip and cheek color pots in “Keep it loose”! it’s great for a natural blush look. “Out for fun” looks gorgeous on the lips too! The texture is not bad, but I wish the packaging was nicer.

  31. Hillery Kelly

    “Keep it Casual” and “evening Stroll” shall be mine. I’ve already put the launch date in my calendar with a reminder. Good thing I didn’t get anything from the “Hey Sailor” collection (was so under whelmed by that one).

  32. Kisha Mason

    They have new stuff alllll the time and if ur constantly buyin from each collection whether it’s a few pieces or more it ain’t affordable when u at the counter every 2 wks!!

  33. kissapentuvm

    I think I’ll buy maybe two or three. I saw the collection at my local store (bts) kinda of thing. They seem quite versatile :)

  34. MinnyDryver

    I know some people aren’t going to like this because of the lighter colors.  This is WHY I like this collection, an extremely fair person *NW5* I appreciate the papler tones. I’m really looking forward it.