Tuesday, July 10th, 2012

MAC Cosmetics and Archie Comics are collaborating on a full colour cosmetics collection celebrating the iconic looks of Betty and Veronica. Coming Spring 2013.

We want to know who your readers think should win Archie’s heart. They can tell us by texting “Betty” or “Veronica” to 898622 to support their favorite girl. Fans of the winner will be the first to hear when the collection is available online Spring 2013. Msg&Data rates may apply http://bit.ly/OCjeVK.

MAC Cosmetics kicks-off the start of San Diego Comic Con with a special event at our Gaslamp store with celebrated American comic book artist and illustrator, Dan Parent of the famed Archie Comics series, which introduced the world to beloved fictional teenagers Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica!

Dan will demonstrate illustrations and provide custom sketches for fans who drop into the MAC Cosmetics location just steps away from the San Diego Convention Center.

A street team of Archie’s will be walking around the streets of San Diego, encouraging fans to meet Dan at MAC Gaslamp.

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45 thoughts on “MAC Betty and Veronica Archie Comics Collaboration

  1. I love the Archie comics!!  I used to read them all the time in middle school!  I’m really hoping that MAC makes this a worthwhile collection, cause I feel like it could go really well or really badly.

  2. Kate

    I just don’t care about MAC’s nonstop collections anymore.  Hey MAC, how about you focus on making good permanent products before introducing collection after collection of mediocre crap?

  3. Pamela

    That’s pretty unique!  I wonder what kinds of colors and products will be in this collection.  But spring 2013 seems like a lifetime away–we have to get through Labor Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, etc.  Aargh!

    • MACArtistBoy

      for sure they will have quads, but they will be quads like the “Wonder Woman” collection MAC had las spring, lipsticks. The packaging is white with the image you see above.

  4. kendo

    “We want to know who your readers think should win Archie’s heart. They can tell us by texting ‘Betty’ or ‘Veronica’ to 898622 to support their favorite girl. Fans of the winner will be the first to hear when the collection is available online Spring 2013.”
    Sooo, you can pay for them to advertise to you?  Lame.  Not into this. 

  5. lanew22

    OMG This better have special packaging!!! I honestly don’t care what the products are but if they have special packaging I’ll buy them regardless. I’ve been obsessed for like my entire life with Archie!

  6. xamyx

    I thought this debate was already settled…

  7. Oh man…can’t wait to see how this one turns out! The last couple of collections haven’t made me too excited (particularly after all of the quality issues…ugh). We’ll see if MAC steps it up or if they continue to make sub-par collections. 

  8. Colin Lively

    as a child, i thought Veronica was the epitome of feminine pulchritude. perhaps she is the reason i went on to be a hairstylist in new york city.

  9. freshpinklips

    That is sooo cute! Can’t wait for this one.

  10. Oh my, yes!! Looking forward to this collection! xx

  11. I’m not sure how I feel about this. I love Archie c omics, but it really feels like MAC is running low on ideas.

  12. nacacijin

    I’m resisting the urge to roll my eyes. Honestly this whole idea sounds ridiculous to me. I have nothing against the collection itself, just the insanity that’s surrounding it. A text message competition? Drawings from the comic creator? A bunch of guys dressed up like Archie roaming the streets to “encourage” people to go into the store?
    I genuinely expect this to be one of the worst collections we’ve seen recently. All of the bells and whistles come off as MAC trying to overcompensate for the *probable* lack of quality. I feel like they’re losing popularity (and revenue) lately and this is their way of trying to drum up business.

    • blueraccoon

       @nacacijin I totally agree. I’m not a huge MAC fan to begin with but after the last few collections it’s like…where’s the quality anymore? I’m hoping to be pleasantly surprised by the products but will not be optimistic about it.

  13. yellowlantern

    Who knows about the product quality this collection will have, but I love this idea and the way they’re promoting it!

  14. I’m so curious to see what they do with this collection! And I’m hoping that I can make it to the MAC store downtown for the demo–sounds like fun! I used to LOVE Archie comics. Team Betty! 😛

  15. Mindy Delano

    I read and loved all the Archie comics!  And that was in the 1960’s!  I think Marketing capitalized on an excellent theme.  Lord only knows they keep coming out with umteen collections every time you turn around.  So I applaud them.  Tired of the Viva stuff, kitty stuff, etc so let’s move on into some dynamite lip colors, that I know MAC is capable of creating.

  16. Seriously hoping there are some good quality products in this collection

  17. Shloop

    I love this idea! Betty will probably have more neutral shades while Veronica will have more glamorous items. Also, I like the idea of this because it just seems so fun. Personally I think that a more indie company should do this sort of thing with the characters from Panty and Stocking. That collection would be full of color on either side and the packaging could get crazy artistic! 

  18. elewis429

    Omg SHUT…UP. I love Archie comics! I’m so excited!

  19. i love archie and veronica too and downloaded most of the comics on my pc and love to read time by time well too old and young always 

  20. Mariella

    I was a kid and teen in the 60’s and loved the Archie Comics (that was back in the day when they were “comic book sized”, not the TV guide sized Archie Comics of today).  I’m guessing that Betty’s products will be more warm toned and soft and Veronica’s more cool toned and “glamour” but I am truly interested to see this collection, whether or not I actually buy anything from it.  And speaking of comics, was anyone else here a fan of the “Millie the Model” comics?

  21. sss215

    I’m excited. Definitely nostalgic for me, I grew up spending my allowance on Archie Comic books, specifically, Betty and Veronica Double Digest. I hope this is the big spring collection where we’ll see quads!

  22. This is coming out NEXT spring!  Oh good, then maybe MAC can get their sh*t together by then and deliver some worthy products.  Or they can spend their valuable time building more hype than imaginable around this collection and deliver crap mediocre products to alienate even more former fans.  Woah harsh toke dude!  How much do you wanna bet the latter?

  23. a

    I’m seeing tacky packaging like the Wonder Woman collection, but it looks fun so I’m still excited.

  24. fks

    I think I have  read almost all of the Archie comics released up to early 80s though I don’t keep up with them now. As far as I can tell by looking at the artwork, neither Betty nor Veronica were never drawn to look like they were wearing much makeup — that kind of sophistication would be shown on the face of an unnamed girl “caught in passing” at the corner of the panel. B & V  used to be drawn mostly as wholesome, all-American girls — even Veronica, although the early editions did 
    portray her  a sophisticated debutante.  So I would associate them with drugstore brands (say, cover girl) rather than MAC. Still I hope that this collection turns out to be more interesting than the recent releases. And if they are going to charge us extra for the limited edition packaging, please MAC, *please* do not use stick-on decals like you did with the Disney Villains collection last year. 

  25. Virginia G

    I love this! I’m a big comic book fan so this is right up my alley!

  26. pennysandwich

    I’m confused – didn’t Archie marry Valerie from Josie and the Pussycats?  And have a baby?

    • queen_frostine

      Yes, though he’s married to both Betty and Veronica before too so I don’t think it matters.  It’s not unusual for comic books to have multiple universes and futures for the same set of characters.

  27. 18thCenturyFox

    Eh Veronica doesn’t need the votes, she’s as self assured as the Queen of Sheba.. And with good reason >=)

  28. Dillie

    Love this but please no more red lipsticks!!!

    • 18thCenturyFox

      @Dillie I’m not sure how they could reasonably do this? It would be like doing a Roy Lichtenstein collection with no red lipstick. It’s an absolute signature of the era. Plus, I am an absolute sucker for reds. I’m sure there will be other share offerings as well, though.

  29. MACaddict22

    I’m super excited about this collection. I grew up on the Archie comics. I think I’m more of a Veronica than Betty. I’m hoping Veronica will have some wild colors. Maybe they will bring back Jungle Juice or Epic l/s or even create some new shades. Betty I see more of a natural, kind of bland stuff happening.
    Any word on the MAC x Marilyn Collection yet? That comes out in October I think and no mention of anything yet. Meanwhile, we know about 2013?

  30. FaerieEvenstar

    This is quite possibly the most ridiculous collaboration MAC has done to date. Madness! Archie comics aren’t that big here in the UK, at least as a kid I was more into Beano and Dandy. And even those are not really a good basis for a make-up collection!! I have never wanted to look like children’s comic characters. Grown up comics, maybe, but who looked at a Archie comics at thought “you know what? That would be an excellent collaboration for a high end make-up company!”
     Just… no. WHY MAC WHY??! I will be avoiding this one like the plague unless there are some brilliant new items in it that I can easily depot so I don’t have to have Archie characters staring back at me from my make-up bag.I’m honestly baffled by this one completely. I think MAC have lost the plot. 

    • 18thCenturyFox

      @FaerieEvenstar Well growing up in the U.S. in the 80’s Archie was not huge but I DEFinately knew who Veronica was. She was one f my first introductions to the vampy, dark haired siren. I hadn’t yet seen Bettie Page but Veronica as a beauty icon certainly stick with me. I guess I can think of numerous MAC collections off the top of my head; Barbie, Hello Kitty, MAC in Lillyland, Fafi, and Dame Edna to name a few, where the actual Icon might not have inspired us to make ourselves up but the aesthetic associated with it did. For me, the gripe is that the collection is “Archie’s Girls” NOT “Betty and Veronica”. These girls don’t need to be defined by Archie.

      • FaerieEvenstar

         @18thCenturyFox   I’m not sure; I can see more of a style influence with all the one’s you’ve mentioned there, but I’ll be honest and say as I know nothing of the comic, maybe I don’t know what a style icon these cartoon girls are! I really think it will flop outside the US though :
        I can only think of it being like if they did a Snoopy collection (and I like Snoopy) and I think they are far from fashion icons.
        *shrug* Maybe it will be enjoyed in the US… I don’t know anything of Archie so I can’t imagine what sort of products they will include in the collection! I’m still cringing about the whole thing…

        • 18thCenturyFox

          @FaerieEvenstar I think you make a good point. But I’m also someone who hasn’t understood a lot of MAC collaborations and collections. I didn’t really get the Fafi one, but that’s not my demographic. Maybe I just have a high threshold for excitement? So many thing have been done in the last 5-10 years in cosmetics, many spearheaded by Sephora, it’s hard to be positively stunned by much. Like the upcoming Marilyn collection makes *sense* but it’s overdone. Now if they did a Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? Collection they would at least get points for camp and originality! Although I think today’s MAC customer isn’t as much interested in originality. I would say the whole response to Beth Ditto as Spokesperson really made some of that painfully clear :( .

        • FaerieEvenstar

           @18thCenturyFox  Oh the pictures I have seen of the Marilyn collection make me cringe… It’s appalling how they broached something that could have been SO classy and stylish, and made it seem tacky :( I really hope they look better than the photos I’ve seen!  I think I understand what you are saying though. I liked Fafi! I loved the idea of the Beth Ditto collection as she is so unique and “out there” but yes, the general response to that collection was awful :( I was more disappointed and the products themselves in that range… I was so excited about the shade and smoke liners and then, well Christine’s reviews showed how dire they were!  
          On the whole MAC seems to have got a little confused and lost it’s way a bit. It’s forcing the LE collections out like nobodies business with tons of hype, but then they’re poor quality. I’d like less collections and a focus on the quality of products across all of MAC- only releasing GOOD products and keeping stuff like those Shade and smoke liners back until they work!! We don’t need as many LE collections. I can’t afford to buy that many collections if I wanted to… madness.  I’m going off on one (I do this a lot) but my point is that MAC seems to just be throwing collections based on anything and everything so they can push out 3 or 4 collections at a time. Like a mug, I get excited for each one, then my face falls when I see swatches and reviews… *sigh*

          • MACArtistBoy

            The reason why MAC couldn’t get better images of Marilyn Monroe’s packaging was because it would have cost MAC loads of money to get rights to do so. And It took MAC 5 years to be able to brand Marilyn Monroe’s name and photo to MAC’s company! I was upset with the packaging and image, but what can you do?….

  31. Sandra

    I’m honestly really excited for this collection! I’ve been excited for other collections but I’m stoked for this one! When I heard about this collaboration, I flipped. I love the comic, they’re so cute. Betty is my favorite. I think of Betty and Veronica as beauty icons. Everyone knows them! I really hope the colors for this collection are unique because lately it just seems the same from mac. That was hard to say considering mac is my favorite makeup company. I also hope the packaging adorable and not the black packaging .  I can not wait to see it c: aaahhh I’m so excited!

  32. alexalovesbooks

    @readingthisbook @temptalia @MACcosmetics EXCITING!!

  33. Luara

    I love Archie comics but if I could have one comic related makeup Collabartion it would be sailor moon! Prefarable inner and putter senshi are different collections other wise There would be a lot of products.