Thursday, January 7th, 2010

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection: Overall & Round-up

OVERALL, the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection is really going to be a hit or miss collection for many. I don’t think it has the mass appeal of some of MAC’s previous more neutral collections, like Blonde, Brunette, and Redhead or the N Collection. I think some of the shades may be too “blah” looking, even if they’re good shades to have in your color wardrobe.

I feel like the theme here is playing up your natural beauty; playing around with light and shapes, highlighting and contouring, accentuating brows, etc. It’s, obviously, not about rich, popping color. I didn’t find too many shades that really worked well for my skin tone and matched my personal tastes, but I know others will find more to love and some will walk away with nothing.

Temptalia’s Recommendations

Must-haves: Universal Mix Pigment, All Races Eyeshadow, Naked Frost Lipglass

Nice-to-haves: Personal Style Beauty Powder Blush, Banshee Eyeshadow, Myself Lipstick, Empowered Lipstick, Liqueur Lipglass

Skip: Equality Lipstick (if you’re not into ultra pale lips)

Product-by-Product Reviews, Photos, Swatches

What products caught your eye? What’s coming home with you?

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27 thoughts on “MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection: Overall & Round-up

  1. Anitacska

    I need to see it in person, but I might get Liqueur lipglass and Universal Mix pigment. Other than them, the rest seem boring to me.

    Just wanted to say thank you for all these reviews, I really enjoy looking at the photos and swatches and reading your reviews. I should have gone to bed ages ago (it’s 11.10 pm here), but this has been so interesting. Thank you Christine! :)

  2. marcia


  3. Andrea

    I’m surprised that the only thing I like from this collection is the eyebrow gel! I’ve had the eye brow gel ever since it came out with Emmanuel Ungaro collection but I couldn’t find it anywhere. Thank god it’s repromoted! Do you know if the eyebrow gel is going to be permanent Christine?

  4. I would be really interested in the Brow Set, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be in your reviews. However, I will swatch the lightest lipgloss, as it could match my skintone :-)

    • The Brow Set is the same as the permanent ones, just in a more taupe shade. It’s also been out maybe 3-4 times in the past… which is why I didn’t review it, I didn’t think anything needed to be said.

      Sooo, what would you like to know? I’d be happy to tell you!

      • Well thank you I think you answered my questions already! As the permanent brow sets are to warm colored for me I was hoping that this one is more of a taupe shade. Like you just said :-) So I’ll be definitely getting this one! Thanks for your prompt answer!

  5. kpenn09

    I’m thinking maybe just Liqueur lipglass and 5N lipstick, although I’ll have to wait and see Myself in person. I’m so fair that things often look much more dramatic on me, so 5N might be a bit too much, whereas Myself might be just right. We shall see! I am impressing myself with my self-restraint, although we’ll see if it remains intact once I get in the store.

    I already own Showstopper and truly love it; I also have Banshee and would categorize it as one of the worst eyeshadows I own. I’ve considered Back to Mac-ing it several times. Too much fall-out!

  6. Mel

    I live for your reviews, thank you so much! The one item I will get is the Personal Style beauty powder blush. I am very fair so I’d like to try it as a blush or maybe even a contour like you suggested. I am only getting one thing because I have to save for the spring launches! :)

  7. Rita

    This collection is almost a complete miss for me. These cool browns and plain pinks just do not appeal to me, and I think they would not look that good on me. I need some warmth and/or colour. I finally got my Warm & Cozy items yesterday, and I’m happy with them. I think this collection comes too soon after another neutral collection. Anyway, from this collection I’m going to get Personal Style BPB and perhaps the other BPB, since I did not get any MSFs from Warm & Cozy. Liqueur I already have.

  8. Diligent Shopper

    I know I’m a little outdated but what’s the difference between the beauty powders and the regular mac blushes? Are the beauty powders just finer and smoother on application because they are a little bit more expensive than the regular blushes. I was interested in the personal style beauty powder but when i checked out the store, it doesn’t look too interesting anymore. :(

    • Beauty powders are different than blushes… but these are beauty powder blushes, which are different from beauty powders AND different from blushes. These are often a little more pigmented and finely milled than blushes.

  9. Stephanie

    just the pigments for me. i collect them.

  10. Romy

    one word WOW!

    I like it.

  11. Rowan

    I had to buy Liquer l/g and universal mix pigment. Otherwise, eh. I was hoping Banshee would be nice :/

  12. Meghann

    I got showstopper, cross cultural (don’t have cork so got this), and all races. The rest of my stuff I got from lilyland. the browns are really nice and a great addition to my repetoire.

  13. Jess0501

    i really like all races eyeshadow, 5N, and the universal mix pigment…

    Thanks so much christine for the swatches and review.. ^^ i’m so glad that i found temptalia…

  14. shebeli

    when is exact date of this collection being released in the UK?