Friday, March 19th, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Zinc Zone, Uniformly Blue, Slick Black, Greengrease, Dirty, Charred Mauve, Brown Now, Below Ground

MAC Art Supplies Collection — Sneak Peek

Some Art Supplies’ samples just arrived this morning, and I’ll do a review and write-up of these later this afternoon, but I wanted to get you guys some photos and swatches ASAP! :) It’s not everything, mind you — there are a total of six Pearlglide shades and nine Lipstain Marker shades being released with the full collection.

See more photos & swatches!

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Zinc Zone, Uniformly Blue, Slick Black, Greengrease, Dirty, Charred Mauve, Brown Now, Below Ground

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Greasepaint Sticks: Below Ground, Brown Now, Charred Mauve

MAC Art Supplies CollectionGreasepaint Sticks: Dirty, Greengrease, Slick Black

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Greasepaint Sticks: Slick Black, Uniformly Blue, Zinc Zone

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Pearlglide Eyeliners: Undercurrent, Industrial, Blackline

MAC Art Supplies Collection
MAC Pearlglide Eyeliners: Black Line, Industrial, Undercurrent

MAC Art Supplies Collection
A Classic, Stylesetter, Tomorrow’s Coral

MAC Art Supplies Collection
Tomorrow’s Coral, Stylesetter, A Classic

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128 thoughts on “MAC Art Supplies Collection — Sneak Peek

  1. Melissa

    omg! so excited! can’t wait for your review!!!!!!!

  2. WOW these are all so pretty! I can’t wait for this collection to come out, I will be getting a bunch of stuff from it. :)

  3. Omg! This Greasepaint Sticks are gorgeous! Can’t wait to try them out =D

  4. raquel

    Black line, you shall be mine!!!

  5. AA

    OMG!!!! All of it looks wonderful!!

  6. margot

    Aaaaah I need Undercurrent pearlglide eyeliner !! It is beautiful !

  7. Melly

    Industrial and Undercurrent are so unique! I never wear dark or blue eyeshadows, so I can safely say that my wallet will be safe from this release!

  8. I can’t wait for this! I love all the greasepaint sticks!

  9. Ashley

    These are all so gorgeous! πŸ˜€ Pearlglides are my favorite, Industrial and Undercurrent look insanely gorgeous, and I feel like I might have to try a greasepaint stick as well, although I’m not sure which one. hmm…also it looks like Undercurrent and Industrial might be switched up due to their descriptions. And I had for some reason assumed that Black Line would be pure black with no glitter….because they had already came out with Black Russian. Guess not! Black Russian is definitely my favorite eye liner though!

  10. I am loving those felt tip looking lipshades.

  11. I was so excited to see grease paint again! I regreted not getting them the first time they came out. Now I just have to think about which. Can’t wait for your review =D

  12. These look AMAZING! I didn’t want anything in the beginning but now ..

  13. Shannon

    wow these are beautiful!! i’m really liking some of the grease paint sticks & i’m probably going to pick up a few of the lipstain markers and pearlglide liners as well:)thank you so much Christine!!!

  14. I like the three eyeliners better than the greasepaint sticks lol I must get those!

  15. Caroline

    OMG thank you! I was just thinking about how I can’t wait to get my hands on those lip stain markers. I rarely get excited about releases but this is an exception!

  16. *NEED the Stylesetter Lipstain. It is oh so pretty.

  17. Angela

    Pretty. This is a nice collection. Finally something totally new. I want to pick up dirty greasepaint, and that black line pearliner. So pretty. I hope they have some better lip markers; I’m not into those three colors shown. I hope they have something like the Polished Up lippie (a deep brown/ burgundy color).

  18. Jasmine

    I like Tommorrow’s Coral and Undercurrent…I might have to snag those.

  19. Vanessa

    I’m super stoked for the greasepaint sticks!!

  20. Alexis

    So far I want Greengrease, Dirty and Industrial – I hope my list ends there but something tells me it won’t!!

  21. Jasmine

    How do you get them so early?

  22. Rowan

    Yay! I can’t wait for this collection! I want like 5 greasepaint sticks and the Industrial e/l looks amazing!

  23. Carrie

    I think I’m more excited for this collection than any MAC collection I can remember. And I’ve been following MAC for four years now! πŸ˜€

  24. HC

    Is Charred Mauve like Nice Vice pp? It looks more blue than Nice Vice. But ahhhh!! I’m so excited!! :) the lip markers look nuts too!

  25. Morgan

    oooohh! i love the pearlglides!

  26. viv

    wow, they look beautiful. my bank account is happy that I don’t really like greasepaints or we’d be in trouble.

  27. OMG, I need one of each! Wow!

  28. Casey

    Gotta Have A Few Things From This Collection!!
    Greasepaint Stick: Slick Black & Charred Mauve
    Pearlglide Liner: Industrial & Undercurrent
    Thank you for sharing these!! <3

  29. stephanie

    i think that flat black greasepaint stick will be amazing!!! interesting lip product. can’t wait until the review!

  30. Ashley

    OMG thanks for this! Now I know I’m only getting 4 grease sticks and a couple of eyeliners. I won’t hurt my bank account so much this time.

  31. Doreen

    Wow, I’m really liking Dirty and Zinc Zone! Thanks for sharing, Christine, and I’m definitely looking forward to your review (and the official launch, of course)!

  32. loving to e/l and lipsticks!

  33. The Dirty and Zinc Zone Greasepaint Sticks look kind of cool. Christine, when you review these, would you mind smelling them? LOL! I can’t think of another way to ask, but I’m curious if these smell the same as the other three Greaspaint Sticks MAC has released so far.

    I’d also love to know – And I’m sure you’ve been asked this already so I appoligize – How you think the Pearlglides compare (in general) to the Urban Decay liners that I know you love so much.

    Thanks! Go outside and enjoy the sunshine first though :)

  34. lauraaaaa

    Dirty will be mine, tho these liners and lipstains are so coool!

  35. Mariana

    I think your labels are out of order

  36. I am so excited about all the new greasepaint sticks. Two months ago I ordered a greasepaint stick via gone but not forgotten. of courseee they release a whole collection of them after the fact!! haha

    • cmferrets

      yes ofcoarse , mac is infamous for making a huge collectin of one product LE , to see how it sells before making it permenent to their collection. thats hwat they might do for these if their as popular as the shadesticks, since they are very similiar!

  37. Julia

    the first swatches, finally! i’m so looking forward to this collection! more please :)

  38. 0037sammie

    The lipstain markers look cool; how do they swatch? Don’t know if it’s my screen but they look like they have a satiny finish than a stain-y one…

    • I didn’t wait for them to dry (since it doesn’t matter if it sinks into skin — these will look different based on the strength of your natural lip color), as I didn”t want stains all over my arms @ my appointment this afternoon :)

  39. MarΓ­a

    Love the Stylesetter Lipstain Marker!!
    And the Pearlglide Eyeliners looks gorgeous too :-)

  40. charlotte366

    I want Black line pearlglide….its love

  41. Ahh loving Below Ground, A Classic, and Tomorrow’s Coral. Thanks for posting this sneak peek, can’t wait for it to hit stores :)

  42. MakeupGalore--Abbie

    I like these!!

    On Model for Art Supplies is the greengrease the color on the eye? I want that color.

    I also like Greasepaints in: Charred Mauve, & Below Ground

    Can’t wait to see Pearlglide: Almost Noir

  43. I swear this collection is ging to ruin me financially πŸ˜‰

  44. How do the lipstains taste?
    Of the few I’ve tried (benefit’s posietint and benetint), YSL lip markers back in the day and there was a red one from MAC from a rose romance I think…they taste kind of weird and dry out my lips. I really like stylesetter, but I hope it doesn’t taste that bad?

  45. Undercurrent looks so lovely!

  46. Carrie

    Black Line looks gorgeous!

  47. Vera

    I am excited about this collection, but at the same time I’m dreading it. I know it’s supposed to come out April 1st. But I gave up buying makeup for Lent, and Easter is April 4th. And if they decide to move up the release date, then I may not get all that I want April 5th. lol I’ve been good, but it’s so hard to be good when you see such pretty colors. Maybe I’ll just go to the store and play. haha =D

  48. Meika

    I will definitely be trying grease sticks this time. I always passed them up when they would come out.

  49. Stylesetter && Zinc zone are super pretty!

  50. I can hardly wait for this collection! Especially the grease paint sticks!

  51. ocelot1

    OMG OMG OMG !!!!

    and pearlglide in black line looks exactly like my beloved MAC black karat kohl!!

  52. Michele

    OMG – I see so many of them I want! Wow, 9 lipstain markers also-can’t wait to see all the colors. There goes the ‘ol wallet…

  53. Gosh, I’m so excited for this collection. I’m pretty darn sure I won’t be able to restrain myself from all of the greasepaint sticks and most of the pearlglide liners. There goes my paycheck …

    Looking forward to your review, Christine.

  54. yajaira

    Oh I can’t wait for the reviews!!!!!!

  55. lindz

    I was going to skip this collection and save all my pennies for The Beach Collection and Pret a Papier, but now I am rethinking. The eyeliners are very unique. Can’t wait to see how to wear the Greasepaint sticks, Christine!!!!

  56. I think I might be the only one here who isn’t at all interested in any of these. :S

    • Petra

      Really? I’m so jelaous of You right now, lol. :)
      I suspect we’ll be getting Liberty of London at the same time as this collection, that will be so hard on me. Have to really practice some restraint. :)

  57. Ashley

    I want it all!!

  58. cloudburst

    I LOVE Pearlglide liners – the green greasepaint stick looks like a must have as well.

  59. Teggy

    Eeeeeee!!! Can’t wait to play with the grease paints! I must try Dirty, Greengrease, and Charred Mauve. Blackline pearl glide looks pretty, but I doubt I will like it on.

    I’m excited for the lip stains, but I can’t really judge anything until I see it on my lips.

  60. I can’t believe it! I’m disappointed with the grease sticks. I guess dirty looks like something I would wear. The lipstain markers look better though!

  61. Adriana

    Bank breaker.

  62. Shoobe

    It’s been a while since I saw a Mac collection where everything looked so enticing to me but I want it all! Gorgeous.

  63. Brittany

    I feel stupid for asking lol, but what do you do with those pencil looking things? is it like eyeliner? or something ? lol

  64. Lynniekae


    I already know that I’ll be getting all of the greasepaint sticks except for the blue, and I’ll be getting the Pearlglides except for the very light blue.

    This collection looks like fun.

  65. JB

    So are the greasepaint sticks eyeliners, I mean what do you use them for? Also what are the marker looking things?

    • Daphnee

      You can use grease paint sticks as a base or a liner….some may not be safe for the waterline.

  66. umm…need those NOW! ugh. they are soo purdy!!

  67. Rose

    Do you know how the GP in Dirty compare’s to Benefit’s creaseless cream shadow in Skinny Jeans? They look pretty similar.

  68. GAO

    the greasestick and the stylesetter look so nicee!! I can’t wait for more!!

  69. Sarah M

    Yay! for pearlglide liners. I can’t imagine my life without them. Lol. πŸ˜€

  70. Salvinia

    I am super psyched about those lipstain markers!

  71. amy

    Oh wow another huge collection, I am not sure I can keep up. I do really like Industrial and Undercurrent Pearlglide liners and Greengrease and Slick Black Greasepaint Sticks and will try to save and pick these up.

  72. i want stylester so bad looks so cute.

  73. wow, Charred Mauve and Tomorrow’s Coral are up my alley!

    thanks Christine for providing swatches! you’re such a dear! :)

  74. Alicia

    undercurrent in person is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. its insane. i fell in love.

  75. Jae

    Christine, you evillllllllll…. Now I’m going to spend even more on mac >_<

  76. Cayla

    Lol, I want them ALL!
    This collection is shaping up to be serious trouble for my savings….oh, dear.

  77. Dani S

    I am sooooo excited about the lip stains. I had just been looking into buying some.

  78. Ruth

    I want the lip markers, all of them !

  79. Jacey

    Tomorrow’s Coral and A Classic look really similar in these photos but A Class looks a bit redder. Christine, do they look really alike on your lips?

    I’m stoked for these lipstain markers!

  80. OMG – I am so excited about this collection ever since you mentioned it earlier this year. I love the grease paint sticks and knew I *needed* to get them all. Seeing pictures just makes it worse because it makes me want them even more!

  81. The lip-markers look like Covergirl’s lipstains. The pearlglides look semi-interesting. And I am whole-heartedly disinterested in the greasepaint sticks..I always have been though.

  82. can’t wait to try the lip stain markers, I hope they’re quite a few steps above the CoverGirl version- every beauty mag editor on earth raved about them & I found them to be the biggest beauty disappointment ever! Crossing my fingers that MAC got it right!

  83. Dana

    I’m definitely picking up the pearlglide liners..they would look amazing!

  84. ladydi

    How does that greasepaint stick Charred Mauve hold up against the D Squared greasepaint V (that purple one) Do they look similar? I regretfully missed out on the D Squared blue one so I cant compare those two but If the purple ones are different I ll definently get this one too. Greengrease looks awesome.

  85. HebrideanSprite

    I’m in love. OMG! SO PRETTY!

  86. shannon

    Eeeeeeeee! Can’t wait for the review! I’ve been super interested in the lip markers! Also interested in the uses for the greasepaint sticks… I don’t really understand if they are to be used as liner or shadow – both? So hopefully you will have some looks for us soon!

  87. cmferrets

    thanx christine, i love u and your site, i check it everyday ! =)
    i totally want to get those greasepaint sticks, already have the 3 from style warriors, the only thing about those is they sorta smell like tire oil , or something. i hope these dont have that issue.
    as for the markers , i love stylesetter! what a nice hot pink!
    is it me or does tomorrows coral and classic both look alike?

  88. I’m super hesitant about the pencils and greasepaint sticks, after seeing swatches. I thought I would snatch them up but now I’m totally going to need to swatch all of them when they come out. I’m sure I will still give in and purchase a majority of them. Thanks Christine.

  89. cmferrets

    christine , do u think u can do a swatch comparison with these to the 3 from Dsquared collection when they come out. im curious on how the black , blue and purple color compare? thanx!

  90. Iya

    greengrease and undercurrent for me…

  91. I’ve been looking forward to this collection for a while. Can’t wait to see more!

  92. roslynd

    want all.

    and I think you mixed up the pearlglide liner names and photos.
    undercurrant and blackline pic/swatch


  93. OMG. Black Line and Industrial are GORGEOUS!

  94. Amal

    I haven’t tried lipstain markers before.. very interesting collection.

  95. Jade

    Wow amazing hope we get this in Australia!!!

  96. I want to see more!!! apart from having been more restrained than planned with too fabulous and liberty of london, I can see myself undoing all that good work with this collection!

  97. those look amazing! mac’s going to make me broke haha, my poor wallet

  98. Kim

    I got to play around with these a few days ago and the purple pearlglide is definitely my favorite piece from the collection. The lip stains were okay but the color at the end of the marker is decieving, it seemed a few of them weren’t exactly the same. But I’m excited for this collection. :)