Tuesday, April 14th, 2009

Row 1: Et Tu, Bouquet, Of Summer, Summer Rose
Row 2: A Rose Romance, Way To Love; Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Virgin Kiss

As promised, here are some sneak peek swatches for MAC’s A Rose Romance Collection! :)

Row 1: A Rose Romance, Way To Love; Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Virgin Kiss
Row 2: Circa Plum, Mutiny; Just a Pinch; Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

A Rose Romance, Way To Love; Magnetique, Steal My Heart, Virgin Kiss

Circa Plum, Mutiny; Just a Pinch; Tender Tryst, Secret Crush

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115 thoughts on “MAC A Rose Romance Sneak Peek Swatches

  1. cloudburst

    I love the lipsticks & the glosses, not sure about the Beauty Powders, even though they are very pretty those have never impressed me in the past.

  2. vicky!

    wow, the glosses look super pigmented!
    what exactly is “just a pinch”? is it a tinted lip conditioner?

  3. Angie

    The l/s & l/g look amazing!

  4. evangelia

    ok great now i need a rose romance too…but at least i can skip on magnetique now

  5. this makes me so happy, i cant wait for this collection! why cant they release it earlier??? :)

  6. diana

    omg the lipsticks are a must have and the lipglosses 😀

  7. My-Linh

    Oh man, Steal My Heart has definitely stolen mine! I really like Way To Love, but I need to see the lip swatch before I decide for sure!

  8. Hafsa Siddiqi

    woo hoo I am loving “Secret Crush” and “Just a Pinch” !

  9. iloovemakeup

    i am in luh-ve with virgin kiss,steal my heart, and secret crush!!!

  10. dee

    Fail! The only thing I like is Magnetique.

  11. Brie

    I love you for posting these, seriously ;_;

  12. Catherine

    I can’t wait to see lip swatched of the see-thrus.

    Mutiny is so gorgeous! Not sure I’d be able to pull it off, but still beautiful…

    I need both lipsticks… and Steal my Heart and Virgin Kiss. Oh, and Summer Rose, definitely.

    Damn, I’m gonna be broke. Again.

  13. Kayc

    Hmm.. I was hoping the eyeshadows would be more pigmented. But I’m grabbing Mutiny for sure since I wasn’t able to get it in the past. I’m liking some of the lippies though. Can’t wait to see lip swatches on those :)

  14. Dominique

    I love the magnetique lipglass and mutiny pigment!

  15. liz

    do you think that Et Tu Bouquet from rose romance would be comparable to belightful iridescent powder?

    i highlight with belightful, and sometimes use it as e/s, but maybe if et tu bouquet is close enough, i might just want it as an eyeshadow.

  16. Wilcoa

    Awesome thanks, definitely answered my question from the last post :)

  17. Pizzicata

    Can’t wait to try these out myself. Thanks for the swatches.

  18. NuNu

    Just crossed Magnetique off my list. Probably only end up getting Steal My Heart as Virgin Kiss looks too sheer. Is it just me or does anyone else think A Rose Romance looks like Pink Fish TLC?
    Can’t wait to see swatches of Blush of Youth!
    Thanx Christine!

    • evangelia

      hmmm it kind of does…good! i already have pink fish hehe

    • How come you didn’t like Magnetique? Probably one of my favorite lipglasses of all time!

      It’s similar, but probably not quite as cool & definitely the texture is different.

  19. catherine

    do you have the swatch for the nail polish? thks

  20. aleksis

    Love the lipsticks even more now!

  21. Krys

    I’m so disappointed with that swatch of of summer es. I feel like I have a dupe of it. At least I can pass on this now

  22. Ceci

    Wow…I have a crush on Magnetique! I’m a sucker for those vivid pinks :-)

  23. Thanks for posting swatches but i still only want to get Magnetique out of this collection. Pastels aren’t my fav.

  24. I need A Rose Romance, Mutiny, Summer Rose, and possibly Of Summer and Silverthorn. What did you think of Silverthorn?

  25. elle

    I love this collection. Hopefully when I swatch it myself I can cross some stuff of my list because right now I want too much.

  26. Sugarcrumb

    Aww – disappointed. Was hoping that the e/s would be more pigmented. Yes, the packaging (esp the Rose emboss) is very pretty and all the pinks are sweet and dreamy-looking but i think a lot of the colours can be duped with a whole bunch of stuff i already have; would be fab to buy but i know when i bring it home or use it, there’ll be a dupe waving “hello!” from my makeup stash. The only thing I’ll get is Mutiny pigment cos its neither on the regular line nor is there another pigment like it that i’ve seen.
    thanks Christine; you just saved me a whole lot of impatient, anxious waiting (and subsequent disappointment) =)

  27. shonn

    I can’t wait to get the full size of Magnetique, I have the mini version from a few Christmas’ ago. I might want to try the gel blush too

  28. Sheila

    I’ll only be getting Mutiny… Magnetique looks really nice too but I already have a Guerlain lip gloss that is exactly that colour.
    I’d also hoped that the e/s were more pigmented.

    Thanks Christine!

  29. Rae

    cant wait to get Magnetique and the blushes !

  30. Ruth

    I love the lipglasses, can’t wait to see them in real life.

  31. I’m so excited for most of this still!! I’m excited to try all this stuff out in real life so I can see for myself though. :)

  32. Bhav

    love magnetique!

  33. Magnetique is gorg!! <3 I must have that and a blush!

    Thank goodness nothing else screams MUST HAVE. :] My pocketbook is excited.

  34. Aww, the lipsticks and glosses look really sheer except for Magnetique which will probably be too cool-toned for me. ;_; I’m definitely interested in the c-thru stains though.

  35. Theresa

    Magnetique is so damn gorgeous!
    Definitely has my name written all over it!
    Love ’em blushes too 😉

  36. Rita

    Can’t wait! Steal my heart, Way to love, eyeshadows, see thrus… It really is my birthday next week!

  37. Chloe

    I really like Way to Love! I mite get Circa Plum pigment too!

  38. Mikki

    Thanks for the swatches!!

    I’m thinking of getting Just a Pinch gelblush… it looks funny!

  39. It going to be a see thru! maybe a lipstick :)

  40. way to love reminds me of utter pervette. beautiful collection. I like alot of stuff, probably because my name is Rose Lol. But i will probably skip this collection because nothing is really screaming BUY ME.

  41. Kelsey

    Is it just me, or does et tu boquet look really bad swatched? I saw a picture of it swatched on specktra and it looked better. Going to have to see that one in my store. So I deff want Rose Romance and Steal my Heart. Kind of weary about et tu boquet, and i still need a swatch of blush of youth.

    keep us posted. (:

    • It looks accurate to me — I’m always cross referencing swatches in real life to the photo I’m cropping/editing so I can try to make it look accurate. It may swatch differently based on skin tones, though, which I can’t help, LOL! If I could change my skin tone for swatches, I so would!

  42. Nicole15

    I definitely like the lipsticks as they seem to be perfect for summer. Does anyone know if these are definitely lustres? That’s my guess. I like Magnetique as well.

    Is it me or does Circa Plum look just like Mauvement pigment & Mutiny looks just like Aire de Blue pigment? Maybe its just the pic & i am not seeing the key difference, but i have Mauvement & Aire de Blue so may pass on these new ones.

    • I’m not sure. They do feel like lstures, though!

      Circa Plum isn’t quite as dark as Mauvement — it’s a little grayer, maybe 😉

      Mutiny is brighter and has a totallyyy different texture than Aire de Blu!

  43. 1cig

    Wow, the lipsticks are def must haves!!!

  44. I’m so in love with this collection. Hope it will come out in Germany as well (not sure yet) :-(
    I need both eyeshadows and the lipsticks. Just a hint of colour.

  45. Stef

    The lip and cheek products are all amazing here, they leave the eyeshadows for dead!

  46. oh wow the swatches look great! this so far is my fav collection. :) love all the colors!

  47. Brie

    I know I am not the only one, but I am dancing about in anticipation to read your reviews of the collection! Right now my wishlist pretty much includes the entire collection and I gotta narrow it down, your reviews are always so helpful so I can’t wait!

  48. Brie

    Oh wait! I almost forgot to ask – would you say that Et tu Bouquet is somewhat similar to Shimmertime pigment? It looks similar to me in the photo but maybe it’s just me!

  49. olliesbear

    oooo…A rose romance, way to love, of summer, and summer rose are speaking to me! Esp. the lipsticks!

  50. Julia

    Wow, this collection is amazing!
    Thank you for showing these swatches. It looks like the perfect collection for me, the colours are so lovely!
    Does this beauty powder show up on the cheeks? Is it more pigmented than the pink powder from the HK-collection?

  51. Mary

    Magnetique is so…perfect, it hurts.

  52. ms.mad

    does anyone think that steal my heart and virgin kiss lipglasses look like the lipglasses from the fafi collection. which i still have. i’m torn between buying all lipglaases? i still have magnetique also. waiting for the finishes on lipsticks, the look like lustre and luke dupes of perm colors. thanks

  53. MAG

    i was really looking forward to just a pinch but now i dont think im impressed…im saddened i wanted a “gel blush” lol my fiance sure wont be sad im looking at these swatches trying to narrow my list down…lol i wont be able to make it to Nordstrom because im about to go into the hospital to have my first baby =) but my fiance will and i have kinda overspent this month…im plannin on

    virgin kiss, steal my heart, & magnetique l/g
    et to bouquet e/s & silverthorn sounds appealing =/
    circa plum & mutiny pigment
    tender tryst see thru lip colour

    i hate how it all adds up so quickly…lol i cant wait to get back to work so i can spend my own money on make up and not have people thinking i need intervention because i cant spend less than $150 a collection lol

  54. Kristina

    Does anyone know how Way To Love compares to Shy Girl l/s from the Cremeteam Collection..?

  55. saide

    totally got my mutiny today! awesomeeee!