Friday, April 24th, 2009

Secret Crush see thru lip colour

See lip swatches for the other products from MAC’s A Rose Romance! :)

Tender Tryst see thru lip colour

Loving Touch see thru lip colour

Way to Love lipstick

A Rose Romance lipstick

Odyssey lipstick

Virgin Kiss lipglass

Steal My Heart lipglass

Magnetique lipglass

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49 thoughts on “MAC A Rose Romance Collection – Lip Swatches

  1. Magnetique lipglass is awesome on you I would wear it to bed and never take it off lol.

  2. Natalie

    Thank you so much Christine!! Now I can safely skip all the lipsticks :)

  3. Anitacska

    Tender Tryst, Magnetique and Odyssey are a definite must on my wishlist, and still really like Loving Touch too, but not so sure about the other l/s and l/g. I’ll need to see them in person first for sure.

  4. Allie

    ummm, these lips are amazing! do they come with the gloss?? 😉

  5. evo

    now u are making me want secret crush and tender tryst….i passed on those yesterday.

  6. Luda

    I love the lipsticks and the glosses. I ended up getting two of each. The lip colors looks really good on my hand but on my lips not so much. Loving touch looks really light on my lips

  7. I actually skipped ALL of the lip products this time…which is a total first for me! I’m holding out for Chanel’s new Glossimers :-) Very lovely swatches Christine! Which one is your favorite?

  8. wow i love Way to Love, & A Rose Romance, !!!

  9. Jessie

    I’m in love with the see thru colors lol I have Loving Touch, and I’ma head in and look at Secret Crush and Magnetique today. I heard you can use the cheek gel on the lips, too.

    I used a bit of White Magic l/g (from the Alexander McQueen line) dabbed on my lower lip over the Loving Touch and it looks amazing.

  10. Nicole15

    I definitely like Odyssey & Magnetique a whole lot. Since Odyssey is perm, maybe i will get it closer to fall as it seems more like a winter color for me. Magnetique though, may have to be a purchase. I will have to try it on cause I just got Funtabulous dazzleglass that appears as a fuschia pink on me & that is how Magnetique looks too in the swatch. Will have to see…Thanks for the swatches Christine! They all look great on you. Anxiously awaiting your first Rose Romance look. *hint, hint* :)

  11. pia

    I’m on a budget till new school year starts. But can’t help wanting magnetique and odissey. Thanks to the magnificent swatches, Christine!

  12. agnes

    you know how lip stains have a tendency to settle into fine lines or dry areas of the lip? are the see thru lip colours anything like that? i really want to get secret crush and tender tryst…but if its anything like benetint or vincent longo stains i might have to skip it. i love lip stains but i can never seem to get it to look right even with exfoliating!

  13. Nathalie

    “Steal My Heart” is atrocely sheer!

  14. Aleia

    Wow. Honestly I think you have great lips for lipsticks and gloss, they always look great on you! Odyssey looks AMAZING though.

  15. Nicole13

    I usually don’t get MAC glosses, but I may get Magnetique to go over the Rebel I just bought.

  16. A Rose Romance looks really pretty. I’d like to own it but I’m still trying to get lavender Whip and Saint Germain — which seems pretty much impossible now. =(

    • Jessie

      Sometimes they’ll still have them in the stores or on the website. I know the nordstroms here has colors from older collections. I picked up Marquis ‘D the other day.

      • Colleen also often has the limited edition colors for a long time. I found some dazzleglasses there long after other places had sold out.

    • Oh no! Good luck tracking those down!

  17. apfelwinter

    Hm, despite I voted for Way to Love earlier, now I’d choose Secret Crush see thru instead. What do you think of S.C.?

  18. aghh so pretty! I love Rose Romance and A way to love <33

  19. Skyler

    I really need to throw out my old Odyssey and buy a new one (I have the SE one from 2005, Treasures & Stashettes I think it was, and it’s all dried out). I’d forgotten how much I love it until I saw this swatch! 😀

  20. baybee

    way to love lipstick looks good on yoU!!

  21. Yaya

    I’m definitely going to MAC to try on Odyssey, Way to Love, and Magnetique… and maybe more.

  22. Hanna

    i was wondering if anyone could tell me if Rose Romance L/S is pretty similar to Pure Rose L/S from the E.Ungaro coll.?

    • Leah

      Hi Hanna,

      In my opinion I don’t they are close enough to call a dupe. Rose Romance has more of a blue undertone and different shimmer reflects than Pure Rose. You might want to try out Way to Love though. That’s more of a warm pink like Pure Rose.

    • I think it’s a little plummier?

  23. Hanna

    HI Leah,
    thanks for your response i will take a closer look at both of them. I live 3 hours away from my MAC stand so I totally relay on all the information and swatches I get online.