Thursday, April 10th, 2008

Okay, I was trying to do this whole horizontal placement thing, and it just doesn’t work well with my eye shape, I don’t think! When the eye is open (as it most often is), it just didn’t look right, so I had to fudge it up a bit to make it more my style (this is the result). Could have used some more blending at the top, but at least the lips rocked! And the colors were bright :)

I used Pink Pearl pigment on lid (PRO), Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow on lid, Parfait Amour eyeshadow in crease, Contrast eyeshadow above crease, Thunder eyeshadow above Contrast (LE), Nylon eyeshadow on brow, Royal Wink fluidliner on upper lash line, Lovely Lily pigment on lower lash line (LE), Graphblack technakohl on lower waterline, and Plushblack plushlash mascara on lashes. I wore Don’t Be Shy blush (LE) on cheeks. I had Show Orchid (PRO) lipstick with Cult Fave lipglass (LE) on my lips.

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68 thoughts on “Looks – Bright, Smoky Purple Eye

  1. Heather

    Absolutely stunning! Gosh I love the lips – I wish I could get mine to look that capturing. And the Royal Wink is awesome! You are so talented!!

    Oh, and I wanted to say a huge thank you for putting (LE) or (PRO) next to the colors you use – it helps me a LOT (cuz I love recreating your looks)!!!

  2. Sash

    Christine, I love purple on you! Heck, I just love purple! You look incredible, babe!

  3. I think you’re the reason I am so into lipsticks right now! So pretty!

  4. Tekoa

    Aye, thanks for the (LE) and (PRO) designations. Unfortunatly I only have Nylon to try to replicate the eyes. Must find dupes…

  5. Vanessa

    Beautiful as always :)

  6. plee

    very pretty and fun.

    do you wear all the makeup you put on your website in everyday life to go out?

    • Thanks, Plee!

      Yep, I sure do! Sometimes I’ll do a look and not go anywhere, though – just because I have more time once I’m home from doing my daily stuff.

  7. Summer B.

    you could never do a bad job!!! Wait…let me think..Nope. Nope never!
    I love it. and your gorgeous? :)

  8. rosa

    Ahhhh lips!! So pretty. Is the color on your lips more from the lipglass or lipstick would you say? I’m in love with it :O

  9. this is a beautiful look!

  10. Liz

    Wow, this is different! I love purple and you blended it so well with the pinks. Royal Wink was definitely a magical touch! 😉

  11. One word. Gorgeous.

  12. Lish

    yea like an earlier comment…Christine you have me buying lipstick now lol.

  13. Pia

    Why is it Royal Wink looks bright blue on you and it looks dark navy on me? *gahhhh* Might that be because of the purples you have underneath?

    And horizontal placement is hard work on me, too! Never thought the reason was the shape of my eyes. Now I could sleep easy instead of thinking I’m an eye-shadow wuzz.

  14. I think the horizontal placement looks lovely on you Christine! Royal Wink looks smashing..I completely *love* the lips!

    • Thanks so much! The lips were my favorite part!

      • I’m going to MAC Christine, sometime this month (I’m very sneaky about it cos I have my hub keeping a very stern eye on me not to overspend on cosmetics.) Men! When will they get it? They like cars, we like cosmetics. (and cars too). Duh!
        SO back to the topic, which is the one Lipglass shade I must pick up? Considering my skin tone C03 and that it needs to be work appropriate? I think I’ll restrict myself to one, and then see if I can butter up my hubby to buy another one for me. Cos I’m a stellar wife, aren’t I?

        • Something work appropriate? If you want to go to less on shimmer, I like Cultured, VGVI (LE), or Nymphette a lot. I also like Lychee Luxe and Pink Lemonade, too :)

  15. God, this is sooooooo beautiful!! I am such a sucker for anything purple! I love it! It’s gorgeous!!! And the lipstick too! SO PRETTY!

  16. Hey Cristine,

    Girl i must say u r into Floral colours/looks nowadays.This is so perfect,i completely adore ur look,just one TINEE MINEE thing that purple top is missing!!

    Cristine i suggest u to wear a light jewellry also to complete ur whole look,that would be more AWESOME!!


  17. Emma

    Ooooh, someone’s getting into fluidline on the upper lash line, eh?! ;] I love it!
    You look absolutely fabulous, but what’s new!? Hehe.

    Hope you’re having a nice day!

  18. ayat

    U look absolutely gorgeous and I love the colors!

  19. Charlotte

    Purple looks gorgeous on you! I need that lipstick! And now I’m wondering why I don’t have Stars ‘n’ Rockets. Actually, it’s because I so seldom wear purple. Is UD Fishnet really similar? That’s a great usage of Royal Wink! I never know what to wear that with, other than orange.

    I see you added forums while I was gone. Excellent! Does that create less work for you or more?

    • Hey Charlotte!

      How odd! I think Fishnet is similar, at least from what I can tell :)

      I’m hoping it’ll create LESS work eventually, lol! At least in the sense that people can ask questions to other members first, because they’re a huge resource and great at answering questions.

  20. Angie

    Is it just me cos I find it a little too overdone? For some of your looks[even simple ones] I find that you layered on too much eyeshadow powder, making it look more like stage makeup. However, from far the entire look is still great.

    Your colour combinations are truly beautiful under photography. I do love the different looks and posts, and thats what keeping me on this blog for so long :)

  21. Sandy

    This is so beautiful as always Christine. I love that you used blue liner instead of black. I also liked that you tried the horizontal placement thingy. I need to start getting into that too and get out of my comfort zone :) You’re always an inspiration.

  22. Ariele

    The horizontal placement is different for you – but I like it BECAUSE its different :) Its nice to try something new every now & then. I, too, rarely rock the horizontal combo, but in retrospect, a few of my all time fave looks that I’ve done have been using horizontal placement. *scratches head* I think when using horizontal placement, it looks best if you use a significantly lighter color on the lid with a darker contrasting color in & above the crease. For example, I did a look with yellow on the lid, dark purple in the crease & violet above the crease. It was a bitch to blend, but it ended up looking so awesome. I’ll try to dig up the pictures to show you.

    Anyway, all together, this look is awesome. Very bright & perfect for spring! The lips are my favorite :)

    • The biggest thing for me is that it just disappears when my eyes are closed, LOL. Like you just see this light color all over the lid (because even if I do anything to maybe the upper half of the lid, it disappears under my crease), and then BAM dark crease. I guess the whole light and then really dark thing doesn’t do it for me.

      I’d love to see your pics!

  23. Diana

    Incredible look, Christine! Almost like a rainbow landed on your eyelids 😉 I am loving the lip combination, it’s just so pretty.

  24. I think it looks VERY NICE on you. Well done my dear :)

  25. Elaine

    Just beautiful, as always! Love the colours, I’m such a purple girl myself. Very pretty, always inspiring…thank you for bringing colour to my mailbox every day :)

  26. Erin

    I loooooove purple! Its my favorite color. And this looks so nice on you.

  27. Tonee

    Wonderful make up and I am glad to see that you use fluidline on the upper eyelid now :) It really suits you well.

    • Thanks, Tonee! Unfortunately I won’t be doing it very often – 3/4 days of it and my eyelids have been perpetually swollen (and after 4 days of upper liner, they got so bad I couldn’t wear makeup).

      • Tonee

        That sounds rather horrible :( Is it the actual product or using a brush that causes the allergy? Can you use pencil liner?

        • I really do not know… pencil, fluidline, liquid, 266, 208… It was definitely LESS irritated using 208 + Blacktrack than anything else, so I think I just have to do it once a week or less… just sparingly, and it’ll be OK.

  28. i love the purple and blue together!