Wednesday, March 25th, 2009

LUSH invites you to help them in their campaign to end Canada’s commercial seal hunt. They’re joining forces with Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. A limited edition First Swim Bubble Bar ($5.95) is now available in North American LUSH stores. 100% of proceeds from the sale of the First Swim Bubble Bar will be donated to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. You can learn more about LUSH’s campaign to “Save Our Seals” at their official website.

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44 thoughts on “LUSH Launches Save Our Seals Campaign!

  1. Kharina

    Hi, I think that what LUSH is doing is GREAT. I wish more beauty product would donate a small portion of their proceeds to stop animal abuse around the world. We as a society need to change our mindset about how we treat animals and as a PETA supporter I would like to encourage you to see a video that MARTHA STEWART shares about exposing what goes on “behind the scenes” with corporations that sell fur. This video is super SAD as you will see baby seal abuse amongst other horrid scenes… so if you don’t have a strong stomach, don’t watch.

  2. Irene

    Thanks for posting this – I love it when companies give to charity b/c it really enables me to try something I’ve always wanted to try while benefiting something!

  3. Amanda


  4. Holly

    Is this available online anywhere?

  5. Sarah

    This really annoys me. Another company flaunting misinformation to end something they don’t fully understand. And of course they use a cute little white baby seal to advertise, though it’s been illegal since the 1980’s to kill white coats (baby seals). Check out the Canadian government’s website on fisheries and oceans and learn about what is really going on.
    Oh, and charities are all well and good, i’m all about viva glam’s campaign, but this is not helping anyone. It will be a detriment to eastern canada’s people and also the seal population itself, which has risen 3x since the 70s.

    • Nadine

      Does it really matter it its white, back, baby or adult? They’re killing them!

      • Kelsey

        Yes, they are killed. Yes, it is inhumane.
        But please, all you hear about is the bad.
        Did you know that seals eat much of the fish that many Atlantic Canadians depend on as their livelyhood? Bet you didn’t. Did you know that it is illegal to kill infant seals, which is what many anti-sealing groups use to persuade people? Now you do. Did you know there are regulations put in place to make sure the seal hunt isn’t neaerly as bad as it could be?
        Americans hunt, don’t they? I don’t see anyone lining up to protest that. Before you criticize your neighbour’s dusting, make sure your own house is clean, thank you very much. 😀
        (PS: I don’t like that they’re killing seals. I just think people should inform themselves BEFORE speaking out against something at the risk of sounding uninformed.)

        • Deo

          Way to go Kelsey. I totally agree with you. People just jump on the bandwagon without getting all the facts. LUSH just lost a lot of Canadian customers.

    • kat

      I totally and completely agree. I was sickened to even see this product. I think it’s endearing and good for people to care about the environment, but this is SO missdirected and missinformed. They should put their proceeds towards something more significant, or something which actually needs protecting.

    • Stephanie

      LUSH is not protesting against the hunt itself. nor against the profit it has for native communities, but rather against the brutality of the hunt. we know that the hunt, they do not kill white fluffy seals. its against the law to hunt those. what we do know is, it is a government funded killing. LUSH wants the government to cut its ties for funding. especially since the UN has now stated that they will no longer purchase any seal products from Canada, or any where else, unless it is sold through native channels. thus ending the hunt as a sport. and not denying the native heritage in the hunt. why should you kill a young seal cub for its fur and oil? and allow our government to fund such a brutal clubbing?! I know these facts first hand, coming from a family who do the hunt and from a company who could live without the government involve!

  6. Tiffany

    The seals are killed in a very inhumane way. What’s the point of arguing? I’m all for supporting this cause.

    • Sarah

      no they aren’t, they are killed in as humane, if not more humane, methods than are used in commercial slaughterhouses. There are strict regulations on this and they arent just clubbed on the head and left to suffer for hours.

      • Tiffany

        Being skinned alive? I don’t think we do that to cows.

        • Carrie

          I’ve had bad luck with LUSH products, but think it’s great that they’re doing something so thought-provoking.

          If they kill the seals and remove the pelts, I don’t think it’s out of the question that sometimes the seals are still alive at that time. And all kinds of crazy things happen in slaughterhouses because it’s such a fast assembly line procedure. The blood is still draining when the cow hides are removed, they are still alive sometimes, too. Humane or inhumane…it’s kind of a moot point to me. The animal ends up dead either way.

          If the point of the seal hunt is to control the population so that there’s more fish in the sea, so that more people and make a living off fishing (thus killing the fish)…it’s one creature dying or another….the whole things seems like a pointless cycle of suffering…therefore, I choose to be vegan!!

      • Jodie

        You seriously need to get your facts straight. Why would anyone leave an animal to die. People depend on seals to eat. They are killed humanely as possible. I know it’s a hard concept to understand. What is funny is KFC puts chickens in boiling water alive and no one makes a noise.

        • Sarah

          thank you! the seals are not “skinned alive” like people like to say in their propaganda and like I said, the seal hunt is very regulated. And yeah, but chickens arent cute and we think they are tasty so who cares what kfc does. It’s so hypocritical.

        • Tiffany

          You seriously need to be more considerate :) I’ll be buying a couple of these. Take care, and have a great night!

        • Carrie

          Actually some people DO make a noise about KFC etc…but they are shouted down as “crazy” “radical” “dangerous” etc (see comment exchange below). The whole thing is so messed up.

          My basic point is that living in our modern society today where we have access to so many foods, eating animals is no longer required for a healthy diet, so if this issue with the seals and the cows and everything makes you queasy, do some research into being vegan and see if it feels OK to you. I’ve been vegan for 5 years, so I’m biased ;P

          • Jodie

            Well in fact I have done some research into being vegan, I was for about 3 years :)
            And I agree eating meat is a waste of human resources and doesn’t make any sense! But my point is. I think this bubble bar shenanigans is too hypocritical to take seriously. They are only “picking” on Canadians because they 1. do it on a much much smaller scale than big corps, 2. they have no $$$, Cow and Chicken farmers make waay more money and no one wants to disrupt big business, even if it’s exploiting animals in a much more grotesque way. Altantic Canadians and Native peoples are being discriminated against and misrepresented!!!!!

  7. I just bought my first real Lush haul yesterday! I am soooo in love with the bubble bars!!

    I saw these, but I forgot to grab one! I totally need to go back now!

  8. Nadine

    I just bought their charity pot (lotion) that supports the same charity and its got a really unique, delicious smell. As a fellow Canadian, I’m glad to see them supporting a Canadian charity!

  9. Jodie

    This isn’t a charity, this is affecting the livelihood of many Canadian families. I really dislike when companies are very misinformed on things and pull this purely to jump on a bandwagon and get good press. People who hunt seals are probably the most humane.. the seals live in the wild for the majority of their lives and they are shot in the head and feel no pain.

    Why don’t they make a cow bubble bar or a chicken bubble bar? KFC and Mcdonalds kill MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of cows and chickens, while taking horrible care of them. Chickens are overfed and don’t even go outside! THAT’s animal cruelty. This seal hunt is needed or the fish in Atlantic Canada would be wiped by too many seals.. and then the poor seals will have nothing to eat! LUSH=Hypocrites! Will never purchase anything from them again.

    • Carrie

      PETA is on this. Check out their Kentucky Fried Cruelty campaign.

      • Sarah

        not trying to be mean or anything, but please support a better animal rights group than peta :( they are extremist and crazy and support the animal liberation front who terrorize people and companies. I’m all for animal rights but peta is out there.

  10. This is a hot button issue, and as such, I’d like to issue a reminder:

    Please remember to respect each other and everyone’s opinions. We are a community of lovers, not fighters! Discuss and debate the issue, just remember to keep it intellectual!

  11. Kendra

    I support the seal hunt and people need to do their research! People only care about the seals b/c they’re cute. You don’t see people kicking up a fuss on university campuses EVERYWHERE when they gas the rats after experiments! Anywho, I can honestly say that I don’t think I’ll buy lush products anymore!

  12. Tekoa

    I think Lush should issue an unbiased article about seal hunting. Polarizing the issue will only lead to misunderstandings and no one will talk. I will not be buying this product because I think Lush has not considered the other side of the issue.

  13. Erin

    There’s so much misinformation out there about the seal hunt, it’s saddening. The majority of what gets publicized is in the vast minority of what actually happens – a great number of Canada’s indigenous and northern peoples depend on the seal hunt for their livelihood, and while I can’t say I support it any more than I support inhumane slaughter methods or sport hunting, I do get annoyed when I see misinformation employed as a PR tactic. As a PR practitioner who walked out of her Vancouver apartment this morning to see the co-owner of Lush half naked on the front of the daily paper, protesting the seal hunt on Robson St, it sickens me how completely this reeks of spin. Add this to the piles of journalism and literature condemn Canada, and in many cases, all Canadians, on the basis of a practice blown way out of proportion.

    That said, I occasionally pick up something at Lush, and while this won’t stop me from continuing to do so, it does make me question the broader implementation of their philosophy.

    • Christy

      I saw the co-owner on the news this morning. (The one day I don’t go dt!) Yes, unfortunately a lot of people are misinformed. People definitely need to look at the Canadian Fisheries regulations on seal hunting before saying anything about the issue.

  14. Anne

    I wish companies, celebrtities and even the regular ole joes would actually INFORM themselves on the seal hunt. They just think oh no little seals being killed how sad, then click to the next TV show or website and then raise their voice when they happen upon a debate. The seal hunt helps hundreds of Canadians families, keeps the seal population down (in a CONTROLLED manner, no one is running out onto the ice with a crowbar and hitting seals left and right). It really gets me going when people aren’t educated about the hunt. One time I met someone who said I was a horrible person because I was Canadian and Canadians kill seals. Give me a break, inform yourself.

  15. Ashley

    I’m glad to see other Canadians voicing their opinion. I’m all for animal rights but we need to be realistic. First of all, there are SO many regulations surrounding the Seal hunt, it is NOT humane when done under these conditions. Secondly, it’s just like any other population, hunting is important in order to control the population size.

  16. Tanya

    I love LUSH and their products :) I like the fact that they are supportive of animal rights, BUT I do wish that they would also help raise awareness of other animal rights, not just the cute ones. Some said it before, if you care about what happens to the baby seals, try to care about the chickens, cows, pigs and other animals who are killed daily.

    I am a vegan, I dont wear leather, nor do buy products that are made with animal products. I do so because I care about animals and their treament. I care about the cute baby seals BUT I also care about the cows, pigs, fish, rats and chickens.

    For those of you who want to stop the abuse and killing of animals, do so daily in your everyday life NOT just cute baby seals.

  17. lisa

    It feels double good being able to pamper myself and at the same time knowing that im helping a great cause. Keep up the good work lush!

  18. Chris

    I am so angry at seeing this campaign. People are getting so twisted on what goes on in regards to this issue. E.g. people thinking it is just about little white fuzzy seals being killed which is not the case. It’s against the law to kill white coats in Canada and the packaging on the soap perpetuates this lie. Also, as mentioned the people who live in the far north have little other resources of income other than this, and the seals get overpopulated and eat up all the fish which leads to problems for people and the eco-system. It’s not pleasant that seals get killed but the same goes for livestock we kill for mass consumption. Please, read up on some reputable sources and consider other viewpoints instead of relying on raw emotions before supporting these campaigns and the companies that back them. LUSH will not be getting my money.

  19. kat

    I thought I’d be the only one who had a problem with this campaign but I am soooo glad to hear so many people voicing their opinions. I love Lush but I won’t even try this product…

  20. I really didn’t have a strong opinion either way on this campaign, but I have to say all the comments have definitely given me something to think about.

  21. Honestly, just because their are other atrocities being commmited against animals that may be worse than the seal hunt doesn’t make the seal hunt the right thing to do. Just because people depend on it for their livelihood or whatever does not make it right. It is NOT right to club seals to death. Or to shoot them from far away distances. I am not saying hunting is wrong, but the method in which this is carried out IS not humane in the least. Killing animals when necessary should be done in a manner which allows the animal some dignity. This isn’t it.

    PETA may be extreme – there are other websites you can find that have good information. Check out what the humane society has to say about it: They have good facts.

  22. While you’re at it, check out this page too:

    The Humane Society aren’t some nutjob animal rights extremists. Also, they DO care about humane conditions for farm animals. I applaud Lush for supporting Sea Shepherds and I applaud Temptalia for blogging about it. 😀

  23. Cinanev

    I’m just throwing it out there, but I’d rather be clubbed and skinned alive (I’m sure it happens now and then, but not to the extent the Lush campaign would like their customers to believe) than get caught by an orca and used as a playtoy for hours before the pod finally does me in.

    Nature is not fuzzy-happy-cutesy-nicey-nice, either. I believe it is optimum for an animal to live a whole, happy, healthy life before they die, but die they do, and sometimes it ain’t pretty. That’s life.

    I highly doubt that the seal hunts are as cruel and violent as this ‘Save the Seals’ campaign claims they are – for one thing, it is ideal for the animal to be unconscious or dead before they are skinned, otherwise the pelt could be ruined through a struggle or rapid blood loss. Pretty much common sense.

    I was pretty pissed about being put on the spot when I went in to get my Lush face cleanser refill. They provide no facts except hyperbolic and sensationalist statements, cleverly worded for (what I suppose they hope would be) a horrified and indignant response. They say nothing about the ecological impact of the seal population and other animal populations or the economical impact for the Canadian people. The salesperson happily vilified Canadians with a statements such as “It’s like a holiday for them, it’s horrible” – I was shocked, honestly. The way she said it – with such disdain in her voice when she said ‘them’ – was as if she was speaking of the scum of the Earth.

    Funnily enough, when it comes to other very pressing environmental concerns, I hear nothing. I heard nothing about the Bush Administration’s attempt to compromise the Endangered Species Act. I heard nothing about Governor Palin’s okay to use snares and gas on wolf dens – which, those of you familiar with hunting and fishing regulations, you don’t touch the little ones! It’s just common sense – they are needed around to preserve a healthy stock for the next generation. I hear nothing about the truly horrific finning practices against sharks – and some shark species are actually endangered or darn close to it. I hear nothing about the State of Texas compromising the Rio Grande River by poisoning a 1-mile stretch of vegetation, preferably with Agent freakin’ Orange, in an attempt to discourage illegal immigration – meanwhile potentially poisoning essential habitat and water sources for both animals and people on both sides of the border. Or what about the efforts in Africa to help farmers and ranchers coexist with lions (instead of killing them) through the training of Rhodesian Ridgeback dogs?

    Nope. Never heard a gosh-darned campaign from Lush over any of this stuff or the plethora of other causes – such as green energy, humane farming practices, habitat conservation, nothing. Sure, they have their ‘Charity Pot’ – but a highlighted cause like the Canadian Seal Hunts? We had and have bigger things to worry about. I resent two things – one, being treated like an uninformed consumer. Two, being put on the spot because I didn’t sign the gosh-darned card because – oh gee golly wiz – I’d like to be educated about something before I pick a side on it.

    In general, this entire campaign is uncomfortable for many customers, gave reason to at least one certain employee to freely voice anti-Canadian sentiments, is based on (at best) an overly-inflated sense of importance, and dishonest. I am very glad I’m not the only one who got rubbed the wrong way about this.

    P.S. Canadian peeps? I’m from California and I’m backing you gals 100% – thanks for saying something and helping me realize I’m NOT a heartless, horrible person for balking at this whole ‘Save the Seals’ campaign. Let me tell you, it’s a far sight better than the looks I got for politely refusing to sign the postcard. I’m actually thinking about sending my thoughts to Lush and discontinuing my shopping there. It’s quite unfortunate too, as I’ve never had skincare that works as well as Lush’s ‘Coal Face’ cleanser.

  24. Monica K

    Despite all the controversy over this issue and the way its being framed by Lush, I did buy this bath bomb and it has a really invigorating and awakening scent. I like it. And if it their campaign does do anything to protect the seals from inhumane hunting, great. Sure, Lush could be supporting a plethora of causes, but they are just one company and this is one campaign. They are a cosmetics company, not an animal rights group. People who are more interested in animal rights can talk to PETA.

  25. Jay

    Quiet simply, why is Lush supporting a terrorist organization?

  26. greentangerine

    and THIS is why I continue supporting LUSH and other companies who actually care about the environment. Most companies such as LOreal dont even offer an ethical statement, so anything goes including animal testing and use of highly questionable ingredients. All respect to LUSH for going an extra mile. I dont mind shelling out some extra $ for their stuff.