Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

Just a heads up that MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection is online at Betty, Veronica, Archie’s Girls, Accessories!

Update @ 6:15AM PST (2/4)Nordstrom has it online now: Archie’s GirlsBettyVeronica.  Macy’s also has it up now!

Update (2/5): Bloomingdale’s and Dillard’s have launched.


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244 thoughts on “MAC Archie’s Girls – Online Now!

  1. Adi

    So far it only has the Headline, no products :(

  2. cupcakes

    Why cant I see the collection yet.I am on mountain time

  3. Jessica

    Really I’m trying on Mac but it isn’t showing up on my phone

  4. Brynn

    Don’t see anything yet. I wonder how long it takes for them to put it on the regular site after the pro people have access. Is that why the collections are always sold out as soon as I sign on in the morning to try to buy? The pro members have scooped it all up? Just wondering..

  5. Lizz

    I’ve been waiting all night. :/ I wish it would be released already

  6. Nisha

    Picture and text shows up but not able to purchase yet :( lol im so excited
    for this collection and anticipation is killing me lol

  7. Jade

    Still just text at the moment :) can’t wait for all the swatches! Christine, you are a machine! I much appreciate all the work you do.

    • I am a zombie at present – staying up three nights in a row is not my thing. I don’t think I ever pulled an all-nighter… ever, LOL. I tried to sleep and just wake up every hour or so to check the status on the collection, so they weren’t full all-nighters!

      • Mirian

        I stayed up until midnight waiting for the launch and then woke up at 4 am(for totally different reasons). I’m falling asleep right now AND the collection still isn’t posted. Boooo

      • Jade

        Madness! You must be exhausted! Why three nights in a row, may I ask?

        • Because MAC has a track record for launching things as early as 2-3 days before a purported release date. My guess was they were going to stay pretty close to January 30th (because January 30th is a Wednesday, and MAC almost always launches on Thursdays officially, so it was an oddball date). For instance, Year of the Snake has an online release date of January 31st – but it was online yesterday (29th). Generally, when MAC would give a release date on a Thursday, it nearly always went online Monday evening/Tuesday prior – again, that 2-3 day early appearance.

          • Jade

            Gah! You poor thing!

          • abigailOD

            Wow… never realized that! But now I know! Thanks Christine! As. Always! Hope you got yours already?

          • Quinctia

            If you ever decide to just give up on the MAC craziness, you’ve got at least one reader here that wouldn’t care if you didn’t cover all their LE stupidity.

            …I realize I’m in the minority, probably, but you really oughtn’t be putting yourself through this. I think you should go about your life normally and, if you can’t get ahold of a collection at all, or not in a timely fashion to review it before it sells out, blog about that.

            The company seems seriously mismanaged, and I don’t think you should reward their ineptitude by managing to make things work in spite of it, you know?

  8. Angie

    is this only available for pro members? how about for regular(?) customers?

  9. Alexandra


    I see the description for Archie’s Girls on the mac website, but no products. Any word on when exactly they will release it?

    Thank you!

  10. Aracely

    I called the customer service and they said it is only Avaliable for pro customers today. So is the release date online for everyone else tomorrow?

    • MAC stated January 30th for the North America online release date, which isn’t a PRO date, that was the general date they gave to press! If there’s anything I’ve learned from stalking MAC launches for the past six years is that customer service rarely has the right answer. Not that they’re lying, just that there seems to be poor internal communication – you will hear stuff like “next week,” “tomorrow,” “today,” “9AM,” and you could get all those answers in a single day.

  11. amaryllis

    thnx a bunch for this been waiting all night for the collection hopefully its up soon so anxious :)

  12. MAC your such a tease! Just placed and order for i item out of the year of the snake and now I’ll be placing an order for just Bright Betty. >__< (Then again I might just get 2 Bright Betty's lol)

  13. ROSIE

    Still stalking the website like it’s my job stayed up most of the night waiting for it to go live. Honestly Christine thank you so much!

  14. AMANDA

    Hmm debating on getting Shell Pearl from the year of the snake collection or Flatter me from Archie’s Girls.. Aww what a dilemma!

  15. Chelsea

    The items are still not posted. I am so anxious. Thanks Christine!

  16. L

    Never waking up at all hours for a collection again. >_< MAC just annoys me sometimes. Right now it's past 11am here.

  17. Valerina

    Same. I feel like a zombie also from staying up patiently waiting…not fair, I’m not a pro member :(

  18. I hope it goes live soon both because I want to place my own order and because you need to sleep! I keep saying I’m going to stop this whole site-stalking thing each new release, but then I do it again every time.

  19. Khadija

    does anyone when/if will this collection be online at Nordstrom?

  20. grace

    thanks Christine for the fyi!!! I’m not a pro member so that sucks, but regardless it’s exciting and would be happy with at least one betty and veronica item.. can’t wait to see your swatches!

  21. Marisa

    Wow. You poor, poor thing. At least everyone else who is waiting up night after night for these things doesn’t have to immediately photograph themselves in said makeup! If I had to do that you would see how the shadow sets off my lovely all-nighter eye baggage, yikes! :)

  22. Alexandra

    Cannot believe that I am actually stalking the mac website for make-up! Well, golly gosh Archie, you red-headed cutie with your wacky love triangle. Lol! :)

  23. Chynna


    Will you be posting when it is available to everyone here on your site? Or just this entry? I’m at work trying to check the site every 15 minutes lol.

  24. cupcakes

    Omg still waiting..this is driving me crazy. ..cant wait….

  25. Jess

    Ugh I feel like a stalker! I’m so ready to place an order. All I need is a wig and big sunglasses:)

  26. Lauren

    Does anyone have a shipping code for when this eventually is available for non-pros??

    • I think TXT still works for free shipping. I imagine the code for Archie’s Girls will be something like ARCHIE or else BETTY or VERONICA.

    • Virginia

      Free shipping is available to the US without a code. For Canadian customers, use SNAKE.

    • t_zwiggy

      On the site it currently says free standard shipping on all U.S. orders.

      “Receive Free Standard Shipping with any purchase. Upgrade to 2nd Day Shipping for $5.00 or Overnight Shipping for $10.00. Standard Shipping is always complimentary on MAC Gift Cards. This offer is valid for orders shipped to U.S. addresses only. No offer code necessary.”

  27. Sue

    C’mon MAC we’re waiting!

  28. Candice

    I already have my list of what I’m going to buy..
    How much longer do we all have to wait?!? aha
    Time is just going so slow waiting for this! lol

  29. OMG! Poor Christine! So sorry you’ve been up for 3 nights! Too bad they can’t provide a solid time! Its 11:22 EST. Though I continue to stalk the MAC site like a jungle cat, no Archie to speak of yet.

  30. Becca

    The wait needs to be over. This is getting ridiculous already!

  31. Sunni

    Christine you are a soldier!! Thanks for keeping us updated, I have been up all night too! I hope they end this horrible wait, because we need our beauty sleep! =)

  32. Ni

    This is crazy mac still hasn’t posted this collection yet. I would have been up all night waiting for this since i love Archie comics since i was little but Paramore tickets just went on sale so i had to make a tuff choice. A small part of me hopes it doesn’t go online in till tomorrow when i get paid (No offense to the beauty junkies who stayed up all night).

  33. Leslie-Maire

    I bet they will post at 12Noon EST…still waiting here, and stalking!! :(

  34. Mac always drives me nuts with these limited edition collections. I just got into makeup a couple years ago. If you told me in 2010 that in the future I would be up all night stalking Mac website for limited edition lipstick I would of yelled at you and called you stupid lol. Oh my what have I become! :)

  35. t_zwiggy

    So sick and tired of waiting. Literally. I’m seriously about to fall asleep, and it doesn’t help much that I’ve had to take strong pain killers today that’s making me super drowsy. I really wish I liked coffee right now, the amount of caffeine you can get from drinking tea is so limited.

    Also, it’s kinda annoying knowing that the only products you’re interested in are the ones that everyone else also wants, lol. I’m so worried about stuff selling out in 2-3 mins.

    • leesiha

      Iam thinking the same thing. Like I think that what would sell like crazy is the brush set and the powders. What do you think?

      • t_zwiggy

        Seems like a lot of people want the pearlmatte powders! I’m not so sure about the brush set. I know some people want it because it’s cute and all, but at the same time, there’s always the lack of quality on the SE brushes.

  36. Jessica

    This is driving me crazy waiting it needs to come out already I got work in 40mins I don’t want to miss out on it:(

  37. At work watching the MAC website like a hawk instead of actually working lolol what a shame.

  38. Maggie

    Christine I’ve been checking morning on the MAC website and nothing yet! Many MUA on instagram have been posting that it will only be available to them today and we would all have to wait until Feb.7th. Maybe you could give us some feed back so we won’t be waiting all day,please

  39. Alexandra

    Archie, you sure know how to make a girl wait…..

  40. leesiha

    I been stalking forever. In my place is 1pm why is MAC not updated :(

  41. According to their online chat reps, the collection will go live at the end of the day =/

    • Sunni

      On MAC’s facebook page, its been said that it will go up at 6pm-according to costumer service reps……

    • leesiha

      wuttttttttttttttttttttttt! really??? that is disappointing :( I just hope the wait is worth it.
      What is really weird is the Year of the snake collection was release yesterday around 12pm so is weird that Archie is still out :( pity

      • Dee

        6PM?!! I’m going to have to furiously buy on my iPhone.. I was going to do it at work guess that’s out.

  42. Brynn

    So glad there are other beauty crazies out there like me.. lol I am at work now.. have been up since midnight stalking.. and nothing. Come on MAC!

  43. Gianna

    My friend called MAC’s customer service line and was told it was going to become aval around 6pm. I am still going to check as often as I can just in case…the wait is driving me NUTS! :(

  44. Becca

    Asked a MAC Live Chat Rep if the collection would be released today, he answered “This collection is being worked on as we speak. Check back in a couple hours for your chance to purchase this exciting new collection.”

    I’m assuming that means later today.

  45. Tana

    I’m getting so frustrated waiting… I’m really starting to think that maybe they won’t put it online until tomorrow and today is just for pros.

  46. Kasia

    I just talking to an online representative who told me that they were trying to straighten out the kinks and will have it up in the next ‘couple hours’. But who knows, really 😐

  47. Mary

    Still not online as of 1:55 PM EST

  48. Mon

    Christine do you know if the collection in other retailers will be available online or only in stores?

  49. Mirian

    Christine, nordies says it’s launching online feb. 4th!

    • Alexandra Aimee

      I just spoke to a MAC rep through their website who told me it WILL be up today! She said they are working on it right now, and to keep on refreshing.

  50. Kate

    Ladies (and gents)… it’s only makeup. I’m excited for a couple of the products too, but some of the comments here are downright ridiculous. MAC is working as hard as they can to get the collection up. I’m working from 3-8 tonight at a job where I don’t have computer access. If I miss out on it, oh well. It’s MAKEUP, not the end of the world.

  51. 18thCenturyFox

    Well bless it. I live in a sad little Burg that gets made fun of in Muppet Movies (deservedly), but we do have a Macy’s MAC counter that will let me come in and pick out all my stuff ahead of time. I’m too old to battle it out online, the Specktra crowd zealousness exhausts me and I’m just going to go in person. Too much pressure surrounding make up launches completely defeats the purpose for me. I realized this when I didn’t care a fig for the Marilyn collection and have since forgotten it even launched. Make up shall remain a pleasurable activity for me!

    • L

      I can only get MAC products online because of where I live. So I have to do battle, lol. ^^’ If I don’t get anything, I think my bank account may be thankful though.

    • abigailOD

      “Make up shall remain a pleasurable activity for me!” I like your vibe 18thCenturyFox! =D

  52. Angelina

    I think since this collection will be sold everywhere (Macy’s, Nordstrom, etc.) I will more than likely wait for Christine’s swatches. Normally I buy stuff I don’t end up liking when it’s online or in free standing stores only. I don’t have a actual store by me just a counter in Macy’s so I buy blindly online lol! Can’t wait to see swatches!

    Does anyone else think Veronica’s blush PM looks similar to Sunday Afternoon PM?

  53. Alexandra Aimee

    I must say I agree with 18thCenturyFox. This particular launch is rapidly becoming no fun. I was SUPER excited because I’ve basically wanted to look like Veronica since I was 7 years old, so this collection really felt personal to me, AND MAC really nailed the colors… At least in the tube! They seem grown up and wearable, but they do for sure bring to mind the comic books. Who can’t remember that near black/purple lipstick Veronica wore? But, it’s really quickly becoming more of a pain then a delightful trip down nostalgia road. And, the worst part is it’s giving me time to rationalize… Everyone was disappointed by the Marilyn collection… I luckily didn’t but, but how would I have felt if I went through all this and then got that collection? Not good. At midnight when I checked before bed I was positive I would drop at least a days salary on this sweet bit of nostalgia, but I’ve since changed my tune. Maybe I should thank MAC for making this all so unpleasant, really! Haha!

    • Leslie-Marie

      I am starting to agree as well…especially when I only want TWO items from this collection! This is becoming annoying!! :(

    • 18thCenturyFox

      Can you order out of state from a MAC Macy’s counter? Because no one ever goes to MY Mac counter and so then you would be able to get what you want, pain free. Btw I have always wanted to look like Veronica as well!

    • Ruca

      I agree: total killjoy! Friends and I have spent sleepless nights stalking the site since Sunday, much like Christine. I had to call one and wake her from a dead slumber, and another friend had texted me at 3:48 am PST while I was dead to the world, too. I figured they would launch around 7 am as they have in the past, so I was aiming for an early start at 6 am.

      I did place my order when I got up, before 7 am PST, but they did not release the Pearlmattes. It’s always something, isn’t it? If they’re letting Pros in most of today but going public today at 6 pm EST, I do hope they finally add those Pearlmattes into the merchandise on sale! I’m already annoyed enough by everything–paying shipping twice only adds to the frustration.

      Funny how I wanted this collection so much, but the course of this week has made me loathe the name “Archie” as I yearn for this all to be over with, so I can SLEEP.

  54. AMANDA

    I am definitely waiting for Christine’s swatches now. Thanks MAC you probably saved me from an impulse buy!

  55. Merry

    I just got off the phone with mac, they said from what they know by midnight tonight. They said check 3 hours before 12 for time zones. So between 9pm-12am

    • t_zwiggy

      Hell no! I can’t stay awake that long! That’s 6am here! And I’m already struggling so much that I’m slapping my face over and over.

    • Ruca

      As Christine said: calling CS can yield 20 different answers, all in one day. Reading this thread from start to finish only proves her point. The only think I know for sure is that Pros got it all around 3:30 am PST, but we didn’t get the Pearlmattes. That, and everyone else is supposed to get this all tonight! If I had to guess, I’d say 10pm PST, but it could be earlier, between 3pm to 9pm. OH! That, and this is ridiculously frustrating!!

  56. paigest

    I’m confused on their facebook they said keep refreashing then others say 6pm…

  57. NeenaJ

    It’s my personal view that the reason MAC did not make this collection available in advance to more beauty bloggers is because they didn’t want negative reviews ahead of what promises to be one of their biggest collections of the year. This leads me to question the quality of the products in the launch. I can already see from the very few swatches out there that there are issues with pigmentation, texture and chalkiness. While I have my eye on 1 or 2 items, I won’t cry or lose sleep over it if they don’t make it into my stash. (And, I’m a lifelong Archie comic lover.)

    • furandlace

      Yep, exactly! I think it is a well calculated move on MAC’s part to not allow too many early reviews of their launches. So people are put even more in the position of ‘buy it now or else…’. However, Karen from MBB did receive a lot of the products a while back and already has her review and swatches up. So they did send early to some.

      Regardless it doesn’t affect me. I have zero interest in checking this collection out online or in person. I haven’t even gone over to look at it. I’ve been over MAC for almost 4 years now.

  58. Tasha

    Its definitely up, just purchased my items not sure about all the confusion

  59. I just got a text from MAC saying Archie’s Girls is here! Shop now!
    But I clicked the link they sent and I can only get a downloadable wallpaper lol!
    Did anybody else get a text?

  60. Joanne

    I don’t see it on there website online…. What time will be in Hawaii to place on order.

  61. Sandrine

    Did you buy the collection from Pro?

  62. Candice

    It’s not up for me yet :(

  63. Stephanie

    So friggin annoyed! Called mac and the guy said not until 8 am tomorrow! But that it might be up by 3 pm pst, 6est……this is so ridiculous, mac get ur crap together!


    Still not up in Canada…

  65. Tana

    I don’t understand what’s going on with Mac. They had the same problem with Year of the snake too. I got email to shop now then there was nothing on their website. But they fixed it. It’s nothing like this collection though. Why are people saying it’s onine when its not? So strange.

  66. Anyone on the West Coast got any luck?

  67. Lauren

    Hey everyone, I just used the links to purchase my stuff, so try it now!

  68. t_zwiggy

    Yay! Order placed. I can finally sleep 😀

  69. Hannah

    It’s live! I got everything I wanted. Hurry before it goes out.

  70. savandy

    its online!!!!!!

  71. Molly

    It’s Up. Click the links!

  72. Marie

    Face and eyes are up on canada website :)

  73. Leslie-Marie

    IT’S POSTED NOW!! Go Girls, GO!

  74. Just ordered, but I had to use the individual links highlighted in Christine’s blog post:

    “Just a heads up that MAC’s Archie’s Girls collection is online at Betty, Veronica, Archie’s Girls, Accessories!”

    Hope this helps someone else! :)

  75. Jamila

    GUYS IT’S UP !!! Use christine’s link and shop !!!!! Good Luck

  76. Carmen

    It’s up! I got everything I wanted and I’m glad since I have been refreshing since 5 in the morning!!
    Time for a nap!

  77. stalkthepostman

    Just placed my order and I’m not a PRO member – use the links Christine has provided. The collection is not under the “new collections” heading yet, and changing ‘Betty’ to ‘Veronica’ in the URL didn’t work for me either. I had to use the links above to get into the products. It’s 3:37 p.m. MST here :)

  78. ITS ONLINE NOW! I got everything I wanted! Yay!!

  79. Jayms

    not up in Canada yet! Noooooooo!

  80. Just got the lipsticks, lipglass, blushes, and Pearlmatte Powders I wanted!

  81. sunshyne

    Got my order submitted!!

  82. tgold

    its up everyone!

  83. Marie

    actually everything is up now in canada! :) Purchased everything i wanted!

  84. I’m feeling somewhat empowered at the moment. Saw it was up, checked everything out, and suddenly felt extremely underwhelmed. Skipping this collection.

  85. Mayra

    Hey Christine When will u b doing swatches?

  86. Wonder why it’s not showing up under “New Collections” or on the main page…that’s weird.

  87. Meg

    So happy! Got everything I wanted. Free shipping was nice too.

  88. Diedra

    I ordered mine and I got the new nicki! YAYY THE BEACH LOL

  89. Lucy

    its up and live now i just placed my order if you cant get it to work then call and theyll place it over the phone for you!

  90. Tana


  91. L

    I just made an order! Got what I wanted, though I went over board, but took things out of my cart again ^^’ heh.

  92. kp

    Boom! Got my stuff!!!

  93. leesiha


  94. Maribel

    Sooooo happy! Just made my purchase! I bought:
    1 Ronnie Red lipstick
    1 Daddy’s girl Lipstick
    3 Betty Bright 😀 (I’ve seen swatches and someone wearing it. Look stunning! IMO)
    1 Face powder in flatter me!

    SO excited! I guess that means nap time for me after stalking the website all night and day!
    Good luck girls!
    FYI- I had to use Christine’s link!

  95. Beckie

    I was getting everything into my cart and my computer froze and had to run to turn on another computer… but I got my order through… crossing my fingers for my order confirmation email!

  96. It’s online now! I ordered Betty Bright lipstick and Cream Soda blush! Hope the wait was worth it!

  97. SYLVIA

    if you live in texas itd available NoW!!!! GOT MY LIPGLOSSES/LIPPIES :)))

  98. Anna

    Just ordered!!! yaaay :)

  99. Verojo

    I just placed my order and I got everything my heart desired!!!! Feeling good right now!

  100. What a rush!!!! Gah! I’m so excited! Viva Glam Nicki 2 was released too!