Friday, April 20th, 2012

MAC and Carine Roitfeld Collection for Fall 2012

M·A·C Cosmetics announced today a limited edition line of cosmetics with fashion visionary and muse Carine Roitfeld, to launch in Fall 2012. Carine collaborated on all creative aspects of the collection; package design, product names and colour palettes. The M·A·C Carine Roitfeld Collection features 20 pieces with a focus on eyes and brows that reflect Carine’s signature look: smoky eye, bold brows and nude lips.

A specially created Good Luck Star stencil makes its debut and can be seen in the collection image for which Carine was photographed by Mario Sorrenti. This marks the first time M·A·C has worked with the legendary photographer.

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44 thoughts on “MAC and Carine Roitfeld Collection for Fall 2012

  1. Tiffany

    Super duper looking forward to this!

  2. umm maybe I’m very un-cool, but I never heard of Carine Roitfeld before. Well… if the colours in the colection look nice, it doesnt matter who endorses it :)

  3. Caitlin

    I love it when they come out with fun packaging. I cannot deny that it is a reason why I buy MACs limited edition stuff 😛

  4. nazih

    Oh my flipping god. CAN’T WAIT!

  5. danza

    This would seem really cool for me aside from the fact that Carine Roitfield did a shoot where the model flipped off “Say no to fur” protesters.

    I cannot and will not support anyone who so flagrantly flaunts their disrespect to what is a rightful cause.

    • amy

      There could be two ways to look at the photo. On the one hand, it could very well be a blatant disregard to the anti-protesters, in general.

      Or, it could be a disregard to over-zealous, militant protesters who think it’s okay to hurl insults, block entrances to shops, and even commit the crime of battery by throwing paint on someone wearing fur.

      By the way, I do not endorse the wearing of fur, only because it is not in line with my personal aestheti, but I do endorse the freedom of choice for others. I have to admit, though, I’m a sucker for a great pair of shoes, and I love a nice, rare steak on occasion.

    • Lark

      She did what??!!! Well good for her! I’ll be buying the entire collection- sight unseen if nessasary. The hypocrisy over fur is mind boggling to we who live in the real world and supply your Whole Foods hipster-mess while you buy leather, really cruel! And “vegan” plastic belts and synthetic fibers that dump cancerous toxins in fresh water supplies by the tonnage. You might stop wasting time on nice warn SouCals nonsense and start worrying about where you’ll get a drink of water ten years from now.

      • Bluebelle

        There is really no need to be so snarky and rude because someone shared their opinion. You have a right to share your opinion too, but turning it into a personal attack is uncalled for. Why do you assume that this person supports a “whole foods hipster mess” just because they don’t like fur? You make a lot of assumptions in your post. I personally do not like fur, but that does not mean that I do not live in the real world nor that I support companies that dump toxins into water supplies.

  6. stacey

    um wtf? a fall collection already? spring just started…………….SMH

  7. Andrea

    Im also un- cool but dont know who Carine Roitfield is. dunno maybe I have to see the collection before I can say anything

  8. KC

    I just had to google to confirm that I had the same Carine Roitfeld image in my head that they are talking about. Because the Carine Roitfeld I know eyebrows always looked a hot mess and her eyeliner is too harsh against her skin. Yup, same person. This should be quite interesting. But then again a signature look doesn’t neccessarily mean that it’s a good look.

  9. breyerchic04

    Ugh nude lip looks.

  10. Courtney

    I’m interested to see what comes of this. I’m a big fan of the smoky eye + nude lip. I kinda suck with brows though! ^_^;;

  11. Kate

    Smoky eye and nude lip? Blah. Nothing we haven’t seen for the last 4-5 years.

  12. jamie

    IMO Carine Roitfeld always looks high….shrugs shoulders but I’d love to see the packaging and what great colors they come up with.

  13. Christa

    Next up: MAC and Anna Wintour? Jokes aside, I’m glad they’re doing what seems to be a less flashy, more thoughtful collection. The process–from working with CR herself to choosing Mario Sorrenti as the photographer–would be interesting to read about. In recent years/collections, I’ve missed the artistry that used to characterize MAC and hope they bring some of it back.

  14. Mariella

    Can’t really say if I’ll love it or leave it til I see some photos or hear a bit more about what will comprise the collection.

  15. Monica

    This is funny, since Carine doesn´t wear any makeup other than eyeliner….

  16. Laura

    Eh, I don’t follow fashion so I’ve never heard of her. She’s awfully thin!

    Anyway, I’ll have to wait and see the products. I have a lot of eyeshadows and a lot of nude lippies so it’ll have to be something pretty special to get me excited.

  17. Katherine

    She was my original make up idol, I’m forgetting every collection but this, hopefully there will be some really good nude lips that suit me.

  18. Smokey eyes.. nude lips.. ok stop, can’t wait!! 😀

  19. Angie

    MAC should collaborate with Kim Kardashian!

  20. Kasia

    horrible anorectic women…

  21. Tyler

    Fingers crossed for mink brow set 😡

  22. Veronica

    She’s the former editor of French Vogue, if anybody’s unsure who she is. Famous for her work there, but she’s also quite well known for her street fashion – she’s one of The Sartorialist’s favorite subjects.

    I’ll be curious to see what they do with this collection. Roitfield’s primarily known for her heavy eye, so I’m expecting a lot of kohl liner. :)

  23. Pamela

    I’m not sure if this collection will be for me but I anticipate sell out sales.

  24. Dyan

    I can’t wait! This is exactly what I love – smokey eye and nude lip. Yes, please.

  25. Hmm…it sounds interesting, but Rotfield has always scared me a bit! I do respect her, though.

  26. Yumi

    sounds boring…i don’t think smoky eyes and nude lips are anyone’s “signature” now that it’s everywhere.

  27. YESSSS! I literally gasped when I saw this post. So excited!

  28. I’m just hoping for some nice paint pots :)

  29. artemis

    love this

  30. Danielle

    More smoky eye and nude lips? Over it. But I’m excited for bold brows. I’m tired of girls who think pencil brows are okay.

  31. Margarett

    Please no more nude lips. So boring.

  32. cindy

    cant wait yay

  33. Sherlynda Fitzpatrick

    OM G!!!!! I’m soooooo excited about this…..she is sickening….

  34. Angela Natale

    seriously? fall already LOL?!!

  35. Sexy Sadie

    I am a bit fed up with this socialite + MAC colloborations.

  36. naomi

    hey ! i was really looking forward to a review for the mac primer smoother but you never did one =( will you be doing one soon ?

  37. mmry

    i hope this collection has Brave New bronze as one of the nude lipsticks! been waiting…