Saturday, July 12th, 2008

You know, this combo got quite muddy, so I wouldn’t really say this worked out well. It took a LOT of work to get it to be “presentable,” you know? It was like, as soon as you put the colors on, it was mud-central. Really weird experience for me (I don’t think I have ever had anything turn muddy on me before!). I don’t know if it’s me or the quint, but one of us needs to improve STAT! On another note, though, all of the colors are incredibly pigmented. Has anyone picked up this quint yet?

It’s Saturday morning, the sky is lookin’ gray, but I’m pretty sure it’ll clear up and the temps will start to soar.

I used Dior’s Earth Tones Quint for this particular look. I used the center shadow (goldish) for the inner lid, the bottom left (the reddish color) shadow on the middle lid, the bottom right (brownish color) on the outer lid and crease, and the upper right shadow (softest) to highlight my brow. I wore Dior Impression Cuir on my cheeks. I had Dior Pink Drama Lip Color and Dior Delicious Plum Creme de Gloss on my lips.

You can check out pictures and swatches (plus my review) of these Dior products here.

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34 thoughts on “Looks – Dior’s Earth Tones Gets Earthy Indeed (AKA MUDDY!)

  1. Tanya

    hmmm..those colours look like one of the colourforms palettes! interesting….

  2. naomi

    I think you look absolutely stunning today :)

  3. Tekoa

    Your look great as always. I must say though, what’s with the purple, double underlined link things? DANG those are annoying.

    • Hi Tekoa,

      Thanks! It’s a new advertising route we’re testing (and not particularly liking). Let me just say that it has to do a LOT in terms of what we can funnel back into the site, and thus far – not impressed.

      • Tekoa

        Ah. I understand the need for advertising. Site funding IS important. Alas, that method may turn off people who think the sponsers are being too agressive.

        • Hi Tekoa,

          We’re testing it out for 30 days, and right now, we can’t wait to ditch it (the $$ has to be good for these text links – and it’s nowhere near good at the moment). Plus, a few people have complained, so it is definitely something we consider!



  5. gio

    This look is beautiful. I LOVE the lip color

  6. Kensie

    for far away i can see the muddiness.
    but the lip color is far from any mud.

  7. Chica

    I love that reddish colour in the middle and the lippie is gorgeous :)

  8. lala

    wow!! your lips are ver nice :)

  9. Vanessa

    Still looks beautiful Christine! But the red and green next to each other look kind of Christmas-like :)

  10. von

    now THIS is my kind of look…i absolutely love the color combination on the lids, so beautiful. You’re good hon 😉

  11. Jenna

    You look so polished!

  12. Kate

    Christine, I love, love, love this look on you and the way you did your eyes! It really brings them out and the l/s shade is one of my favorites you’ve ever used. And did I already mention I love this?! Beautiful as always.

  13. Nell

    The lips and cheeks are absolutely wonderful!
    Maybe the highlighting color is a bit dark, that could be what makes it look muddy? I´ll probably pass on this quint (thank God, says my wallet), although I usually LOVE Dior quints.

  14. Sash

    It should be a crime to be so freaking GORG.!
    You look amazing, babe!

  15. Lexi

    I’ve never been a fan of green and red eyeshadow. The reason it looks muddy is because red and green are opposite each other on the color wheel, and blending those will = brown. :(