Thursday, March 27th, 2008

This is part of a tutorial that is “coming soon,” about how to go from daytime look to darker daytime look to subtle evening look to dramatic evening look. This is the ultimate daytime look in terms of neutrality and simplicity. I’m a little disappointed that the full face shot didn’t turn out very true-to-life, because I actually loved how this came out!

I used Soft Ochre paint pot all over lid, Blanc Type eyeshadow on inner lid, Bisque eyeshadow on middle of lid, Soft Brown eyeshadow on outer lid and crease, Blanc Type eyeshadow above crease and on brow, Feline kohl power on lower lash line, Brun eyeshadow on brows, and Plushblack mascara on lashes. I wore True Romantic blush on cheeks with Tenderdusk beauty powder to highlight. I had Sweetie lipstick with Dreamy lipglass on my lips.

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41 thoughts on “Looks – The Ultimate Daytime Office Makeup

  1. Nora

    Very, very nice!

  2. tatiana

    ooohhh la la, i like it!

  3. Ceci

    This is really cute. It’s similar to the look I have for work, except for the liner on the bottom inner rim.

    For work, honestly, I always have trouble getting the eyes right, though. Either I “underdo” or overdo them, in my opinion. It’s really because, well, liner is a problem for me. My eyes are roundish and large, but I have a heavy eyelid, which can become swollen at times when I’m tired or have allergies. I feel as if I have to draw a thick line in order for them to look balanced, “open,” and refreshed. When I go with just a little (just a little on the inner rims and maybe a little smudged on top) or no liner, I look sleepy. And it doesn’t help that I have under-eye circles that are hard to hide with makeup. A little concealer doesn’t help; more concealer ends up making me look fake and weird.

    With all this, I probably should just keep the focus on my lips, for work and in general :-p

    • Sanayhs

      Have you tried MAC’s fast response eye cream to try to combat a bit of the swelling? I have problems with swollen eyes from allergies, too, and this helps (got a sample). As for undereye circles, I’ve been questing for the solution, and the best I’ve found so far is studio finish concealer used with a 217 brush. The 217 is perfect, as it picks up just a little bit and blends it out beautifully. As the studio finish concealer is meant to be full coverage, you don’t need a lot. It doesn’t completely hide my dark genetic undereye circles, but it certainly helps a great deal.

      • lee

        Oops – I should have posted the comment here first…

        Sanayhs – Does the MAC fast response eye cream work well under shadow and liner? So far, all of the creams I’ve used to combat swelling end up making my eye makup look smeared an oily after a few hours. I’d love to find a good one!

      • Ceci

        I haven’t tried these products. Does they have parabens? (MAC tends to add parabens to their cream-based products (though this isn’t true for all of them).) I have an allergy to them, so that’s why I’m asking.

        I’d like to try a concealer that isn’t cakey or heavy. Such products make me look (as much as I hate to say it)…old, especially during the day.

    • Thanks, Ceci!

      Do you think perhaps something you are using causes them to swell up or is just an illusion?

      • Ceci

        Hey Christine!

        Maybe it’s something I’ve been using. I have been trying to use products without parabens, because I have an allergy to them. I still have problems sometimes though because there are other substances in cosmetics, I believe, that also irritate me. Titanium dioxide is one of them (and that’s in a lot of those “mineral” and/or “natural” products). I had to stop using my sunscreen because of it. I switched over to Neutrogena’s Fresh Cooling Sunblock SPF 45(w/Helioplex). Now my skin’s much better.

        I also attribute those swollen lids to lack of sleep, sleeping on one side, and too much sodium in my diet. I tend to eat prepared foods during the week because of my hectic lifestyle and they have loads of salt!

        I think that when I apply liner, it can cause the illusion of swollen lids for me. I just need to learn how to apply it and what the right colors are for me, I guess.

        • Hey Ceci!

          It really must suck to be allergic to both parabens AND titanium dioxide :( I wish you the best of luck discovering new products that work with your body better!

          I know how food goes, I, too, am very busy and don’t make the time to cook.

  4. Pia

    I adore the lips, Christine. The eyes not too much as I love a darker look for my eyes cos I’m wearing glasses.

  5. Tekoa look as sweet as a sugar cookie.

  6. Girlfriend, this is so my style! I can’t wait for the tutorial. :) Happy almost Friday!

  7. Hey Cristiine,

    Im luving ur whole look,its like sandal wood petals on ur eyes.And yes very very different from ur other looks!!.I wonder u did nude too and if we go back,its also so very different from that one,but i think that was very like.. OH LALAAAAAAAA!!In b/w have u put on weight??,cuz u seems so chubby,lolz


  8. anon

    You look very pretty, but over done for work. Especially the eyes. I like warn neutrals for say time. The look fresh and light, but subtle and polished.

  9. anon

    LOL! My moisture oil is running into my eyes. Sorry about the typos.

  10. Nell

    Very pretty, I like it a lot!

  11. Hi christine. When u applied matte eyeshadow do you still use mixing medium with it? True romantic is such a lovely blush on you :)

  12. Sanayhs

    Pfffft, far too neutral. 😉

  13. OOOH i love it! this is generally what i go for when i’m at work — especially because some of the older women in my office always feel the need to make comments when i wear any bold colors. or any color at all. plus, it’s so much more time efficient to wear neutrals and a bit of mascara than a full eye look (for me, at least, cause i’m NOT a morning person!)

  14. Kimberly

    I like it, very subtle.

    We’re supposed to keep it at that tone for work, since my position at the spa is management, but I over do it anyway because hey I work at a salon and spa! lol.

  15. sunshine

    i’m in love with this look. can’t wait til i try it on myself.

  16. Hannah

    Do you ever wear eye looks that require no more than THREE shadows? What if you’re pressed for time?

    • Hi Hannah! Honestly, not often, because I tend to have palettes of 15 eyeshadows open at a time, so I can easily grab 4-5 colors in a matter of minutes. Most of my eye looks are done in under 15 minutes – it’s incredibly rare for me to take 15 minutes to do an eyeshadow combo, let alone upwards of 20 to 30 minutes!