Wednesday, September 16th, 2009

L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara

L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara ($10.95) is a lengthening mascara that uses tube technology to create longer, more dramatic lashes. I tried it in Blackest Black, which is an intense black, though not the darkest black I’ve tried.

Double Extend definitely adds lengths to lashes, but it clumped up pretty easily on my stringy little lashes, so it definitely requires a lash comb afterward to get lashes to look a little more natural. This mascara really is designed to add length, so it doesn’t do much in terms of adding volume or thickening lashes. For me, not the best mascara, because my lashes need more than just length (they really do need a lot of help–volume, thickness, and length!).

It stays true the claim of being smudge-proof and budge-proof–until you get into water–which is great for contacts wearers. It rinses off fairly easily with water over makeup remover, so a good shower is an optimal time to remove this mascara, but over the sink works just as well. Even though the $10.95 price tag is steep for a drugstore mascara, if you keep an eye out for sales/promotions, the price is much more in line with my expectations.

  • Product: 6/10
  • Value: 7/10
  • Ease of Use: 7/10
  • Packaging: 7/10

Recommendation: If you have naturally thick and voluminous lashes, Double Extend is great for adding a little more length. Otherwise, you may want to check out L’Oreal’s Voluminous instead.


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33 thoughts on “L’Oreal Double Extend Beauty Tubes Mascara Review, Comparison Photos

  1. Cathy

    Finally someone is acknowledging this mascaras mediocrity! I have heard nothing but rave reviews about this stuff and when I bought it I thought it was a major letdown.

  2. dudisea

    my lashes are exactly like yours. what do you normally use and love?

  3. Katie W

    I have this. It’s nothing special and kind of a pain to use, but I like it… it’s cool when the tubes just slide off, too. :)

  4. Ashley

    This reminds me of that old Maybelline mascara.. Which I absolutely hated. I find that those 2 in 1 mascaras with the white “primer” just tend to look too fake, and not well defined.

    I hate the tube thing when removing mascara. It makes me think “what if some of my lashes are stuck in there?!” ahah.

    Seeing as you recommended their other mascara, the Voluminous one, do you have any pictures where you are wearing the mascara? I’ve been considering buying this one because I finished school, thus I will not be wearing makeup as often until college.

    • LOL! How funny.

      I don’t have Voluminous any more (I can’t tell you how many tubes of mascaras I’ve gone through, LOL), but I’ll see if I can get it again soon :)

  5. Allyssa

    I hated this mascara the first few times I tried it. But now I love it! I feel like I have big fake lashes on! I think there’s definitely a technique and a way to wiggle and brush with the applicator so it doesn’t clump. And I feel like I get good thickness and volume and such out of it…but then again I do tend to spend a really, really long time on my eyes every morning.

    On the flipside, I just got Plushlash and tried it for the first time and I wasn’t impressed! I’ll have to try it a few more times before I give up on it.

  6. I hate that mascara. It was one of the worst I’ve used.

  7. Susana

    I love this mascara, It is pretty much the only mascara that doesn’t smudge on me… Oh and I dont use the primer

  8. I liked it for the first three days I had it then it seems to dry up a bit and I noticed that it was too sticky. My lashes were longer but all stuck together in clumps. It was not worth the money. I won’t buy it again.

  9. I had a different experience with this mascara. I normally need all of the thickening and lengthening just as you do. However, the length this gave me, made me look as though I was wearing falsies so I quickly forgot about the volume. Although, I did get some volume I wasn’t expecting also. The only thing that freaked me out was being in the shower and the tubes were coming off so when I would open my eye, I thought it was a spider in front of me. That was just something silly on my part. I really enjoyed it, but the primer is definitely needed to get the result. I have always felt as though mascaras are like foundations. Everyone has different needs. None are bad or good they just work differently on each person. Like everyone loves Lash Blast and it doesn’t do the trick for me. Thanks for the review:)

    • I agree mascaras are a VERY personal thing and a lot can vary from person to person! I have lashes that grow in odd directions, and for me, it’s something that challenges any mascara I try, which isn’t something everyone has to deal with. :)

  10. amy

    I am curious to try this mascara to compare it to other tube mascaras. Tube mascaras never works for me. I tried Kiss Me mascara and I don’t really like. It gives a natural look but almost too natural without adding any extra length or volume. It gives my lashes some colour and depth but that is it. Close up tube mascaras look very “plasticy.”

  11. I happen to like this mascara, but I know lots of people hated it. Like another person said, mascara is a personal thing, so while one person might like it, another might think it’s the worst thing ever!

    You really do need to use a comb with this one, but as long as you do one eye at a time, it isn’t that hard. The clumping really went down for me when I started to wipe the major excess off of the brush before applying.

    Oh, and I hated Kiss Me mascara, so for those who also hated Kiss Me, you might want to give this a try, anyway. Just wait for a good sale; it might be a decent mascara, but it is not worth $11.

    • I’m happy to hear it’s working out for you, Kaoru! :) I don’t like DiorShow, which sometimes feels like everyone else’s favorite, so it’s definitely a personal thing!

  12. Cynthia T

    I like this mascara because I can remove it with hot water only! My eyes are extremely sensible so I prefer to avoid mascara make up removers as much as possible… If it wasn’t for that fact I wouldn’t be wearing it… It’s not bad, but there lots of better products out there!
    For special ocasions and weekends I wear mascaras that have more impact like exceptionnel (Chanel), high impact (clinique) and the eyeko mascara!

    • Oh, I’m glad this helps with your sensitive eyes :) At least you’ve found an everyday mascara that works well enough to wear! Hopefully a better tube-technology mascara is out there for you!

  13. Ribbons

    Oh I actually love this mascara, it works really well on my lashes and makes a difference with just one coat even without using the white primer first! I wear it mostly when I got out in Manchester so when I have to take my makeup off at 3 in the morning its dead easy and just falls off with minimal fuss or scrubbing!

    My only issue is that the white part clumped up in the case after a few goes and i really striggled to open it, in the end I actually ripped the white side off so only have the black side, but ive had it almost 6 months so Im chucking it out soon anyway!!! :)

  14. rose

    Kind of random being it has nothing to do with Loreal, which i never liked. im a Lancôme Cils Design Pro Custom Design Double Mascara girl all the way..Whew! But, has anyone tried Fiberwig? I heard this makes eyelashes look like falsies. Also, 16 weeks into Latisse, any cheap mascara looks great now. I recommend to anyone with brown eyes!

    • I’ve never tried that one yet by Lancome! I haven’t tried Fiberwig either, though I’ve heard good things.

      Latisse scares me so much! It’s great that it’s working for you though! 😀

  15. i am a huge fan of this stuff! i think it’s a great way to get big lashes on a budget

  16. nikki c

    i had this at one point but i only ever used it for the primer
    the mascara was awful