Wednesday, January 16th, 2008

This is a look from several days ago, whereupon I was attempting to go for a sultry neutral kind of look. I think I actually found a color that I might not be so suited for (not to say it’s so bad I should never be caught dead in it), but it’s the first color I’ve found to be at odds with.  I like it on its own, and I’m trying to not be so critical when it’s on me, ha!  I tried to use products solely from The Originals launch, as a way to show you what you can do with some of the shadows and lip products from it.  But can I just say the highlight of the look is the lip combo?  Has to be one of my faves I’ve done lately!

I used Uppity fluidline on lid as a base, Ochre Style eyeshadow all over lid, Clue eyeshadow in outer crease, Ochre Style eyeshadow above crease, Daisychain eyeshadow on brow, and Feline kohl power on lower lash line. I wore Springsheen blush on cheeks with Dancing Light beauty powder to highlight. I had Twig Twig lipstick with Full On Lust lipglass on my lips.

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50 thoughts on “Looks – Ochre Brown and Dirty Gray Brown Neutral Look

  1. Aubree

    That lip combo is incredible! How do you like Full on Lust compared to Lust?

  2. Lydia

    Ooo I love this look!

  3. Tekoa

    I see nothing wrong here. You could probably wear pea soup green, burnt orange and taxi cab yellow together and look great.

  4. Michelle

    You know, I actually love that eye! But if it were for me, I’d probably combine it with a matte-ish, bold red lip and just do it as an evening look. Just a thought.

  5. victoria

    i know it’s about the makeup and not you but obviously you look great in neutrals but i prefer you in more color or bolder colors because not so many can pull it off. sometimes you wear something bold yet looks okay for the office. i love neutral looks though, it brings out your true beauty. it would be my ‘looking nice for my mother in law’ look. lol, my mother in law’s 80 and conservative. the full of lust is so versatile isn’t it? what makes neutrals great is you get to play with lipcolors.

    • Hi Victoria! Well, thank you :) I’m glad you think I can pull off the bolder colors! I tend to do more neutral looks than anything these days, but I don’t always take photos – just the ones that are more… “interesting” like this one, lol.

      Yep, that’s the best part about neutrals!

  6. I love it, the whole thing… definitely think the color works for you! You are right though, the lips are definitely the highlight of the look :)

  7. Emily

    I think the lips and eyes both look great on you. BTW, I love your site and think you take great pictures. Thanks for keeping everyone informed!

  8. Augh! That lip color looks so damned good on you! I went in yesterday to finally try Twig Twig, and it’s the EXACT same color as my lips! I was so disappointed. So ended up getting Palatial LustreGlass and Mi’Lady eyeshadow to console myself. I still wish I could get Twig Twig, but my lips are the same color, and they’re free. LOL.

  9. Nell

    I think it is really beautiful. It is great how you use colors of one collection in different combinations, I can learn a lot that way. thanks!

    • Thank you so much, Nell :) I really like to do my best to show people what they can do with the new products – either to convince them to give the launch a chance OR figure out ways to use what they bought!

  10. Kay

    I think you look beautiful! You can weary anything.

  11. Brooke

    If only this would have hit my email this morning! I was using ochre style and wasn’t sure what to do with it, or what lips, so i went to mac live chat and they said all these purples. i did it and HATED it. I love yours :( Note to self – always email Christine first. lol

  12. Hmm.. I’m definitely tempted to go back today and get Ochre Style, Daisychain and Twig Twig! You look great :)

  13. I actually really like this. It’s simple and goes well with your eyes. I definitely am a fan of Clue. It’s like my crease staple, hah.

    Hope you’re enjoying your week so far Christine! 2 more days to go til the weekend :)

    • Thanks, Mrs. Lynne! Wow, your crease staple? That’s great!

      OMG, will Friday never come? Sorry, I really hate school, so the weekdays are pretty much never good either!

  14. MoOn

    love neutral looks,thanks Christine

  15. Sara

    the lip combo is definitely awesome! i got my full on lust (finally) and i am loving it!

  16. It looks great! Is it the Ochre Brown you don’t like? I think the lid color brings out your eye color. What about pairing it with woodwinked?

    • Thanks, Melissa! I think it’s just… too dirty/dark for me? I don’t know! I think I need some lightness on the inner lid to counteract Ochre Style’s general color.

  17. nunu

    you look great!! im loving the lip combo!

  18. Janis

    This still looks great on you Christine! I don’t think there’s any color you can’t pull off :) Yeah I love the lip combo! I hope you can do/update another lip combo megapost!!

  19. You are as great as always! I love that whole look! I thought it was Nymphette on you lips at first, but that was just wonderful.

  20. Gio

    It looks great, love the lip combo!

  21. n.fiona

    sigh. as always. christine delivers another successfull look. you are just awesome. how you blend it, the lip combo = terrific job!!

    now tutorial please lol.

  22. Niki

    LOVE THIS! I think this is the best look on you ever. You look beyond gorgeous. =]

  23. Cristina

    This is a beautiful look! It’s appropriate for daytime, but it’s still noticeable :)