Vice 3 Freeze

Makeup with a Vice 3 Palette.
I used, Defy, Heroine, Freeze, Bobby Dazzle and Brokedown

Doe for Halloween

Found some antlers at savers and figured I’d give it a shot! Used the nyx milk pencil and nyx noir eyeliner along with some revlon matte brown eyeshadow.

Diwali Evening

A simple evening look for Diwali Celebrations. Quick and Effective!


I made this look with mostly Femme Fatale products. I used Underlord (a plummy burgundy) on both my eyes and lips (mixed into Life’s Entropy Placebo gloss base). I also used Femme Fatale’s Flowers Before Flames on my lids, and then added a cat eye using a Stila liquid liner.

Whimsyshire Goblin

My boyfriend and I play Diablo 3 ALL the time and he surprised me with this plushie Whimsyshire Goblin from the game and I was inspired to do a look based on it! I used my Urban Decay Electric Palette and MAC Aquadisiac eyeshadow