Tuesday, June 1st, 2010

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Nude: Barelash Pro Longlash Mascara

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash Mascara ($13.00) is a nude-beige shade in the Pro Longlash formula. I definitely got length without spikiness, but the formula is on the drier side, so it has a tendency to clump if you don’t work quickly. On my lashes, it seemed to give me beige tips, but the root and most of the lash length was only a muted gray or else still a black-brown.

I have Pro Longlash in the black shade, so I’m definitely going to make sure to do an official review of that soon, but the formula can be difficult to work with such a short drying time.  It lengthens well, and it doesn’t clump unless you work slowly.  I also experienced no smudging, budging, or flaking while wearing this over eight hours.   The brush is also small enough that it’s very easy to get to all the lashes from root to tip, including lower lashes.

Official description: Goes the distance. Makes lashes luxuriously long and silky: no spikes! Luxury and longitude in a pro-proven formula. Accelerates lashes into length, smooth and fast. Smooth silky finish. Wears long (all day!) Go the distance: bat-a-lash!

I tried to layer mascara on top of it, and it seemed to amp up colored mascara a bit, but it doesn’t work so well, since it dries quite quickly. I’ve had better results with a mascara primer, because they stay wetter longer and don’t require as many coats to mute your natural lash shade.

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  • Product: 24/30
  • Value: 8/10
  • Ease of Use: 4/5
  • Packaging: 4/5

Recommendation: Barelash gives decent length and stays on without smudging or flaking off during the day, but the shade itself is a bit odd to work with (particularly since it’s hard to work with colored mascara on top of the dry formula), so I don’t think most customers would have a good use for it.

Availability: MAC PRO

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

MAC Barelash Pro Longlash

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39 thoughts on “MAC Barelash Pro Longlash Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. What a strange idea…

  2. Why would anyone want this?! Ridic.

  3. it’s like the anti-mascara.

  4. Nina

    What’s the point? It looks like you rubbed foundation on your lashes and it clumped up. :( Don’t like it at all.

  5. Tanya

    WTF? This is the weirdest thing I have seen in a while…..nude colored mascara…..STUPID!

    • It’s a PRO product, so definitely not for your typical use – more special occasion or photoshoot, I am sure.

      • Alison

        Ah! I thought this would or should be a Pro product. Now it makes sense. I’ve seen several photo shoots with pale or nude lashes.

    • Pro products aren’t really consumer products so they aren’t really MEANT for a single purpose. Think of it this way: This ISN’T mascara, it’s a nude cream with a wand applicator. Now ask yourself: “What can I do with this?” You could sweep it through eyebrows to neutralize them a little, or even the hair on your head if you wanted – Ever touch up your roots with a colored mascara in-between salon visits? It works.

      • Exactly :)

        I don’t know why but using it in the brows completely slipped my mind. I was kind of, personally, hoping it would work as a base for colored mascara.

        • Hehe – I don’t know why but brows was the first thing I thought of when I saw this :) My background might be different than others though. Being an artist who likes to draw, paint and photograph people (not things, just people), painting ON people was kind of the next step… Since I was never really into makeup as a “morning routine” (or however you want to say it) I look at products from an odd angle. Instead of lipstick I see “cream-based color stick,” ignoring that is has the word “lip” in it I just think, “What can I do with this?”

          To me that’s the fun of all these products. Coming up with interesting ways to use them, it’s like putting a puzzle together :)

  6. Jimena

    Maybe the purpose for it, is when using colored mascaras like blues and purples so the stand more but yeah if it is too dry it may not work as well…

    • Ani_BEE

      White works better for colored mascaras as a base but beige really dose have limited use or use. I try to add colour to my blonde lashes not hide them. 😛

  7. Is it like, a primer? Or is it supposed to be used by it’s own? Or like, if you want colored lashes, you can use eye shadow on the lashes over this?
    I don’t think this “mascara” is a stupid idea at all.

    • It’s part of their Nude collection, which is all about nudes. I imagine it’s sort of an endless variety of how one could use it – however they desired. I tried it alone (looked silly on me, lol, but it didn’t 100% cover my black lashes… probably why) and as a primer (but it dries too quickly to allow layering of another mascara on top with ease).

  8. JamieJamez

    Christine, I bought this mascara at few weeks back, WHY?! I don’t know just to spend money, I’m sure. But testing it out I pretty much got the same results as you. I hated the look by itself and figured this would look best on someone that naturally had very pale lashes and very blond hair that didn’t like black spider legs on the eyes. I didn’t try this as a primer so that will be my next test when I have some time to devote to it and trying to pair it with the right mascara. Also if you can think of a look to go with it be recommend.

    • You could maybe do a totally washed out, deliberately nude look – nude eyes, lips, etc. Not sure if that’s exactly *wearable* though 😉

  9. Adriana

    I could see how this would be useful, if one wanted to do a photoshoot with colourful false lashes and didn’t want the black lashes showing up as much. Still, it’s not very well executed if it doesn’t really cover them up well and the drying time doesn’t allow for layering.

  10. Elysia

    haha ew! I would never use this

  11. hmmmm. I don’t use mascara primers, so that would be a bit useless for me.

    I’m curious though, since for a while I wanted a good reddish-nude mascara for natural lashes, since mine are long and thick enough that dark mascara can be overly dramatic with them. I’d like a good nude tone that would work for VERY nude looks. I doubt this is it though, it might be too pale even for me, since I just want something that will look like my lashes natural pigmentation. I’m curious what practical uses this would have.

  12. LNU

    Um. Ew. XD

  13. I’ve used this in my brows when I had blonde hair to lighten them quite a bit. It worked really well!

  14. I have this! I used it for mutting brows and lashes for a nude look for a photoshoot….def a pro prod

  15. lauraaaaa

    wth why would someone want this

  16. T

    Im trying to figure out the point of this particular mascara. I mean is it just to be used by itself for naturally barely there color or for a primer gateway to darker colors.

  17. It looks a lot like when I accidentally get Urban Decay Primer Potion on my lashes.

  18. Helena

    I’d rather use it for brows.

  19. Nic

    Well, that’s different. It’s a shame it doesn’t work well as a base for other colors. I could see it being useful for photoshoots or for brows, though.

  20. Anai

    It could look great if you’ve got pale lashes/brows and just want some length? I have a friend who has nearly white eyelashes and black mascara just looks so odd on her!

  21. Anai

    Ohhh, and winter shoots!

  22. tifaLockheart

    uhhhh, looks like a primer. but yeh true since it is pro product it’s meant for special/unique occasions.

  23. Sonia

    Hmmm, interesting. I get what they were trying to do with this. Recreate blonde lashes.

  24. Oana

    Great for some artsy photo shoot. But for everyday girls? I think not.

  25. 53

    i love it! can definitely use this with anna sui’s funky colored mascaras.

  26. Dennis

    It’s for a nude look, Not to be used with vibrant colours, nor to be used with a black or grey colour. It’s mosly, (almost all the time) used on photoshoots. This isn’t a daily wearable product, not by all of us at least. I guess i could be used as a primer to intensefy a black or dark brown mascara, but you’ll have to work with a really thin coat of this, and work fast.