Thursday, June 7th, 2012

L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow 24 Hour — New Shades for Summer 2012

Known for its long-wear color authority, L’Oréal Paris’ Infallible collection introduces Infallible Eye Shadow – the first 24-hour formula in the mass marketplace. Available in a range of 12 irresistible and wearable shades, Infallible Eye Shadow was purposefully formulated to be long-wearing and to not settle into eyelid creases and lines – two of the top concerns of eye shadow-wearers. Its revolutionary velvet-soft texture comes in a lightly pressed form. This luxurious shadow blends easily and provides a pop of luminous color with a smooth, even finish. From softly shimmering to intensely rich, eye shadow wearers can now experience the colors they crave with the long-wearing benefits they’ve been dreaming about. New shades will be available in July 2012 for $7.95 nationwide.

  • Liquid Diamond Diamond
  • Golden Emerald Green
  • Endless Sea Blue
  • Glistening Garnet Burgundy
  • Bottomless Java Brown
  • Smoldering Plum Plum purple


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17 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow 24 Hour — New Shades for Summer 2012

  1. nacacijin

    Wait, what? Something’s weird here lol. I went shopping a few weeks ago with my boyfriend’s sister and two of the products that she ended up buying were L’Oreal Infallible eye shadows: one in Liquid Diamond and one in Golden Emerald. But all of the blogs say that they won’t be in stores until July. Do you have any idea why that could be, Christine? I know you’re not like ‘all-knowing’ or anything like that :) but with your experience in the industry, could my store’s shipment be something of a “test run,” possibly?
    And Liquid Diamond is definitely kind of a smoky lavender color . Haha there is absolutely no gold in it whatsoever. Silly L’Oreal.

    •  @nacacijin I believe the retailer has more power of the release date. e.g. if they get it into their warehouse, they may stock it sooner rather than later. And of course, in cosmetics, “July” can mean “June” quite easily – it’s just the nature of the industry. Same with “fall” being released in July/August for many brands!

  2. Hey Christine, I hope you’ll test these out soon! I really like some of the colors, but unfortunately the formula isn’t as long-lasting on me as it should be. It fades even with a primer :(

  3. sarah w

    i love these! i have all of the ones that have been released so far! they have great staying power without a primer. easily my favorite drug store purchases ever!

  4. Carrie

    Found all 6 at my Walmart a few weeks ago.
    IMO, Glistening Garnet and Endless Sea were hard to work with. It took a bit of effort for the pigmentation to show up when I swatched it on my hand. My favorite out of the bunch is Liquid Diamond, which is not a gold color but more of a silver with a hint of a purple undertone (at least on my skintone). I love tossing that one on alone and just adding eyeliner.

  5. k

    Ah um Liquid Diamond isn’t gold actually, isn’t a sort of lilac-tinged silvery grey? I bought it the other day so I can vouch for this. Here’s a swatch from another blog if you’re curious.

  6. CharlotteLomax

    I’d love to see you try these as many tout them as cheaper versions of the Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill shadows, however I’ve got one and am not keen!

    •  @CharlotteLomax I’m still working with them. I tried a couple that the lovely sent me from Ireland to try (when they weren’t released here and L’Oreal kept telling me they weren’t ever going to be), but they didn’t work half as well as everyone said. So I set them aside, and I haven’t revisited them in awhile. They are kind of a time-heavy product to test, so that’s why they end up on the backburner!

  7. saffiremoon21

    I have one of these in Iced Latte and I really enjoy the texture. I’ll have to see about getting some of these; the colors look lovely.

  8. Cristinadb

    Hi Christine!I suppose you know but this shades have a different name in Europe.Since a travel a lot and I saw different shades in every single country I decide to go with a comparison/matching list. Here is the link free to erase it if you don’t like external links here) Also, girls, sometimes l’oreal release a new collection or new eyeshadows in a country when there already exist in another country. That’s happening now for example, usually France and Uk, Italy eventually, have most of the range but in France are releasing a eyeshadow who already exists for few months in Italy as new….

    • TrinityBfor

       @Cristinadb This is so helpful!  Thank you for the spread sheet.  I love these shadows. I am in Canada where the released colours tend to be a mix of all the European shades.  Recently some US shades with higher numbers have been showing up in stores.  I too realized very quickly that while looking interesting, they were the same as the shades I already had and now I have doubles.  Golden Sage is definitely Permanent Khaki & Iced Latte is definitely Hourglass Beige.

      • Cristinadb

         @TrinityBfor hi! glad you like it! So do you have the “european” and US shades? like you can find there the same colour with different names and all that?? I think I have to add a Canada column there 😉

  9. Dawn Thielemann

    I love these! I own every single shade released and am on the hunt for the new six.

  10. Liz

    I have two of these.  In my opinion, they are very similar to MUFE aqua cream.  The lasting power is fine when used with a primer (both these and Aqua Cream crease on me without primer).  I wore one of these to a wedding and it lasted all day and night with primer.  

  11. desiqtie

    Bought all six a few weeks ago :) LOOOVE THEM! Liquid Diamond’s probably my least fav of them all – even though it’s a beautiful silver with lavender undertones, unfortunately it doesn’t quite suit my skin undertones. But Bottomless Java, Glistening Garnet, and Golden Emerald are my absolute fav shadows right now! I love love love how they look and work on my eyes! Glistening Garnet, especially, is just so effortless to work with – it’s actually the only one I tried without any primer or base and I didn’t have any problem with creasing or fallout when I applied with my finger directly. Usually though, I use the color tattoos as base and the combo lasts all day without creasing and blends effortlessly – just gorgeous and fun to work with. Endless Sea is a beautiful teal – again it’s not exactly the best shade with my skin tone but I did really enjoy the way it looks on my bottom lash line. Smoldering Plum was a huge surprise to me – I was expecting it to be much more of a burgundy brownish color based on how it looked in the pan – but I was pleasantly surprised by just how much of the purple actually comes through – even on my NC40ish skin!

  12. I love these, but I haven’t seen these shades in my stores yet! I’ll definitely have to keep checking though,

  13. tepaj

    saw these at walgreens and somehow they end up in my cart at the register, lol.  at least it was a buy one get one half off, otherwise i wouldn’t have grabbed them.  they look gorgeous and can’t wait to try them!!!