Friday, August 1st, 2008

Here’s my first Starflash/Lustre Twins look! :) I’m hoping to kick a few more out over the next few days. It’s been a pretty rough week over at Temptalia HQ, which is my excuse for lack of looks (that and I really wanted to play with Starflash, and I didn’t have it yet!). Jury duty this week (unscathed, total score!), and Magellan (my puppy) was neutered on Wednesday. We also asked our vet to check his hips, and we consented to an x-ray (it’s a painful x-ray, so it requires him to be under anaesthesia). Turns out, poor Mellan has severe hip dysplasia. We haven’t decided what to do yet, and we don’t see the orthopedic surgeon until the 11th. Hopefully he’ll drop some knowledge on us so we can decide then (surgery now, let nature take its course/surgery later). But yes, tough week! Can’t wait for it to end, LOL.

You will need the following…

  • Eyes: Baselight paint (pale white-gold cream), Dreammaker eyeshadow (shimmery white-gold), Mink & Sable eyeshadow (golden olive green), Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow (gray with gold flecks), Feline kohl power (black liner), Plushlash mascara (black)
  • Cheeks: Nuance mineralize blush (soft peach-pink)
  • Lips: Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush Pro Longwear Lustre Colour (coral-pink lipstick/sheer pink gloss)
  • Brushes: 266 (firm, angled brush), 249 (flat, firm brush), 239 (fluffy shadow brush), 129 (dense blush brush)
  • Substitutes: Dreammaker = Nylon; Mink & Sable = Sumptuous Olive; Smoke & Diamonds = Silver Ring; Feline = Graphblack; Nuance = Peachykeen; Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush = Skew lipstick/Slicked Pink lipgelee

Directions: Define brows using a coordinating powder shadow applied with the 266 brush. Apply Baselight paint all over the lid as the base with the 249. Apply Dreammaker eyeshadow all over the lid with the 239. Darken the outer lid using Mink & Sable eyeshadow and drag into crease using the 239. Define crease with Smoke & Diamonds eyeshadow using the 272 to lightly blend it in. Sweep Dreammaker underneath the brow bone to highlight. Finish with Feline kohl power on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. Sweep apples of cheeks with Nuance mineralize blush using the 129. Apply Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush to lips.

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90 thoughts on “Looks – Soft White Gold With a Touch of Green & Gray

  1. Daantje

    I am so sad to hear about your puppy’s hip condition. Still so young and already severe hip dysplasia is terrible. I hope, with you, that the surgeon can give good chances for the future. An extra hug for Magellan!!

    About the combination Starflash / Christine… it is out of this world gorgeous 😀 I love what you did to combine these colors, you work them like magic.

    Thanks again,

    • I feel so sad for him, just because he’s young and has more health problems than he should.

      Thank you! :) I wanted to go for something subtle!

      • whitnee

        Of course see what the surgeon says, but if it were me I would want to do the surgery now if it’s an option that will work. He’s so young now, when he’s older the surgery might become more risky. (My dog is older and I worry a lot about putting her under anesthesia, because she has developed heart conditions and I worry about putting the extra stress on her heart) Also, you may be able to prevent him from having to deal with too much pain. Right now he’ll probably be knocked out for surgery, take pain pills for a week or so and be good as new. It is very sad when any dog has health problems. They just don’t deserve it. He does look darn cute in that cone. My dog has worked herself up so much wearing it that she’s bumped into stuff fallen down and sent herself into a panic, thus it came off after a couple of hours, lol. thank goodness she behaved herself and did not ever scratch her head when she had surgery on it or lick places on her body after surgery.

        • Hi Whitnee,

          Unfortunately for us, the surgery (PTO) that may be available to him now will require about 6-11 weeks of confinement/rest, so it’s not so quick. He also has a heart murmur, so this is a concern when it comes to anaesthesia and whether he can handle the surgery itself (I believe it’s about 90 minutes or longer) now or any time.

          Mellan is a licker, LOL. We had to upgrade his cone, because the first one was a bit on the small side and he managed to find a position that gave him “access.”

          I hope your dog is doing better!

          • whitnee

            oh that’s too funny. 6-11 weeks is such a long time! My dog actually has a heart murmer too…if it’s any comfort she’s survived several major surgeries to remove tumors. It’s kind of funny because our breeder said that the murmer would go away and when we found out they were wrong, they offered to let us exchange Majik for another dog they had! like that was going to happen! I hope he gets better soon and can get back to licking, and that his hip displaysia doesn’t cause him any pain.

            • Hi Whitnee,

              Thanks! It is definitely reassuring to hear she made it through several major surgeries despite the murmur! Have you had her x-rayed to see if she has heart problems, or it is just a murmur? Replacement is so silly! How can you trade the puppy you love?

          • whitnee

            It was initially just a murmer, but 6 months ago she had an xray on her chest, legs and hips, and has arthritis in one back leg and an enlarged heart, with some fluid on her lungs…so I was okay with putting her under for important surgeries with the murmur, but at this point i know that she doesn’t have that much longer to live and i don’t want to put any more stress on her or her heart. so even though several of her tumors have been cancerous i’m not removing them anymore because i figure she will die naturally before they would cause big problems anyway. Mellan has a long time left to live though. I’m sure he’ll be fine. And there’s no way i could trade her, even knowing how many health problems she’s had and how much her vet bills have piled up to. she’s irreplaceable.

  2. Candace117

    For once I was too distracted to look at your makeup pics, because of sweet Magellan. Me, and my two babies Spirit and Twinkie send all our love his way <3

    I like the way the lustretwins look on you, I wasn’t feeling any of them on me…so I ordered backups of all the Naughty Nauticals lustreglasses because I have a feeling they will be cycling them out soon…

    • Hi Candace,

      Aww! He appreciates it :) He’s totally feeling sorry for himself with his e-collar, LOL.

      Hey, if the lustreglasses work better for you, that’s great! More PLWs for me :)

  3. Tanya from Oz

    I hope Mellan gets better! I feel your pain….my dog had a heart-murmur that I was freaking out about, but it turned out to be okay. It was a health problem that was common to his breed, so it was not life threatening or anything (thank god!) He had to stay overnight in at the vets and got anaesthetic, and when we picked him up he was so dazed and groggy! I was so worried! Its all good now though!

    Anyways…I really like this look on you! I’m definately thinking about getting mink & sable and/or smoke & diamonds! Also, that ripe&ready PLW is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! I think I will not be able to resist that one! I’m glad that the PLW’s have had good reviews, they are exactly what i’m looking for at the moment!

    • Nora

      Go for Smoke & Diamonds! :) I love mine!

    • Hi Tanya,

      I’m so glad your baby is okay! Mellan also has a heart murmur, but a chest x-ray didn’t show his heart to look abnormal. What kind of dog do you have?

      I’m all over corals, so you know Ripe & Ready was for me! It’s so lovely :)

      • Tanya from Oz

        Thanks Christine! I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel (whoa long name…) and his name is Billy and he is turning nine this October!

        This is going to be an embarrassing story for Billy….I remember when he was diagnosed with the beginnings of prostate cancer (in dogs, i’m not sure what the actual veterinary term is), and he had to get an operation to, erm, remove his balls. Well anyway, after the surgery he had to wear an e-collar, and he ABSOLUTELY HATED IT! Poor Billy, he couldn’t do what normal dogs do, like scratch his ear or chew a bone (the plastic would push the bone away). I had to put his bowl on a little stool so his e-collar wouldn’t push it forward. His e-collar couldn’t even fit through the freaking kennel door! I’m so glad (for his sake) that he only had to have it on for about 5 days!

        Hang in there, Mellan! That e-collar won’t be on forever! (and you can chew it up/pee on it after if you want to!)

        • Hey Tanya!

          I love Cavalier King Charles Spaniels :) They are gorgeous!

          Mellan managed to chew his bully stick with it on, although it was amusing watching him try at first. He’s supposed to have it on for 10-14 days, and trust me, we are COUNTING those days down!

  4. Cassie

    Hope Mellan gets better! I feel your pain Christine. I had all three of my doggies neutered yesterday! One is 9 months, 4 years, and 5 years so needless to say it has been and will continue to be a big stress keeping them from jumping, playing, and rough housing. Hang in there!
    By the way, LOVE the Ripe & Ready/Soft & Lush! I picked it up yesterday along with Feline and Lotusland!

    • Hi Cassie,

      WHOA! Oh, man, I wish you much luck and patience coping with three dogs neutered simultaneously! Goodness. We’ve been keeping him confined to the kitchen (we live in a small apartment, and unfortunately, the TV screen is quite level with him – so that e-collar is dangerous!).

      Good to see more people lovin’ the PLWs!

  5. anna

    OH Christine! I looooove my kanebo concealer to,I just wish it was a bit cheaper!
    …btw I am also worrying about my undereye fine lines..and asked my mother for advice ( she looks 10+ years younger than she should-no botox-no deep wrinkles at all, she is over 50), and she told me: ” no sun, no making crazy facial expressions this accentuates lines, instead make face exercises for muscle tone, but do not squint eyes or put your hand against your face…massage your face carefully to drain fuids though”. true is that she is living proof that it works well…but then she is also so doll-like, never making faces…I guess it is a sacrifice…that I can not make, i am such a goof!!!
    😀 love your blog!

    • Hi Anna,

      Yeah, Kanebo is not a budget brand, LOL! I do find it’s worth it, because the concealer lasts me quite awhile. I think if I used it regularly or in more places, then I might have to try to find a cheaper alternative.

      My mom tells me not to make so many funny faces, but it’s UN-possible 😉

  6. Danielle

    Mellan is soo cute. Sorry the poor little guy has been having to visit the vet a lot. They don’t like it too well. Thank you for sharing with us. I had a kitten once who had to be put down because his lungs were filling up with fluid, so he couldn’t hardly breath. It was so difficult for me at the time I couldn’t talk about it to anyone.

    Pretty look also, Christine!! Neutral, my favorite!

    • He doesn’t seem to mind the vet, surprisingly enough. But I also love our vet and all of the people who work there – everyone truly loves animals. It’s so hard to let a pet go. My childhood dog is approaching 17 years old (he lives with my parents), and it’s still going to be hard to let him go one day.

      Thanks, Danielle!

      • whitnee

        Yea, i think it just depends on how social the dog is with people. Majik LOVES the vet no matter how many times they poke her, prod her and take chunks out of her, she runs right back in the next time with her butt wagging (because boxers wag their butts instead of tails lol)

  7. Kay

    aw.. hope ur dog feels better…
    but beautiful look! :)

  8. lynbird

    I’m sorry for your pup’s health problems – I know what it feels like when a furry family member falls ill.

    This is probably one of (if not my absolute) favorite looks you’ve done. Your skills with vivid, rainbow colors is always impressive, but these subtle tones highlight your natural beauty so well.

  9. DevilishDoll

    I’ve officially banned myself from the MAC website, I just put in an order for about $400 worth of stuff. Pretty look, I like the lips. I think I’ll still avoid the Lustre Twins though. I’ll get some lipglosses when Cult of Cherry comes out.

    • LOL!! What did you order? 😉

      • DevilishDoll

        Well, here is a list…lol

        Eye Shadow:
        Idol Eyes
        Moon’s Reflection
        Parfait Amour
        Da Bling
        Black Tied
        Solar White
        Talent Pool
        Knight Divine
        Sunset B.
        Top Hat

        Lark About
        Bell-Bottom Blue

        Mineralize Eye Shadow:
        Polar Opposite

        Paint Pot:

        Liquidlast Liner
        Pop Iris

        Kohl Power Eye Pencil:


        Plushlash Mascara:

  10. Lots of love to Magellan, hugs and kisses. He’s in my prayers, poor little man. A good steak would be a sufficient treat I think !! I’m sending him all my love xoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  11. lala

    awww!!! poor Magellan!!!!..i feel soo bad for him :(

    love the look <3333 your getting all the e/s..whic ar a must?? thanks christine…oh, and do you think “baselight” will look good on warm skin?

    • Hey Lala!


      I think Lotusland is a must, because I don’t feel MAC has really done this color very often. I find it different enough to own just for that purpose. I also think Mink & Sable is a gorgeous green, very smooth.

      Baselight would definitely work for warm skin, as it’s quite warm on its own!

  12. Nora

    Love to your puppy! Nothing like pet health issues to make you feel awful, I know.

    And just a tip to others – you can also use Vanilla pigment all over the lids with S&D. I’ve personally used it with a simple (but gorgeous) L’Oreal shade in Golden Olive in the crease, too.

  13. Natalie

    My prayers are with your pup!

    Love the e/s combo–never thought about using those colors together. That look rocks!

  14. Ashley

    I’m sorry to hear Mellan is having more problems! Definitely go with what the Ortho Surgeon says – even if he suggests waiting. Also remember it is hard to determine if things are going to stay the way they are as he is still growing! Oh and at the vet clinic I work at, I’ve yet to meet a lab who DOESN’T love it there!

    Gorgeous look on you! I love Smoke and Diamonds, just haven’t had a chance to play with my Starflash goodies yet!

    • Hi Ashley,

      Definitely, I’m hoping he can really give us more insight as to what happens if we go with the surgery now (PTO) vs. we let nature take its course. His hip dysplasia is definitely bad, though. Our other concern is whether a dog with a heart murmur can even handle such an intense surgery. I want to do what makes the most sense for Mellan, both right now and for the rest of his life. Thank god I got pet insurance, though 😉 Everyone laughed at me for it, but not anymore!

      Mellan adores the vet, but I think they’re such animal-loving people, most dogs do!

      Thank you! I hope you play with your goodies this weekend 😉

      • Eva

        Oh, Christine, I am so sorry to hear about Mellan´s condition..
        It´s a very common disease fro german shepherds and I have heard that a lot of people had good results from accupuncture with gold needles..
        Our first dog had arthrosis in the hips..meaning he had to deal with the same problems as a dog with HD, it just did start later in his life. He received pain meds from his 7th year on and started to have severe problems from his 9th year on…he did have a lot of operations by that time, not b/c of the hips, but other health problems, so we decided against surgery. We didn´t want to put him through another operation-and we figured it was too hard for a dog of that age to learn how to walk again (because that´s basically what happens after hip surgery).
        If you decide pro surgery: do it now. He is probably stronger and fitter now than he will be in a few years. Maybe wait until he is fully grown, but not much longer than that. Plus, he will probably recover now faster than when he´s older. :o/

        Oh, and, as usuall: I love the look! The PLWs look great on you! I especially loved the orange/red one you posted yesterday.

        • Hi Eva,

          I read up on it (Gold Bead Therapy), and it’s actually quite dangerous. The practice is illegal to do for humans (it is considered malpractice), so I don’t think this option is going to be for us. Part of my view is if he is eligible for the puppy HD surgery, it may be worth it now rather than let his condition deteriorate over the next few years and pay for a more expensive surgery (hip replacement) that’ll last only a few years versus doing it today and stopping the entire process.

          Thank you :)

  15. Tekoa

    Poor puppy! Unfortunatly his breed does have a higher chance of hip displasia. And he looks so forlorn with the cone!

    When Luna (siamese kitty) got fixed she had to wear the cone too. I fed her wet food on a plate because she couldn’t figure out how to reach dry food in a bowl. *lol*

    • Hi Tekoa,

      It definitely does, but I suppose more often than not, it’s not even detectable (at least by symptoms) this early, so it just results in slightly more severe arthritis than a normal dog. At least from what I’ve read so far :)

      Aww!! Luckily Mellan’s managed to figure out how to drink/eat with it on. Going down stairs is a totally different matter, though!

  16. *******Christine, I really hope you get this.*******

    We had a dog that had the SAME THING. We took her to three separate vets who told us that she should be put to sleep. She was only a year old. Finally, we went to a vet who watched her walk. She wasn’t in pain when she was walking. He said that he examines the dog, not the xray.

    He told us not to put her to sleep and to give her glucosamine/chondroitin supplements. Currently she is about 12 years old and going strong.

    If your dog isn’t in pain, ask your vet about the supplements!!!!

  17. Sara

    I’m so sorry to hear about Magellan. :(

    That’s a great look – I found your site last week and think you are amazingly talented – looking forward to spending more time on the forum and learning heaps of tips.

  18. :( Christine, my thoughts are with you. I hope you are feeling better <3 You look beautiful as always.

  19. Nell

    Christine, I´m so sorry you had such a hard week. I feel for you and poor Mellan! I´m sure you´ll eventually make the right decision what to do about the surgery that is in Mellan´s best interest.

    Beautiful look, I can´t wait to receive my S&D shadow and the Khol Powers :)
    I´ll have to see the Lustre Twins in person (God knows when that´ll be), but they look really promising. Love that color on you!
    P.S.: when you have a minute please think of me and the quints 😮

    • I really can’t wait to sit down with the orthopedic surgeon and ask him my ten million questions!

      Thanks so much :) I am LOVIN’ the Lustre Twins!

      And yes, I will go hunt for the quints today!

  20. Carolina

    Oh, poor Mellan! I remember my sister studying the hip displasia, because it’s pretty common in retrievers. Problem is that because of keeping the breed pure, you end up doing some inbreeding and then problems like those appear. We checked the pedigree of our dog, when we got her and neither her parents or grandparents had it, but that still doesn’t mean that she couldn’t have it eventually.
    Well, keep us posted about it (and especially keep posting Mellan’s pics. I love them!)

    As for the bigger cone… LOL! That is SO like my Lusa also: finding a collar she couldn’t open was a long, long adventure… 😉

    • Hi Carolina,

      Yep, it’s definitely a common problem in them, though it’s usually not as severe as he has it. From what I’ve read, it’s often undetectable until they’re much older, and some people never even realize it, because it just seems like arthritis (which it kind of is), and nothing more severe.

      Unfortunately, we were really uneducated and purchased Mellan from a backyard breeder. I will never do it again, and I tell everyone I know to never do it. It’s not worth the potential heartache. If you go purebred, rescue or go to a real breeder, who has a contract that has them cover certain medical fees (actually, in CA, this is the law anyway!) for things like congenital heart disease and hereditary conditions – not just replacement (how silly).

      LOL! She could open them? Wow 😉

      • Carolina

        At the time, the newer, hip collars had a plastic “click-on” system, that she forced, chewed or opened in a matter of minutes. We then bought one with a security system on top of the click-on. What a joke! It took her seconds. We had to go back to the old buckle like collar. At least those, she keeps them on. LOL

  21. gio

    I’m sorry to hear about Magellan.

    This look is so pretty!

  22. jenn

    Aw, Magellan! Sending puppy love & kisses & happy thoughts his way!!!

  23. cloudburst

    Is Magellan a purebred? Awww poor little thing, I hope he gets better.

    Looks like I’m going to have to pick up Dreammaker.

  24. Monica

    Aww.. poor Mellan! I hope that he gets better soon and that the doctor can guide u as to what to do about his hip.. poor baby!… good thing is that being so young he can still be ok withouth surgery.. let the vet give you the best option.
    Sending lots of love and positive thoughts to Mellan.

    Sorry… your look is beautiful.. I got those eyeshadows but haven’t play with them yet.

  25. Charlestongirl

    Doggy acupuncture will make him feel better. My golden lab friend is getting it for arthritis, and it’s really helping! He feels so much better (and his hip and leg problems were really severe). Lots of love to Mellan!

    Gorgeous shadow! I think I will try to recreate it later today with similar colors. Your blending skills are fabulous. Would love to see you do a similar look with teal green/blue – hard to do, but with your skills, I want to see it.

    Thanks for a great site.

    • Hi Charlestongirl,

      Thanks fo the suggestion! How old is your golden lab friend? I’m glad he is feeling better!

      Thanks so much! Teal green/blue? I’ve done lots of those looks 😉

  26. Nicole

    All the best for you puppy. She’s so cute.

    And you did a great eye look. Maybe I should get Mink & Sable and Dreammaker or Gread Entrance as well. Can’t wait to order my stuff online.

  27. Rosie

    I luv ur eye brows!!!!! I’ve beening goin 2 benefit 2 get that natural arch and I’ve havent been able 2 get it yet. U r gorgeous!!!!

  28. Sexy SAdie

    What a great look!

  29. Beda

    As I mentioned on the forum, all my best wishes for Magellan, one of my fave bloggers. He’s so cute.

    Lovely look Christine, how do you like Smoke&Diamonds?

  30. Skyler

    I’m so sorry to hear about Magellan! You guys will be in my thoughts and I hope everything works out. I was a wreck when my cat was just limping around for a few hours, not knowing if it was even serious or not. I do not deal with pet-related problems well at all; I am worse than a concerned mother. Far worse. I hope you get things sorted and find a solution, sooner rather than later. I will be crossing my fingers for Magellan. <3

  31. michelle

    I’m so sorry to hear about Mellan’s ( i love that nickname) hip dysplasia. My Golden Retriever, Sophie, was diagnosed with severe hip dysplasia in both hips at 6months old. My parents opted to forgo the surgery, even though our vet said that she might not be able to walk six months from that point. Instead, we gave her coated aspirin every day (when she was a puppy it was 81mg/day, and now, it’s around 150mg/day). The aspirin eased her discomfort enough for her to learn to work around her disability and develop incredibly powerful shoulder muscles. Now, at age 6, she runs up and down the stairs, hops on beds, runs around the yard….is pretty much normal. Now, compared to other Goldens, I’m sure that her activity level is decreased, but she’s still fairly active. She leans on us when she sits, and requires arthritis friendly beds, but she’s not in pain. Our vet is always impressed by her agility when she goes in for a check-up. Now, I understand that Sophie’s story is not the norm, but I just wanted you to know that Mellan has options. He’s such a sweetheart – I wish him (and you, of course!) all the best.

    nb- i can’t believe i only write when it’s about a puppy! I read everything you post, and only comment on this. ah well.

    • Hey Michelle!

      I’m really glad to hear from you! I’m definitely curious to hear from those who had puppies diagnosed, but opted for no surgery. I’m so glad that it’s worked out as well as it has for your Sophie :)

  32. Stephanie D

    Great look Christine. I can’t wait to check out the new stuff next week.

    Also- hope Mellan feels better and can get through this. Keep your head up!

  33. Elle

    I hope your dog is feeling better, Christine. My own dog had a lot of health issues this year (she’s getting up there in age) so I imagine it’s also so tough to see a young dog going through so much. Good luck with all of that, Pumpkin and I are thinking about you both!

    Also–got some of the PLW’s at Nordstrom today. I don’t know if I’ll use these as often as my regular lip products, but it’s great to have that ‘longwear’ option. I picked up Ripe & Ready, Red Recflection, and Boss Brown. I might have to go back for Red Flame based on your look from the other post. I love Ripe & Ready–thanks for the advice on the product as well!

    • Oh, Elle! I’m sorry to hear that you and Pumpkin have had to go through some health issues this year, too. I completely understand what you’re going through, because my childhood dog (almost 17) had a seizure six months or so ago and it’s tough to deal with.

      I love these for vacations and dates with the boy. Lets me not worry about reapplication OR getting him messy.

  34. I am sorry to hear about Magellan. I was going to ask you if you spoke to his breeder and if his parents, but I see they were backyard breeders. That makes me so MAD, this poor puppy! Stuff like this can be avoided by responsible breeding.. Hip displasia is common in a lot of medium/large breeds.. Aussies (what I have) can get this as well. Foster’s Mom and Dad were both OFA’d cleared good or excellent. For anyone out there who is possibly looking into purchasing a medium/large breed: make sure that the breeders take the time and extra expense of doing the OFA clearance or don’t purchase the puppy! Pure bread dogs can develop all sorts of health issues, look for breeders that have lots of experience that really LOVE the breed and do what they do to enhance the breed. If they are selling strictly for profit or fun stay far far away. Backyard breeders and puppy millers really ought to be shut down! All the animals with excessive health problems could be greatly reduced. Whew! I am off my tangent. Again Christine, I am so sorry to hear of his health issues. Keep us updated on what you choose to do.

    • Hi Kristie,

      Yes, at the time, we didn’t think “backyard breeder” we just saw an opportunity to get the yellow puppy of our dreams for cheap ($350, I think was what we paid… maybe it was $400 – and now I know that’s too high!). I knew the term, but I just didn’t connect them!

      But I completely agree, if you want a puppy, do it the right way. Expect to pay, but it’ll be worth it. It’s an investment, you’re buying the best pre-home care with it. A good breeder evaluates and can pick the puppy best for you.

  35. Ann

    How do you like the blush nuance so far?
    I’m still thinking whether I should buy it or sunbasque instead.
    I want it sooo bad, I just worried that it won’t show up on my skin (nc 40)…I don’t live in US, so I can’t try it :(

    I’m sorry to hear about Magellan…I hope he will get well soon :) *big hugs*

    • I like it, Ann! It’s nowhere near as intense as Sunbasque, which I do wear and like. If you want something more pigmented, I’d go with Sunbasque!

  36. Suzie

    =( Okay I want to cry and cuddle with your poochie. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE animals…especially dogs so I am sorry to hear what he is going through. It’s great for him that he as such compassionate owners! Whatever you decide I hope for the best for you all! He’s such a cutie I want to kiss his nose! You can do that for me! =)

    On a lighter note..i think this look is great! I’ve been wanting to try a green-ish look and this one is not so “outspoken”! I love it and I love your tutorials! I think they are actually better than videos! Your pics give great detail! Take care!