Sunday, May 25th, 2008

I had all these expectations for this look, but it didn’t quite turn out how I expected it to! I actually wasn’t feeling it, so I ended up removing the eye makeup and doing something else, lol. Have you ever done that? I always think, “What a waste [of makeup]!”

I used Black Ore solar bits (LE) on lid, Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow on inner lid, Stars ‘n Rockets eyeshadow on middle of lid, Shimmermoss eyeshadow on outer lid, Freshwater eyeshadow on outer lid, Electric Eel eyeshadow on outer lid, Deep Truth eyeshadow on outer crease, Gorgeous Gold eyeshadow on inner crease, Femme-fi eyeshadow (LE) on brow and above crease, Graphblack technakohl on lower lash line, and Plushlash mascara on lashes. I had Lilicent blushcreme with Sunbasque blush on cheeks. I wore Tiger Tiger lipstick (LE) with Supreme lipglass (LE) on my lips.

** These are recommendations for dupes based on permanent colors available — may not necessarily be identical; they are the closest I can think of!

Black Ore = Dark Soul + Golden Lemon; Femme-fi = Shroom; Tiger Tiger = Brew; Supreme = Chai

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61 thoughts on “Looks – Black Ore Solar Bits Overlayed with Blues

  1. Kristy

    I actually LOVE it. I think it really suits your skin tone. The lips are so hot!

  2. Vivien

    omg this is beautiful!!

  3. Meesh

    I love it! The lip color is really beautiful. What LE’s were Tiger Tiger and Supreme from?

  4. lala

    your the best christine!!! this look rocks my socks!!! lol

    your lip color is amazing!!!!

    I also hate when I waste good make-up lol

  5. Sexy Sadie

    You look great, as always.

  6. Vanessa

    OMG that was really really pretty!! I too hate when something doesn’t go how I expect and it becomes a waste, but I hardly think this look was a waste!!

  7. Minty746

    Hey Christine! I think this is a pretty look, but I kind of understand what you mean. I think that you could have created this look without the Black Ore Solar Bits. It’s a nice look nonetheless, though!

  8. jesstooimpress

    do u no any good dupes for tiger tiger & surpreme ?

    • Tiger Tiger is similar to maybe Brew, though Tiger Tiger is creamier and has more peach to it. Maybe Peachstock!

      Supreme is similar to Chai, from the permanent line.

  9. Jennifer

    I think this looks gorgeous Christine. A perfect going out eye.

  10. Ruby

    the ips are lovely and so are the eyes….

  11. Ashlee

    Omg thats one of the most beautiful looks I’ve ever seen. My new favorite from you!

  12. Mai

    It’s super cute! I love it =)

    I wanna post up pictures of looks, but I can’t seem to take the perfect eye picture like you! LOL


    No Cristine,I never think bad after wasting like,i always tell myself,THATS OOOOOOOOK, GOD WILL GIMME MOREEEEEEEEEEEE!!nice idea na to calm myself?, :)


  14. Calico

    I think its gorgeous! Really stunning!

  15. shimmermoss

    beautiful blue!
    you should definitely do it again!

  16. Sara

    that lip combo is GORGEOUS!!! the whole look goes so well together!!

  17. dawn

    This looks beautiful. Geeze, you’re so talented.
    I feel you when a look doesn’t come out the way you want it to. It’s annoying and a waste. great job!

    • Thank you sooo much!

      It’s also VERY frustrating. It’s kind of like whenever I wanted to draw, it’d come out looking like a square, when I wanted a circle!

  18. Terri

    This is truly pretty. I am so glad I got Black Ore. Might need a back-up….

  19. claudia m.

    I can’t believe you didn’t quite like this look, I think it’s awesome!!!! Love, love, love it! I’d say it’s damn near perfect =) *at least for my taste*

    • Hey Claudia! Thanks so much :) I don’t know what it was, but I just expected more OOMPH! – maybe more shimmer, brightness to the colors? I’m not usually thrown by a look SO much so that I take it off right away, lol. Even if I’m just so-so about it, I’m like eh! whatever!

  20. Sash

    This is freakin HOT, Christine!

    So, I’m gonna return that RED top. Remember I wanted to wear it for my birthday? I kinda hate it. Now, I’m open to whatever look!

  21. Love this look, Christine :) I know how you feel, though! I have started over many times before. <3

  22. Stephanie D

    I really like the placement of the blue and gold in this look. I was really surprised to see you used Stars ‘n Rockets in this- I wouldn’t have known, but I can see a little glimmer of it in the full pic of you looking down.
    It really is beautiful!!!

  23. Skyler

    Ack! This is BEAUTIFUL! I can’t believe you didn’t really like it! 😛 I love the placement of the colours as well as the combination of colours. Really awesome job, Christine. Even if you didn’t dig it, we all did! So it wasn’t a waste. 😉 But I know what you mean. I feel the same way when I do a look and it doesn’t turn out and I have to just take it off. Haha. MAC isn’t exactly cheap and a good thing to be wasting. 😛

    • Thank you, Skyler! I just wanted it to go on brighter? I don’t know! It just wasn’t what I saw in my head, LOL. Good thing I have a TON of MAC that I’ll never get through anyway, so I can waste it here and there!

  24. Brittany

    Omg this is soo gorgeous!!! I really really want to get Black ore solar bits! It may be my first mac purchase :) At least I hope so, I just need money first!

  25. Stephanie


    You are way talented and it is an awesome look. But I think I get what you mean by you thought you would get more OOMPH! Like the colors you used would pop but in the end the Black ore solar bits were just a little too overpowering to really showcase the other colors. But you try which is totally cool and I know it inspires me. Thanks for showing the look!

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I guess so – it was like all the black of Black Ore soaked up the color, and it didn’t really show the cool reflects/gold from Black Ore either!

  26. Chloe

    This looks amazing, like it took hours!!! I’m loving it! I was wondering if there’s any way you can do a tut on this look? I noticed you used several colors on the outer lid and I’m just wanting to get a visual of it. Keep on rockin’!!!!

  27. OMG this is beautiful!! I absolutely love blues, lol
    MMmm, maybe try black ore with greens or reds??

  28. I think this looks fabulous on you!! I can wait for Neo Sci-fi to come out in Aus.

    Stef xx

  29. Bettina

    I think it’s beautiful..very sparkley. I’d almost say it might be fun to wear something like that to a club. I agree about that black ore looking great with reds or maybe even some sort of brighter purple. I don’t think you can still get black ore these days or I would stick it on my list.