Thursday, October 6th, 2011

MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush

I’m still testing the Matchmaster foundation, but in the meanwhile, I do like the new and permanent MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush ($32.00) that was released alongside the foundation. It’s firm and densely-packed, and the angled edge makes it easy to maneuver around noses and underneath eyes. I like it better than the 190, which I find too flat.

This brush is smaller, though, so it may take a little longer to apply foundation to the face entirely. The bigger concern is the size of it and the size of the area you’re attempting to cover may make it easier to get product towards the edge of the ferrule–and it is much harder to clean this area. It will give a slightly streaky look if you just pull it across the plane of your face, you will see lines. I use a lighter hand and brush it back and forth, and I find the finish and overall look to be blended and seamless.

It’s great for those with smaller faces or would prefer something more precise for around the nose, underneath the eyes, as well as the temples. The density makes it a good brush for liquid and cream formulas.  The bristles are soft and pliable but not floppy or fluffy.  It holds its shape well after washing.

See more photos & swatches!

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24 thoughts on “MAC 193 Angled Foundation Brush Review & Photos

  1. Mel

    Have you tried the MAC 130? It’s actually the best for liquid foundation!

    • Yes, I have – I reviewed it here: I don’t find it the best, personally! I prefer the 109.

      • Romina Elorrieta

        Christine, the 109 is so fluffy, and to me it seems only for powder products, so I find it kind of strange that you use it for foundation. You seem to like it a lot, and I’d love to know why. I think I have a 109SE in my brush kit, and I’d like to give it a go as a foundation brush if it works so well for you. Do you have a review about it? ^^

      • alison

        i use the 109 for foundation too. :)

    • Mariella

      Mel, I agree – I really like the MAC 130 also. I find it works really well with the new Match Master foundation (and also the Pro Longwear liquid foundation too). I like that it’s smaller and a bit denser in texture than the 187 or 188 and works under my eye area. If MAC brushes weren’t so darned pricey here in Canada, I might try this new one but between my 130 and my Sephora 55, I sort of feel I have “enough” foundation brushes that work for me.

  2. Jade

    Is this permanent, Christine?

  3. Brian McD aka Roulette

    Forgive me I scanned the post a few times, and I don’t see, but I know you usually post which is why I’m reluctant to ask…Do you know if this brush is permanent or limited edition? Thanks so much!

  4. Suselew

    It’s too much like a paddle-style brush for me. I have liquid and cream foundations mostly and I prefer my Sigma F84 for both. I don’t think you can get an airbrushed look with this type of brush.

  5. I use the 109 for liquid foundation (MAC Studio Fix fluid, MUFE Mat Velvet+) and I love it! It’s easy to build up to the type of coverage I like (medium to full). Hoping to get another one as a backup.

  6. I can’t wait to add the 193 to my collection. I see a lot of women here use the 130 to apply their foundation, personally I think it’s too small and stiff so I use it for contouring, it’s the perfect brush for contouring in my opinion.

  7. Kat

    I didn’t try this foundation brush but I did purchase the Matchmaster Foundation. I’m really liking it a lot. I use my Sonia Kashuk Multi-Purpose flat top brush to apply the foundation.

  8. Joan

    I’m loving the Matchmaster foundation. I typically use the 130 but I picked up the 193 and I love it for applying this foundation. I now use the 130 to stipple concealer over needed areas. The 193 has proven to be a useful addition to my brush collection.

  9. Amy

    This brush seems lovely for around the nose and under the eyes and for placing cream contour before blending it out with a liquid foundation. Too bad the Match Master didn’t work for me :( Even the lightest shade was too orange and dark for me ~sigh~

  10. shelly

    That brush looks tiny! I was thinking it’d be a similar size to the 190, only angled.

    Anyway. For foundation, I either use a large standard paddle brush (currently the Studio Tools one from Target), the Sigma F80, or a combination of both (one to apply, the other to buff). Or my fingers. I saw a 130 in the flesh about a month ago at a CCO, and I also think it’s a bit small for foundation. May be good for buffing in concealer, though.

  11. eleanor

    would you recommend it for studio sculpt? I have the 187 but I feel the foundation is to thick so I’ve been using a sponge instead

    • It would be better just because it’s stiffer – so it won’t get as caught in the brushes. I’d say the 187 is too fluffy for such a thick foundation!

  12. summerblue

    I love Sigma’s F84 angled brush. This one is just too small, & I have a full face. Since I’m using cream foundation I prefer an angled brush, but I’m reading rave reviews for the F80 flat-top for liquid foundation.

    My w/l foundation brushes are that new Big, Fat, Firm Foundation brush by Coco Beau &, possibly, the Louise Young LY34. If these don’t work out for me, then, it will be the LY02. Sadly, though, these purchases are gonna have to wait until next summer or fall. I’m drooling already! lol!

    I do have the SS190 foundation brush for my bag & also a couple of low-end drugstore ones that work satisfactorily.

    Christine, if you haven’t seen the Big, Fat, Firm Foundation brush, you’ve gotta check it out their website & the couple of youtube vids, especially the ones by Finnezze & camiloveskiw.

    *Christine, feel free to edit out the last paragraph before you post this if you deem necessary. :)

  13. Adelita

    I think I might try it. And if I do not like it, I think it’ll be a great brush to apply cream blush….

    • I’m with Adelita on that. I think that it might be nice for placing concealer or cream blush. You’d have to buff it in with something, though, but you could use the 109 for that. I use my 109 the same way that I use my 226 or my 217, but for larger areas.

  14. Sarai

    I bought this brush today and I use it to apply my concealer and it works greaat!