Thursday, July 24th, 2008

LUSH’S LATEST | I know we have some Lushies on Temptalia, and I love me some Lush myself.  Here’s some recent happenings with the brand!

Porridge Soap ($5.95 for 1/4 lb) uses wholesome oats to help soothe your skin and scented with molasses. This product is great for those who suffer from eczema, because of oats’ soothing qualities. It’s also an exfoliator, but the bits aren’t too rough or hard.

RETRO LUSH IS HERE! This summer, when you order online, you can purchase some of your favorite discontinued LUSH products. You can give the gift of Retro ($49.95), which includes Uluru and Bon Bomb Bath Bombs, Pineapple Grunt Soap, Red Rooster Soap, Slammer Shower Gel, and Freezer Shower Gel. Or else browse the four pages of old favorites brought back. Can I just say this gift is awesome? I received it, and it’s so cute and fun to get. Bath bombs are ridiculously fun – make me feel like I’m 5 years old in the bath tub.

To celebrate the Beijing 2008 Summer Olympic Games, LUSH has picked out four products perfect for the athlete in you! These include Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar ($8.95) with cinnamon leaf oil and aduki beans; Fair Trade Foot Lotion ($19.95) to keep your feet in tip-toe condition; Demon in the Dark Soap ($8.75) with mint to help with inflammation; and Running to the Embassy Body Butter ($11.95) to help soften callusses, cracked heels, and feet.

LUSH Bath & Body Products

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17 thoughts on “LUSH’s Latest – Porridge Soap, Retro Lush, & Athletes Rejoice!

  1. Oh, I love the Porridge Soap. Got it about a week ago and it´s already a favourite.

  2. betsy

    Time to make another trip and check out the Porridge Soap (dang, I’m hungry!).

  3. Ashley

    That Porridge soap sounds amazing! I’ve had eczema forever and haven’t found anything but hydrocortisone that helps it! Now if only they made a good antidandruff type shampoo since I am also blessed with eczema on my scalp!

    • hey ashley, try using the squeeky green shampoo. The herbs and mint in the shampoo will stimulate the roots and hopefully help with the eczema.

      Or you can do a deep conditioning on the scalp and hopefully peel away the dead skin. Something like Jungle solid conditioner.

      And for an all over body try dream wash. It has aloe vera which will help with the itching and follow up with some dream cream b/c it too has the oatmilk and lavender to & to sooth the skin :). All the products are Lush and hope this helps !

      P.S. my boyfriend also has eczima AND psorisis, so i help him find things at Lush. A lot of customers also come in with the same skin conditions too.

    • Hi Ashley,

      WOW! This is great to hear. I think I might have to pick some up for my sister!

  4. whitnee

    Is the porridge soap available right now? I see it on the UK website, but not the US one.

  5. Lush rocks!ANd the retro word is so addictive!!

  6. This porridge soap is one of the best soap Lush ever created !

    And retro products are the best way to spend more and more money ! I made an UK order last month… Wow, Slammer shower gel is totally perfect ! Marzibain bubble bath slice is nearly perfect too ! Uluru, Pineapple Grunt soap… wow… so addictive indeed !!!

    I love love love Lush ! 😉 (and MAC !)

  7. addicted_2color

    Darn! I was just at lush yesterday and didn’t even see Porridge Soap. Are you a fan of Snow Fairy? Did you hear about The Godmother? Basically its a soap version of Snow Fairy. I can’t wait to try it out, but sadly isn’t in stores yet.

    • whitnee

      Yea, I went today and they didn’t have porridge either. I’ve been searching online and it appears that people have been ordering it from the UK website and having it shipped here. LOL something I will not be trying because i HATE shipping charges and I do everything I can to avoid them…there’s no way I’d pay international shipping for something that I haven’t even tried yet (and was going to be available here shortly anyways)

      • Hi Whitnee,

        Geez, people are nuts! I’m like you, I hate paying shipping and won’t pay for international shipping when if I was patient…

    • Hi addicted_2color,

      That sucks! It should be in stores pretty soon, might be August 1st or something like that.