Thursday, July 26th, 2012

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

A Stunning, Multi-Faceted Polish for $6

L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer ($5.99 for 0.39 fl. oz.) is a cool-toned, smoky blue-gray with hints of teal and silver shimmer in a metallic base. There was not a single color that came to mind that even resembled this in a meaningful way. Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal is a creamy, dark blue-based teal, but there’s none of the gray, smokiness or the multi-faceted shimmer. If you have a dupe in mind, I’d love to hear it!

This is one cool polish–there’s a lot of dimension to the color and finer nuances that make it really interesting. It kind of reminds me of some eyeshadows like MAC Club, MAC Blue Brown pigment, Too Faced Label Whore, etc., but it’s bluer with less brown coming through.  There are visible brush strokes in the finish, and they look like threads of shimmer–they applied fairly straight and evenly, actually. They’re most pronounced under really bright light (e.g. diffused flash) and hardly visible in natural light (e.g. studio light).

The formula wasn’t too thick or too thin; it was a good balance between the two, so it helped the polish apply fluidly across the nail without gathering along the sides.  I didn’t experience any streaking or bubbling, and two coats was plenty to produce opaque color coverage.  The brush was easy to use, not too wide or narrow, and enough flexibility to move around but not so much that it became floppy.  Worth noting is that it contains 20% less polish than most polishes (0.39 fl oz. vs. 0.50 fl. oz.).  I did do a wear test with this particular shade, and I was able to get seven days of wear with minor tip wear but no chipping–it’s supposed to last for 10 days, which I haven’t tested with this shade specifically and will do so with the next L’Oreal shade (I typically only test for seven days; didn’t realize they claimed 10 days!).  Keep in mind, of course, that next to nothing chips on me, whether I use a base/top coat or nothing but the polish itself.

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The Glossover


VIP Status

A stunning shade that's unique to me with an excellent formula that comes in at less than $10? All over it! Definitely worth a look-see next time you're at the drugstore.











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L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

L'Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer
L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer

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There was not a single color that came to mind that even resembled this in a meaningful way. Rescue Beauty Lounge Teal is a creamy, dark blue-based teal, but there's none of the gray, smokiness or the multi-faceted shimmer. If you have a dupe in mind, I'd love to hear it!

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66 thoughts on “L’Oreal VIP Status Nail Lacquer Review, Photos, Swatches

  1. Just testing out the new features of Livefyre 3 :)

  2. XXDD

    This immediately reminded me of Chanel Black Pearl! The frosty finish, duochrome, and smokiness. Black Pearl is more green. Ah. Beautiful! Will definitely check it out asap.  

  3. xamyx

    I love seeing DS brands holding their own against over-priced HE brands.

  4. Dana

    I have this and love it, I get compliments on it every time I wear it!  It also wears as long as the more expensive polish lines.

  5. Wow–that IS really cool looking! I want it now! I was just at CVS the day before yesterday looking at all the L’Oreal polishes and I didn’t see it :/ My CVS SUCKS at restocking/getting new releases in

    • Becca @The Beauty Sample Yeah I have the same problem with all the drugstores around my house, they always have half the shades missing… *sighs*

  6. xamyx

    I love seeing a DS brand holding it’s own against overpriced HE brands.

  7. Rachel

    So beautiful!

  8. CShell

    That is beautiful! I love pretty and different shades of grey!

  9. Sam Schweinsberg

    Oh my godddd! This is such a Sam color!

  10. This is a very pretty shade for fall! I wouldn’t even have noticed it in the store, because it looks kind of flat in the bottle. It’s a lot darker and more multi-dimensional than expected

  11. It reminds me a little of Sinful See You Soon,  but VIP is more steel blue.

  12. Lauren

    it reminds me of chanel’s black pearl, just this has a darker grey tone and metalic, and has more blue sparkles instead of the green lol

  13. bereafoodie

    Yay! It’s about time you reviewed L’Oreal’s new nail polishes :) They are cheap and I have had great success with the numerous ones I have purchased! 

  14. 18thCenturyFox

    I bought this one but sorta tossed it in one of my NP bins under the bed- I will have to go dig it out! On a side note I found these Wet n’ Wild Color Icon holos- holy cow! I’m getting duochrome glittery opaque coverage like a good Lippmann! Wowza…

  15. You’re right, I can’t think of ANYTHING like this! It’s really gorgeous. And that price is definitely to my liking. :) 

  16. Kafka

    Blue Jean! David Bowie!   God, this is spectacular. I love the grey-tone to the blue and the silver shimmer. Gorgeous. Fabulous. I could go on and on.  I haven’t been so impressed by a colour in ages!  I seriously have to get this. 

    • xamyx

      I *immediately* thought of you when I saw this post! Then the Bowie reference popped in my head, LOL.

      • Kafka

        xamyx  Ha, me and my dark colours!  Do you know, I became so obsessed with this polish that, after mulling all afternoon on it, I said, “to hell with it” and drove out in the height of rush hour traffic (and we have one of the worst in the country, though not as bad as LA) and I went to THREE different places to find this? No luck, alas. Though I did buy a smoldering, slightly shimmery dark grey from L’Oreal called “Stroke of Midnight.”  I swear, I have absolutely zero self control when greys are involved. At least with purples, I’ll think about it for a while and contemplating the undertones or hues, but grey? It’s like some sort of Pavlovian bell and I come running. LOL. 

        • xamyx

          I’m the same, but in reverse. I have to look at the tones of greys, but I will grab (and sometimes *obsess* over purples). It’s probably because I know (at least in my opinion) any purple will look good, but I’m not as confident with greys. I think if my skin were just a *bit* darker, I’d be more confident with greys, but because I’m so pale, I feel they wash me out. With purples, the fact I’m so neutral, I don’t have to worry.

        • Kafka

          xamyx  Well, if you see the VIP again, I think you should get it since it’s way more shimmering Blue Jean (damn David Bowie song has been in my head ALL day now!) than grey. I don’t know if the NARS Storm Bird would be dark enough to make you feel comfortable, but when you go back for VIP, look into the L’Oreal Stroke of Midnight. I think you’d love it. Graphite-grey-black with a silver shimmer! So gorgeous. I almost cooed when I saw it! BTW, speaking of L’Oreal and purple, I tested out the Infallible Smoldering Plum (hey, I got distracted since they didn’t have the VIP nail polish) and it’s gorgeous! I so thought of you. You have that one, right? It’s not bad like the purple one, is it?

        • xamyx

          I have it, but I have the European version, Burning Black. It’s *much* better than the purple, though my purple is quite good. The *only* one I have any issues with is a pearly beige shade (I can’t recall the name, & I’m too lazy to check). So far, the best in terms of performance, IMO, is the Golden Emerald (?), the new green shade.

  17. cloudburst

    Maybe similar to Laura Mercier’s Caviar Dreams?

  18. Cassandra

    Is this the type of product that falls under ‘the real thing’ or is it considered a knock off because it’s cheap?

  19. Such  a pretty color! I don’t think I own anything like this in my collection…

  20. Kris

    It looks a bit like Barielle Snow Day, which lacks the visible glitter, SD is more reflective, and this is a bit darker hued toward blue. SD is more gray, I think. (image here:

  21. Angelcat47

    This is the coolest shade of polish I’ve seen in a long time….and at this price point,no less!!

  22. coldvault

    Reminds me of an Essie color…Trophy Wife, maybe? Or what cloudburst suggested.

  23. KK27

    It looks a little bit like Deborah Lippmann “Hit Me With Your Best Shot” but even better! Funny how sometimes a $6 polish can be even better than a $19 one. 

  24. Isela

    Is very similar to Butter London’s Big Smoke.

  25. AnGeLwInGz

    I will have to purchase that one. Right now I am wearing Club Prive and I am liking L’Oreal’s formula.

  26. sanguine13

    Oh my god, I am keeping an eye out for this. Such an awesome colour!

  27. Jennydoodle

    I’m by no means a nail polish kind of girl, simply because of what I currently do for work, and I just have really small, short nails. But I NEED this. 

  28. Quinctia

    That’s the first of the new line of L’Oreal polishes that’s interested me.VIP, why you no in my stores?!It’s a little on the dark side, but I’d love to layer Zoya Maisie on top of it :)

    • Kafka

      Quinctia  It’s not in any that are close to me either! I drove out like a bat out of hell this afternoon to buy this and no luck at 3 different places.  But, I’m going to hunt this VIP down if it’s the last thing I do. LOL 

      • Kafka Well, it is online, too :) I mean, maybe if you need to stock up on your TP or toothpaste, then shipping will probably be free, too.  I rarely bother going to drugstores to buy stuff, because they’re *always* out of what I go for, so online is my best bet!

        • Kafka

          Christine (Temptalia)  I normally have a bit of a mental block when it comes to sites like or the like, maybe because I feel as though I can’t get just one item and I don’t like stocking up en masse. But if that’s the only way to get VIP, then, by Jove, I’m going to do it! I tell you, I’m obsessed. And it’s all because of you, you bad influence, you! ;P

        • Kafka At least with a place like, you can get non-beauty essentials, LOL. You know, stuff you REALLY need 😉  

        • Kafka

          Christine (Temptalia)   Essentials that *aren’t* beauty-related??!!? <blink>  What are these alien things of which you speak? 😉

      • Quinctia

        Kafka My Meijer will eventually have it.  Sometimes I wonder why I bother checking any other place out, I should just wait for it there, haha.

      • xamyx

        I actually *did* see this in my CVS, LOL, but it looked too “blue” in the bottle, so I didn’t even bother. I’m regretting it now, of course. This is why we *need* Christine’s swatches! I’m not a nail polish fiend, and I typically go with “plain” shades, but this one is calling out to me!

      • 18thCenturyFox

        So, I live in a beauty-disinterested location and most htf products can rather easily be found here. I’ve often thought I should create a mini Undeground Railroad of coveted products, so that no one should go without!

        • Kafka

          18thCenturyFox   Hahahaha, you could call it the Milani Underground Railroad and we’d all be queuing up with our shopping lists. “Please, Sir, may I have some more?”  😉

        • xamyx

          I live in Los Angeles, and you would *think* people would be interested in beauty, but the stores around me just don’t get things in. If I saw an empty display, I’d be happy, because then I’d feel justified in stalking the stores, but I see the same products *every* time. One CVS near me seems to get the L’Oreal stuff in, but nothing else.

        • 18thCenturyFox

          I totally understand. I lived in old town Pasadena and then Echo Park and trust me I learned I had to head to certain suburban Walgreens to get what I needed. I know what you mean- you would think there would be endless resources in that area, and yet not so much. Those were the days I gave up trying to get ANything from a MAC collection. I suppose I could have elbowed my way through the crowds, but I couldn’t deal with the Juicy bottomed, extensioned hordes that were de riguer at the time. However, I now live in the Biggest Little City and don’t think it is worth a million Marine Lifes

        • 18thCenturyFox

          For the Oliver! quotes alone I would make it happen! Our Macy’s is Zombie mall empty, as is our MAC store and Sephora,, comparatively speaking. I just want these products to go to good, deserving homes!

        • Kafka

          18thCenturyFox   A huge, quite literal LOL @ the “Juicy bottomed, extensioned hordes.”  I can’t stop giggling. (God, I despise those velour track suits!) The “good, *deserving* homes” one was excellent too!

  29. Khadijah Ali

    love this color will be buying

  30. SincerelySimply

    This color reminds me of MAC Whirlwind nail polish or China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic! Those could be possible dupes I think.

  31. This color is so beautiful! It is always great to find great drugstore brands at such a cheap cost.

  32. Laurianna

    Have this and I would say that my China Glaze Rodeo Fanatic pulls more strongly teal than VIP. If you can’t find this one Borghese Stellare Notte is a perfect dupe, and came out first, except it is marginally thinner in pigmentation especially in the first coat than VIP. I know the Essie someone mentioned below, I think it is Trophy Wife, that one is much more like Rodeo Fanatic. Hope tht helps as I have all 4… No one else needs to spend the $ for all of them! :-)

    • Laurianna

      I meant Essie Dive Bar, not Trophy Wife! Whoops! Also, Stellare… is a NEAR perfect dupe. i was tired…

  33. AlexaK

    Is it similar to Chanel black pearl ?? On the foto, I think these two ate quite similar! Seem Loreal is doing a good job for nail polish this year! Btw Christine, I was told by my sis that Chanel polish used to still able to be used after opened for like 10 years ( she had one deep red one which could still be use now) meanwhile some of my Chanel polish collection bought a few yr back starts to thicken….do u feel the same??

    • AlexaK Black Pearl is definitely greener :) haven’t noticed, but I don’t go back and use many old polishes. Have you tried udsing thinner?

  34. Oooh very nice color, so special. And it lasted 7 days? That’s impressive. My nail polish never lasts that long, cheap or expensive.

  35. Wenz

    OMG I just picked this up @ Target yesterday!  It completely caught my eye because it looks so ‘different’. I debated because it was the last one & I havent heard much about them. But I love quite a few other loreal products and for less than $5… i took the plunge. SOooo glad it got your blessing! Its next in line for my mani after I do my country colors for Olympics :)

  36. Wow, this looks gorgeous! I’ve seen it in stores and been intrigued, but I worried it would look different on the nail than in the bottle. Thanks for your swatches, turns out it’s gorgeous on the nail as well! 

  37. Cynthia

    I saw your review today and ran out to get it. My Target had it. Wearing it now – so gorgeous!

  38. theomanic

    It reminds me a bit of BB Couture Gunfighter, though the BBC is a titch lighter and a bit more purply. Both are gorgeous, anyway!

  39. I’m quickly becoming a fan of L’Oreal polishes! I’ve never paid much attention to the brand but I’ve started noticing some really cool nail polish shades from them, and I’ve really liked the formula on the ones I’ve tried!

  40. Kafka

    So, I got this off eBay since I couldn’t find it anywhere else and I love this! It pulls a little bit greyer than I had expected, especially in the bottle. (I actually thought they’d accidentally sent me L’Oreal’s “Stroke of Midnight” when first saw the bottle. And, side by side, there is little to no difference between the bottle colours.) But on the nails, the duo-chrome blue definitely shows up and is absolutely gorgeous. It’s definitely more blue under the light and, sometimes, from afar, the nails just look dark, shiny grey with a shimmer UNTIL you move your hand…..  *Then* WOW. The full glory of the dark, blue-jean, teal shimmer and colour shows up.  It’s a truly unusual colour and worth every penny! Absolutely STUNNING!!  And the formula/application/fluidity is everything you said it would be. It dries very fast for such a dark colour, too. I just love, love, LOVE it and can’t thank you enough. Without Temptalia, I would never have found this and it is such a “me” colour! (My default nail varnish colour is always some sort of dark grey, no matter what time of year it is.)  Thank you so much, Christine. I could really kiss you for this!

  41. Marissa

    First thing that came to mind: Essie ‘Dive Bar’

  42. Lauren

    I actually found mine at my local Walgreens on clearance for $3.75!!