Tuesday, May 28th, 2013

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

Orange. Its vibrant energy and modern edge ignites fashion and beauty big time in Korea, Asia and the world. It’s one of the new global super shades that pops with sizzle and cool sophistication. M•A•C loves a colour with international impact and has translated the trend into a makeup collection for face, lips and nails. From Nail Lacquer in Sweet Pop to sizzling Tangerine Dream Lipstick – it’s an homage to orange.

Lipstick ($15.00 U.S. / $18.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Razzledazzler Light cream peach (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Sweet & Sour Soft peach cream (Cremesheen)
  • Tangerine Dream Warm orange cream (Lustre)
  • Flamingo Light milky bright coral (Lustre) (Repromote)
  • Sushi Kiss Mid-tone coral cream (Satin)
  • Tart & Trendy Bright neutral orange cream (Lustre)
  • Neon Orange Bright clean orange (Amplified) (Permanent)

Cremesheen Glass ($20.00 U.S. / $23.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Double Happiness Frosted light nude (Repromote)
  • Imperial Light Frosted light peach (Repromote)
  • Rising Sun Frosted bright orange (Repromote)

Rainy Season Eyeshadow Quad ($40.00 U.S. / $47.50 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Arctic Grey Frosted mid-tone gray (Lustre)
  • Courtly Grey Matte cool gray (Matte)
  • Typographic Asphalt black (Matte) (Permanent)
  • Rainy Season Light warm gray frost (Satin)

Powder Blush ($21.00 U.S. / $25.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Honey Jasmine Soft warm coral (Satin)
  • Royal Sunset Soft cool peach (Satin)
  • Immortal Flower Bright peach (Satin) (Repromote)

Nail Lacquer ($16.00 U.S. / $19.00 CDN) (Limited Edition)

  • Fiestaware Mid-tone orange coral (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Morange Bright cream orange (Cream) (Repromote)
  • Ke Ai Soft pink frost (Frost)
  • Sweet Pop Peach cream (Cream)

Availability: North America June 6, 2013 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com. Asia June 2013 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com. International Ex. Asia June 2013 at all M·A·C locations, 1.800.588.0070 and www.maccosmetics.com.

See more photos!

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

MAC All About Orange Collection
MAC All About Orange Collection

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104 thoughts on “MAC All About Orange Collection for Summer 2013

  1. I have never liked orange ANYTHING. (except my hair)

  2. I’m so excited for this! Orange lipstick is my big weakness!

  3. Dee

    This collection seems uninspired to me. Though maybe that’s just because I don’t gravitate towards orangey colors.

  4. bella

    hey ho! now maybe I can find an orange lip thingy that suits me! :) am in love with orange, just find them a bit tricky, they’re usually way too red-orange! very curious of the blushes, love orangey blushes! hoping for some swatches :)

  5. Roxana

    I’m simultaneously really excited and really wary of this collection – I definitely want to see it swatched, but of course, what if everything sells out immediately? It’s always such a weird waiting game with MAC. I have very high hopes for those lipsticks and blushes, though.

  6. Chelle

    All about orange and the entire eyeshadow quad is grey…. Well that’s disappointing. I had been hoping for a variety of orange shadows. :(

    • It feels like a throw in to the collection. lol

    • I know! I was hoping they’d do something like the Call me Bubbles quad! I feel ya.

    • Bb

      It’s to compliment all the orange. Grey actually goes quite nicely with orange :) but I do wish it was orange we don’t have to wear everything at once lol

    • Daniel

      At first glance it is disappointing, however, MAC is keeping with their trends for the season. This trend is Sci-chedelic, keeping one aspect neutral and having a bold pop of color.

    • Harri

      Better to pop one area, and tone down the other areas! Look at the model! The grey compliments the orange everything-else!

  7. Please let these lipsticks be amazing!

  8. This is my collection. I love oranges and peaches!!! I can’t wait to see how these look!

  9. Chloe

    OMG!!!!!! I literally NEED flamingo lipstick! I missed out on the first time! It’s gorge!

  10. Jane

    I need basically all of this in my life. Except for the random grey shadow quad. XD

  11. Andrea

    IDK why they had to do this collection & the Hayley Williams one. Oh well I really don’t like orange, the only interesting things for me in this collection is the quad and maybe a couple of the cremesheen glasses.

  12. Cute! I recently purchased Razzledazzler from my local CCO and I haven’t stopped wearing it. So good.

  13. Monica

    Please tell us that you will be reviewing this lovely collection. I can NOT wait for your reviews and the launch.

  14. Yay Razzledazzler!

  15. All the shades look so similar lol!! I’ll be giving this one a miss. Would have been nice to see a bit of variety… :)

    • YH

      They’re totally different on! google the shades and you’ll see people swatching them or just wait for Christine to do her magic. They’re all so pretty and different :)

  16. Icequeen81

    Oooh those blushes neeed

  17. Tiffany

    I’ve always hated orange but I’m super excited about the lipsticks!! Especially the lighter colors.

  18. malinda jane

    All of those lipsticks are SO up my alley. I hope I get to see swatches before they’re released.

  19. Yellowlantern

    I sort of want Flamingo, but it was a pretty coveted item when it first came out and I imagine it’ll sell out extremely fast this time too.

  20. Lindsay

    What, pray tell, is a “cool peach”? Does not compute!

  21. DARN! I feel like orange is so hard to pull off when your complexion is fair…it makes your teeth look not so white!

    • Pamela

      Fair skin can wear orange as long as it’s not too yellow-y orange and more pink like a coral.

  22. Brenda

    Orange is one of my favourite cosmetic colours. I wonder if I’ll have the chance to partake in this collection (before the mania & ridiculousness sets in).

    I have to wonder too, what is UP with the lipstick on this girl in the promo?? It looks cockeyed and messy….not in a good way.

  23. *cheers* Orange is one of my favorite colors!

  24. ms

    looking forward to the non orange and non lustre lipsticks. I’ll wait for your reviews. :-)
    i can’t do orange lips, so let’s see the peach and coral lipsticks.

  25. ms

    on a side note, i miss the old swatch gallery. i selected lipstick and nude in color and i only see 3 lipstick images. I remember that was not the case in the previous swatch gallery.

    thanks anyways for all your hardwork.

    • Hi Ms!

      We actually are phasing out the term “nude,” as “nude” is really misleading – since it’s going to be based on *your* skintone, which means it’s really not fair that what is just beige is called nude when if you’re darker than fair, it’s not nude on you! Please try looking through the beige, peach, pink, and brown galleries.

      The products aren’t missing – they were moved over to a more improved and nuanced color naming system.

      • nubian_queen15

        Thank you so much for that Christine. Thank you for considering all skin tones.

        • No problem! :) It’s been a change I’ve wanted to implement for a long time with the “nude” lip category, but before with the original Swatch Gallery, it would have involved having to manually edit each and every instance, so I’m really happy to be able to have it going forward! I also think it’s more descriptive, too, for everyone.

  26. Lizzi

    Eh, I’ll pass. Im getting a bit worn out on corals and oranges. Only wish they took this as an opportunity to repromote ripe peach. Maybe buy a backup to flamingo. Maybe…

  27. Lara

    FLAMINGO!!! I missed it the first time and have been lamenting the lack of dupes, stalking new mac collections and hoping HARD for a repromote. I am stupidly excited right now.

  28. Wow, they really seriously overshot the lip lines on the model who actually has very beautifully shaped lips already.. It’s kinda freakish and clownish, but assuming that may have been the intention.

    I’m interested in the ‘neutral’ orange lipstick, Tart and Trendy and also the repromo, Flamingo. Orange is such a difficult colour for me, but I’ve always liked it on others especially with darker warmer complexions or very light cool complexions. Maybe there is a keeper in here for me.

  29. Diana

    There are five nail polishes pictured, but only four listed in the shade descriptions … ?

    • It’s what was included in the press release/from MAC, unfortunately! (Images of the five together but only four listed in the release – if I have clarification, that’s when I’ll post – hard to tell which is missing!)

  30. Yay for Immortal Flower!!

  31. Elysia


  32. Amy EM

    The return of Flamingo! After unsuccessfully trying to find it and being treated shabbily by MAC, I swore off the brand. I may try to get it, but I’m not sure MAC is worth the trouble anymore.

  33. Elísabet Ormslev

    What´s up with the grey/black pallette?

  34. Alexandra

    i just wish this collection was more coral than orange :(

  35. I am digging the orange! But why no Kumquat lipglass, MAC? That is one of my faves!!! And what’s up with the random gray eyeshadow quad? I would have a thought a nice set of sunset colors would have been appropriate. As always, thanks for the info, Christine!!

    • Pamela

      I was thinking about an orange shadow quad, too. But I guess the idea is to create complimentary colors and not matchy colors.

  36. Evi

    Hey Christine, I have a question: is Morange permanent or should I get it now that’s repromoted? I remember it once was permanent but I searched Mac’s website a couple of weeks ago and couldn’t find it!

  37. My list:

    Sweet & Sour
    Tangerine Dream (maybe)
    Sushi Kiss

  38. Stephanie

    I’ll be thrilled if the quality of the quad is good. Loving the blushes too!

  39. Amanda

    I like the lipsticks. I think I want all of them except the last 2! =)

  40. Dayna

    Omg those blushes!!!!

  41. Surabhi

    Love the lipsticks…I was trying to be good after having got stuff from both Temperature Rising and Riri Woo but MAC seems hellbent on getting me to break my resolve!

    • That’s the same boat I’m in. I said I wasn’t going to get anything until the fall, but I think I want every lipstick and blush. Darn…Raman noodles it is!


  43. Orange is just not my colour – not in makeup, not in clothing, not in home decor. So this is an easy one for me to leave without even taking a look.

  44. Oh joy, orange. I dislike orange in my cosmetics, it looks pretty bad on me. MAC, what are you doing? 😐 Gray eyeshadows in an ORANGE collection. I don’t think gray when I think of orange (I think of black. Halloween ~ )

    • I think it’s meant to offset the brightness of the lipsticks. If the greys are done right the look can be gorgeous. I saw a look that was grey and had a gorgeous orange in the crease….sure, this quad doesn’t have an orange in it but I think a good smokey grey eye would definitely compliment a brighter lip and cheek look. Just my opinion though.

      • Well, the model in the promo only really has noticeably orange lips with pinky-toned cheeks but not gray eyeshadow; it just looks like basic black eyeliner. An orange smokey eye might come off more Halloween-y than runway or fashionable. It would also have to be softer eye look so it wouldn’t be a fight between the eyes, lips and cheeks. Unless you’re going for the flapper look (bright lips, bold eyes, rouged cheeks).

        • Well technically, you can’t really see the models eyes…not the lids. The grey and orange look I saw was not anything remotely Halloween so it really just depends on how well an artist is able to create a look. All the grey’s in this palette aren’t dark…and I honestly think it has a lot of potential. Yes, I would have expected SOME form of orange or coral in the quad, but at the same time not everyone can wear orange on their eyes. Maybe because they only went with one quad this time they decided not to go that route. I’m just excited to see what some other mua’s come up with because I’m already sketching out ideas lol. I think you can create a soft look even with this palette without it being too bold. Guess we’ll see soon enough.

  45. Rad

    Oooo I want all the blushes and lipsticks! It would have been good for them to do a gold and nude eye palette though – the grey/black looks so harsh against organde tones.

  46. Katie


    Are you going to be swatching this line before it comes out in stores?

  47. L

    all the colours look beautiful!!

  48. Jackie

    I love orange and can’t wait for this collection to come out! I have my eye on a couple of the lipsticks (or maybe 3) and a couple of the blushes…have to see swatches, though. After that, I will have enough orange to last me for A WHILE.

  49. Mo Nyamweya

    Sad there’s no lip liners!

  50. I am thrilled about orange…at least only three of the lipsticks are actual orange so I don’t have to get all of them, and Neon Orange is PERMANENT!? Yay! A year ago I hated orange and now I am totally in love and it’s my second favorite lippie color after bright pinks. MAC is a little behind in the orange craze but I’m excited about this. I wonder how those blushes will look on my super fair skin.

  51. Miriam

    It’s maah!! I have to see it the lipsticks are kinda calli g me and the lipgloss :)
    We will be waiting for you Cristine

  52. Kate A

    Why would they not repromote Cut-A-Caper lipstick? It would have been perfect… and that’s my all time favourite and I don’t want to have to resort to ebay before it runs out 😛

  53. tasleema

    Mac missed a trick by not putting this in neon orange packaging, similar to neo scifi collection.

  54. Valerie

    Is it bad that I want almost everything?

  55. DJ

    Can’t wait to see the lipstick swatches!

  56. Lee Ann

    They should have re-promoted Modern Mandarin from the Tres Cheek collection last year! I’ve owned that blush for a year, and only now have been wearing it. It’s a GORGEOUS wearable orange.

  57. Valerie

    When is this coming out?? I want flamingo! So BEAUTIFUL!

  58. Kristy

    Ugh. Orange is my beauty kryptonite! If I put anthing orange anywhere near my face, I get asked if I’m feeling okay. I do like the grey eyeshadow quad though…

  59. Darn you MAC, how did you know orange was my favorite color?! Aww …. now I’m going to have to buy this collection and is that a nod to A Clockwork Orange I spy?

  60. Jan

    Wow – fast responses to this one. I do like oranges for spring and summer – probably more than they like me. A couple of the lip and nail products look like they may work well on my skin tone. Looks like I need to head out to MAC for testers. Thanks for the post Christine. Was just there Thurs and they weren’t aware of this. But apparently, there’s a summer Marilyn Monroe collection coming soon.

  61. Gina

    I love this! Orange, coral and peach are my favorite colors for lips and cheeks. The only issue I take with this collection is that the gray quad feels out of place.

  62. Valerie

    Now that I see the swatches for Flamingo and Razzledazzler definitely wanna get those two! :)

  63. AAO is already out in Singapore (but no eyeshadow quad). I tried Sushi Kiss on, but didn’t like it. I think I’ll head back to the stores and try Tart & Trendy and Neon Orange. Neon Orange seemed like a very wearable color when I was researching it for my blog entry on this collection.

  64. MAC usually seems ahead of the trends but I feel like they are a bit behind when it comes to this one… I think you either love or hate orange and I’m typically the latter. The only item that really appeals to me is Flamingo lipstick.

  65. Alisha

    AHHH I’m sooo excited for this!

    1. Orange went out ofr like a year and now it’s back i’m sooo soo sooo happy I’m gonna wear my MUFE orange tomorrow

    2. the orange the model is wearing inte promo pic looks so much like the orange lips J.Lo dooned in her ‘Live It Up’ video

  66. Danielle

    SO excited to finally get Flamingo! I’m a sucker for coral, so I will be totally picking up some things from this collection :)

  67. Sae

    I have been waiting for this collection to drop since promo preview photos had been leaked 2 months ago. Orange is my absolute favorite color to wear on the lips. I need to buy all of those lipsticks!

  68. stacey

    Uhhhh. Wasn’t “sounds like noise” an orange lipstick in the Hayley collection with orange eyeshadow and nail polish?

  69. Cathy

    Even as someone who likes orange/coral makeup, so many of these products seem like duplicates for older products. And what does the eyeshadow quad have to do with orange?

  70. Harri

    It’s important to note that this Typographic is a matte, not a matte2, therefore it is not a repromote but a new shade.

  71. Ashura

    So… does it mean that is not going to be a mineralize collection this summer?

  72. ms_f

    It’s a shame they’re not re-promoting Modern Mandarin from the Tres Cheek collection. That was one of the first to sell out in the UK and it was lovely

  73. The collection’s been in Singapore for the last couple of weeks. =/ I was wondering if I missed a memo because I don’t buy anything until I’ve seen you review it!

  74. Karen

    Will you be doing your usual beautiful swatches? I only trust yours, due to the effort and quality put into them. :)

  75. Ester

    I have my eye on the two lightest lipsticks and maybe one of the blushes.

  76. Dimsixx

    I love how MAC is very inspired by Asian beauty and I would really love to see them use more Asian models!

  77. Emily

    Ooooo!!! I have been obsessed with purple and orange lippies!!

  78. Shelley

    That nail lacquer in the main picture is gorgeous – please swatch it when it’s released!
    Any idea of a release date in the UK?

  79. Melissa

    With bated breath, I await Tangerine Dream. :) It’s hard to find a yellow-based orange lipstick. Far too many red-based oranges out there. This may warrant purchasing a back-up on the spot.

  80. Mona

    This collection is now at nordstrom.com! Yay!! :)

  81. Angela O

    I am glad to see orange getting out .of the doghouse and finally be seen as the beautiful, energizing color it is! After so many years of bad or orange tans its about time to see the good that orange can do!! 😀

  82. Angel

    Royal Sunset is an AMAZING blush! I just got it today at the MAC counter inside Nordstrom, and I swatched it in store. I also found out that my friend surprised me and bought Flamingo. :)

  83. Ayesha

    I love my peaches and corals to give me a healthy flush on a summers day!
    I like to pair my blushes with my mega melon chubby stick for a polished daytime look.