Wednesday, August 4th, 2010

LUSH Launches Lovely Jubblies

If you need a little hump day pick-me-up… see if this new LUSH product does the trick! 😉  It made me giggle when I saw it come through my inbox yesterday afternoon…

Feeling a bit “low” these days? LUSH is here to “perk” you up with the introduction of our Lovely Jubblies Breast Cream ($24.95)! An expertly blended mix of essential oils gives things a much needed lift in the right direction. Tiger lily petals and Meadowsweet, traditionally used to tighten skin, are ideal for keeping your pair firm, while an infusion of fresh roses soothes and makes skin supple.

To use, simply smooth cream in an upwards direction over breasts and décolletage. This blend of cold-pressed, organic oils will also keep your entire body in top form, helping create a “firm nation”. This amazing cream is for everyone, of any size, any background, any gender. Depending on how “blessed” you are, you might even need two pots!

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31 thoughts on “LUSH Lovely Jubblies Launches

  1. Lady Di.

    I need something to increase the size of mine before I can get something to lift them!hahaha

  2. Erin

    i don’t think anything can lift mine back up. After having 2 babies, my “girls” are shot! :)

    • You know what’s funny? I’m even more flat chested now than I was before I had my daughter. I remember the first few days after giving birth, they got big but they hurt so bad! I prayed that they would go away because I couldn’t even lay on my side at night or put on a bra for that matter. So, they went away and then some. I look like a preteen from the neck down. Boo!

      • Erin

        I wish mine went away some. I started out at a pretty “generous” cup size before children. After each pregnancy I tacked on an extra letter!

  3. AnGeLwInGz

    What I really need is something to make them grow!

  4. leslie

    now this post must have been awkward to write lol

  5. Andrea

    I actually really want this.. I’m only 21, but extra moisturization is always good. I would buy it mainly for the name 😛

  6. Heather

    the smell is terrible

  7. luverly

    This is really really nice! As women we put lotion on our faces arms elbows toes and feet but forget our breasts so I got the loveliess I tried it and like it well enough to say it does the tightening job.

  8. I guess I can pass this up since I have nothing to “perk” me up in the first place!

  9. Faith

    Ugh, I hate the name of this. So tacky.

  10. I think I wouldn’t mind using this to smooth mine out :)

  11. Lorna

    do you think this would work for the “rear” as well?

  12. Pang

    I’d rather settle with my Victoria’s Secret bras. They give me instant gratification. I don’t think any cream can lift those jubblies up like a good bras does.

  13. Michelle

    I can’t help but wonder the awkwardness you would have to endure if you bought this in store…especially if its a male cashier.

  14. Kat

    Does this really work?

  15. Allie

    Kid you not, I went to Lush yesterday to get some of the Lip Scrub and I saw the display for this. It made me and my boyfriend giggle. I love Lush products because they give results, so I might try this :)

  16. HAHA this is hilarious. It’s a cute idea for a product but I firmly (no pun intended har har har) that the BEST way to lift up your um, jubblies, is chest press exercises and a great push-up bra.

  17. Luisafer

    LOL… guess if I belived that I would pick one since I’m going to be breastfeeding, but really????

  18. Ahem. Yeah, I’d need two pots. DOUBLE DS IN THE AIR! xD
    It would be humorous in a very black, schadenfreude manner if this were released in October.

  19. Grace

    This is hilarious!! :)

  20. K

    This stuff actually works! I tried a sample and did not tell my husband. He mentioned my chest looked bigger and asked if I got a new kind of bra.

  21. Kris

    I don’t love the name, it’s awkward. However I love the product. I was given a sample and intend to buy it. It’s a really nice florally scent but nothing over powering. I am pregnant so it’s hard to notice “tightening” but I do love it! Its also nice to know it’s gentle and meant for there which still smelling great :)

  22. Coco

    Christine can you please try or do a review? I would love to know if this stuff works!