Sunday, September 25th, 2011

L’Oreal Paris & Project Runway Colors Take Flight Collection

Just in time for autumn’s fashion-forward styles, L’Oréal Paris, in conjunction with Emmy-nominated Project Runway, introduces “Colors Take Flight” – a limited-edition cosmetics collection of four palettes inspired by the captivating colors of exotic birds. L’Oréal Paris Consulting Makeup Artist and Project Runway featured artist Collier Strong helped develop this collection which offers new and stunning shade ranges, rich textures and the tools to create distinctly different makeup looks. Inspired by the Cockatoo, the Owl, the Raven and the Amazon Parrot, these four cosmetics sets bring runway-inspired beauty to new heights.

Charming Cockatoo

  • Charming Cockatoo’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
  • Charming Cockatoo’s Blush ($9.95)
  • Charming Cockatoo’s Pout (8.95)
  • Charming Cockatoo’s Wisdom ($4.99)
  • Charming Cockatoo’s Mystery ($4.99)

Watchful Owl

  • Watchful Owl’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
  • Watchful Owl’s Blush ($9.95)
  • Watchful Owl’s Pout (8.95)
  • Watchful Owl’s Night ($4.99)
  • Watchful Owl’s Lust ($4.99)

Audacious Amazon

  • Audacious Amazon’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
  • Audacious Amazon’s Blush ($9.95)
  • Audacious Amazon’s Pout (8.95)
  • Audacious Amazon’s Flare ($4.99)
  • Audacious Amazon’s Flash ($4.99)

Sultry Raven

  • Sultry Raven’s Gaze Eyeshadow Quad ($8.95)
  • Sultry Raven’s Blush ($9.95)
  • Sultry Raven’s Pout (8.95)
  • Sultry Raven’s Dream ($4.99)
  • Sultry Raven’s Strength ($4.99)

availability: October 2011 at ULTA locations, drugstores, and mass market retailers nationwide.

See more photos!

Watchful Owl’s Gaze

Audacious Amazon’s Gaze

Charming Cockatoo’s Blush

Audacious Amazon’s Flash

Audacious Amazon’s Flare

Charming Cockatoo’s Pout, Sultry Raven’s Pout, Watchful Owl’s Pout

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32 thoughts on “L’Oreal Paris & Project Runway Colors Take Flight Collection

  1. Rachel

    Owl’s night polish is amazing! The blushes are actually really good quality as well. I was very impressed with this collection.

  2. Are these a little pale (and the black packaging not so black) or is my monitor?

    • The photos seemed really undersaturated/washed out to me when I saw them so it’s not just you!

      • I saw these in the store and the colors are a bit more vibrant. There was an open package of Audacious Amazon’s Gaze and the colors looked vibrant in the packaging but weren’t as intense on my skin. Glad I passed on these.

  3. So it wont be international?

  4. Mariella

    Not sure if I love it or will leave it but the prices are reasonable so I’ll be eager to take a closer look at the whole collection when it arrives in drugstores.

  5. Kate

    Oooh- I love the wings on the packaging. ::plans trip to drugstore next month::

  6. Jess Lee

    Heya~ Is this available worldwide or just to the US? Cheers! :>

  7. Yazmin

    I LOVE project runway and would prob only buy this just for the fact that it has project runway all over it

  8. Considering my family has a cockatoo and an amazon (and that I love Project Runway), I totally want some of these! I’m hoping they’ll show up somewhere near me though :( We don’t tend to get a lot of LE stuff at our Walgreens and CVS.

  9. AngelWingz

    I don’t have too much experience with L’Oreal shadows and polishes but I like those colors!

  10. taylor

    these are actually already available at the walgreens near my house, just saw them yesterday! :)

  11. Melody

    I saw these at HEB the other day. The Raven’s blush is quite pretty. It looked a bit like MAC’s Pink Cult to me but I don’t have Pink Cult so I can’t be sure. A lovely dusty sexy pink in any case.

  12. Noel

    I work at a drugstore so when we got these in I immediately bought the Audacious Amazon’s Gaze quad and the quality is not there. The colors look so pigmented in the package but when you really have to fight with them to get that color transferred to your eyes and even when used with UDPP it still faded about 4 hours. I wouldn’t recommend personally.

  13. L’oreal’s promo photos do not do any of these products justice! They are much more gorgeous in person – especially Owl’s Night (nail polish, not pictured.)

  14. Stephanie

    I bought Charming Cockatoo’s Pout #485, and it is fab, super pigmented, very vampy, does not slip, and a nice feel on the lips. I don’t usually like L’oreal lipstick, but I think this will be one of my fall favorites. It’s a must have!

  15. I saw these today at my trusty cvs, and picked up a few things, but was turned off by the prices a little bit since the quality was questionable, so I just got the Amazon Flash polish. It’s a lovely bright gold with great shimmer. I was worried about vnl, but two coats were good. I’m still curious about the blush, but at $10?

    The annoying part was that the displays seemed to pretty much have only one slot for each thing, do restock is probably not going to be pretty.

  16. Laura

    I already purchased a few items and the one thing that disappointed me was the lipstick “Sultry Raven’s Pout”. Its a light nude color so I was drawn to it, however when I got home, I found it is exactly Loreal’s fairest nude! So same color, different packaging, had I realized that at the store, I wouldn’t have bought it!

  17. Christine

    This is all a pass for me :(

  18. Jenny

    The blushes looking amazing in person and the pans are HUGE! I’m a sucker for the nailpolishes too. L’oreal always does lovely LE nail colors, and I like their formula. Their regular line nail polishes are really hard to find, unfortunately, so it always excites me to see when the put out the LE ones.

  19. Ana medina

    Colors don’t stand out and what’s up with the wings, this isn’t VS

  20. JoJo

    Loving the L’oreal pouts

  21. Smeegal9

    It doesn’t seem that Freida Pinto has the lipstick from her collection on her lips. I hate when you see a look and the breakdown is not given. Any idea which lipstick she does have on?

  22. hihihi

    are you posting swatches for these products?
    please please please

  23. Lina

    When will these hit Canadian shelves?

  24. I bought the nail polish and eyeshadow quad from The Watchful Owl and love them. Gorgeous colors and great quality.

  25. These colors are AMAZING. The shadows are pigmented, and the blush really is super blendable. My favorite of these is probably the Sultry Raven. I’ve used it on models for photoshoots and the contrast between the nude lips, and the dark shadow works really well. This is an image from the shoot using Sultry Raven:

  26. How is the shadows pigmentation?