Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Just a heads up that MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection is online at Betty, Veronica, Archie’s Girls, Accessories!

Update @ 6:15AM PST (2/4)Nordstrom has it online now: Archie’s GirlsBettyVeronica.  Macy’s also has it up now!

Update (2/5): Bloomingdale’s and Dillard’s have launched.


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244 thoughts on “MAC Archie’s Girls – Online Now!

  1. Sunni

    Just ordered my items, good luck girls!!! =)

  2. mirian

    I may have gone a bit overboard

  3. Becca

    I just ordered all my Archie items! Super excited!! When I went back, it now is showing a New Nicki Minaj Viva Glam 2 available for purchase. Is this the new lipstick that is suppose to be launching in feb??

  4. Jessica

    Yayy it’s up n running got everything I wanted

  5. Indelibrella

    Never mind…it’s showing up now. Computer gremlins. LOL!


    Just got the Flatter Me face powder (the only thing I HAVE to have from this collection). It’s 3:22pm on the west coast and no problems purchasing online. Hope you get what you want girls!

  7. Kiki1988

    Thanks for this! I’m in the Netherlands and the collection hits our stores in March, but I was really excited about the pink Betty lipstick and the brush collection so I ordered them and had them shipped to my rents in the states, hihi! But I’m waiting for the swatches for the other stuff, like the Veronica face powder and the lipglosses — can wait till March for those, but those brushes had to be MINE!

    • Sam

      Agreed! All I really cared about was the brushes and the tote! I love the accesory collector’s items that comes with cute collections like these!

  8. Ashley

    Viva Glam Nicki 2 is up as well!

  9. cupcakes

    Just order my color list good luck ladies…happy hunting

  10. Amy J

    I got the Flatter Me PearlMatte from the Betty Collection and the Veronica’s lipstick in Daddy’s Girl–I could have been worse BUT i wanted to be sure to love the products –good luck to all

  11. Rhonda

    Whew! Time to relax. Got all that I wanted from Archie’s Girls and Viva Glam Nicki 2!!

  12. nawal

    Thank you Christine !
    you have been really helpful trough all of this, I finally got everything I wanted from a MAC collection! the only time I every did that was the Hey, Sailor ! collection. I wasn’t able to snatch anything from the Marilyn one even though it was disappointing (Only wanted one lipstick)
    I got Betty’s blush (cream soda), Betty bright and Don’t kiss and tell. From Veronica I got makk madness and Daddy’s little girl :) Can’t wait to hear/see your reviews, I feel like the eyeshadows would be duds!

  13. Sam

    GOT EVERYTHING I WANTED AND THEN SOME!!! I was waiting for it to go live while I watched yt videos lol. I was refreshing from time to time using Christine’s link & around 4:20 CT it was just eyes and face.So I got the Betty Lucky in Love Pigment, both palettes and the Flatter Me Pearlmatte Powder. Waited a few minutes refreshed again and got the Tote, Brush set, Veronica’s Opulash and Veronica Feelin’ So Good Lip glass. I’m not too keen on lipsticks or even lipglass for that matter because of the stickiness (I usually stick to cremesheen glasses) so I just got one lip product. I would’ve got Betty’s 2 coral lip products but I feel I have similar lippies already. Goodluck everyone!

  14. Yay! That reminded me of waiting for a guy to call after having a really good date! The anticipation was crazy! I definitely bought way more than I’d originally planned…whoops!

    Thanks for all your work on this, Christine! I hope you you get to sleep in tomorrow and get a massage. :)

  15. Hanna

    I hope Betty Bright turns out to be nice, I ordered two because I’ve been looking for peach/coral shad lipsticks for awhile and some of the swatches looked pretty. If they don’t work out on my super pigmented lips I hope I can find someone who will enjoy them. I can’t wait for your swatches Christine, you always do the best in depth review of Mac products.

  16. Nelia

    Thanks a million Christine !!! I already placed an order !!
    Can’t wait to have my lipsticks and blush

  17. Jackeline

    On my cel the money is in US dollars and on my laptop in CA dollars. Why? The links of Temptalia is same.

    Sorry my English is terrible =(

  18. Nicki

    Thank you so much Christine! The only way I was able to get a chance at the Marilyn collection and this, was because of your quick updates! You are the BEST beauty blogger!<3

  19. kathi

    It was nice to be able to order limited edition items from MAC without them being sold out in the first hour! I’m glad I didn’t wait too long-since one never knows when things will start selling out with MAC- LE.

  20. MMTBeauty

    I’m a Pro member and I purchased the Archie collection around 9:30 PST this morning. I was so surprised that nothing was sold out at that time.

  21. I haven’t bought any MAC LE for a while, but I bought that super dark Veronica gloss. So pretty in swatches!

  22. Stephanie

    Soooo happy, went IMMEDIATELY when I saw the link and got everything I wanted :-)
    Ronnie red
    Bright betty
    Daddys little girl
    Girl next door
    Both pearl blushes
    Caramel sundae

    Gunna wait til thursday to see the blushes but yea prolly gonna get those too 😀

    • Leslie-Marie

      I did too…got two of the Girl Next Door lipsticks and Mall Madness lipglass! I felt like I was in a race with myself to check out fast enough, lol! Now I got an email saying they already shipped with the rest of my order….yay MAC!!

  23. JUST purchased…they were already sold out of the Veronica lipstick I wanted. But at least I got two things I wanted :)

  24. Maryanne

    When are you going to be swatching?

  25. CC

    The only thing that grabbed my attention was one of the Veronica’s lipsticks, I think I was more excited for the Snake Collection lol

  26. Jade

    Anyone noticed that two of the pearlglides aren’t up? Black Swan and Lord It Up.

  27. Rei

    OMG! I can’t even begin to tell you how much of a Archie comic book fan I was when I was a kid!!! I’m so excited MAC released this collection! I bought waaay too much! Lol.

  28. A Mar

    Managed to pick up Daddy’s Little Girl! Thanks for the updates, Christine!

  29. Terri

    Bought Daddy’s Little Girl lipstick (sold out now) and Betty’s face powder and that’s it. I think I showed great restraint!

  30. 18thCenturyFox

    I also wanted to throw this tidbit out there, although the most popular lipsticks are already sold out- with MAC, as with Sephora, it’s rarely forever. I just got Firm Form and Strong Woman from the Strength collection, Après Chic and Nocturnal Instincts from Taste Temptations . These had all been sold out at various times, but then they reanimate and you can collect them all 😉 So don’t completely despair if you had your heart set on something that is now “sold out”, as they often have nine lives.

  31. Maribel

    Girls!!! If you wanted Betty bright, it is now sold out online!! As of 8:49 pm central time, looks like it sold out within about 4 hours!

  32. Maribel

    Daddy’s little girl lipstick is also sold out! Soooo glad I got my Betty bright’s & daddy’s little girl!

  33. Justine

    Ughhh the only 2 lipstick colors I wanted are now sold out

  34. Brenda

    4 of the 6 lipsticks and the peachy blush are sold out in Canada (online) and guess what – already up on Ebay. “Free market” isn’t always a good thing, IMO.

  35. Avi

    Well the Betty Bright Lipstick is SOLD OUT!!!! UGH! But the Viva La Glam 2 lipstick was released!

  36. Bunny

    Out of what I wanted I was only able to get the Ronnie Red lipstick. Boo. Better than nothing, though. I hope I’ll have a chance at more come counter time.
    Thank you for the heads up. It’s greatly appreciated. You’re awesome.

  37. Bunny

    Christine, I just read the collection will be in stores on February 7. :)

  38. Yay! Absolutely psyched to get my lil black box of goodies. Didnt make it home from work in time to get DLG lipstick so will have to stalk Nordstrom’ s :(

  39. SHea

    thought you had to have a MAC Pro membership but All the lippies was sold out but Ronnie Red and Strawberry Malt lipglass with Veronica…well worth the wait..i’ll wait til it hits Dillards to get the blushes and Betty’s lippies!!

  40. bridget

    hi christine is it possible for you to update this post when the collection becomes available on nordstrom? i missed out on betty bright :( thanks for all the effort xx

  41. 18thCenturyFox

    I’m giving up on Specktra. No one needs four of one lipstick from online. I’m not looking to get anything online but I find it suspicious and nauseatingly selfish for people to buy four of one color. Like grossly overconsumptive. Again, I’m not bitter over missing out on anything I just think- what’s wrong with taking one of something or at most one back up? I’m very conscious of not taking more then my share of something.

  42. lingin

    If MAC screwed up by the way they released this collection online they made up for it by the fast shipping. Received an email this morning that it was being shipped. Good work!

    I usually buy only one or two things from collections just for the packaging. So I guess that makes me a sucker 😉

  43. Mana

    Any idea when Nordstrom.com will launch the collection?

    • The date that’s been swirling around is February 4th. I can’t say I’ve stalked Nordstrom’s site enough to know how true-to-launch they are!

  44. mine

    OFF topic,Christina I have only One eyeshadow brush mac239.I want to add one for blending and one for crease and outer v which ones would you recomend? 217 or 224 and 219 is good for crease and outer v or should I get some other? Please advice. Thanks

  45. mine

    sorry about the name Christine.

  46. Julia

    Why is Archie’s Girls Veronica lipsticks not on the Macy’s website? :/

  47. Ana

    AHHHH! I just ordered Daddy’s Little Girl l/s. This was the ONLY product I wanted from this collection and I had missed out on it when it was online at MAC, but now I bought it and I am super excited!!!

  48. stacey

    Went to Nordstrom’s website for Betty…the two lipstick swatches do not match the lipcolors. Oh Oh Oh is pink and the Girl Next Door is Brown.

  49. Cat

    On the Macy’s website why is there not a Veronica section? Is it because it’s sold out? I checked early this morning and didn’t see it either…

  50. Sarah

    Dillard’s has the whole collection! But you don’t get free shipping or any kind of bonus like you do at Macy’s or Nordstrom :(

  51. Megan

    Up fully at Dillard’s, partially up at Bloomingdale’s!

  52. Sarah

    Does anybody know if Bloomingdale’s will get the Lipsticks and Lipglass?

  53. Amy


    • Sarah

      OMG! These thing are flying off the self! Only a couple hours after your post and already 3 more shades are sold out. Daddy’s Little Girl is all that is left of Veronica’s Lipstick collection. I got 2 of them :). Not all I need is a Ronnie Red and Betty Bright and I’m set!

    • stacey

      Another location for Christine to add….never heard of Belk…..but just checked it all and should exist for southerners.

  54. Cat

    Veronica is now on Macys and Bloomingdales!! Grab it now :p

  55. zoe stellman

    Hey for people in the UK, it is available online now exclusively on Selfridges website and in store!!!

  56. Emmilynn

    For those of you in the UK. This collection is available now at Selfridges. just ordered mine online, is a fiver packaging tho x

  57. veron

    hi would you know when the archie will launches the lipsticks again?

  58. heidi

    does anyone know when the collection will launch in australia ?

  59. Joyce

    OMG! Is this collection coming to Asia??

  60. Yolanda

    Please let me know if the Archie’s girls brush kit becomes available again. It was available yesterday, 3/4/13 and I missed it :(