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Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

A Slice of Gingerbread for Your Nails

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer ($22.50 for 0.50 fl. oz.) is described as containing “metallic gingerbread coloured glitter decorated with flat colour red, white, blue, pink and green glitter in a clear base.” It has small, medium, and large square gold glitters, plus large diamond-shaped white glitter, along with multi-sized orange and green hexagons. All of the glitters are suspended in a clear base.

Two coats of this alone yielded some coverage but still a lot of base nail came through, so it’s best as a layering shade (I used it over Chanel Emprise), as I can’t see opaque results forthcoming even after three coats. The concept was cute, but I wasn’t able to get all of the glitter sizes and shapes to come out. After doing three layering coats (one coat over a base color) and then two coats on two other nails (pinky and thumb) of this alone, I couldn’t manage to get a single heart-shaped glitter to come out. I also wasn’t seeing a lot of pink or blue pieces coming out–I was getting primarily the gold particles. This polish did require some dabbing, pushing, and pulling to maneuver the glitter into place so it didn’t all get bunched up in one place. The consistency of the clear polish itself was thin, which made it easy to apply, and it is definitely easier to get away with multiple coats with the thinner formula. I typically get a week of wear out of Lynnderella’s formula with no peeling or chipping, just minor tip wear.

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Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

The concept was cute, but I wasn't able to get a lot of the glitter sizes and shapes to come out, so it was something that looked more interesting and more gingerbread-like in the bottle than applied.











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Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer
Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer

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27 thoughts on “Lynnderella Gingerbread Hearts Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. heather

    It’s neat looking. But…I probably will not ever spend twenty two dollars on nail polish.

  2. It looks very cute in the bottle but is disappointing on the nails. Loving the Chanel base colour though :)

  3. Katie

    I really haven’t had good luck with indie polishes, they just don’t do it for me.

  4. t_zwiggy

    Ugh! Not impressed with this at all.

  5. artemis

    very pretty, i like it 😀

  6. hm, I actually like it. I appreciate the shapes and the density of the glitter.

  7. 18thCenturyFox

    I was going to *try* and follow my Nana’s advice so… It looks nice in the bottle? Not that I would buy it, but it looked interesting!

  8. I am OBSESSED with Indie polishes, but would never spend that much to be honest! Dabbing and never applying like a usual polish works best for these polishes, I got full coverage from Crows Toes Absolum doing that and it was well worth it :)

  9. J-Boogie

    Cute in the bottle. Kind of a hot mess on the nail. Certainly not worth that kind of $$$.

  10. Mindy

    Meh. Over priced glitter IMO. I’m kind of getting annoyed with all these indie polish brands basically just making glittery topcoats and then raising the price to ridiculous amounts. There is no base in this one, just glitter. I could google solvent resistant glitter and do it myself for the price of one of these bottles. Sorry for ranting on your page Christine. I’m just annoyed :)

  11. snm

    I really don’t like these polishes with random glitter shapes and sizes.I do love glitter but in this case to me, most of them look like something a 10 year old would do in school.Not to mention the price.I have lots of glitter bought from random stores.Mixed with a clear polish and some thinner,they turn out no different than Lynnderella’s.I do love indie polish but I would prefer saving my money for something more unique.

  12. Yasmin Ali

    Looks like a mess on the nail and in the bottle.

  13. Ainjulle

    You can go on and find tons of Indie polishes for 8 dollars or less. 20 bucks is insane.I love Indies but I’m not paying that much for something when i don’t even pay that much for high end polishes. Jmo.

  14. VickyM

    It looks really nice in the bottle, but terrible on the nail, it reminds me of the crafts I would do in kindergarden…and I was between 4 and 5 years old in those old times, not a good look in my opinion.

  15. Meri

    omg, I cannot believe she marketed that :/ I read the story about how this polish is created on eBay (her store), she uses a clear base lacquer approved for human nails and then uses various glitter. That is not impressive is it? I’m sure its fine for your own concoctions but to sell for 20.00? I dont think so, Chanel is 27.00 and limited editions can go into the hundreds of dollars if you keep them with original box (like I do) so I can see 27.00 for something like that, but not this Frankenstein of a polish.

  16. Emily

    I almost never disagree (let alone strongly) with your grades on products; you set the standards, so you can determine how to grade cosmetics, and you’ve got much broader exposure to everything that’s out there than I do. But how can this possibly be higher than a D, or at least a C? I can’t understand recommending this polish in good faith. If it were a name brand, I think you’d be harsher on the grade.

    Thanks, as always, however, for the swatches that let us decide for ourselves to override your good grades! Your site is a must-check for me (and so many others) for obvious reasons. Unlike some bloggers, you’re not overly impressed by favorite brands, and you don’t let them slide on one not-so-hot palette just because you’ve loved everything in the past.

    Overall, though I don’t understand this grade, I love your site and wouldn’t buy makeup without it!

    • The biggest problem was that the heart-shaped glitter wasn’t getting onto the nail at all – so that’s kind of a pigmentation problem, but it’s glitter in a clear base and designed for layering. If this was 90% heart glitter and there were no hearts coming out, then that would be a different story – but one of maybe 10 types of glitter? Not as impactful! The overall, big picture view was that it was good in regards to consistency and wear but not fully “pigmented” and didn’t apply perfectly. Not great but not bad. I didn’t recommend this polish – there is no “Temptalia Recommends” for this shade.

      Thanks for your feedback! If you could let me know what made you feel this was a D product, that would really help me out!

    • 18thCenturyFox

      I think you and I probably both find it quite unattractive ( or maybe I’m jumping the gun) but it doesn’t sound like Christine had problems with application or wear time, and again it’s not meant to be opaque. But I am very biased against Lynderellas and honestly not impressed with the polish at all. So I can clearly see why Christine gave the polish this grade and also, less objectively, understand your feelings. Bless my heart, but I would be a HORRID beauty blogger as I am full of very strong biases that many would find completely offputting!

  17. cocochanelno1

    This polish is totally gorgeous! I admire her creativity. I am a BIG indie buyer. I also buy Chanel/ Dior etc. I love Christmas and when I saw this polish, the concept she came up with, I was blown away! I blog for indies and no other person had even created a polish with this Gingerbread idea. I love Gingerbread men. I was gaga over having this beautiful assortment of glitters. A++++ on her originality, by creating this 😀 Looks cute too <3

  18. sharon

    what nail polish are you wearing underneath the glitter?

  19. I love glitter nail polish, but this one seems a bit .. messy, uneven, too many weird chunks. Oh, well not my fav I guess 😛


  20. Kat

    I’m just not a fan of these chunky-glitter polishes (especially ones with bar glitter), though I know that many people love them. They remind me of a grade-school art project LOL.

  21. Terri

    It truly looks like something my pre-school daughters would have made at their Nana’s house back in the day and proudly brought home. They also “made” their own perfume as well and both that and THIS nail polish looks to me like something only the creator’s mother could love. Awful!!! Just one woman’s opinion in a sea of others but you couldn’t pay me to wear this. Double yuck!!

  22. Helen Alderson

    Wow! What a bland Indy for the amount and price. Hearts are always the hardest to get out and the Indy maker needs to over do it in the bottle to make it easier on the consumer end of things. Thanks for switching this.

  23. Brittany

    22.50 is asking to much for a polish! Can easily make this polish with the gold glitters I already have. Some of her other polishes are beautiful but will never purchase.