Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

We all have days where minimal makeup is where it’s at (okay, most of us), and it isn’t always out of laziness or being work-appropriate.  Sometimes heavy makeup just isn’t practical!  I wanted to share with you my minimal makeup routine for days I spend outdoors.  In the above photo, this is my look to go hiking, and it lasted through a six mile hike (about two hours) in 84 degree weather. This picture was taken AFTER the hike!

  • Urban Decay Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup in Nirvana (LOVE THIS!) for foundation
  • Kanebo 38C Mascara
  • MAC Clear Brow Set
  • Dior Skinshimmer in Amber Diamond on cheeks
  • MAC Fuchsia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner on lips
  • Shiseido’s SPF55 for Face & Body on face and neck
  • Random body sunscreen

Keeping Your Face Light is important to making sure you don’t sweat off what you do put on. Moisturizer and sunscreen should be your first steps. With normal skin, I find that I can just slather Shiseido’s SPF55 for face and body without going for a moisturizer, but otherwise I suggest going for a lightweight, fast absorbing moisturizer. Nothing heavy like MAC’s Moisturelush!

I do not typically sweat buckets off of my face, which is why I often wear liquid in hot weather, but I do find that loose powders work well in hotter weather. The only place I ever really break a sweat on is my upper lip, so I actually avoid putting any product there since I know I’ll sweat it off.  I particularly love Urban Decay’s Surreal Skin Mineral Makeup for just this purpose. It’s finely milled, but it gives decent coverage and doesn’t require lots of buffing to make it look good. For longer lasting blusher, try a cream blush with a powder brush on top, finished with setting or loose powder. I just went for a subtle highlighter, since I knew I’d flush from the physical exertion.

Waterproof & Longwearing are two marketing tools that you want to zone in on when selecting eye makeup. Sometimes I’ve worn a really light neutral look (like to the beach), but I’ll often just coat my lashes with a waterproof/heatproof mascara to open up my eyes.  I skip liner, as it does tend to migrate and smudge easily in the heat–even my trust fluidline. For upper lash liner, it’s not such an issue as it doesn’t move very much compared to your lower lash line.

Tints, Stains, and Longwear are all suitable for all day lip color, or at least easy-to-apply color. I love Fuchsia Fix Tinted Lip Conditioner because it gives me a pop of pink on my lips bringing them from dead to alive in seconds. If it came in a stick form, I’d be in heaven.  For the same reason, I like stains because they’re not very fussy once you’ve got them on.  I do wear MAC Prolongwears if I really want a stand-out lip color that’ll last me eight hours or more (though don’t make out in them…).

What products do you recommend for activities like going to the beach, hiking, playing an outdoor sport?

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56 thoughts on “Looks – Mineral Makeup Makes Hiking Glamourous

  1. victoria

    wow, you look so beautiful and fresh.

  2. Carrie

    Oooh gorgeous!

    Do you like the Shiseido SPF55 better than MAC’s SPF50 face primer? I’m looking to pick up a product like that very soon…

  3. Hey Cristine,

    OMGGGGGGG U LOOKING SO BEAUTIFUL,SO NATURAL AND YES VERY GLAMOUROUS,ill definitely copy the whole look.Iam writing every product and as soon as i reach US,in no time..ill got for it.


  4. Eva

    Unfortunately not everyone looks as great as you sporting the natural look…;) haha – but seriously, I wear this natural look to college most days. I sweat quite a bit in hot weather (okay, well ALOT lol) so it works good for me.

    This look suits you so much. Love it!

  5. claudia m.

    You look absolutely gorgeous and radiant! I look like a half dead rat after my workouts!!!!!
    I loooove Urban Decay and have been eyeing their mineral make up everytime I go to sephora, but I’m so sensitive I’ve been scared! I might get a little sample next time I go.
    Houston summers are a sauna, so I use lots and lots of sunscreen, tarte on lips and my cheeks get flushed easily in warm weather (or if I exercise), so nothing there. Concealer is a given and waterproof mascara to bat my lashes at the trainer or lifeguard 😉

  6. Minty746

    Wow, you look very pretty with a natural look! I like the lip color, too–I’m definitely going to have to check out Fuchsia Fix.
    Do you think the Urban Decay mineral makeup would be too drying for dry skin?

    • Thanks so much, Minty! Hmm, I don’t think it would be too drying. I found it worked fine when I had a couple of dry patches — at least no worse than the typical foundation. Sometimes you can add lotion to any areas that are a bit dry.

  7. Márcia

    Very informative. Thank you Christine.

  8. You look fantastic, Christine. I really can’t be bothered doing much make up today, so I think I will try something like this.. Thanks! <3

  9. lala

    very pretty!!

    I wear something like this 3-4 days out the I can’t live w/ out makeup in anyway!! lol

  10. Wow. You look crazy beautiful even without makeup.

  11. Shefali

    Christine!! This is perfect timing. I’m going to Vegas this weekend and was JUST thinking today…hmmmm…I gotta figure out how to do some minimal makeup while looking good by the pool! Thanks!

  12. Marni

    This is a great post. It really helps! I love the look.

  13. danielle

    WOW! you look so beautiful! you look good after a 2 hour hike. beautiful!

  14. Nell

    You are sooo beautiful with minimal makeup. Glowing!

  15. Thalia

    One of your best looks yet!

  16. Very pretty! I wear mineral make up all the time, not just “casual outdoor” days. But when I do outdoor stuff, especially here in Central Florida, I do mineral powder, little blush, a swipe of a neutral eyeshadow over the entire lid, and waterproof mascara. MUST be waterproof! Florida is so humid that if I didn’t, then my mascara would literally MELT off my face! Also, lipgloss, can’t forget that!

  17. Susanne

    Beautiful picture!

    For a hot summer day I recommend Biotherm Aquasource moisturizer, MAC bronzing powder Refinded Golden, waterproof mascara and pink lipglass! :)

  18. DoDe

    I love the no make up look. This is Beautiful. Are you a fellow Latina? Just curious

  19. My goodness Christine! You are such a natural beauty.

  20. Lucy

    This clean cut look is very refreshing :)

  21. deborah

    you look GORGEOUS! have been following your blog for quite a while now.. thanks for all the tips! :)

    very useful for make up amateurs like me. i didnt know what an eye primer was til i read your blog!

  22. Sash

    Oh, wow! Thanks for that, Christine!
    You look incredible, btw! WOOHOO!

  23. amy

    do you use the sponge applicator that comes with the urban decay mineral makeup or do you use another brush? if you use another brush, may i ask which brush you use! thankss!

    • 182, Amy! 182 forever!

      Ugh, the applicators that come with mineral makeup have thus far NOT impressed me. Let me use my buffer brush. I do wish that they just killed all these sponges, made wider containers so you could dip your brush in easier.

  24. Tonee

    Hi Christine – you look great! Unfortunately since I am allergic to sunlight, I don’t go hiking :( In fact, I stay out of the sun between 10am and 4pm as much as I can.

    I do like going to the beach and playing tennis, so I stick to early morning or evening hours. I wear Clarins UV plus on my face, Clarins under eye cream with SPF35 and an SPF30 body lotion. I hardly wear make up except a lip balm (TBS or MAC) and mascara (Clinque or Maybelline).

    • Hey Tonee! What a terrible affliction!

      Although, sometimes early morning hiking is way better because it is HOT in the afternoon!

      You are the SPF queen 😀

  25. Charlie

    I’ll echo what everyone else here has said: you look beautiful and your “minimal makeup” choices were perfect — they survived the hike wonderfully!

    I’ve got a question though: I’ve often wondered about powder vs. liquid in situations where I’m apt to sweat or tear up. I live in Minnesota and in the bitter winter wind my eyes tend to tear really fast and I end up with streaks down my face when I wear mineral powder foundation. I’ve found that liquids (right now I’m liking Tarte’s Smooth Operator) seem to work better as far as lasting through sweat or tears. But who knows, I might have been using too much powder. What’s the rationale that powder works better? Wouldn’t sweat just wash it away?

    This is somewhat less of an issue for me in the summer, since I don’t tear up as much (except at sappy movies) and don’t tend to wear makeup at all when I’m working out or expecting to sweat a lot. Nevertheless, I’d love to get a little more detail from you on the liquid vs. powder issue.

    Thanks, love your blog, you’re an inspiration to us all!

    • Thanks, Charlie! Anything that can survive two hours of sun and activity is good in my book!

      When I wear liquid, I probably wear more product vs. powder, and with a powder, you can buff it in so that it really “sinks” into your skin whereas liquid sits on top of it more than anything. I’ll often wear liquid and set with powder, and it’ll work just fine for me, though. I guess with the powder it can soak up some of the sweat/oil/tears — if that makes any sense to you! I do feel that liquid can move a bit when you have sweat or tears, but powder stays more in place.

  26. I’m on the fence with mineral make up. But this post convinced me of its worth a little more. Thanks.

    • Anything to help the cause ;P

      I think it’s a very varying experience, just gotta try it and see if it’s for you. I still prefer my SFF over anything, though.