Wednesday, April 9th, 2014

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

3D Glitter ($21.00 U.S.) (New, Permanent at PRO)

M·A·C Glitter can be applied directly to the skin or combined with products to create high-level glitter and sparkle effects on all areas of the face, skin and hair. Please note: Glitter is not eye safe and is not recommended for use on this area of the face.

  • 3D Black Holographic multi-colored glitter in black base
  • 3D Brass Gold Holographic multi-colored glitter in gold base
  • 3D Lavender Holographic multi-colored glitter in lavender base
  • 3D Pale Mint Holographic multi-colored glitter in mint base
  • 3D Pink Holographic multi-colored glitter in pink base
  • 3D Platinum Holographic multi-colored glitter in platinum base
  • 3D Silver Holographic multi-colored glitter in silver base

Availability: May 2014 at PRO stores

See more photos!

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades
MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades

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37 thoughts on “MAC 3D Glitter Launches New Shades (Summer 2014)

  1. I want to see some pictures of people wearing the glitter. Will you be posting any?

  2. Jacob

    Is sad that this has literally made my life complete?! Literally I was heartbroken when they discontinued 3D glitters sometime last year! Omg I am so excited I can’t breath

  3. These are unbelievably gorgeous! I’ll be excited for swatches!!
    Elana Recently Posted: Spring Trends- Dewy Glow

  4. KaseyCannuck

    When you have to photoshop the glitter onto the pictures, that says a lot about the product, I think! I’m not interested in glitter to start with, but these pics are an epic fail. I’m almost embarrassed for MAC…

  5. LOL! Never before have product promo shots ever looked so photoshopped! Those superimposed coloured speckles are hilarious!

    Love me some glitter though – I’m excited for this launch. :)
    Chelle Recently Posted: The Unmentionables

  6. wow these remind me faces glitters that I recently swatched..

  7. These are very pretty! I’m excited to see swatches!

  8. Al

    Those photoshopped specks look ridiculous! And there I thought it couldn’t get any more fake-looking than that silly promo image for their Patent Polish Lip Pencils…

  9. John

    I just spoke with a Mac representative online and she said there are issues with the launch and it’s being pushed back until May 13th! :(

  10. Lol these promo pics do look hella edited but I love glitter so I’m all for this collection. I can’t wait to see some real photos though so I can see how they really look. I hope they live up to 3D gold. I love that glitter so much!
    fancie Recently Posted: Milani Ravish Raspberry Brilliant Shine Lip Gloss Review

  11. Giggle at the photos

    Glitter attracts the crow in me, and I confess to wearing glitter nail polish and glittery eyeliner, but never ‘real’ glitter on my eyes. I’m not certain I have the chutzpah. I need to see someone, in my age group preferably to work it in a non-disco-queen kinda way. No smear intended to disco queens across the world..okay? you got it, girl..flaunt it~!

  12. They look aweesuummm.. I wanttss.. 😀 :D..

  13. Amanda

    When I contacted the pro store where I shop they said these are not releasing tomorrow…any info on that???? Thanks

  14. Margarita

    Do you know if the 3d glitters will only b available at mac pro.

  15. Rae

    I AM SO EXCITED FOR THESE. The likelihood that I will buy and wear any of them is practically nil, but my inner lemming monster is helpless in the face of glitter >.< I found out yesterday that Beautylish has the entire Lit range properly photographed and swatched and promptly lost it — and unlike MAC, I've never even tried anything from Lit. (MAC, on the other hand: 3D Silver, be still my beating heart.)

    I'm doomed! D:
    Rae Recently Posted: Bite Deconstructed Rose, Christina Hendricks’ makeup, Illume Spring 2014, & more | New 03/04/14

  16. carmem

    I called today for 2 mac pro stores and none received the glitters! : (
    Does the release date changed?
    Online so far nothing! : (: (

  17. Matthias

    I’m really looking forward to these! Hopefully they will be available in Germany next Friday when I visit the Pro Store. I’ve been wanting a black holographic glitter in ages! (And hopefully they look better in real life than they do here… Holographicness (?) is hard to capture in pictures sometimes. But this… ;D) If not, Christine, are you going to review these?

  18. Helena

    Do you know if this collection will be available at Mac Pro in the UK?

  19. 3D Mint? 3D Lavender? *dies and goes to Heaven*
    Nova Recently Posted: couture-dolls:

    “In Forma Perfetta”Glamour Italia, April…

  20. christina sanchez

    I died gone to heaven now well, I need to have them first !!

  21. Chelle

    These are available now, online.

  22. Olivia

    does anyone know if these shades are permenent?

  23. henny

    swatches pls?

  24. For those that mention they use them – can you explain how? I was thinking *maybe* combining them with a mixing medium for lipgloss? On top of nailpolish? I LOVE glitter nailpolishes but I’m having a hard time coming up with ways to actually use these glitters (my eyes are too sensitive to consider around eye area).

  25. Ziska

    Hey Christine, have you swatches these yet?