Friday, June 6th, 2008

Cool Heat look for y’all! :)

FYI, when I spoke to SCP PRO, the MA said the Neon pigments are NOT eye-safe except the green one. Well, “not recommended.” I asked if the MA had any idea why (I assumed it was the red dye), and she said it was because a lot of people have reactions to the red dye which is in like four of them? so yeah. I did order all six today from the Texas North Park PRO store, because Vegas/SCP don’t have the yellow one, and SF & LA don’t have them at all!

I used Gold Dusk pigment (LE) on lid, Warm Chill eyeshadow (LE) on inner lid, Parrot+Big T eyeshadows (both LE) in place of Cool Heat eyeshadow (LE) on middle of lid, Blue Flame eyeshadow (LE) on middle of lid, Climate Blue eyeshadow (LE) on outer lid and crease, Warm Chill eyeshadow (LE) above crease, Femme-fi eyeshadow (LE) on brow, Greenplay liquidlast liner on upper lash line, Overgrown eyeshadow (LE) over Greenplay, Feline kohl power (LE) on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I had Sunbasque blush on cheeks with Dior Amber Diamond SkinShimmer to highlight. I wore High 90s slimshine (LE) with Tartlette lipglass (LE) on my lips.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available — may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

Gold Dusk = White Gold + Golden Lemon; Warm Chill = Juxt (closest permanent); Parrot = Sea Me + Shimmermoss; Big T = Electric Eel + Shimmermoss (different texture); Blue Flame = Deep Truth + Freshwater; Femme-fi = Shroom; Overgrown = Bitter; Feline = Graphblack; High 90s = Skew

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58 thoughts on “Looks – Cool Heat Themed Eye with Warm Chill, Blue Flame, and Climate Blue

  1. Dorcie

    omg……. fabolous!this tropical look fits you well

  2. Ashley H

    so pretty !! I’m LOVING the lips !

  3. High 90’s is #1 on my lemmings list right now. SHE WILL BE MINE! oh, and swelter:)

    gorgeous, as always. i wish i could make blues work on me!!!

  4. Nell

    Your technique is really amazing. What a great eyeliner, it looks so cool.

  5. Crystal

    Christine I’m in love ! So purty!

  6. Rubi

    LOVING it! The dress (top) looks awesome with the eyes.

  7. Jessica

    So pretty!

  8. lala

    you know what christine I think I’m getting only the slimshines..the ones you picked up :) ..maybe solar white …thanks for the look beautiful as always <333

  9. Luving it,a Subtle version of PEACOCK!


  10. Ashlee

    Oh wow thats different from anything I’ve seen. I love the green as liner with blue eyes. And the lips are beautiful.

  11. Sash

    Yeah, right!
    Can u get any hotter!?
    You look FANTABULOUS!

  12. The blue flame is adorable, so are you!

  13. Becky

    Love it!! Looks amazing :] What are these Neon pigments of which you speak??

  14. Vivien

    This is gorgeous, I’m most def getting that slimshine!

  15. Jennifer

    Gorgeous! I love the blue-green tropicalness – makes me want to be at the beach!

  16. viv

    you look so fabulous! i am so jealous of your lips… no matter how much water i drink or how much lip balm i put on, my lips always tend to dry up and so i have to stay away from lipsticks and stuff that dries up my lips even more. :(
    and i’m just wondering… how did you manage to get the e/s from the cool heat collection when it’s not officially out yet?

  17. Meesh

    Christine! Love this look! Where can I find the Cool Heat collection early in the SF Bay Area? I talked to someone from Nordies and she said it’d be out on the 12th, but I’m trying to get an early start LOL!

  18. gio

    This look is GORGEOUS, love the eyeliner and the lips!

  19. yuumi

    So beautiful!!!

  20. kat

    Beautiful! I love the eyeliner! Hey your shirt/dress is totally cute!!

  21. Theresa

    This look is so tropically fun, sexy and hot..
    I need a glass of iced cold pina colada to cool me down!!

  22. Jnie

    wow, so pretty. I love this look on you, its so summery! I think you’ve sold me on the High 90s Slimshine!

  23. Ariele

    Ohh gorgeous! Now I’m getting even more antsy for Cool Heat :)

  24. You don’t see red eyeshadows too much for that reason. I heard that the red dye is made using lady bug shells, or something like that, and that causes reaction in people allergic to those pigments. I should look that up, :-).

    • Whoa, I have no clue what they use (I want to say beetles, though, ew). But yes, definitely red dyes can be too irritating for too many people.

  25. Kat

    What did you use as the base to make them so bright?

  26. Dee

    ahh i love it! Im heading to MAC today to get the 15% off. sooo excited!!

  27. DevilishDoll

    Hey, do you think Chartreuse pigment could work for Overgrown eyeshadow? I’m not sure how similar they are.

  28. neysa

    you look awesome what kinda camara do you have the pictures come out great

  29. Jessica

    Hey Christine, I recently came across your eyeshadow tutorials and found this webpage with many more of your tutorials, first of all I would like to add that you do an absolute AWESOME job, with BEAUTIFUL results. I wanted to know if maybe you could maybe HELP ME (Please!!). Where can I get a hold of all the pigments that you use—supplies needed, I’ve been searching but have NO CLUE how to get started, the first tutorial that I came across was the rainbow effect-i absolutely loved it and I have to try it, but I dont know how to get started-where can I get my supplies!!! Hope to hear from you soon!! Thank you, and again you have MAD SKILLS—share the wealth:) PLEASE!!!