Total Purple

This look has been created with the liquid lipstick “Amor Eterno” ( L.A.Splash) both for lips and eyeliner.

Purple Dream

I love playing with make-up as you all do.  My latest fixation is PURPLE!!!,so I decided to give this look a go.  Hope you enjoy!


Hey all!! I tried to do a “halo” eye today, on my hooded eyes!! I’m sure some of y’all will disagree. But I’m very happy and proud!! It was my first attempt!! 


I uused MAC wdge in the crease as a base, then went in with a plummy charcoal colour from a QUO pallet, Then I patted on a shimmery white from a old Lancome pallet!! And I blended and blended and blended. Then took my face highlighter and patted that onto my brow bone/inner corner!!

I asked my snapchat friends/followers what lip to do with it, and they chose Prim from Colourpop!! One of my fave colours!! 


Mystic Halo

Kind of inspired by Team Mystic from Pokemon Go. More so using new Fyrinnae shadows

Silent Screen Villianess

My favorite era is the 1920’s so I wanted create something that gave you silent screen villianess.  I wanted to feature dark eyes that could be very emotive to the camera with a dark lip to make it look a bit more vampy.