Wednesday, April 2nd, 2008

I really wanted to play around and do something FUN! after we talked about if we ever just played around with our makeup stashes last week.

Over the top? Oh, yes, I think so! I used a tiny, tiny angle brush to apply Blacktrack to my upper lash line to see if that still irritates it… we shall see. I’m not loving upper lash liner on me, but it’d still be nice to do every time and again!

I used Soft Ochre paint pot all over lid, Primary Yellow pigment all over lid, Going Bananas eyeshadow on inner lid, Fab & Flashy eyeshadow on middle of lid, Romping eyeshadow on outer lid and crease, Fuchsia pigment on outer crease and above crease, Going Bananas eyeshadow above crease, Motif eyeshadow on brow, Blacktrack fluidline on upper and lower lash lines, Going Bananas eyeshadow on lower lash line, and Plushblack mascara. I had Fleurry blush on cheeks with Daisydust beauty powder to highlight. I wore Show Orchid lipstick (PRO) [lightly] with Totally It! lipglass on my lips.

And who doesn’t love passed out puppies? I’ve never known a dog who spent more time on his back, seriously.

(And if you want to see more of his photos, since he is a camwhore,

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86 thoughts on “Looks – Over the Top, Bright Yellow, Orange, and Pink

  1. Tekoa

    Hot Dang! That looks beautiful on you. I so wish I had snagged a Going Bannanas last summer (le sigh).

  2. Chica

    Those colours are gorgeous :) Makes me feel more excited about summer (it’s going to snow this weekend!)

  3. Camilla

    very beautiful!! im in love with with yellow and orange eyeshadows last time so im trying them a lot i just bought today inglot orange eyeshadow and im wondering what to match it with … and your dog is cute!! my old dog sleeps almost all the time laying on the back to or on the left side looking like dead lol

    • Thanks, Camilla! Nice. I like oranges with golds and reds especially. I like the “sunset” look.

      lol, good to know he’s not the only one! He sleeps on his back ALL the time.

  4. Shefali

    OMG Magellan looks so cute, LOL. Awesome look Christine. I would totally do this on a clubbing night out. What collection was Going Bananas in? How the heck did I miss that?

  5. Hey Cristine,

    Hmmmm…I think u r not looking the real Cristine with this upper lash liner,it does’nt suits u.U r looking perfect without it,really pretty.

    I luved ur look,looking gud on u. but its not new to me coz im doing this look like in a week or so.



    • Thank you for your thoughts, Zainy :) I doubt I will be wearing upper liner for many looks, but we shall see.

      He is! He puts on weight so quickly. I don’t even know how it’s possible, LOL.

  6. Ross1977

    OMG, You are gorgeous!!!
    Now I want to buy all these products to create the same look… I only hope to find them!!!

  7. Love the look! I love Show Orchid, and your dog is so cute! I want a dog myself but the BF and I are rarely home to take care of it… :(

    • Thanks, Vanessa :)

      Aww! The puppy should consider himself lucky… my boyfriend works at home, and I’m only at school for 3-4 hours a day, so he’s rarely home alone. But I really admire you guys for NOT getting one when you know you won’t have the time to love him!

  8. dee

    Honestly for some reason, you really don’t need upper eye liner. I’d say you’re good to go without it.

  9. T.

    WOW! I really like this look! I swear, you can pull off any look and totally WORK IT. As for the upper liner: I like it :)

    Cute pup!! I think my doggie may give yours competition when it comes to being on it’s back 😉 My dog sleeps all. Day. Long. No joke. On her stomach, on her side, on her back, and one time even sitting up! Haha, that’s why dogs are just so precious :)

    • Thanks, T.! My boyfriend was like, “WHOA!” (but not in a good way), normally he doesn’t make any comments, but he was like, “I wouldn’t wear that out.” Which means I totally rocked it doing errands.

      Thanks! Aww, what kind of dog is she? My family dogs (3) all sleep a lot, too, but NONE on their backs.

  10. This is lovely! I very much wish I could pull these colours off as well as you do :) And I really want to smoosh my face into Mellan’s belly… He is so cute!!!!!

    • Thanks, Stacey! You know, this is a REALLY bright look for even me. I used to rock this kind of look ALL the time, just a year or two ago, but I did feel a little awkward earlier yesterday. Then I was like, psh, whatever!

  11. Angela

    You look amazing! And your puppy is such a sweet boy! =)

    • Thanks, Angela! He wasn’t always such a sweetheart, but I think he’s beginning to grow out of his “I’m going to make you wish you didn’t get me” stage, LOL.

  12. OMG your doggy is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t take it lol

    The eyes are nice too :)

  13. Faiza

    That is a GORGEOUSLY INSANE LOOK! One that I would not be afraid to try…. all thats left for me to go ahead and do it is the Make up!

    LOL Magellan looks fab on his back.

  14. Im loving this bright look, and blacktrack on ur upper lid looks nice:) Wish you had posted your whole face pics with the liner on ur upper lid as well <3<3<3

  15. Stephanie D

    Great color combo. I love it! The liner looks good in the close ups but you can’t really see it in the full face shot, so I don’t think it looks that different. I am a top liner lover though!!!

  16. Sara

    i did a look really similar to this today!! i used golden lemon for the base, some chrome yellow, a little acid orange, melon, sushi flower and some fushia HIP pigment. it wasn’t as bright, maybe a bit more coral…how weird we did something so close though! lol

  17. Ariele

    This is gorgeous! You tied all the colors together nicely with eyes/cheeks/lips.

    And I think upper liner looks great on you! Definitely for going out or a fancy occasion. I don’t wear upper liner every day either because it takes too long. But I wear it out. And it can make a world of difference :)

    • Thanks, Ariele! :) It was one of those looks where you just know you should go for a light lip, and yet the light lip doesn’t seem right!

  18. sandra

    good colour choice..however the pink is drawn too far out. it makes your eyes look like they have wings.

  19. Sash

    OMFGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! I got so excited when I saw this, I literally screamed my head off and scared the shit out of my little brother! I LOVE IT!<3

  20. JackA

    It’s extremely fun. The pink almost makes your face look more catlike.

  21. Kimberly

    Wow, Christine. You are absolutely beautiful. This look is so stunning on you.

  22. Allysha

    aww you lined your upper lash line :)

  23. OMG this is GORGEOUS!! I love it! It totally reminds me of Jem from the 80’s! SO PRETTY!! Damn, I wish those colors weren’t LE. Damn you Mac!! XD

  24. Sanayhs

    Personally? I’d tone down the pink on the outer edge of the eyes just a touch (I’m just not much into pinks, other than the occasional obnoxiously bright lip shade) and wear it as a day look! 😀 I’m also a fan of the touch of upper liner.

    Mmm, colour. :)

  25. Wow, this look is very colourful and reminds me of summer! I love the dark upper lash line, you can certainly carry it off. Looks great but I like the un-lined upper lashline on you too. Mellan is seriously too cute 😀 Sleepy puppy are always preys to random sneak belly rubs.

  26. tatiana

    hi christine! today has been such a mega post and to top it off you do a bombed out look!

    WHO DOESNT LOVE IT? this one is my fav even tho i dont have an inch of confidence to try this! lol

  27. Ashleigh

    i stole this for today because it’s *FINALLY* stopped snowing here and is sunny and warm…i absolutely love it on you!

  28. Zsofi

    very beautiful,cant beleve how bright and gorgeous this is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Charlene

    i love this!

  30. Jan

    This is a really fantastic combination Christine! You look different but good! Reminds me of the sunset, which you did say! Really beautiful. You really suit many looks/colours, of course your colour sense is always good! Oh and your hair! It’s getting that nice tousled look!!

    And your puppy…doggy! He looks soooo comfy there, and like he owns the place! His hind leg is resting on your…

    • Thank you, Jan! Well, different was what I was going for, LOL, so that’s a plus.

      It’s his favorite spot, but he’s sure going to have trouble when he gets to full size fitting under it.

  31. Sandy

    This is my favourite look of yours. Could you please do a tutorial for it? Summer is coming soon (even us in Canada are feeling it) and I think this will be a great look to welcome the warmer weather :)

  32. You look wonderful…
    Definately going to try this one!

  33. Taylor Simone

    Do you do this professionally? Like at a MAC counter or anything? You’re amazing at this. I hope to be just like you at this. I’m only a beginner. l0l. Great job!

  34. j walker

    wow you are amazing 😉

  35. Renata

    I absolutely love it!

    My mom is having a big tropical party for her 50th birthday and I’m saving this page to my favorites so I can have some inspiration to do my make-up for the day. I hope you don’t mind…

  36. erin

    I have a dance competition coming up and this makeup matches my costumes perfectly! I was just wondering what makeup line has all these colors, thanks!

  37. Kella

    Not sure if I commented on this one: WOW, another one of my favs!

  38. SnickerDoodle

    it’s so pretty! Makes me think of a sunset

  39. Bettina

    That’s awesome you wore a look that bright just to go out for the day. I totally would have thought you were about to hit a club with all those vivid colors. I am still working myself into brighter bolder looks….this one would still freak me out if I saw myself in it LOL.